Zhan Long Chapter 846

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Zizhulin, the sea breeze is swaying the jungle, one purple bamboo grove spreads are boundless, in the forest hears intermittent beast of prey the sound of low roar, and also some towering great trees in the bamboo grove likes a crane among chickens is growing generally, this can provide for dark Moon Elf actually will construct the material of log cabin in the future, I lead one group of palace guards to arrive in the Zizhulin edge directly, is riding the god fierce fine horse, said: „Prepares to open up this region . Moreover, ordering our transportation battalions to ship 10 thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain to come to here every day, supplies dark Moon Elf army."

Xiao severe clenches teeth, said: „Sir, the palace guard grain ration of per day per person is three jin (0.5 kg), this is to train it uses, our army needs 24 thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain every day, perhaps if to dark Moon Elf that many, the brothers of palace guard will have the complaint!"

I: „Has not related, purchases from Tian Ling Empire merchant there again makes up, some armed forces many gold coins, have not used parsimoniously."

„Yes, Sir!"


Nearby, Queen Fiona a gratitude of face: „Thank you, Li Tongling, I represents all dark Moon Elf to thank you, thanked the palace guard, we here...... Won't be chased down really again?"

I nod: „Here is a wilderness, no longer is the Tian Ling Empire domain, according to the stipulations of empire major regiments, not having the imperial edict not to tread domain half, therefore felt relieved freely, moreover dark Moon Elf, if will base here, one month later, even if were the army of day of plume empire came, you don't need to fear not?"

„Um, yes!"

I raise the arm, said in a low voice: „Starts, helping dark Moon Elf cut to kill the wild animal in Zizhulin, immediately starts!"

Immediately, palace guard in one crowd of blade shield camps enters Zizhulin, but dark Moon Elf also seeps , the beautiful Moon Elf young girls are raising the long bow, the sharp ear shivers slightly, keen looks at the surrounding all, is resolving all crises, quick, a distant place wild animal roars, a black bear flushed, but has not wreaked havoc to be shot the hedgehog with enough time, simultaneously in the direction of seacoast, one group of palace guards already, in starting to kill the great mouth alligator on seacoast.

I progressed to enter Zizhulin slowly, only thought that in the noses was full fragrantly, looked up, the towering great tree between bamboo groves bore red fruits on the trunk and branches unexpectedly, Fiona is walking to go forward immediately joyfully, lifts the hand to select a fruit, placed the mouth to nip gently, I in great surprise: „Had not determined that is virulent?"

After Fiona has nipped one, said with a smile: „Relax, one of the dark Moon Elf inborn abilities is to identify the fruit poisonous or not, this type of fruit does not have the toxin, I heard that knew, Li Tongling, gave us the Moon Elf grain to reduce half, we can definitely depend upon the fruit on great tree to have a full stomach."

I in consternation: „I am the plan reduced these trees, the construction log cabin give the Moon Elf housing."

„Does not use."

Fiona shakes the head, said: „Dark Moon Elf is always not familiar with the residential building, we can perch on the bough, in Zizhulin this big tree are many, each can occupy several hundred dark Moon Elf, this can make us disperse looks for food and trains, can let play scouts the function of reconnaissance, had the work to command the Sir to take the trouble, then, gave us to be OK."

I nod: „Good, the palace guard helped you kill all wild animals to be OK, but light depended to pick the fruit possibly also insufficiently to have a full stomach, I will send for opening up the open land here, let the dark Moon Elf society planter and preserve grain, this was the cold winter does not have to cross with ease."

Nod that Fiona hurries: „Um, thanks!"

I and Fiona stroll in jungle shoulder to shoulder, she looks that periphery is cutting to kill the wild animal courageously the palace guard, looking pensive, after a while said: „Commands the Sir, the palace guard of your subordinate truly is considered as is brave, dark Moon Elf has not mounted a large-scale attack luckily Tian Ling Empire, otherwise suffers a loss certainly is we, but, I always thought that the palace guard has the inborn flaw......"

I show a faint smile: „High mobile long-distance battle efficiency?"


Fiona nods to say with a smile: „The gun power of humanity is huge, but extremely in unwieldiness, once in the army migration fought completely lost the function, but the palace guard either was the blade shield camp, the cavalry armed forces and long unit of armed soldiers, in the position lacked the most basic long-distance defense, once was attacked on being unavoidable when will lose many people, the attack same can only depend upon [Assault] of cavalry to fight hand-to-hand, even if were the palace guard again elite, but fought to be able the buckle each time, is right?"

I deeply to be so: „Yes!"

Fiona is raising the long bow, shows a faint smile: „You is a non- world general's talent, and has helped dark Moon Elf clan that many, even does not hesitate to tear to pieces the facial skin with your Empire Armed forces, if my Fiona does not have what to express, that has brought disgrace on dark Moon Elf the spirit of ancestor simply, is inferior to this, do I borrow the soldier to you?"

„Taking advantage of soldier?"

In my heart moves, says with a smile: „Does Fiona, you know? My this person does not like owing others, therefore...... Do not borrow, if fell in love with this gift not to want, instead will cause the friendship to come to the end."

Fiona cannot bear throw smiles, immediately stance myriad, peerless grace and talent, she eats visits me who smiles: „Good, I have listened about the legend that your this palace guard commands, the people said that your this commander ‚rapid fierce like brave fighter, deceitful such as fox fox', it seems like said not empty, but also considered as finished, at least I can feel your sincerity, this...... I do not borrow, directly delivers you, how?"

I am wild with joy: „Really?"


A Fiona nod, in the beautiful pupil is passing earnestly, said: „I will accompany the bride to her new home in the comfortable dark Moon Elf army to choose 1000 people elite to give to you, archer who acts as the palace guard, how?"

„1000 people......" I deeply inspire, look into the bamboo grove in distant place, said: „Regular troops [Assault] time, generally is a 2000 people of round impact, in echelon the impact, at least 10,000 cavalries complete the impact on be able the lethality to promote to most greatly, perhaps facing the impacts of ten thousand people of cavalry soldiers, these 1000 people of archers continually fills the gap between teeth to be insufficient......"

Fiona has a look at me ill-humoredly, said: „That was like this good, delivers you 3000 people, what kind of?"

I hesitate: „Palace guard, although is strong, but wooden show in Lin, wind must destroy it, flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the hot axe armed forces and crazy Lei Jun early eyed covetously to us, the light is 3000 people cannot resist their cavalry [Assault], Fiona, we are the friends, I am impossible to make your consanguinity in vain brings death."

Fiona winked beautiful eyes: „That 5000 dark Moon Elf, your this fellow, do not reach out for a yard after taking an inch......"

I nod: „Good, 5000 5000 people, but I received 5000 dark Moon Elf, will certainly seek revenge for the slightest grievance by individuality, 12 thousand legendary Emperor Yu armed forces army threaten the border, I should make 5000 dark Moon Elf bowmen ambush outside armed forces resist them, does not know how long can resist......"

Saying, me was patting Fiona's fine shoulder, said: „The queen you could rest assured that my Li Xiao Yao iron teeth copper tooth is not exchanged for gold, even if your 5000 dark Moon Elf bowman firepower is not enough to intercept [Assault] of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, I also certainly make the palace guard notch try to shield them to retreat, will not let adorable dark Sister Moon Elf few root hair!"

Fiona opens a two stars pupil to visit me, blinked, said: „Lost to you...... 1 thousand, will not be more, this is also I biggest authority, gives you 1 thousand dark Moon Elf army, but you must pledge kindly treat them, well protection they, if presents the dark Moon Elf young girl again by the matter of human insult, I ask certainly you to do accounts!"

My moral nature is wild with joy, actually on the face maintains composure, said: „Fiona you could rest assured that I will certainly kindly treat these dark Moon Elf, and alone forms Battalion Tuan to them, the control appoints your people on one's own side, sent efficient five bar chiefs to be good to me!"

Fiona is somewhat puzzled, actually must say: „Um!"

Then, Fiona turns around, shouted to clear the way loudly tenderly: „Fine silks, come!"

Soon, in the dark Moon Elf crowd a young girl dashes to come, light armor, on the cheek is passing calmly, in the hand above the long bow flood the fearful gloss, was saying: „Queen, what matter looks for my?"

Fiona said: „A our dark Moon Elf clan always has the graciousness to report, palace guard Sir Li Xiao Yao helps us seek for the new homeland, therefore I decided that bestows 10000 dark Moon Elf to join the palace guard, is dispatched by Sir Li Xiao Yao personally, but you act as the direction of this thousand dark Moon Elf, from now henceforth, you will take orders in Sir Li Xiao Yao directly, knew?"

This is called „fine silks" young girl has not asked anything, the direct nod said: „Yes, Queen, Sir Li Xiao Yao, what has to order?"

I have been startled being startled: „Temporarily does not have, first cleaned up the wild animal in Zizhulin to say again!"



The setting sun sets, the wild animal in Zizhulin has cleaned up almost, the first batch of grain of palace guard have also transported, and assigned 50 warships to obey Queen Fiona to dispatch, late at night, carried the warship of dark Moon Elf young girl to come from the north sea level, but I was also very curious, how these dark Moon Elf multiplied, finally inquired from fine silks there obtains, the way of dark Moon Elf through praying turned into Shengquan the spring water, but the female who the hope gave birth to entered Shengquan bathing deep sleep one night, later will then have the pregnancy.

I suspected that always thought which old hoodlum the so-called on god perhaps is, but thinks carefully as if also improper, can make hundreds of thousands of dark Moon Elf be pregnant, this ability too broke through the horizon!

Moreover, the dark Moon Elf territory transported many preserve grain to come, moreover was many smithy chimneys and so on thing, the dark Moon Elf bow arrow was builds, the building craft of higher elf was not the ordinary human artisan can compare, this, quickly has completed the dark Moon Elf hundreds of thousands of people of migration, but the palace guard almost spare no effort helped, finally in the night, the fine silks was leading 1 thousand person dark Moon Elf young girl and I returns to the palace guard camp together, immediately has encountered surrounding, but I also in the presence of everyone ordered, who dares to blaspheme the dark Moon Elf young girl, the strength did not cut the amnesty!

Reality Cooldown is afternoon, thinks carefully that thought this way is not the matter, immediately ordered, the palace guard army went to Tian Ling Empire, array of 2 thousand famous barbarian blade shield camp outside the city, 2 thousand cavalries started completely, in 1 thousand dark Moon Elf complete arrow pot packed the arrow arrow, static standing after barbarian blade shield camp.

Then, recalls the warhorse, entered Tian Ling Empire on foot, is leading Han Yuan, the Xiao severe two people, then puts out a hand to capture south the town of waist the general token, this makes the Han deep pool very puzzled: „General, is your this?"

I unemotionally: „This time to rescue dark Moon Elf, we conflict with the flood dragon armed forces directly, has defied Wang Ling, I have a road to walk to give the token to apologize!"

Han deep pool in great surprise: „What, do you want to resign from the duty of commanding? General, you had said that will lead us to protect Tian Ling Empire!"

Xiao severe actually endured to be out of control to smile: „Han Yuan, does not need to ask, Sir and that's the end."

Han deep pool: „......"

Zhan Long Chapter 846

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