Zhan Long Chapter 852

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„Damn, this what attack power?!"

At in the city, looked at the face to be green, [Hero's Mound] second point pledge vice- Guildmaster Ji Yuanti the dagger was appearing on the city, narrowed the eye saying: „Was this man has robbed our [Hero's Mound] main pledge two beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster by the strong strength, can you endure? The words that cannot endure our Guan Cheng men, kept outside the city to make A San dismember a body him."

Sneers: „Do not tease me to smile, others do not walk from the city gate, making the following brothers hurry to make up, the battle loss speed was really too quick, this way nobody defended a city."



Soon, in the camp of fire Yun City NPC army hears to soar to the heavens suddenly whooshes, was 4 about 5 meters high giant brandishes Axe to clash from the crowd, the skin of giant was rough, was this trump card that the fire Yun City NPC army tamed?!


On a face of giant was shot completely the arrow arrow, as before heavy Axe will actually shake on the iron gate of fire god fort, under the flame spatters in all directions, the iron gate was divided a giant gully directly, Bai Li Ruo Feng looked at the face to be white: „This...... Hurry up, first kills these giants, otherwise the city really could not defend!"

One crowd of [House of Prestige] archer hurried overrunning salvo, when they gather, distant place, the next quarter dragon crystal artillery erupts loudly on the city, has formed a vacuum shock-wave, under the vast dragon strength baptism, about hundred archers are no exception was rumbled to kill the fragment completely!


A ring flood silver light is tumbling in the city wall, especially dazzling under the illumination of setting sun, this is an archer explodes . Moreover, this is the crowd of first dragon crystal artillery direct hit player, in a flash, Bai Li Ruo Feng has the feeling of being filled with wisdom, finally understands that the might of this type of heavy artillery, looked hurriedly to me under city, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Li Xiao Yao, our [House of Prestige] retreated, you also hurry to retreat, here could not block!"

My moral nature one warm, even if [Zhan Long] and [House of Prestige] have attacked brutally before, but Bai Li Ruo Feng also cared at this time unexpectedly my safety, at this time most can understand that anything was shoulder to shoulder robe Ze of fight.

But I cannot be so quick, fights the boots to be suddenly void, entire caught up to fire into that the giant who rumbled to pound the city gate, „bang" hit the giant flies to draw back dozens meters, my strength value was too high, this giant build greatly big, but the strength collision absolutely was not my match.

Turns around is one time sweeps away, Zhen Yue Blade has the Flame Sword Play attack energy to surge in the crowd, rumbles one group of cavalries flies to draw back, looks up, in distant place several top of the heads led the person of golden symbol to clash, that was fire Yun City India war zone IBN fights the net to place the golden color that the first 20 players can have, these people will not be absolutely simple, in person who in 5000 thousand players emerged, how can be the new military recruits?!

An arm pendulum, [Black Tortoise Realm] falls to the ground gently, simultaneously I behind was establishing [Azure Dragon Crossbow], the Djinn god roared have been pulling open the bowstring, „" a black dragon arrow shot through the crowd, fought the master of net ID person to shoot directly continually IBN draws back several steps, released a space booklet to leap the effect subconsciously, after he folded leapt, based blew out [Great Realm of Desolation], was the injury of sputtering is only massacred an assassin, heart that this IBN celebrity could not bear one cold: „Be careful, this Chinese player was too fierce, all IBN masters do not approach, we do not need to fall the important figures on the buckle here, other people clash, submerge him!"

A chaotic dance of my blade sword in crowd, depends upon [Drain] to supply, frequently comes a time [Cleansing Rain] technique to moisten, the fire Yun City person wants to kill me to pour is not easy, looks up above the city, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud is fighting unexpectedly still bravely, I cannot bear infuriated, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Hasn't Liu Ying, you walked, stays here to wait for death?"

Liu Ying nu: „Hung also fell 1 level, the male tyrant wind and cloud not the favour that wanted you to accept!"


I jump to rise straight from the ground, shouted to clear the way lowly: „You want to bring death that dead here, nobody regrets you, the young pig runs, you a bit faster have not walked, were you also silly?"

The fire Yun City army threatens the border, the fire god fort was doomed to fall into enemy hands, the young pig ran looks hurriedly to Liu Ying: „Brother Ying, if not walk, everybody really death in vain here!"

Liu Ying clenches teeth: „Retreats!"

Also at this moment, loudly suddenly under explodes, the iron gate of fire god fort had been rumbled to break to pieces directly, is bringing the flame and steel and iron fragment, in the rear area spatters in all directions, the player of many male tyrant wind and cloud was killed by the steel and iron fragment of high-speed flight, and is bang several hot crag artillery attacks, the person who died in battle were more!

„Aims at that Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" In the crowd of Indian area does not know that is who shouted one.

I fly to draw back toward the rear area hurriedly, actually one group of roaring flame come, is the hot crag artillery!


Chest burns fierce feeling, fell 2 thousand + HP, in the taste by hot crag artillery direct bang did not feel better, leave with falling of sword in one pile of rocks, rear area is several bombing, the dragon crystal artillery one after another erupts in the crowd, I can only look the cavalry soldier who helplessly male tyrant wind and cloud was attacked the hashed meat by dragon crystal.

Stands up, the effects of thousand frost wings still, again come a [Cleansing Rain] technique, fights the boots to tread rises straight from the ground, has crashed in the cloud layer of low altitude directly, this dragon crystal artillery could not lock me, looked at the north again, more than ten million troops in Chinese war zone in falling Dragon Linlie a weaponry, here was also only the part of military strength of Chinese war zone, [Legend], [Prague] and other Guild not here, they probably were go to the Panlong range region of wilderness and military god Henanan have guarded, the Tian Ling Empire strategic location was not very good, wants to make a stretch of world truly in such difficult environment to everybody absolute sincerity. The cooperation has the possibility.


The dive, floating falls on the front of [Zhan Long] position, relieves thousand frost wings, stands up from failure to jump onto the horseback of god fierce fine horse, in me behind is troop fire Dragon Rider, their mount are quite as a whole similar to my god fierce fine horse, but the attribute wanted inferior much, even if so hot Dragon Rider as before were the first trump card cavalry soldier in Chinese war zone, this point was without a doubt.

„Did fire god fort fall to the enemy?" Li Mu asked.

I nod: „Expected, Tian Ling Empire work of carelessly, can block others advantage artillery to feel strange."

Li Mu deeply inspires, said: „I saw from afar, the fire is unceasing, the country fights with is really different, the instrument function of NPC army we thought was really too big."

Wang Jian said: „Such looks like, the dominant position that the player can play was really too small."

I shake the head: „All is not, the player is at least more flexible, can a swifter more and violent attack and counter-attack, which nice point Guild in falling the dragon forest also has besides [Zhan Long]?"

Lin Wan Er said: „[Enemies at the Gate] and [House of Prestige], can [Flying Dragon], relate Guildmaster of these guilds?"

„No, I have related without enough time!"



Also did not intertwine the past gratitude and grudges, I added Bai Li Ruo Feng and Soaring Dragon good friend immediately, then gave Bai Li Ruo Feng to send the news: „The accurate firing distance of dragon crystal artillery probably in 1000 yards, their dragon crystal artillery wants to attack us to advance the fire god mountain range the north, that is our opportunities, hoping [House of Prestige] can send out at least 5000 people of main cavalry soldiers to ambush in the east level area of fire god mountain range, waits for the fire Yun City military baggage, once transports to launch the surprise attack, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery that each server Shua comes out newly are limited, we ruin, the chips in their hand will be less."

Bai Li Ruo Feng is also the fellow of being righteous, returns to the covered passageway: „I made Quick Thunder Swift Wind have person to ambush immediately in the past, whom did [Zhan Long] send to go?"

I reply: „I meet after the wedding bringing fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride the main force to ambush in the west side, our two sides cooperation cut together, no matter sacrificed many brothers to spell, does not blast their batch of cannon, we must certainly die in battle many people."


Afterward, has sent the news to Soaring Dragon, my spoken language is quite critical, Soaring Dragon has not created obstacles but actually desirably, complies to dispatch Drunken Spear to lead the cavalry soldier to assist the [House of Prestige] cavalry soldier, such came me also to feel relieved, entire [Flying Dragon], made me be able rest assured that on the Drunken Spear Military Control ability that had him to go together, fire Yun City the heavy artillery of the NPC army was doomed to come but not return.


Lin Wan Er stands with me shoulder to shoulder, said with a smile leisurely: „I investigated thoroughly, in 2000 thousand that our times must face has almost covered fire Yun City all first-class Guild, the first guild goes on an expedition the world , the Guildmaster maplewood is drunk personally leads, the second guild beautiful life also , the Guildmaster clear pupil develops black ink to command troops personally, first ten Guild only then 7 th and 9 Guild are not, but the NPC army that comes together is the fire Yun City first regiment, the pure running water regiment, another 4 main armies, bomb the army of fire god fort are the pure running water regiments, this regiment altogether 17 thousand people, compared with our Tian Ling Empire flame. Dragon Jun is stronger!"

I deeply inspire: „Really some hit! Wan Er, Qing Qian and East city, your several lead [Zhan Long] to hit the frontal battlefield with them here, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K, you bring 3000 fire Dragon Rider 5000 Steel Blade to ride in addition, altogether 8000 people come with me, we go to the mountain valley the west side, is away from the mouth at least 1000 yards, making them unable to respond on the map, then depends upon the cavalry mobility to attack suddenly, Wan Er sends out some assassins to reconnoiter, confirmed that the transportation troops of pure running water regiment come out we to begin again!"


The point elects the member who meets, flushed Going out in my issuing an order people, in some Chinese players while the mountain valley is also resisting, we have fired into the west side of mountain valley, the terrain of this mountain valley highlights a lip likely, before has not gone out of the mountain valley cannot see the two sides situations, this has provided the natural barrier for us actually.

8000 [Zhan Long] rode to Going out, another side, [Enemies at the Gate] also sent out the cavalry soldier of 1 thousand person, Misty Clouds personally to lead, distant smiled: „Xiao Yao, these time must punch their maliciously!"


Zhan Long Chapter 852

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