Zhan Long Chapter 848

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The start of old codger dug out the nose, and said righteously: „Brat, I make these for hello, you did not appreciate kindness rendered unexpectedly, wants to scold scolds, I did not think in any case I have made the mistake anything."

My grief and indignation.

Ouyang Nuoyan said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, forest Uncle Cheng these years is designing some game details for the destiny actually, I think that you can also feel, the energetic domain development of destiny game to follower is very effective."

I have swept an old fogy, said: „That how this old fogy or hasn't the Royal Air peak, broken through Yang Flame?"

Through the intent sea can completely understand that the old fogy now truly is the Royal Air peak, has not completed the breakthrough.

Lin to become listened to my such saying, then could not bear shameless one red, said: „Blamed to be the master was too young in the past, full of vigor, that was a night of thunder and lightning crash, I and Sister Yan Er both hot romantically...... Said that is really...... Not having the body of Chunyang to practice Yang Flame naturally not to have the advancement of your this boy! Then, these many years also silly this time."

I do not believe very much, hey said with a smile: „You have been full of vigor that time, later hasn't bumped other woman again? Deceives the ghost!"

Lin to become pounds on the table, the anger of brooking no intervention shouts to clear the way: „Does not have really!"

** Said in side: „Lin Boss, we give you to arrange that golden heaven of yesterday tonight, heard that there younger sisters are very pretty, moreover warm such as fire......"

Lin to become: „Good!"

I: „......"


Sun Xiang awkward smiles: „That, we said the proper business, since the person has arrived in full, first does one, then eats a thing to discuss the proper business?"

** Nod: „Right, the proper business is important."

I have drunk. the liquor, starts to eat the dish, selects the old fogy eating that specially likes eating, eats quick and many, the old fogy is unbearably angry, chopsticks quick ruthless punctured, I meet to incur immediately, regarded the sword to use the chopsticks, a move entangled sword to make an rabbit meat in old fogy chopsticks fall into the tray, the old fogy was angry, around the chopsticks surged immediately the Royal Air air current, „" an acoustic shock has drawn back my chopsticks, I counterattacked immediately, air current bone-chilling colder launch, the kinking lived in his chopsticks, then the left hand fished the cup A ladle, sweeps suddenly, Lin to become same meets to incur, takes up Sun Xiang the tray to call.


On my ladle surged fire of Yang Flame, immediately the old fogy could not resist, aura slightly disorder has taken back the chopsticks, actually puts out a hand to tow an entire rabbit meat to oneself in front of: „Brat, does not know reverence for elders care for the young!"

I said: „The person who abandons the apprentice did not have qualifications to say!"

„A real man must be bold in facing all, the brave first essential factor is independent!"

„Excuse, which Burmese miss you clearly had a liking to say!"

Lin to become shameless instantaneous was red: „Nonsense, am I that person?"

** Asked in side: „What did that miss call?"

Lin to become: „Said!"

„You that year how many years?"

„47 years old."

„That miss?"

„29 years old."

I: „......"


Does not manage , to continue to eat!

Quick, Sun Xiang actually could not bear, said: „Li Xiao Yao, the Blood Scythe influence within Hangzhou range had almost been eradicated, although Wei Fan was released on bail, how long but also jumped da, we sooner or later will operate with him, therefore the working pressure of Hangzhou protector base has been short, your has had other idea?"

I in consternation: „Other idea? Temporarily does not have."

„You have thought...... Re-enters the regular troops?" Sun Xiang probes to ask.

I have remembered Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue suddenly also in the school I, then shakes the head: „Has not thought!"

The grandson flies in circles somewhat seems to be disappointed, said: „Entire China, at present only then 2 Yang Yanji master, you are, another idle cloud wild crane did not ask the humans affair, perhaps you did not know your ability strongly, but...... The country needs you, recently, in the border also appeared bred to think of the person, this strength undercurrent road, had unexpectedly externally, our special troops had sacrificed much, almost died, in breeding to install in the hand of person, above said that so long as you are willing to join the military, can make on your shoulder shoulder the golden pine immediately!"

** Dumbfounded.

I am also surprised, so long as unexpectedly I enlist in the military am willing to let me , since the major general does do? Major general, has the right to have the potential, if I really am a major general, that does not need to be worried when is on vacation from school Liu Ying has the person to hit me! This treatment truly...... It is not, although I who the average person can imagine also slightly somewhat move, but thinks to be good, on the shoulder carries the [gold/metal] pine also to mean I can pay are more, perhaps is the time, perhaps is the life, who knew.

Thinks of here, I self-ridicule smiles, said: „I have been used to sluggishly, dislikes to be shouted to drink by others, more repugnant these mistrust each other, I think that I have continued this unsuccessful life, if some day the border really the danger has threatened the national security, I think that did not need the officer you to say I will also rush to the front lines, temporarily, I only want to keep Hangzhou, law-abiding worked as a bodyguard to be good."

Sun Xiang nods, pours has not been angry, says with a smile: „Has not related, we have been waiting for you!"

„Good, thanks!"


Then, Ouyang Nuoyan respected my one glass of liquor, said with a smile: „Is Xiao Yao, interested in coming to the destiny company to hold an office?"

„What holds an office in?" I asked.

She smiled: „Technical adviser, similar Uncle Lin this, you can provide the knowledge in practice to supply to refer for the destiny company, salary very high, senior advisor one month of income at least is 200 000 gets up."

„Then is high!"

I swallow the saliva: „Ok, I now am the Wan Er bodyguard, cannot hold concurrent jobs, otherwise Lin Tiannan will be angry."

Ouyang Nuoyan throws smiles: „Good good, I have forgotten this...... Was right, inquired, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong in legend, was really the lover?"


Ouyang Nuoyan on the face admired immediately completely: „Really is the perfect match...... I thought that entire destiny China area server, only then you can be joined to Cang Tong, only then Cang Tong can be joined to your Xiao Yao Zi Zai, my sincerity had thought really that the heaven will be doomed you in the same place, no one will break up......"

I am somewhat awkward, swallowed a meat fiercely, said: „Really delicious......"

Ouyang Nuoyan: „......"

Sun Xiang continues to chat about is wanting to gather my matter, what a pity I am determined to decide, does not want to change again, at least makes me leave Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue unable now, moreover I to the commitment of Lin Tiannan, take over other six big main cities, has not hit to join the army including one, where this can be passable.

The old fogies have given me a card, the diamond card, I stare to visit him: „This is...... Let me every month to the rhythm that you take up a collection?"

The old men stare the round eye: „Puts P, this is father these many years savings, your taking away flower! The password is your birthday, oneself recorded."

I have swept nearby service person female immediately: „Beautiful woman, helping under my Shua have a look at many balances."

„Good mister!"

I too did not trust old man!

Quick, service person female walked, said: „Sir, the balance of this card altogether is 248 million R motherfucker, please confirm."

I think in her hand is taking the instrument light screen, the unbelievable look old fogy, said: „You...... That much money of which your coming? In the seven years, is it possible that have you robbed the bank in world?! I must report to the police, is not right, I am the police, Wang Dui, gets up his handcuffs!"

** Puts out a hand to pull out the handcuff, it seems like already wants to do.

The old men are angry, said: „What person me did you regard as? The brat, I told you, I had already invested in various industries many years ago, be honest with you, your was stepping on the building was my . Moreover, the store property rights on this street had the larger part are my, in your hand this card 1/10 of money my total assets! Words that does not believe that who oneself go to the names of this building all people are!"

I am dumbfounded: „Can't?"

Sun Xiang nods smiles: „Hasn't your boy probably known your family old man fiercely?"

The old men are staring me: „What kind, was speechless? Does not have to think are one unexpectedly a second generation of rich? Father hundred years later, these successors of property naturally only then you!"

I clench teeth, get angry: „Puts P, if you are so rich, initially went the supermarket buyer then surface to appease hunger with me has not hated to buy Kang Shifu, only gives up to buy money one package of white elephants!"

Ouyang Nuoyan has been shocked, is holding the forehead: „Faint, this miss today's three views of were been unceasingly low by Shua, your priest and disciple sufficed really......"

I entered the pocket this Construction Bank diamond Gombe, said resentfully: „Snort, calculates your also a little conscience!"

The old men groan saying: „Brat, is really the become greedy at the sight of money goods, the father has not misread you, Sun Xiang, you, if gives him 10 E, he definitely immediately becomes a soldier with you, you feel relieved!"

Sun Xiang awkwardly: „I may unable to pull out that many funds to dig him......"

** Hey said with a smile: „It seems like my this young protector base squadron commander compares to be authorized, stays with the protector squad the person who such a major general cannot dig."

Sun Xiangqie, said: „This boy clearly keeps Hangzhou for girlfriend, otherwise you think!"


Finished eating quickly, Ouyang Nuoyan also disclosed to me a news, the country fights the system to clear in three days, finally, the people hope that for a long time country fought must arrive finally imposingly, but I also somewhat anticipated, I had Dragon's den, palace guard and [Zhan Long] in the hand, the country fight open [Zhan Long] showed the strength the time!

„Toot toot......"

The Lin Wan Er telephone came, urged that I go back earlier.

Lin to become stands up, said: „Boy, I lives near Taihu Lake, must go to my there to sit, several old friends of practice very want to see actually your."

I shake the head: „No need, I went back!"

Saying, was jumping to leap, was already in airborne, such jumped down from the attic, the wind blew in the ear, Ouyang Nuoyan has even sent out a scream, **, then shouted: „Doesn't boy, you want to live?!"

The forest becomes actually calm: „Relax, will the person who steps into Yang Flame possibly be plunged how to death?"

I am in airborne, raises head to visit them to lie near the building, smiled, stands up from failure in airborne has opened the both arms, air/Qi of Yang Flame the dense in surroundings, opened suddenly, when I soon fell to the ground surged together similar roaring flame bracing cold, the body as if became a fallen leaf, a glide overran, floating fell to the ground, not far away was shooting the youth of guitar dumbfoundedly visits me, in the mouth was singing the song: „That is I miss day and night deeply am loving the person, I go to Tete the pit father......"

Zhan Long Chapter 848

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