Zhan Long Chapter 843

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Holds the collar of trans-lunar marquis, followed the beach to tow to entrain was arriving at the front of dark Queen Moon Elf, I threw the trans-lunar Hou Wang ground suddenly, said: „Queen Sir, this is the chief criminal, the palace guard is willing to hand over this empire marquis, whatever handles, hopes that queen Sir do not vent anger because of this scum in entire Tian Ling Empire, making more innocent lives suffer devastation of war."

The trans-lunar marquis is angry, both hands tied up actually as before struggle to curse angrily: „Li Xiao Yao! You wait, you dare so to me, your majesty certainly lightly not to forgive you, you wait, I am a marquis, the villain of your this treason and heresy!"

I embrace Zhen Yue Blade, stands up from failure to start, disguises not to hear.

Dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona looks down the trans-lunar marquis, in beautiful eyes passes is killing intent, said: „Trans-lunar marquis, your words called trans-lunar, is it possible that was related with antiquity goddess Chang E?"

The trans-lunar marquis sneers: „Trans-lunar is the previous generation sovereign bestows the given name, I collect the world beautiful woman for the empire emperors, even if in the Chang E goddess of space, if the tall ladder, I same can make her demote the world from the moonlight!"

Fiona cannot bear gain ground to smile tenderly, afterward the arm wields, said: „Comes the person! Since this trans-lunar Hou Minghao were called trans-lunar, that then gave me to select being on fire phoenix lamp, sent him to the space!"

„Hot phoenix lamp?"

I am startled slightly, actually does not know that is any thing.

However soon, one team of dark Moon Elf young girls moved one bunch of things from the warship, as if with the thing that the boasting and cardboard manufactured, then raised one fires to stir, a giant Kongming lantern is raising again soon impressively at present, lifelike such as the hot phoenix, Fiona surrounded the trans-lunar marquis both hands both legs completely, ties up in this hot phoenix lamp, after cutting off the rope, the hot phoenix lamp led trans-lunar Hou Chongtian to go, in an instant departed about hundred meters, airborne, the trans-lunar marquis sent out has killed the pig whinning sound: „Li Xiao Yao, a bit faster helps this Hou Qiuqing put me to get down, I knew mistakenly, I will not bribe the dark Moon Elf female, at the worst I gave you family property completely! Li Xiao Yao, I have three dwellings in Tian Ling Empire, altogether 17 wait on the concubine, you must give you completely, a bit faster puts me to get down!"

Once the hot phoenix lamp the heaven, I will not then have looked up, said loudly: „Trans-lunar marquis, this is you have only self to blame, no wonder I!"

Immediately the voice of trans-lunar marquis conveys in wind: „Li Xiao Yao of day killing, your this villain dies like a dog, you are waiting, you sooner or later by retribution!"

The Han deep pool is angry, immediately turns around, a foot tramples above a muzzle of hot crag artillery, immediately that muzzle transferred the half-turn, Han Yuan vision sweeps, several palace guards understand immediately that the hot crag artillery calibration, afterward, an artillery sound, the flame shoots up to the sky in abundance, „bang" sonic boom, is accurate, the hot phoenix lamp and trans-lunar marquis exploded the smashing together, even, the trans-lunar marquis fat of were too many, unexpectedly flew high has burnt, fell in the water in abundance, smell of burnt odor filled the air on the coastline.


I clap, look to Queen Moon Elf, said: „Queen Fiona, I have complied the agreement to complete all matters, should you also implement the agreement now? With the Tian Ling Empire treaty of alliance, whether has become effective now?"

Fiona looks to me, smiles suddenly, said: „Does Li Xiao Yao command does not ask me to go to your Shuai Zhangli to sit? While convenient, I also examine dark Moon Elf other sisters is whether safe."

„Good, queen here invited!"

I am pulling the god fierce fine horse, is stripping one group of beautiful woman bodyguards of Fiona and his subordinates enters in the palace guard camp, actually two sides palace guard surprise looks at this beautiful Queen Moon Elf, admires, they have seen other Moon Elf, but Fiona outstandingly beautiful actually first time has seen like this, and a Fiona fine attire, the silver locks armor the edge to outline the front perfect arc, the smooth lower abdomen surrounding bell general flame color falling decoration, skirt armor wraps the buttocks that the round buttocks are very curling upwards, behind one raids the magnificent and expensive graceful silver cloak to drag with the wind, long hair plate, star pupil light looks at the surroundings, the hand grasps a handle rugged fine long bow, the frown and smile almost can invert all living things.

I walk in the front, has lifted Shuai Zhang the curtain screen personally, said: „Come in!"

Shuai Zhangnei the Moon Elf young girl has released completely, Fiona walks to go forward fine, turned upwards a snow white longleg to take a seat in my seat, said with a smile: „Cannot look, your this palace guard commands actually really amiable, heard that blood giant Kyle does die under your sword?"

I nod: „Lucky!"

Fiona cannot bear smiles: „Luck is also the strength indispensable part, Li Xiao Yao, your palace guard now altogether how many military strength?"

I think: „8 thousand, quick can break through 10 thousand!"

„, That many......"

On Fiona's elegant face passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, said with a smile: „Such looks like, is the present palace guard almost the Tian Ling Empire first trump card army?"

I show a faint smile: „Probably, really has not competed with, but the courage and boldness of palace guard soldier I believe that is second to none in the day plume empire."

„Very good......"

Fiona continues to curl upwards the longleg is higher, I almost can see her underpants, cannot bear one shamelessly red has turned around, Fiona as if catches my this small movement, is out of control to throw smiles, said: „Li Xiao Yao, if you want to cooperate with dark Moon Elf, is inferior to this, you marry me for the wife, how do you look?"

My whole body trembles, is out of control shaking the head, Xiao severe in a low voice said in my side: „Sir, I thought that this dark Queen Moon Elf is enticing you, commanding must be careful......"

The Han deep pool grins to say with a smile: „General, if can such marry a beautiful appearance Moon Elf female is a wife, that is also fine deeds!"

I have straightened up the body, turns around to hold the fist in the other hand to Fiona, said: „Thanks the good intent of Queen Fiona, but Li Xiao Yao has perhaps not had the good fortune to enjoy something, comes me is commanding of empire armed forces, cannot be related trhough marriage with Moon Elf, two come me is just the visitor of this world, will happen one day will leave, therefore does not need to stay behind worries, but also asked the queen three to think, the palace guard was willing to step the front to drink the blood and dark Moon Elf common onset and retreat protection homeland, did not renege on a promise!"

Queen Fiona the corners of the mouth raise a happy expression, the longleg take from the table, has stood, in the hand a long bow pendulum, said with a smile: „In recent several months, were widely known everywhere Tian Ling Empire had a star to call Li Xiao Yao, today looks like really so, Li Xiao Yao, dark Moon Elf is willing to cooperate with you, but...... I have a condition."

My heart one happy: „What condition?"

Fiona said: „Did not turn over to the Haibei side no longer to suit us to live, Dahlen, a Seurre day do not want to cut my head, dark Moon Elf already has become a stinger in Hybrid Demon heart, six months later Hybrid Demon comprehensively will certainly attack the dark Moon Elf tribe, entire will not turn over to the Haibei side throughout income pouch, therefore, I wanted a new homeland......"

„New homeland?"

I deep frown: „The meaning of Queen Fiona, wants to be dark Moon Elf remains to take lands in Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries, becomes your places of survival?"

Fiona nods smiles, said: „, The Tian Ling Empire land is so vast, should not lack this land, enough makes our dark Moon Elf be able to continue to survive?"

„Your altogether how many people?"

„Completely dark Moon Elf altogether 40 thousand people, including 10 thousand people may be the soldier."


I make a fist, said: „That asked Queen Fiona to have the person to defend here, my this returned to Tian Ling Empire to go, pleaded to your majesty, but I did not guarantee certain success!"

Fiona micro smile: „Thank you, Li Xiao Yao commands!"


I turned around to go out of the camp, stood up from failure to start, said: „Anybody can not injure dark Moon Elf, disobeying orders cuts, Han Yuanxiao is severe, goes to Tian Ling Empire to plead along with me!"

„Yes, General!"

Has several hundred palace guard iron health/guard to leave does not turn over to the sea, sped away less than 15 minutes to arrive in Tian Ling Empire, when our one group of people entered the main hall, actually saw Q-Sword, Sword Tears and Jian Tan and the others also in the imperial palace, seemed is receiving the duty the appearance, Q-Sword is grasping a handle Demon Harvest long sword, looked to me, said with a smile: „Yo, Xiao Yao is Guildmaster making the duty?"

I nod: „Q-Sword are you also making the regiment influence duty?"

„Yes, is submitting the duty goods."

[Hero's Mound] one group of people have the regiment symbol, uniform hot axe armed forces member, Q-Sword is the camp group multitude of people of hot axe armed forces grew, quick can be promoted to Battalion Tuan to control, makes a rapid career advance is not far, the Tian Ling Empire regiment influence interlocked was too complex, wanted step by step crawled too to be really difficult to be too difficult, could fall from the space carelessly, I had profound understanding.

Visits me to step onto the main hall, Great Emperor access road: „Li Xiao Yao commands, you came finally!"

I in consternation, actually noticed how many people nearby the main hall is also standing, looks familiar very much, was right, is the aide of trans-lunar marquis, NND, did this group of people return to the city the evil person to complain unexpectedly first first?

Princess Pearl looks to me, in beautiful eyes is passing reluctantly, as if she also thought that I stirred up trouble.

I look, said: „Has your majesty, I made the mistake what?"

Patted Dragon Yi to stand, got angry: „You are south the town the general and palace guard command, unexpectedly orders the subordinate artillery to kill my empire marquis trans-lunar marquis, doesn't have this matter?"

I spoke without reservation: „Trans-lunar Hou Haose becomes second nature, in I reach the agreement secretly the soldier who after the dark Moon Elf territory unexpectedly injures the palace guard, brings back to own tent to profane to play several Moon Elf young girls, this person died getting what one deserves, does not match to be any marquis!"


Short of breath, said: „Does Li Xiao Yao, in your eyes have my this emperor?"

I nod: „Has......"

„Since there are, that obeys my order!" Pats the table, said: „Immediately leads your palace guard to go not to turn over to the sea, attacks to kill dark Moon Elf all armies to me, mentioned here to come Fiona's head, so long as you can massacre Fiona, I promote you for on general immediately!"

I am startled slightly, on general, in military appointment just second-level, upward has the marshal of national military authority again, on this general when antiwar was the highest military appointment, did Fiona anger to be in this situation unexpectedly?

I behind, Han Yuan is astonished: „How can like this? General, we what to do......"

Chin origin station there, after I for a long time, withdraws one step, bows, said: „Your majesty, I just reached the agreement with the dark Moon Elf territory, now returns to the body to attack them, has to lose the empire to be dignified, must send out to declare war badly to attack, therefore is dignified for the empire, please I can not obey orders!"

„Is good your Li Xiao Yao!"

Great Emperor has gotten angry , the hand is pointing at one crowd of civil and military of your highness, said: „Since Li Xiao Yao does not want commander palace guard to go to suppress kills the dark Moon Elf army, who is willing to go?"


Immediately, the hot axe armed forces commanded and ban the marquis Luo child to kneel immediately: „End hope toward!"

[Hero's Mound] one group of people, Sword Tears, Jian Tan and Tang Qi slightly are startled, but Q-Sword said: „Ended the calf, this was must tear to pieces the facial skin with the palace guard and dark Moon Elf......"

Zhan Long Chapter 843

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