Zhan Long Chapter 855

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Near one hour of engaging in fierce battle, hundred must send out the heavy cavalries of pure running water regiment to attack us finally, the heavy cavalry of fire Yun Cheng first trump card regiment, the sharp degree can be imagined, I look to behind [Zhan Long] member, nobody is full Xue, and has revealed a weary condition, if continuation lets them with heavy cavalry preying of pure running water regiment, wins to could win, but should not can be left over many.

„What to do?"

Matcha female also realized that the situation was not quite wonderful, said anxiously: „Boss, heavy cavalry, once stucks us, we could not leave."

I nod: „Transmitted orders, the old route retreats, our duties have been accomplished!"


The latter team changes the advance guard support, Iron Blade rides to clear the way to returning to the rush, Li Mu the director retreats, while asked: „Xiao Yao, why we do not kill thoroughly the position of pure running water regiment directly directly, with Wan Er and East city their battle position meeting?"

I shake the head: „We are away from the battle position at least also 4 li (0.5km), killed the past time died mostly certainly."

„Um, I knew."

Town Yue Daosao crosses, kills the fire Yun Cheng players of two remnant blood, I have a look at the position in heavy artillery camp at the same time, confirmed that there at least 100 Long Jing artillery had been ruined, the fire Yun Cheng resources are barren, these 100 Long Jing artillery should be their majority of heavy artillery strengths, reviews Tian Ling Empire, the palace guard has 100 Long Jing artillery, flame Long Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces not necessarily are also few, the entire city puts together at least 400 Long Jing artillery, in these heavy artilleries will fight in the later country will definitely have opportunity.

In this time, two tings from the sky were passing over gently and swiftly, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword killed people continuously


System announcement: Players 【Fang Ge Que】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Canopy】( JBN fights net to place 9 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 47 points!


System announcement: Players 【Q-Sword】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Gold in Hao】( KBN fights net to place 11 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 46 points!


Li Mu shows a faint smile: „It seems like the military god Henanan Panlong range is also well-orchestrated, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword definitely killed in that side crisply already!"

I deep frown, said: „We divide forces to fight like this after all are not the good deed, was consumed too miserably, the person who if looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate kills again from the wilderness, perhaps some of our shades do not live, the words said that the fire Yun Cheng person doesn't want to seize the Linhai city? If I am they will not operate with the Chinese war zone, but dispatches troops to the Linhai city directly, the main city of day Han occupying!"

Li Mu said: „You thought that our present thousand person is their complete main force?"

My heart trembles: „Right, the Indian war zone at least also has the strength of thousand person, moreover present enemy except for several main Guild, other is three, the player of not popular strength, were they storing up the strength really?"

Nearby Matcha progresses to dash about wildly, while eats to say with a smile: „Did Boss also think? I heard that the clear pupil of Indian war zone developed black ink vice- Guildmaster the frost forest with Japanese war zone and KING_MYRA of South Korean war zone to reach the agreement yesterday, attacked the Chinese war zone together, once overcame Tian Ling Empire, Tian Ling Empire turned over to fire Yun Cheng, Fan Shu City, Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City to turn over to day Han."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „They had planned how was good to carve up the main city of Chinese area?"

Matcha is narrowing one pair of wonderful item, said with a smile: „Boss, you thought that clear pupil develops black ink so to be really simple, is willing to cup one hand in the other across the chest to give day Han the Chinese area three secondary host cities?"

I shake the head, deeply inspired saying: „, I will not think that actually the clear pupil develops is the Chinese area that black ink first thinks is not certainly easy to hit, would rather deceptive attack, then loses the serious time while day Han players directly dispatches troops to the Linhai city, their dens having it all, such one, had the NPC armies of two big main cities, the Indian area had with the strength of Chinese area war!"

Wang Jian holds breath a cold air/Qi: „The Xiao Yao elder brother you said that at present this ferocious thousand person, unexpectedly is only a trivial deceptive attack?"

I smiled: „Why can't?"

The Li Mu straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten: „Good sly Indian, the good sly clear pupil develops black ink!"

One Second Hero raises the long halberd to say with a smile: „NM, how I thought that the clear pupil developed black ink this beautiful India little girl is the lying down (spear gun), she has not moved, this was only our guesses, fastened to others the evil reputation."

Li Mu said with a smile: „Yo, brave clean also very shows tender affection, saw really the clear pupil develops the words of black ink, won't you be cruel enough to attack?"

One Second Hero gets hold of the armored hand, said lightly: „I will apply for in first."

Li Mu also lightly said: „Clear pupil develops the ink is IBN fights the net first person, I thought you, if in first, meets first dying"

One Second Hero: „Guildmaster, I want to report Li Mu, his elder lu, Tete was aggressive, his elder lu, I brought the little brother to punch his him daily!"

I said lightly: „You punch, I do not manage."

One Second Hero: „"

Returns to the [Zhan Long] battle position, took inventory the population, we exit 8000 people, the entire buckle 3000 people, its medium baking temperature Dragon Rider buckle 1000 + people, they flushed most before, therefore loses also in a big way, if not sharpest fire Dragon Rider impact long spear, perhaps changed into Iron Blade to ride loses the figure to turn time.

The country fights the rule, hangs to resurrect, first resurrecting Level reduces 1 level, the second 2 levels, the third 4 levels, the fourth 8 levels, the promotion loses in turn, therefore first time can resurrect, ordering fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade that these died in battle to ride a horse to reactivate fights again, our [Zhan Long] for this country war, the maximum lower limit that can pay is dead in battle 2 times, perhaps three times?

Fire Dragon Rider arrives in the frontal line in abundance, relieves a garrison Iron Blade to ride , to continue person preying with Indian war zone, after having moistening of Healer treatment , the happy heart of everybody rebirth, thinks that the fight was really frigid, many players again were mass-criticized the hashed meat, more cavalry soldiers died in long spear, the corpses of many people also remained to poke on the place bottom long spear, that stretch of battlefield seemed dyed by the blood general, everywhere was the burnt stinks, many people some are unable to withstand, especially female player, Moon Feather, Matcha, Yue Yao Yan and other female almost on feeling nauseated, therefore. After retreating this, thought that the happy heart was full.

I led the palace guard to fight up and down the country was also very long, this frigid scene saw actually much, moreover in reality I have also seen , the person over hundred people that I massacred personally, these people had also been reduced the head by me, other bodies in the ground something for one's own exclusive use shivered spurted the blood sees, seemed already used to it, so long as knows that this was this person of killing, that has sufficed, to fight to stop fights, I only killed these to want the person of murder.

However changes mind thinks that I have also killed that many people, should I also kill? Thinks of here, cannot bear one self-ridicule, ok, does not need to go to think, I only know that breeds to think of the human for the strength and money, can resort to all means to kill the common people, this person, should kill! Since ** these people do not want in hand to catch these blood, then comes by me, these matters must some people do.

Just is thinking, suddenly ting from the sky passed over gently and swiftly


System announcement: Players 【Clear pupil develops black ink】( India) strikes to kill player successfully 【Bai Li Ruo Feng】( CBN fights net to place 5 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 114 points!

Looks up the circular, I cannot bear a brow wrinkle: „Was Bai Li Ruo Feng killed? The position defense of [House of Prestige] so out of it"

Lin Wan Er drew out the dagger from a knight chest of dying in battle slowly, said: „Clear pupil develops black ink is also an archer, long-distance syzygy time massacres Bai Li Ruo Feng is actually normal, somewhat regretted that the Chinese first archer died by the Indian first archer point, this very much affects certainly the [House of Prestige] morale."

Li Mu asked by far: „Do we need to reenforce [House of Prestige]?"

I hesitate not to speak, Matcha said: „Does not use, after massacring [House of Prestige], the clear pupil developed the ribbon the person of line of business meeting to start to retreat, probably of pure running water regiment commanded also orders to retreat"

„Any situation, investigates thoroughly." I said.

After several seconds, Yue Qing Qian said: „Looked up, before fire Yun Cheng emperor soon, has issued the order, making the pure running water regiment army rush toward the wilderness of hot cloud west department to reenforce a fort immediately, it is said was Ze deep pool city has sent out thousand + person in the attack fire Yun Cheng frontier fortress."

I smiled: „Ze deep pool city is not the main city of Russian, they also joined in the fun unexpectedly!"

Yue Qing Qian asked: „Brother Xiao Yao, we now what to do?"

My corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Is very simple, the country fights in the rule N th strip to have the stipulation, once the country fights opening, any City Return Scroll and transmission direct invalid, at present this thousand fire Yun Cheng player spends for nearly 4 hours to come from the mountain valley of fire god fort, then must spend for 4 hours to go back, we rush ahead while these 4 hours starting from, can kill many to kill many, this country fights points is delivers!"


My words make the [Zhan Long] members also very happy, everyone hopes in one fight in the country can be budding, but the country fights points is the most direct opportunity.

However the maplewood is drunk, the clear pupil to develop the player inspirational figures in black ink these two India war zones not to be simple, retreating time has the methodicalness as before very much, dispatching several big Guild to bring up the rear, other fast retreating, but this could not have blocked the revenge roaring flame of Chinese player, several big Guild covered together kills, broke through the defense rapidly bullying, thousand + person was probably wreaking havoc in thousand Indian war zone player crowd, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood is drunk has miscalculated, has not thought that Ze deep pool city will attack suddenly.

Naturally, the most important reason should not be this, but is they remains behind the player of city to resist the Russian, that city will be void, must guard against the sneak attack of day Han player, everybody is the wolf, everyone is guarding against the opposite party.

Zhan Long Chapter 855

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