Zhan Long Chapter 850

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Fang Ge Que looks to the stage next group of people, said: „[Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior, I want to listen to your opinion, you think how this country war should hit, by our Tian Ling Empire geographical position, we places in three big main surrounding of city and under Hybrid Demon territory, actually does not attack the side the attack position!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is cleaning the long sword, after being inquired, turns over to the sheath the sword blade edge, stood up saying: „Because of such geographical position, therefore I do not approve to attack, might as well defend, first has a look at the trend of surrounding several servers, whom when they had the sound we to judge to hit again are good, the words that but estimated according to me, looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to be most likely to begin to us, the hearsay, they reached the union agreement with the Americans in iron skull city, therefore did not have the extra worries, we snatched others country, looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate not to punch us to feel strange."

Fang Ge Que nods: „Other suggestion, everybody?"

Fang Ge Que this person of not only thoughts are prudent and meticulous, making the human ascertain airtight, and unusual treating worthies and scholars with courtesy, this actually very one generation of Ming style, approximately also because he can sit quietly like this Chinese war zone first person of throne?

Around stair, one group of Guildmaster level players in looking pensive is thinking anything, in short Cooldown nobody spoke unexpectedly, that vice director rumor also stepped the stage actually, said: „I thought actually should attack the Linhai city directly, the Linhai city is Japanese and South Korean two big war zones advocates the city together, we gratitude and grudges are always unceasing with the Japanese war zone, everybody understands, therefore I support cross Wu Shenhe from the destiny bateau-bridge tonight, the Chinese war zone main force kills fully, first extinguished the Linhai city, said to surrounding several other server demonstrations of authority again!"

Jian Feng Han threw one to smile.

The rumor raises the eyebrow to say immediately: „Jian Feng Han, your what meaning?"

Jian Feng Han is embracing the long sword, said with a smile: „Does not have what meaning, is thinks that an idiom is called to overreach oneself. Linhai city at least more than ten million resident players, yes, our China area kill to destroy completely them fully instantaneously, but our behind did Tian Ling Empire also want? Also, has wanted to hit the Linhai city to pass through a fire Yun Cheng stretch of territory, the Indian player quantity are more than us, can the truth that they also clearly interdependence of two neighboring states, not begin? Cracks a joke, first hits the Linhai city, courts death simply!"

The complexion of rumor was not quite attractive: „That in your opinion, we what to do?"

Jian Feng Han smiles: „I do not know!"

The rumor illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, actually does not know that said any was good.

The Fang Ge Que vision looks around in the crowd, finally falls on me, then asked: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what to do do you think should? Attacks, defends?"

I without hesitation: „Shield defends, sword to attack."

„What is this?" Yan Zhao Warrior did not understand, Fang Ge Que is also bewildered.

I said: „Is very simple, Guild that is good at attacking attacks, is good at keeping the defense that defends, above total number of people at least thousand of Chinese war zone, the complete defense too wastes, branches out part to attack, other defenses."

The rumor sneers: „This especially is also the means?"

I also sneer: „You give me to think that better means do come out?"

The rumor also did not have the words to say.

Yan Zhao Warrior asked: „That Xiao Yao you thought that who attacks, who defends quite well?"

I shake the head: „Does not know, but [Zhan Long] is willing to attack."

„Good" Yan Zhao Warrior looks to Fang Ge Que, said: „Fang Ge, you looks at office"

Fang Ge Que smiles helplessly: „Good, the country fights the pattern not to announce in any case completely that we do not worry, in the morning the conference stops, in the evening everybody too early do not rest, the rule announcement that after waiting for the country to fight, our again conclusion."

People Qi Qi nods, the morning conference also met.

Went out , to continue to practice the level, has a look at the drill of palace guard while convenient, Han Yuan is customizing new skin Armor for the dark moon/month spirit young girls, their skin Armor originally were really too crude, body majority of not in extent of protection, and needed materials were too few, graceful figure dew outside were too many, was seen by the male soldier of palace guard also will affect the strength.

Then, has mixed the evening, finally, when at exactly 12 : 00, the ting has resounded through the horizon together, the wartime years came finally


System announcement: Fellow players please note, the country fights the system to open officially, the boundaries of major servers eliminated completely, the player may carry on captures the war of city mutually, the detailed rules please immediately examine the major destiny official sites!

Short a few words, made the destiny official site come up countless people, I also while convenient opened, the country fought regulation unexpectedly entire 100, displayed

1 st, captures the city to be divided into two patterns, attacks and occupies and abandons, the choice attacks and occupies, integrates the player the city in the server, the choice abandons, then the city leaves uncultivated officially, the reconstruction needs to consume the huge resources and financial resource

2 nd, attacks and occupies the pattern, the player enters in the opposite party city, and destroys the king throne, then the system determines the player to win the city control power

3 rd, player battle loss, enters country to fight in the region, the player first time died 1 level, the knock rating is normal, can choose resurrecting, after resurrecting, in this country fought died in battle once more, then the loss turned time, died in battle repeatedly, loses turns time continuously, insufficiently resurrected till Level

4 th, triggering condition, both sides players enter in the opposite party city territory to surpass thousand person, when or exceeds this server online total number of people 20% , then determines the country to fight opening, after the country fights opening, each time will continue for 7 days, later armistice 7 days

5 th, the country war reward, destroys the player of enemy camp king throne to obtain the city to capture the mode selection power, but the fight points highest fights MVP for the country, the war zone declaring war pattern may overlapping, when the single server declared war steadily not over 7 days, otherwise finished the country fighting the pattern ahead of time

Enormous and powerful altogether 100, and also has various regulations, I soon looked at the eye to spend, but in the guild has also transmitted Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others the urging sounds: „Does the Xiao Yao elder brother, when we make war?"

Looks at continuing that the country fights is 7 days, I know that inevitably was the protracted war, therefore said: „Was good, lets the main offline rest, sleeping well, we will get up to watch the fun tomorrow morning again!"

Wang Jian is stunned: „Doesn't the Xiao Yao elder brother, our first Cooldown do?"

I smile: „Does not worry! In any case our some are Cooldown, in 10 hours, no one how anyone, hit is also only the battle of attrition, we were consuming with it at the same night here, might as well sleep to raise the full spirit, tomorrow will look which goal again chose to be quite good."

„Um, good!"

Therefore, [Zhan Long] core player offline, naturally also several pledges ran in abundance to enter the war, went along with it, will not have the too big spray in any case.

offline rest.

A dream wakes up, as if experienced thousand cities, in the dream is the battleground slaughters the sound, even I do not know that who the match is, only remembers one war in the dream, are writing my fight life.


The knock resounds, the Lin Wan Er sweet sound conveys: „Pig gets out of bed to eat meal, finished eating to fight!"

I stand up from failure: „, Came immediately, waits for me!"


Washes to go out, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue wore attractive clothes already in the hall I, but Tang Qi was also a western-style clothing, I in consternation: „Is Tang Qi this must go out?"

Tang Qi shakes the head: „No!"

„That puts on this, I also think that you are on intimate terms, or is the sales promotion real estate."

„Ha Ha, was used to it, serious, the country war started!"

I sit, received one bowl of pumpkin gruel from Lin Wan Er, said with a smile: „Quite fragrant! Right, what important matter last night didn't the server have? Properly speaking should unable"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „You guessed mistakenly, last night around 4 : 00 am times truly left the important matter, the Indian server mobilized the army of thousand person to bypass Jiu Li City, arrived in Wu Shenhe the West bank directly, launched the attack to us, because surpassed thousand person to limit, therefore the fire Yun Cheng Tian Ling Empire city fought triggered."

„4 : 00 am?" I have a look at Cooldown: „From the present 5 hours, we have defended?"

Dong Cheng Yue smiles: „Is?"

„, What is?"

Dong Cheng Yue smiled faintly: „Because this thousand person was repelled, but the Chinese war zone buckle many people, the rumor at the same night has also directed, is bringing the temple knight group and male tyrant wind and cloud these Guild, intertwined near thousand person, in 5 hours advance uninterruptedly, of military god West Bank was called ‚to fall dragon forest' the map the corpse was horizontally countless."

I have eaten the pumpkin gruel, said with a smile: „If as expected, the fire Yun Cheng thousand person absolutely is not the main force, otherwise is bringing depending on the rumor these Guild cannot resist."

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Intelligent, truly is not main force, but is an exploratory attack . Moreover, the players in China also seeped entered the Linhai city, to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate region much, the country war triggered successfully, heard that the Linhai city and fire Yun Cheng, looked among the semi-circular protective walls outside the main city gate also to trigger the country war, this time was the unprecedented tangled warfare!"

I hurried fast to eat one bowl of pumpkin gruel, ate two crullers, had a look at Lin Wan Er, she laughed in spite of trying not to: „Also wants?"


Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile: „Careful do not drink too, one will fight keeps must urinate"

Tang Qi also throws smiles.

I still continue to drink up the second bowl, then pushes the chopsticks, said: „Who washes dishes?"

Two female shake the head, I aware has washed the dish, then went to the room to prepare to greet the country to fight!


Gets online, appears in Tian Ling Empire, supplemented that the sufficiency potion and card, restore equipment, then gives the messenger an order, ordering the palace guard army to prepare, steps up to drill, momentarily waited for that my order, then went not to turn over to the soul valley afterward, the [Zhan Long] players gathered at do not turn over to the soul valley region, here was our supreme headquarters, was the road which must be taken that Tian Ling Empire and outside several big main cities thought through, the destiny bateau-bridge here, player enough warship has not crossed Wu Shenhe, must pass and out from this bateau-bridge.

Arrives does not turn over to the soul valley time, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others are building up Iron Blade to ride, the fire Dragon Rider team, when I approach, Wang Jian is excited, said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, the fire Yun Cheng Indian player gathered at least thousand army at the south of fire god mountain range, our time had the frame to hit, Fang Ge Que just spread the news, issued the order, 37 Guild including [Zhan Long] all advanced to the fire god mountain range, prepares to come one to engage in a decisive battle with the Indian!"

I show a faint smile: „Good, opportunity that we display came, come on, unexpectedly dares to make war to the Chinese area, that punches their life unable to take care of oneself!"

Zhan Long Chapter 850

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