Zhan Long Chapter 849

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Late 8 points, get online!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, opens the guild chat channel, said in [Zhan Long] core management channel: „Just obtained the latest news, the country fights the preparation of system in three days to clear, everybody is ready, the world war of first destiny must arrive immediately! Must pay attention to the trend of peripheral server, to guard to sneak attack."

Old K is a war hysteria, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Finally arrived at!"

Li Mu said: „Surroundings do not have what sound actually, is some stirring up trouble attacks, basically motionless basis."

Matcha said with a smile: „Boss felt relieved that [Zhan Long] has 1 thousand 5 Steel Blade to ride, 3000 fire Dragon Rider now, enough dealt with the threat that any direction came, what we must plan was which city attacks to be quite good, this real, Fang Ge Que was a commander-in-chief, should also obtain the news, immediately had the pre-war conference."

I nod: „Um, should, we actively prepare in any case and that's the end, everybody these days maintained the securities."

People Qi Qidao: „Good!"


I have swept Level of [Zhan Long] player, six revolutions of players altogether also 11 people, majority are 150 levels, this is insufficient, the might of six revolutions of players are huge, for example Swordsman, six revolutions of Swordsman have the strength and the sword wheel Holy Domain to cut two big skills , to promote the entire attribute, a promotion piece kills the ability, fights in the country is rides to fight the attack model of department simply, if starts the country war in three days, we can have over 100 fire Dragon Rider six revolutions of Swordsman, that almost on sweeping away all obstacles to sweep away the common match.

Chatted a meeting in guild, afterward went to Dragon's den, in Dragon's den the crowd is bustling, many players take the supplies place by here, moreover in Dragon's den above periphery city wall dense and numerous is deploying troops for defense Flame Hawk Archers and deep cold cavalry, about ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry completely are stationed in the squadron, is drilled to ride to fight the [Assault] tactic by Chi Yu Han day and night.

Recently Tian Ling Empire altogether Shua was new 2 player territories, [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] captures separately, these two station not too big characteristics, therefore [Legend], [Judgement] and other guilds did not have to inquire about, competed is too not intense, but I also had no intention to compete for this ordinary rank the territory, moreover Dragon's den in fact might be considered as in the Tian Ling Empire strongest player station, did not need other.

[Thousand Burial] suffered the attack of being drowned recently actually, You Yi died under my sword, was impossible to get online again, but Wei Fan closely was supervised and safeguarded, in short Cooldown cannot get online, directly causes several thousand Greedy Wolf to ride a group of people without a leader, and this month wage has not provided, flustered, vice- Guildmaster Call Me Master has been in command luckily on the point of death, temporarily manages [Thousand Burial] all, how long but this total number of people surpassed Guild of 5 thousand people in losing the situation of source of funds cannot support, Call Me Master cannot compensate to go in own spending money, moreover was also insufficient.

Is all right to do, sends the information to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, then accompanied two female to go to Shua a heroic ancient temple map, in 5 hours Shua ended, speed Qi Kuai, and has made two Demon Harvest to several female, I poured have gained nothing, but Level promoted 154 levels, entered the Tian Ling Empire day list once more first 3!


Before dawn, the offline rest, the 2nd day, has not waked up received a message, came from the Lin Wan Er news: „A pig breakfast has gotten out of bed, 9 : 00 am, hold the pre-war conference in the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace side hall, Fang Ge Que and conference of rumor management, the Tian Ling Empire major Guild Guildmaster level players must arrive in full personally!"

I stand up from failure, washed to accompany two female to eat a thing, had a look at also a little Cooldown, went out in the school takes a walk one to come back, the early spring season, the dead wood germinated, soil fragrant was rich, the peach blossom in campus has had small flower buds, in one month should to put, took a walk a meeting, on the cheek of Dong Cheng Yue also finally had the smiling face, she gradually departed in the haze that to walk from Dong Cheng Lei, this let me and Lin Wan Er felt that to was gratified, was this approximately also the Lin Wan Er proposition the biggest reason that came out to walk?

Returns to the dwelling, gets online!

Appears in Tian Ling Empire as before, called Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian two vice- Guildmaster, the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, this time imperial palace was tightly guarded, the imperial guard that the king sent the legendary Emperor Yu regiment to have sampled the soldier who composes to guard Wang City, I kept the palace guards in city only to be able on the avenue to walk actually to walk the maintenance public security.


When I bring two female are entering Wang City the front door, the two sides imperial guards have revealed the color of awe, the struggle of what political strategy these soldiers have not participated, but the respect and worship to heroic common commander is the same, perhaps in their eyes am I that can draft the clever in fighting and invincible invincible palace guard command?

Walks along the king corridor, distant can see the temple Knight group and [Prague] several Guild Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster also to the side hall, the so-called side hall is a huge ventilation main hall, the winter cool summer is also actually cool, when we walk, Fang Ge Que, rumor, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han and other whole shows, have encircled on the main hall stair.

„HI, Xiao Yao!"

Ye Lai raises Axe to walk to go forward, hey said with a smile: „Country fought must come finally, excited?"

„Also good!" I crack into a smile: „One sharp knife blade send the feeling of whetstone, you?"

„Same!" Ye Lai leans on Axe, in the eye is passing is fighting intent, said: „Full Moon City and fire Yun City, Port City already eyed covetously to us, at their forums was almost clamoring every day, especially the Port City forum, some people were scolding anything Chinese DOG every day ‚' and ‚***' and so on coarse words, the father already wants to teach this group of grandsons, mother, skill many, has not shouted all day poorly, hearing the person ear soon to live the cocoon!"

Saying, he looks to me and my behind Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, said with a smile: „[Zhan Long] this month prepares for war, your Li Xiao Yao governs the palace guard NPC army to mix enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, to not wait for at this moment?"

I nod smile: „Hey, walks one step to look at one step, temporarily has not known the country war is any appearance . Moreover the official do not have a circular anything, too does not sympathize!"

Yue Qing Qian blinked, says with a smile: „The activity and edition of destiny always suddenly come, was pleasantly surprised to the person, is used to it ~"

Not far away, a beautiful woman carriage beautiful fascinating'winsome walked, a long gown, is Mu Xuan, said with a smile: „Yo, is small is not seeing in many days, probably was more graceful!"

Lin Wan Er is resigned-looking, grasped the pink / white fist almost to go to go all out with Mu Xuan, I showed a faint smile: „Hopes that in we fight in the country can the common onset and retreat, Queen Mu Xuan!"

Mu Xuan nods: „That is natural, but...... You look at that side, the person who [Thousand Burial] comes have Call Me Master, what's the matter? A small girl person stands in the there good pitiful appearance...... Did I hear?"

Her pair of beautiful eyes has swept sweeping on me, said: „I heard the hearsay saying that You Yi will not have gotten online again, he had been killed in the reality, killed his person is slightly in you, was?"

I have not hidden anything, nod said: „Um, You Yi participates in a terror attack, and is the important personage, I in the reality am a special police officer, therefore in carrying out the process of duty has killed him, doesn't have what issue?"

Mu Xuan immediately a face sunset glow, in eye full is the small star, said: „You early? The elder sister I have the police to control since childhood, that anything...... When I had Cooldown to go to Hangzhou, did you wear a uniform to take a group photo what kind of me?"

I in consternation: „No, my this is serious Class, please do not blaspheme it......"

„I give 1000 R motherfucker, takes a group photo a time!"



Lin Wan Er: „......"

Yue Qing Qian: „......"


At this time, I raised the sword to walk, on the stair, Call Me Master desolate sitting there, in the hand was raising a handle sword, gained ground to have a look at me, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you?"

I said: „Not Ordinary, is Wei Fan, at present under the surveillance of police, should not have what mood to get online, the country will fight will soon arrive, I hope that [Thousand Burial] tens of thousands Greedy Wolf will ride to be able for the country to strive."

„I know." Call Me Master said leisurely: „I obtain the clear weight, but......"

Her pair of beautiful eyes deep looked at my one eyes, said: „You have killed him, right?"

I nod the head: „Yes."

„Why can I ask?"

„For the dignity of constitution!" I think her, said: „Will you blame me?"

In the Call Me Master eye is passing a sadness, said: „Can I blame you? I was just enrolled the [Thousand Burial] player, I and they meet by chance, they treat as the friend me, now the friend of mine was restrained according to the law, what can I make? I will not blame you, is unable to clap to joyfully celebrate, I can only lead [Thousand Burial] everybody to continue."

I implored the tone, said: „Does not hate me to be good, other, along with him......"



At this time, Fang Ge Que grasped a handle pale blue paper fan to arrive above the stage in side hall, Qing settled the throat, said: „Everybody calm down a bit, the conference immediately started!"

The people are in abundance solemnly silent, look to this Chinese war zone god same man.

Fang Ge Que coughed, said with a smile: „The latest news, country combat generals in 12 : 00 o'clock at night official open systems, in other words, the genuine war formally will start from 0 : 00 am, present is the Tian Ling Empire major Guild Guildmaster level players, is the people who the hand grasps the power, many did not need me saying that was discussed fought this country war, defended, fought? The words that defends, defend, the words that fights, operates with whom first?"

Q-Sword said: „We are listen to the order, you directly said that after the country war starts, which first hits?"

Ye Lai smiled: „In Q-Sword these words listens, whom do we hit first?"

Zhan Long Chapter 849

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