Zhan Long Chapter 853

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In the mountain valley the war cries rise from all directions, keeps in a minute there about 2000 + Chinese players turned into the corpse completely, the hoofbeat rumble have resounded, the cavalry soldier from fire Yun City has killed officially, the approaching speed of player is faster than the NPC army, many people as if have killed to get angry, the murder obtains points, this is the country fights place of the biggest charm, regards own reward the enemy, the principle of this law of the jungle has also highlighted an essence of warfare game.


The distant place, [Zhan Long], [House of Prestige], [Enemies at the Gate], [Flying Dragon] and other Guild have been ready, after the fire Yun City player left the mountain valley, immediately person high has raised the sword blade edge, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Attack!"

The official attack, the genuine country fought also finally came, and this was a position offense and defense war, the both sides entering the war total number of people have surpassed 3000 thousand people, this was this game most impressive place, in the reality several thousand people of decisive battles can be filled with the jungle . Moreover the grain and fodder military baggage, the warhorse instrument also occupied the enormous space, therefore tens of millions people can only realize in the game to the war, but held that many person this to want load bearing many big data, calculator simply too NX of destiny!

The [Zhan Long] position front, Lin Wan Er raises the dagger, Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue is being placed about, but Li Meng Yao has not attended the sneak attack war, but brings one crowd of Steel Blade to ride to defend in the position, one crowd of Steel Blade rode has been ready to make trouble, but Lin Wan Er tranquil standing there, a pair of clear pupil was actually passing the wisdom, said with a smile: „Do not attack, when they attack, their heavy artilleries directing, informing other Guild do not act rashly, Steel Blade rides, complete defense stance!"

Li Meng Yao shows a faint smile: „Compliant."

Knight that one crowd of Steel Blade ride is the player holds up the shield, simultaneously in the slits of shield the long spear is prominent, built the Xiao Sha scene instantaneously, the people have been ready in full battle array, that waited for the impact of fire Yun City player, after several minutes, large quantities of cavalry soldier full speed impacts, „bang bang bang" the hit on the defense line that Steel Blade rode, was accepting also the baptism of [Zhan Long] long-distance team, but Lin Wan Er brought one group of assassins were opening [Unyielding Spirit] dance, the butterfly in the crowd to wave the double-edge attack, died the player under double dagger is innumerable.


Entire fell Dragon Lin a piece to seethe with excitement, towering great trees hit in the cavalry soldier of player are dropping down one after another, and left [Zhan Long] and other beside Guild, many are attacked by Guild that we restrained on own initiative, the scene instantaneously randomly has become one group, can only operate independently, but this also lured official dispatching troops of fire Yun City pure running water regiment!

„Clip clop......"

The horse's hoof steps in the territory of China, raises the combat general of long halberd to progress in the front of pure running water regiment, above the arm to twine together the mourning band, shows a faint smile saying: „The Tian Ling Empire land is very fertile, soon, here all will belong to the hot cloud empire finally, not?"

Side him, a Yorozuo of control level long nods smiles, the long blade above the horseback, said with a smile horizontally: „Hundred commands to say is extremely, Locker old dies, big imperial prince Theodore also perished, the light is to fear insufficient, a day plume empire several thousand years of fate has also come to the end, then, will be our hot cloud empire will guard the northern border and decisive battle Hybrid Demon and time of leader seven big empires!"

Hundred, 159 level god level BOSS, is the command of fire Yun City first regiment, in fire Yun Chenggeng is on general in legend, contrasts, commanding of my this palace guard might also be considered as the command of Tian Ling Empire first regiment, but is the trivial protecting country general, one very appeared compared with the disparity disparate, but thinks carefully that others were inferior god level BOSS, but I was only a player, was very big on the disparity, on does not need to want many what.


Li Mu has almost soon suffocated, a pair of bright pupil looks at the distant place, is judging the opportunity, said with a smile: „They also this completely pushed the heavy artillery, let us and others too for a long time!"

I nod: „Do not worry, waits, making that side [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] also a little patient again, our positions are very secret, they should be insufficient to discover, even if the discovery, that hundred is also not necessarily able to listen to the words of player, in brief, this our opportunity is very big, had better be able surround and exterminate the 17 thousand troops of pure running water regiment here, naturally, can destroy completely other regiments together should better, but, fire Yun City also insufficient to fear as the matter stands."


In an instant is 20 minutes, the positional warfare turned the superheating.

With the wheel sound, the fire Yun City NPC regiment at least 400 crossbow car(riage)s pushing, the strength vigorous arrow crossbow has killed in the crowd, the player team of Chinese war zone loses very big, even, some small guilds rushed fell by the crush, short less than a half hour the battle loss has surpassed 1 million to be great!

Crossbow car(riage), is a very difficult issue, I fast open the good friend to list, has reported a news to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, making Meng Yao lead Steel Blade to ride to overrun, shields Mage to advance forward, with the flame is the magic arts attack crossbow car(riage), the crossbow car(riage) has a large part is the wooden structure, burnt down has abandoned, cannot make the crossbow car(riage) continue to wreak havoc, otherwise our here people must kill off!"

Lin Wan Er rapid reply: „Knew!"

Quick, [Zhan Long] direction one group of cavalries start [Assault] forcefully, Li Meng Yao lead the team personally, but the fire Yun City direction some response, in the crowd, in a hand has also carried the combat general of flame long sword to roar suddenly lowly, the next quarter already at least over ten thousand cavalry soldiers followed him to start [Assault] together, and in the top of the head of this person reappears is wiping the phrase

The maplewood is drunk the LV-153 hot crag big sword master

Main city: Fire Yun City

Guild: Goes on an expedition the world

Position: Guildmaster

IBN rank: 2


The golden phrase sparkles, this is first Guild Guildmaster of Indian war zone, is IBN fights the net second person, the cavalry soldier of his subordinates naturally was also the elite strength that fire Yun City ranked among the best, I cannot help but worried instantaneously for the younger sister, [Zhan Long] Steel Blade that Meng Yao led did ride to shoulder such pressure?

Facts showed that I have considered thoroughly, Meng Yao does not go to the frontage to meet head-on the maplewood to be drunk, leading one crowd of Steel Blade to ride the collision in going on an expedition the world Guild cavalry [Assault] group, rushed ahead the past directly, distant started the [Assault] skill on the fixed crossbow laager, but Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and other assassins also covered to kill, brought troop Mage, Dong Cheng Yue to get rid like the electricity, the [Thunderbolt Finger] + [Flame Beast Burst Fire] instantaneous release, one -and-a-half groups of blood cavalry soldiers who will go on an expedition the world have massacred to the second directly, startled one group of people dumbfounded: „The demon of this Chinese young miss attacks high, on quick, has done her!"

Finally, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest and other female appear together, tried „to do" the Dong Cheng Yue fire Yun City player to turn into the corpse one crowd, one group of people advanced rapidly, take died in battle for the price that Steel Blade rode fast approached the crossbow laager, that crossbow car(riage) unceasing putting arrow, penetrated the body of [Zhan Long] player, the corpse was horizontally countless a piece, after the price of blood was close, Dong Cheng Yue immediately flame suddenly stone, lava abyss and other flame are the magic arts lost Going out, has burnt down several crossbow car(riage)s instantaneously, but Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and other Mage were not idling, after several minutes , the several hundred crossbow car(riage)s of pure running water regiment on became one. The piece sea of fire, the Li Meng Yao rapid order retreated, shielded long-distance is the player retrocedes, but this impact, at least 3000 + Steel Blade rode to fall in the battlefield, this was [Zhan Long] first time just a battle that big loss, went on an expedition world Guild attack power is really too tyrannical!

But, the complexion that the maplewood is drunk is obviously uglier, has not preserved the crossbow laager not saying that the loss of guild at least over 5000, him as if has not thought the guild of Chinese war zone will have that elite cavalry soldier, under becomes angry out of shame, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Long-distance to? To all fronts has pressed, do not have any respite opportunity to them, NND, the father even if today loses the brothers who half goes on an expedition the world, must conquer by killing here Chinese player, kills their wiped out to the last man!"

Goes on an expedition the world guild to hold up pointed weapons one piece instantaneously, the morale like the rainbow, the maplewood is drunk the prestige in guild can be inferred.


At this time, fell Ryongrim-ri is noisy war cries, the next quarter, Liu Ying personally led the male tyrant wind and cloud cavalry soldier about 1 thousand + person to start [Assault], this was they rallies first decent [Assault] after team, male tyrant wind and cloud majority of elite players, drunk rain cold maple tree and hero daybreak and the others, even, the hero daybreak raised the sword blade edge to urge in the process of horse advance to look at Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands in [Zhan Long] crowd, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Tang Xue, you looks to me, is the father a man!"

My cannot help but faint feeling, the hero daybreak haven't this goods stopped the pursue to Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands? The men, must wait to lose knew valuably, know that must treasure, is this inexpensive?

However, the hero daybreak has misjudged as if, the cavalry soldier group of male tyrant wind and cloud advanced half, suddenly the bang erupted in the crowd loudly, that was an ultra-large dragon crystal artillery, directly has formed a radius at least 10 meters gulf in the ground, outstanding heroes dominated the wind and cloud cavalry to be rumbled to kill pile of hashed meat, the hero daybreak the remaining remnant blood, the warhorse whole body are the blood, gained ground to fill next health potion to continue to clash forward, actually does not think that the front was a dragon crystal artillery falls!


The dragon crystal artillery caused heavy losses to a gulf in the ground once more, in the thick gunsmoke, the hero daybreak disappeared, only remaining remained in the minute startled drank the sound: „Good fierce artillery......"

A Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands face is indifferent, said with a smile slightly: „He he......"

Li Meng Yao waves the long sword to order [Zhan Long] Steel Blade to ride retreats backward, makes the fire of pure running water regiment cover directly is not the good deed, Lin Wan Er also defends above the frontal line, [House of Prestige] and other Guild are not the fools, saw that the heavy artillery all trades of fire Yun City NPC army pushed up on the lead horse on the contraction lineup.


„Clang! Clang!"

I have drawn out Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade, said with a smile: „OK, this we got up, the opportunity came!"

Has sent the news to [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] separately, the next quarter, 8000 [Zhan Long] cavalries with riding of 1 thousand [Enemies at the Gate] fight the department starts together [Assault], the speed quickly certainly from two wing level areas to kill, when we appear in the horizon, the maplewood being drunk complexion of distant place one cold, said: „Was bad, they have main force to ambush about, the goal is anything...... Our dragon crystal artillery!?"

Um, this chapter is concave-convex ticket full 4000 eruptions ~

Zhan Long Chapter 853

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