Zhan Long Chapter 847

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Steps into the royal palace main hall, Great Emperor and Princess Pearl and other group of people were discussing official business as before, but I entered has stood up, a face was angry, points at me loudly to shout to clear the way: „Li Xiao Yao, you may know crime!?"

I am submissive: „Knows the crime, therefore is willing to give the token, resigns from palace guard commanding, no matter what!"


Pearl in great surprise, walks to go forward saying: „Li Xiao Yao, do not impulse!"

I bow, the hand is holding two tokens, one is south the town the military order, another is the palace guard commands the token.

In there, as if has not thought astonished I will do, but Luo four, Luis, Xu Yi and other military officers in abundance are also dumbfounded, no one has thought that I can leave this move.

My behind Xiao severe holds the fist in the other hand to say actually: „Your majesty, the palace guard army more than 87,000 people awaited orders outside Wang City completely, only needs your majesty to issue an order, we then retire, since the empire is not willing to kill the enemy with the palace guard again, value that the palace guard has not then had!"

Clenches jaws: „Li Xiao Yao, are you are compelling the palace?"

I shake the head: „Does not dare."

Shouted to clear the way: „What do you mean?"

Xiao severe continues to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the palace guard since has not turned over to the war of sea always unprecedented, the Li Tongling sincere heart, imagines with the dark Moon Elf signing treaty of alliance, resists the Hybrid Demon territory together, therefore will not turn over to the marine stop flood dragon armed forces to pursue dark Moon Elf, Li Tongling gives priority to the empire wholeheartedly, but also looks at your majesty bright mirror, palace guard five Yorozuo has had made up mind steadily, if Li Tongling resigns, we will retire, the idle cloud wild crane, whom manages on this day under finally is!"

Xiao severe words seem like loyal, but simply is the rebels, but I like, this new emperor acts willfully, making him continue such to do, the overall strength of Chinese war zone will weaken, do I also go to series seven big main cities? In fact, when who this emperor I did not care that what I care is Tian Ling Empire whether can get down tyrannicalally.

Outside city about 9 thousand palace guards already at daggers drawn, so long as Dragon Xingxia issues an order will probably break through Tian Ling Empire, the palace guard attacks swiftly and violently, the player and imperial guard are unable to resist, perhaps Tian Ling Empire really has exchanged ownerships, but wants my courage to be big enough, could work as the lord of this Tian Ling Empire? Ok, thinks to be good, I do not want to sit in the imperial palace rust, is leading [Zhan Long] one group of brothers and palace guards opens up territory the matter that wards off earth that is I most wants to handle.


Xiao severe words ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, has swallowed under the saliva, on the face has shown the happy expression after careful consideration suddenly: „Li Xiao Yao, the orphaned king knows that your loyalty, does not need to rebuke oneself, comes the person, grants Li Tongling silver axe yue, and promotes for third-level protects the country general, the palace guard army pay and provisions for the military promotes 50%, the day plume empire will not disappoint the sincere heart of brave warrior, will also look at the audiences to take Li Xiao Yao as the model!"

Immediately, bans the marquis Luo child to show a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Congratulated Li Tongling to be promoted to protect the country generals!"

I smile to return a courtesy: „Many thanks!"

Even, commands Luis also with a smile to congratulate to crazy Lei Jun who I hate to the marrow of the bones, in this palace false lets the person suitable gastric disorder deceitfully, I soon spit will immediately transfer with Han Yuan, Xiao severe two main hall, but Princess Pearl ran to pursue, shouted: „Li Xiao Yao, waits for me!"

I halt, stand look under the stair to her: „Your highness?"

Pearl Princess said: „I have reported confidentially, you really and Queen Fiona has formed the treaty of alliance?"

I nod: „Yes."

Thinks that I also said: „As the demand of treaty of alliance, Fiona delivered the archer army that I 10,000 dark Moon Elf young girls have composed, the palace guard present strength of significantly has promoted, in Tian Ling Empire, did not have any regiment again is the rival of palace guard, Your highness, but the palace guard was too outstanding, too easy hiring envious hatred."

Pearl smiles: „That is natural, palace guard such, I have not thought that so will be quick, but is also good, recently the border war was unceasing, fire Yun City, Full Moon City, Port City continually are provoking the Tian Ling Empire border to be stationed in the soldier, perhaps, the palace guard can apply immediately!"


I nod, say with a smile: „Relax, the palace guard meets the notch to try to protect Tian Ling Empire."



To the city outside, has brought back to the palace guard camp Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, fine silks and the others, was 1 thousand dark Moon Elf young girl has set aside the camp, let them alone in a barrack, the situation of avoid presenting many inconveniences.

But also at this moment, a telephone inhales my game system, came from ** telephone

„Is Li Xiao Yao, playing the game?"

„Um, Wang Dui what matter?"

„Ha Ha......" ** said with a smile: „Is this, tonight has a dinner party, do you come alone? Some many great people want to see one side you......"

„Great person?" I knit the brows: „What minister is not and so on? I do not have what interest......"

** Said: „Brat, making you come you to come, do not forget me is your immediate superior!"

I smile: „Wang Dui you do not forget, after I step into Yang Flame,...... Takes a broad view at the world few individuals is my match, do I why receive your restraint?"

** In great surprise: „Your boy...... Isn't real brain young man will have the protruding bones in the occipital region?"

I am out of control to smile: „Cracks a joke, looked that gives to frighten you, said that what person does this dinner party have?"

**: „The grandson flying in circles lieutenant general in Nanjing Military Area Command, in addition has to be responsible for the game development the person in that company, probably calls Ouyang Nuoyan Chinese area CEO? Moreover, a mysterious character, you came in any case are will not be certainly disappointed."

„, Mystical character?" I in consternation: „Disclosed that who is? Do I know?"

„Naturally knew that you come and that's the end!"



Hangs the power failure words, has a look at Cooldown also one hour, then chatted a meeting in guild, finally was drawn by Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian, when T, after having massacred two BOSS, offline, said with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, in the evening Tang Qi accompanies them to eat meal, but I have an independent mysterious dinner party outside, Lin Wan Er but actually also sensible, such let my Going out.

Opens my A4 to go ** address that the news sends , a top layer of urban district restaurant, eats meal I not to experience in the top layer actually, ok, is grows in experience.

Wore one set of optional leisure to install to enter the hotel, enters the elevator arrived at the top layer, opening the door had to wear female of work uniform to ask instantaneously with a smile: „Is Mr. Li Xiao Yao?"


„Please come with me!"


With her behind, looks that the female outstanding buttocks swayed from side to side arrived at top the open-air floor, immediately had a scare, this building altogether 32, in Hangzhou were also very high, in the roof decorated very well, even also the swimming pool, the blue pool of water rippled under the light, a not far away table, side sat several people, including the female of personal appearance beautiful fascinating'winsome, understood at a glance that is I had seen that Ouyang face, destiny China area CEO, this status was very prominent.

** Lifts hand greeting: „Li Xiao Yao, here!"

I take a step, near the table altogether sat 7 people, looks like on the number ** wear most ground beetle, I could not bear looked at his one eyes, said: „Wang Dui, you looks like likely is not the person of going to eat......"

** Touches the nose: „Brat, sits down......"

I sit down silently, the opposite is in that Sun Xiang, he knows me, the nod said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, we long time no see!"

I also nod: „Officer good......"

Ouyang Nuoyan looks to me, asked: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, implants the NPC humane memory duplication and military system system of game regarding recent Cooldown Corporation, feels how is it?"

I also smiled: „Feeling is quite real, must be more amusing than the pure data."

„Um, that is good!"

** Continued to introduce surrounding person, but I somewhat was disappointed, asked: „Weren't you say a mysterious character? People?"

Sun Xiangwei smiles: „Quick came, does not need to worry, we can drink a liquor first."

Sun Xiang to my manner is really not general good, even it can be said that respected, I also know that this is related with my strength, Yang Yanji the powerhouse, in the common people eyes is the god same existed, even in the eye of army, Yang Yanji a powerhouse could also be as good as the mighty force, duty that many armies are unable to complete, Yang Flame the master completed actually easily.


Nearby service person female liquor, not the well-known red wine, looks at the beverage bottle but is actually the foreign language, the taste is fragrant and mellow, should be very expensive that I sit there am somewhat cramped, after a while, a form appears in elevator there again finally, bringing a duckbill cap, the hat to pull down unable to see the face, under service person's leadership.

Ouyang Nuoyan had already stood up, bows says with a smile: „Uncle Lin hao!"

„Uncle Lin?"

I turn around in consternation, this person on negligent sitting side grandson flying in circles, the flash that the hat casts off, I almost soon frightened have fallen down from the chair, that was a slightly old face, but the facial expression was good, the aura was full, and this face has appeared far more than one time in my dreamland, this led me to practice many years of old fogy Lin to become on that impressively!


A palm pounded on the table to shake, I stood up to get angry: „Old fogy, you also dares to see me, which these many years did you die?"

Lin to become visits me, laughs: „Yo, the boys of our family were long were so big, by these girls' visions, but also long was graceful!"

„Do not pull uselessly that!"

I am angry: „Seven years ago, in the Sino-Burman border, you leads me to that remote mountain, said that what makes me practice, oneself vanished suddenly, you know that I socialize with more than 30 wolves for night? Said that on vitality, walked walked, you carry off a pilot biscuit that we only remained completely are any meaning, the canteen have also carried off, kept drinking to me will die!"

Lin to become opens the eye, an innocent appearance: „Brat, didn't I keep one bottle of farmer mountain springs to you?"

I stare saying: „Puts P, the water of farmer mountain spring is yellow moreover pollution? Do not think that I do not know is anything!"


Ouyang Nuoyan hears dumbfoundedly in side, does not know that said anything was good.

Zhan Long Chapter 847

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