Zhan Long Chapter 845

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The speed rapidness of main warship, the full sail march rapid disembark several hundred meters, meet with the other 100 + warships of palace guard, then warships above the sea level, stopped the 50 warships of flood dragon armed forces horizontally south the sea level, keeping it from continue pursue the warship of Moon Elf army, this is also my only goal, must preserve dark Moon Elf this army, will otherwise lose a big boost in the future.


„Beats a drum!"

On the opposite main warship, the flood dragon armed forces commanded Qin Ye is a full beard military officer, a face outrageously, stood in the broad side deck is being roars to me: „Palace guard commands General Li Xiao Yao, what do you mean? Obstructs them not to make us complete to chase down the duty, you defy the decree of Great Emperor blatantly!"

I have also mounted before the deck, the hand is grasping Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „No, my this is compliant and good!"

„What compliance?" Qin Ye the complexion was red, gets angry: „You clearly really work for one's own interests under the guise of working for the public, I even suspected that you have colluded with that dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona secretly, is?"

I smile, said easely: „After does not turn over to the sea fights, Locker Great Emperor has distributed Wang Ling, requesting all Tian Ling Empire warships not to enter does not turn over to the sea, the sea-nymph clan to be dormant as before, in does not turn over to the sea, the empire warship can not enter does not turn over to the sea in one li (0.5km), but the palace guard on the request, is responsible for the coastline here the security, our goals do not have the dental cavity...... Does not allow anybody to enter the deep sea, therefore, the flood dragon armed forces are also same can not since the night in 1 li (0.5km), otherwise do not blame the palace guard not being impolite!"

Qin Yeqi must the whole body tremble, but this crude guy only met [Assault] to breach enemy lines, which has tried such violent debate, said that I can only stamp the ground with anger on the warship.

Qin Ye behind, multitude of people long Q-Sword showed a faint smile, shakes hand the long Swordsmanship: „Commands, I looked that the palace guard to shield Moon Elf retreats, since we do not have anything to say like this, ordering the warship full sail to go forward, hits the ship of palace guard to shake...... Ship was good!"

Qin Ye an eyeball revolution: „Good, depends on you saying that if can capture Fiona, when North Star wind your boy occupies the first in merit, I will advise to the Romanian four that old fogies, making you be promoted to Battalion Tuan to control!"

Q-Sword micro smile: „Many thanks the general recognizes, end must die the cruelest death and not refuse under any circumstances!"

I am dumbfounded, did Q-Sword this goods also become hyperactive when guests visit? Takes his such public relations to cultivate, in the Tian Ling Empire status sooner or later one day will crawl to me on, quite fearful......


The flood dragon armed forces army launches the attack, warship comes in waves, I pour did not fear that the warship of palace guard had transformed, before the warship wrapped iron sheet, did not fear the sword and raging fire, the hit does not lose to the flood dragon armed forces.

„Can with bombing?" The Han deep pool asked.

I shake the head: „No, the archery warned that greets to dash!"


At this time, both sides warship was very near, the flood dragon armed forces started to shoot arrows, the blade shield camp soldier of palace guard was in abundance great the shield shield, poured does not have what damage, was our round archery makes the flood dragon armed forces die in battle many people on the contrary.

Drinks lowly, the god fierce fine horse changes into the ice glow to seep the body, a pair of ice wing behind launched in me, raises Dragon Reservoir Sword to fly Going out, direct [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang killed in the crowd of warship, simultaneously „bang bang bang" the sound was unceasing, the warship collision sound was unceasing, the flood dragon armed forces also really dare to hit, so was hard on!

Not far away, on the flood dragon armed forces main warship, Q-Sword already raised a handle long sword to rush to the warship of palace guard, the sword blade edge dance, how many palace guard soldiers has massacred in a minute, he in the regiment duty, kills the palace guard to have the reward, NND, trades the reward with my person!?

Overrunning of my great anger, Zhen Yue Blade comes out of the sheath, sweeps away in the crowd, rumbles again and again one crowd of [Hero's Mound] Knight flies to draw back, depends keen and formidable attribute circuitous of thousand frost wings, is stepping on the Z character broken line hit in the Q-Sword flank, „bang", Q-Sword draws back several steps continually, under my hit 1 thousand + HP, actually clenched teeth, casts hundred sword skills to start, the direct bang kills in me and palace guard the crowd of!


attack power of this goods also strives to excel!

I advance once again, [Tempest Sword] starts, immediately sweeps away one group of people, single-handed, [Defeat the Dragon] starts, immediately Q-Sword „Shua" one arrives at me at present, Fierce Tiger decides the skill to fall above my arm instantaneously, good pain!


When I shouted „dying" character, above Dragon Reservoir Sword the golden ray rises suddenly, golden god light Fu Wen rotate in the surroundings, this is the god level skill symbol, the next quarter, rides the wind to cut to take advantage of opportunity, the continual bang kills above the Q-Sword sword blade edge, arm and breastplate, the leeway that the quick his standard keeps off did not have, the injury digit spatter in all directions





Has carried on 5 th time to cut to strike, Q-Sword could not withstand finally, [Blade Rush] backward retreats, makes Knight raise the shield to keep off before me, is Tang Gu, he astonished visits me: „Cousin, is I!"

I defend do not stop, the god level skill continues the bang to kill Going out, a sword swift and fierce a sword, the Tang Gu shield had been torn instantaneously, sobs to knee down: „It is not able to make brothers' rhythm again......"


I laugh, Zhen Yue Blade wields, is mad the glow to kill Going out together, coordinates the Dragon Reservoir Sword consecutively three swords, immediately 4 [Hero's Mound] players knee down has hung, hand of Tang Qi in the crowd, the copper cash flood moves in a flash, six tell fortunes by the eight diagrams skill „" to pound in my front, what a pity big MISS flies, my bright level equipment Hero's Helmet, does not eat any dizziness, deceleration and other negative effects!

[Hero's Mound] is in one group of people on warship unable to resist, Sword Tears and Jian Tan are not my match, in addition Han Yuan, the Xiao severe and other combat general of counter-attacks, [Hero's Mound] the share that only then retrocedes, under the rout, the flood dragon armed forces gave up the main warship retroceding, Qin Yegeng loudly raised the long sword to shout to clear the way: „Stops hitting, the backlash, do not hit again!"

As if he also looks, the words of naval battle, the palace guard does not lose to their these regular sailors absolutely, even palace guard, if firing off counterattacks, the flood dragon armed forces can definitely here whole army has been annihilated!


Looks that the warship of flood dragon armed forces lowers the sail to retrocede in abundance, Han Yuan could not bear spit a saliva, said: „Mother, this group of grandsons, dares to begin to us unexpectedly, is who gives them that big courage!"

Xiao severe smiles lightly: „Now your majesty, who otherwise can also...... The situation of palace guard was getting more and more bad, as if...... The entire empire's military command soon regarded us for the eye-sore and thorn in the side, this way, the palace guard sooner or later could not mix in Tian Ling Empire......"

I said: „Wooden show in Lin, wind must destroy it, the palace guard was really too strong, they will unable to accommodate us, but has not related, so long as we sufficed, no one can move us!"

Xiao severe is stunned, afterward has the profound meaning smiles: „Commands, if you must cede territory for the king, end will pledge certainly to fight to the death to follow, following a wise command total ratio to follow a stupid incompetent lord to."

The Han deep pool also said: „Yes general, so long as your a few words, the palace guard is willing to pledge to fight to the death to follow!"

I shake the head: „After this words, do not talk nonsense, I do not have that courage, the only goal that I disobey orders is to preserve dark Moon Elf, increases us to resist the chip of Hybrid Demon territory, after ascends the throne, obviously thinks one had the world, actually does not know that on this day under radically is not his, so long as Seurre, silver, Dahlen these north Hybrid Demon kings launch a true attack, perhaps Tian Ling Empire must exchange ownerships, will attack unexpectedly also at this time soon becomes dark Moon Elf of treaty of alliance, truly was stupid wicked."

Xiao Lidao: „Sir, what idea do you have now? How we later do, after this matter, how damage control?"

I think that said: „The Moon Elf corpse belt that these died in battle returns to the city as the confession . Moreover, in the Tian Ling Empire surrounding border, where suits works as the dark Moon Elf inhabited area, will not actually bring to the attention of day of plume empire, has such place?"

Xiao severe hesitates, narrowed the eye to think a meeting, opened eyes to say suddenly: „Had!"

„Where?" I asked joyfully.

Xiao severe said with a smile: „Does not turn over to west of the soul valley is the wilderness, but the wilderness is not completely is the wilderness terrain, does not turn over to the soul valley to western about 10 miles away, near Linhai is not the wilderness, but is the oasis that forms naturally, but does not have the python beast of prey to run amuck, therefore does not have humanity and barbarian survives, but the land is fertile, has formed a big stretch of bamboo grove region naturally, is called ‚Zizhulin', this Zizhulin endogenous has brave fighter, poisonous snake and other beast of prey, but we can send the army that the palace guard coordinates Queen Fiona to enter Zizhulin to cut to kill these beast of prey together, such one, Zizhulin can become the safe inhabited area, dark. Moon Elf also naturally can find the new homeland there, can evade chasing down of empire, kills two birds with one stone, how does the Sir think?"

My great happiness: „If is really this, that was too good! Immediately sends the palace guard cavalry to Zizhulin nosing outcome, forms to hunt and kill the group to enter Zizhulin again to cut to kill these wild animals!"

Saying, looked to the distant place, the flood dragon armed forces returned Luhu, but the dark Moon Elf warship also vanished in the sea horizon, then said: „Walks, ordering our fleets to go to the Zizhulin direction directly, in does not turn over to soul valley there to aid the dark Moon Elf army!"



When our 30 + warships arrive does not turn over to the soul valley, I progress to disembark, the god fierce fine horse treads the wave the line, leading one group of palace guard cavalries to flush ashore, proceeding not far away saw again impressively Queen Fiona led one group of dark Moon Elf young girls from the valley, distant saw me, on her face brought to worry as before: „Li Tongling, our marine ships how?"

I: „All right, good retreat, did not have a buckle, is here situation how is it?",

Fiona slightly one happy, said: „That is good, here...... We had been chased down one by the hot axe armed forces and crazy Lei Jun, kills them already over ten thousand people, the appearance that oneself buckle 1000 people did not arrive, how we should, lose food and majority of instruments now, my behind 30,000 dark Moon Elf this what course to follow?"

I said confidently: „The military baggage team that relax, I will send the palace guard ships the grain and fodder to you . Moreover, sought for the new inhabited area for you!"

„, Real?"

The Fiona great happiness, is supporting the swollen chest, said with a smile: „If found the new homeland for us, that Li Xiao Yao commanded has the graciousness of regeneration to our dark Moon Elf clan simply!"

Zhan Long Chapter 845

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