Zhan Long Chapter 844

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Approximately is getting a light from another light axe armed forces lacks confidence, Great Emperor is raising the blade edge of King, said: „Luis obeys orders!"

Your highness, on the arm twines Luis of red silk handkerchief to kneel down slowly, said: „End in!"

N'dow: „Leads your crazy Lei Jun tuan, attacks with the hot axe armed forces together . Moreover, the reassignment guards the flood dragon armed forces sailors in Luhu, dispatching 50 warships to start from Luhu, arrives does not turn over to the sea, cuts off Fiona to return to the escape route in Hybrid Demon territory, this time, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment will also push onward from Wu Shenhe the direction, this time, certainly cannot make Fiona flee in any event, if I cannot see her head, your commanded take to me to be good their head!"

My moral nature shocks, the hot axe armed forces 6 thousand person establishment and flood dragon armed forces 5 thousand person and legendary Emperor Yu regiment 12 thousand person and crazy Lei Jun 7 thousand people, has mobilized the armies of 30 thousand people, unexpectedly to suppress kills that trivial several thousand Moon Elf that Fiona brings, was this too also unthinkable?

Above throne, distant goes to me the vision, said: „Li Xiao Yao commands, has made into the treaty of alliance because of you and Fiona, therefore you are best to order your palace guard to hold troops, if you act rashly...... Snort, don't you want to make your 10 thousand palace guards accompany you to participate in funeral ceremony together?"

Standing of my pain there, is helpless, can't the present raise the sword to kill? Could not massacre did not say, but also before losing itself, all management, but made me break a promise in Fiona actually absolutely cannot achieve, not to mention the Fiona manner was good, under her hand the battle efficiencies of 10 thousand dark Moon Elf archer armies were really at least considerable!

Luis, four, Qin Ye and the others received the military order, but I stood side Pearl, lowered the sound, puzzled asking: „Will your majesty that hate why dark Moon Elf?"

Pearl also low voice replied: „It is not hatred dark Moon Elf, but hates Queen Fiona, why I do not know specifically, but will certainly have the reason, perhaps...... Waited to cut that moment of Fiona head to reveal the truth......"

I: „......"

Pearl has shaken my hand secretly, small sound track: „Do not impulse, this matter...... We absolutely do not have about the strength, after two emperor brothers ascend the throne, has acted arbitrarily, this time rather sacrificed dark Moon Elf, but can't the Empire Regiment from kill, yes?"

I silent, said: „I must leave the imperial palace......"


Pearl helpless visits me, final nod: „Careful......"



While fire axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and other regiments commanded, when made the military order, I led Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others to go out of the imperial palace directly, stood up from failure to start, god fierce fine horse long hissing full speed flushed Going out, Han Yuan, Xiao severe crotch warhorse, although was the splendid steed actually almost could not follow me, ran out of breath, I also can only slow the tempo slowly.

The Han deep pool followed, said: „Sir, what to do should we?"

My sinking sound track: „Ahead of time informs Fiona, asking her a bit faster to leave!"


In Xiao severe eyes is passing a calmness, said: „This time is not perhaps simple."


When we arrive on the coastline, the dark Moon Elf army all came ashore, about 5 thousand people high and low, Fiona has not brought completely, but their warships every large or small approximately over a hundred, the majority is the transport ship, is not the genuine warship, without the artillery, radically will not be the match of Empire Sailors.

Has crashed in the armed forces account fast, Queen Fiona as before lazy lying down in my seat, two longlegs horizontally there, is very by far charming, but nobody also had the thoughts to appreciate the beautiful condition of Queen Moon Elf at this time mostly, I raise the sword to enter directly, said: „Queen Fiona, the important matter is not good! A bit faster leads your person to retreat, draws back toward does not turn over to the Haibei side to go!"


Fiona sits to set out, visits me in consternation: „Did Li Xiao Yao command, what happened, why like this startled?"

I said: „Your majesty sent 30 thousand armies to suppress kills the dark Moon Elf army, this time I have gone back on word, has not thought that your majesty will send that big fire unexpectedly, did not listen to my words, a bit faster walked!"

Fiona is narrowing the eye: „I...... Where don't I have to offend Locker probably? Unexpectedly...... Unexpectedly sends 30 thousand armies to attack me, he he, thinks highly of our dark Moon Elf army really!"

I in consternation: „No...... Was not Locker, Locker Great Emperor has died of illness, those who succeeded to the throne was two imperial prince, hasn't the dark Moon Elf territory known this matter?"


Fiona's tender body trembles slightly, said: „Is a nose is sharp, on the tip of the nose has a red big hemorrhoids person?"

I nod: „How do you know?"

„I naturally know!" Fiona pats the table suddenly, said: „Five years ago, one group of Tian Ling Empire person crossed secretly does not turn over to the sea, enters the dark Moon Elf territory to steal our buried treasures, what a pity they had not found the buried treasure, on the contrary is a boy uses ** has fainted to the fan a Moon Elf young girl, afterward has captured her chastity, snort, after my guard captures, I order to cut off the root of this person, has not thought...... This person unexpectedly is imperial prince, and is the Great Emperor in present day plume empire!"

I hear sweat, unexpectedly also has this matter, looked that is also has an imposing appearance, but no one has thought that this two imperial princes already have not been unexpectedly able to be humane!

At this time, Xiao severe walked to go forward, said in a low voice: „Sir, I had already heard in the palace the secret...... Two imperial prince not near female sexual attractiveness, even waits on concubines one continually, and for these years, does not have the male offspring, but the big imperial prince Theodore actually enough 7 sons and 3 daughters, such looked like the words of Queen Fiona definitely."

I raise the sword to stand there, said: „But the issue is, ordered 30 thousand armies to come, if the dark Moon Elf army did not walk, must be buried completely here."

On the Fiona cheek full is angry, cold snort a sound track: „This villain can also be in power unexpectedly, simply seething discontent among the people, I, no matter that many, they must attack attack, I will make the Moon Elf army array meet head-on!"

I said lightly: „That fears your head to be withdrawn, immediately retreats, retreated also some new hopes, the palace guard will shield for you."

Fiona smiles bitterly, shakes the head saying: „No, could not leave, I have brought 5 thousand people, almost all warships carry, and return contrary wind, needs the manpower actuation warship, their full sail pursues, our warships cannot leave, has not thought of our dark Moon Elf unexpectedly in this place......"

My vision one cold, said: „That 2 thousand people travel by boat return immediately, another 3 thousand people stay behind, sets out to the pear colored fort from here, then passes through the destiny bateau-bridge, enters does not turn over to the soul valley, when you enter the wilderness time, was naturally safe."

Fiona said: „Is carrying half, perhaps also runs the Tian Ling Empire warship."

I smile: „Relax, I will resist the period of time for you, Cooldown is urgent, hurry up, do not say again!"

In Fiona pair of beautiful eyes set firm resolve finally, the nod said: „Good, listens your!"


Published the armed forces account, outside already was the scene that the oppression of the people spread across, Fiona issued an order, immediately dark Moon Elf returns of 2 thousand, what what a pity now blows was the northwest wind, the speed of march was naturally slow, but I turned around to say to the Han deep pool and Xiao severe: „Transmitting orders Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, dispatched the palace guard to enter the sea in Wu Shenhe hundred warships, shield the dark Moon Elf army to retreat!"


After several minutes, 3 thousand Moon Elf armies already uneven Shua Shua dressed ranks on the beach, Fiona issued an order set out toward the West, that was the direction of destiny bateau-bridge.

But is less than five minutes, one group of crazy Lei Jun's cavalry soldier has killed, Luis leads personally, distant looks at the back of dark Moon Elf army, Luis laughs, exclaimed lowly: „Iron Wei Qi, clashes to me, their this time could not run away, you remember to me, every time captures dark Moon Elf, you can receive her for oneself have, no matter what you expel, hey!"

Knitting the brows head of I cannot bear some loathings, stands up from failure to start, said: „Palace guard, intercepts them!"

Xiao severe hurried [say / way]: „Sir, this was equal to defying the imperial edict, did not want, crazy Lei Jun had several thousand cavalries, should not be the match of Queen Fiona, we look!"



Warhorse galloping, the crazy Lei Jun several thousand cavalry soldiers have overrun, Queen Fiona has also ordered the Moon Elf young girls to halt, afterward, anchoring of several thousand people of uneven Shua Shua, turned around to pull open the long bow, was distanced about 300 yards time unexpectedly started to project, immediately cold glow passed over gently and swiftly high empty in the cavalry soldier group, the distance was too far, the iron arrow lost the majority of strengths, dingdong hit above iron helmet, if the hit face or the warhorse, the injury were not as before small, the crazy Lei Jun cavalry [Assault] camp immediately on an intermittent miserable howling sound, the warhorse and cavalry soldier fell to leave together. In sand beach, horrible to look.

From is getting more and more near, the Fiona corners of the mouth actually rippled the happy expression, said: „Aims at their napes of the neck and eyes, puts the arrow!"

This time less than 100 yards, strength of arm of one group of dark Moon Elf young girls was fearful, draws the long bow psst to make noise, „" the violent shoots Going out, this injury is bigger, about thousand cavalry soldiers stand up from failure to be dismissed, majority was shot the spot that the mail-armor and helmet was unable to cover up, is hard to imagine, these dark Moon Elf archery accurate were really too strong!

Fiona has also raised her long bow, brought the arrow arrow of strength of thunder to fly suddenly together Going out, launchinged a giant ditch mark in the ground, the surroundings were revolving the storm, „bang" rumbled the flying high chaotic dance several crazy Lei Jun soldiers, this attack power was too savage, simply not less than in Lan Seurre's archery standard!

In fact Fiona is also god level BOSS, where will fear crazy Lei Jun these smelly tomato rotten sweet potatoes!

In an instant the crazy Lei Jun's 7,000-8,000 cavalry soldiers have been not much left, Luis to the front, the face was alone green, immediately after dialing the horse, falls back to run, but Fiona is only he he smiles, immediately leads own person to continue to retrocede.


Another side, did not turn over to the sea to resound rumble the sound of battle drum, the flood dragon armed forces came, Tian Ling Empire mobilized own sailors finally, the full sail marched forward, speed fast, but another direction, the warship of palace guard also never turned over to the sea rapidly.

„Prepares to embark!"

I have ordered one fast, Han Yuan, Xiao severe fast mounted us to stop with me in the main warship of shore.

Zhan Long Chapter 844

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