Zhan Long Chapter 854

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The maplewood is drunk quickly awakens, but was also late, the Tian Ling Empire players of mountain valley two wings have covered to kill, irresistible, I am leading 3000 fire Dragon Rider to the front line, fire Dragon Rider is Divine Tier BOSS level mount, Movement Speed is too quick, has the king of beasts characteristics, the crush opposite party cavalry soldier 30% attributes, this also means that the cavalry hedge in the process nobody is the fire Dragon Rider match.

However the maplewood is drunk as if gets a light from another light Dragon Rider not to know the whole story, is similar to their secret branch of the services we have not obtained any news to be the same, everybody's privacy system does well, but faces to catch fire the impact of Dragon Rider, the maplewood was drunk has raised the sword blade edge as before, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Goes on an expedition the world, clashes with me together, protects our NPC dragon crystal artillery, cannot make them prevail!"

The hoofbeat resounds through the skies, at least over 2 thousand riding wars that the maplewood is drunk is the player, the enormous and powerful piece, has raised the dust of soaring to the heavens, but I also lead the fire Dragon Rider front surface, both sides close have not had many close combats are the player operate at the show, sword air/Qi daybreak, the sword wheel cuts and other skill bang to kill in the opposite crowd, next quarter then „bang bang bang" hits in together, fire Dragon Rider speed full, hits the fire Yun City cavalry soldier directly again and again retrocedes, in attribute truly already crush.

My both hands dispersed the reins, Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade chaotic dance, sword air/Qi and blade air escapes fall in the crowd, the god fierce fine horse was exhaled the scalding hot breath, cleaving the waves will go on an expedition the world Guild cavalry soldier to separate, brings to catch fire Dragon Rider to fire into the heavy artillery camp of NPC pure running water regiment directly, in the impact, was distanced I about 20 yards to locate fire Yun City Berserker to wave Axe, was riding to fight with all might with several Steel Blade in the same place, above the axe flood Thunder Guang, the skill is occurring repeatedly, rode to cut to fall under three Steel Blade continuously, attack power very high, axe Going out was about 2 The attack injury of thousand, surrounding Steel Blade rides is killed some broken gallbladders.

One Second Hero raises the long spear sharply to clash, at the same time looks to me, said: „Guildmaster, that IBN fought the person who the net was listed 14 th by you!"

I not slightly hesitant, affects the reins suddenly, the god fierce fine horse overran rapidly, when this Indian player discovered the situation is not wonderful late, Axe also fell in shoulder that in Steel Blade rides, I single-handed lifted, the Longxu hook „Shua" projects, passes the chest of this Berserker, pulled to fly from the warhorse him forcefully.

The body sinks slightly, my both arms catch up, Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade front surface is three times cuts to strike, the consecutively three injuries spatter in all directions





The instantaneous second kills, in the meantime, system ting from the sky is reverberating


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Rain traveler】( IBN fights net to place 14 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 72 points!


Unexpectedly also has System Announcement? I am startled slightly, but is also good, was this also raises the morale for everybody?

Not far away, Li Mu said: „Massacres the opposite party to fight the net to place the first 20 players really to have System Announcement, come on, keeps here this group of A San completely!"

I have not spoken, continue to urge the horse belt to catch fire the Dragon Rider impact heavy artillery camp, when 3000 fire Dragon Rider buckles about 200 people have crashed in the tight encirclement, distant unexpectedly was NPC long unit of armed soldiers of one crowd of pure running water regiments in waiting for us, and behind the long unit of armed soldiers was the archer, fire Yun City NPC was really intelligent, unexpectedly will have the lineup to prevent us?

Wang Jian shouted to clear the way lowly: „It is not wonderful, will suffer a loss to (spear gun)!"

I clench teeth saying: „Did not have other to choose, braced oneself to rush, Knight tied the shield, flushed with me forward, fell the loss to as far as possible lowly, immediately transforms broach!"


Order of Wang Jian in the guild channel, my behind fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rides the conditioned reflex immediately the start rallying lineup, closed up to the middle in abundance, divides the minute to form a lineup of broach, likely was a bow arrow acme, just liked a pointed knife, but I was this knife point of pointed knife, Matcha and Yue Yao Yan two female separations rear area form in my about second withstood the attack in echelon, then , in descending order , are Li Mu, Wang Jian, One Second Hero and Star Blade and the others, the [Zhan Long] elite player almost bet completely!


Instigates the god fierce fine horse suddenly, I maintain the speed that Steel Blade is riding am bringing people forward [Assault], immediately the pure running water regiment in that battlefield commands hundred to look to us, clenches the teeth to shout to clear the way lowly: „Damn, they came, takes the lead [Assault] that person is...... Looked that is it possible that the military order is the Tian Ling Empire palace guard commands Li Xiao Yao?"

Nearby Yorozuo long nods: „Is commanding Sir, that person of Li Xiao Yao, my secret agent has seen this person, his behind group of people are not the soldiers of palace guard, is it possible that is...... The palace soldier of Li Xiao Yao this person? That this person simply was too fearful!"

Hundred makes a fist saying: „No matter how, holds position to me, the archer, the palace guard in aiming front line commands Li Xiao Yao, shoots through him to me!"

Immediately, in the battlefield a piece tightens the sound of bowstring, has the player who goes on an expedition the world much to gather around the NPC army, archers pull open the bowstring, shouted to clear the way loudly: „With the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, the dizziness falls to take the lead the [Assault] person, makes their tramples completely in the same place, brothers who trivial cone-shape also wants to baffle our fire Yun City?!"

The next quarter, innumerable arrow arrows fall to me, „bites" spatters in all directions Spark, what a pity the injury of players is almost unable broken to guard, as for the injuries of several hundred even two figures, those who make them unable to think is I do not eat the dizziness skill of [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, finally has consumed many skill CD on me in vain, in an instant the [Zhan Long] cavalry arrived in long spear of pure running water regiment.


Brings the rumor was passing over gently and swiftly, in my hand Zhen Yue Blade has swept away Going out, several long-barrelled guns surging, Dragon Reservoir Sword chops to cut in the crowd instantaneously, having the [Tempest Sword] effect to strangle to death in the crowd of long unit of armed soldiers, both sides Matcha and Yue Yao Yan hold up the shield, 11 ejections draw the arrow and long spear, the fierce impact noise links up into a single stretch, fire Dragon Rider brave cannot work as has crashed in long spear directly, rear Steel Blade rides also rapidly follows.

attack power of pure running water regiment is noticeable, long spear and under wreaking havoc of arrow arrow, had Steel Blade to ride, fire Dragon Rider to be pierced the body by the long spear unceasingly, miserable snort was falling to the ground dead in battle, but more people were passing over gently and swiftly long spear, pricked the bodies of these NPC the sword blade edge and long spear, did not strive for the second killing, struck the later rapid migration, making behind companion continue to attack the injury again tattered and torn, after a result full Xue long spear soldier often dozens fire Dragon Rider have chopped, on fell to the ground dead in battle, whose the empirical value did not know the minute to head.



That Yorozuo of pure running water regiment long retrocedes suddenly several steps, the face whiten: „A cone-shape impact, commands, our long units of armed soldiers could not resist, what to do?"

Hundred draws out the long sword slowly, raises high, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Archer, backlash while fires, their goals are the heavy artilleries! The heavy artillery camp, reverses the muzzle, to crowd firing off, be not making them easily close directly!"

Yorozuo long in great surprise: „Commands, ultra short distance firing off, will injure accidentally to our people! Moreover the dragon crystal artillery has launched many times, cannot continue to start, will otherwise certainly explode the chest cavity!"

Hundred complexion one cold: „I do not need you to teach me, listening to me to order!"



In [Assault], a dragon crystal artillery quickly changes us, muzzle scalding hot, the dragon crystal artillery is vivid, I bend the waist on the horseback hurriedly, said loudly: „Dispersion circumvention attack, is divided into hundred people to roll to destroy the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, everybody was careful that started to operate independently, the goal was to destroy all heavy artilleries, did not remain!"

Fire Dragon Rider like is the wave separates to the both sides, next quarter „bang" an artillery sound, feels sorry for following Steel Blade to ride has not heard my order to be hit directly, over a hundred Steel Blade ride by a dragon crystal artillery artillery is rumbled torn to pieces, the injury value reaches as high as 7 thousand, few people can resist, hashed meat, equipment and the dust place, looked at Li Mu, Wang Jian and eye of Old K and the others instantaneously to be red, immediately roared has been firing into the surrounding dragon crystal artillery, brandished the pointed weapons to rise spiritedly to kill the heavy artillery surrounding artillery, massacred these artilleries to wipe out the tough value of heavy artillery on simple again many.

I enter the effects of thousand frost wings instantaneously, the low altitude plunder rapidly near, Dragon Reservoir Sword raises, breaks loudly in the crowd, Zhen Yue Blade comes an attack again, immediately one group of archers were killed, the rear area also with many fire Dragon Rider, one group of people rapidly cuts into the crowd of NPC army, more people sphere the heavy artillery to chop randomly, after several seconds, the first dragon crystal artillery „bang" sonic boom, turned into pile of scrap iron, was unable to use again.

At this time, riding of [Enemies at the Gate] fought department also to break through the defense of long unit of armed soldiers, Misty Clouds has personally led to kill forward suddenly, they lost much, 1 thousand person at least hung over 3000 people, as before was actually going against the attack of surrounding fire Yun City player, counter-attack while was destroying the dragon crystal artillery, looked again to the distant place, [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] cavalry soldier also finally broke through long spear, killed the crowd suddenly, the heavy artillery camp of fire Yun City pure running water regiment is making a sound everywhere the bombing sound, they were insane, was firing off to the crowd carelessly, was not only the Chinese player, was also massacred by the bang including the Indian players. The entire battlefield was almost dyed by the blood generally.


The area of heavy artillery camp is very big, wants to find the maplewood to be drunk is almost impossible, I mechanical open thousand frost wings to rush ahead in the crowd, the person who I massacre are more, the person of our buckle will be less, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also kills to get angry, brings to catch fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride in all directions [Assault], finally we altogether came 4 thousand about riding to fight the department, actually supporting the soldier 17 thousand pure running water regiment heavy artillery camps stirred in great confusion, with a destruction of all trades heavy artillery, that hundred li (0.5km) commanded could not sit still finally, stood on the general combat tank, drew a sword lowly. Shouting to clear the way: „Heavy cavalry, fits out immediately [Assault], kills a wiped out to the last man this group of people!"

Zhan Long Chapter 854

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