Zhan Long Chapter 856

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The fight is very frigid, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk, although removed in tempering Yun City, but ordered to remain as before fell Dragon Lin, the player who left behind has not given up, preyed in the Tian Ling Empire player together, in 3 hours no one has profited, but following 3 hours because the strength evolved one to slaughter disparately.


To around 7 : 00 pm times, south of the fire god mountain range fire Yun City player and NPC army was almost conquered by killing, in the forest land is the corpse, the smell of blood is very everywhere rich, lets the feeling that the person has to plant to vomit, Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian in the director everybody battlefield cleanup, [Zhan Long] is the absolute main force of this fight, here held the fire god mountain range entrance is also great merit, the battlefield that therefore we delimited cleaned the area is also biggest, almost every person can obtain 1-3 spoils of war equipment, even if cannot equipment also be able to sell for money to trade the living expenses.

Drunken Spear raises the long spear to progress to come, face spring breeze, said with a smile: „Yo, today [Zhan Long] really displays NX, several [Assault] I also think that , [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider one on took finally immediately."

I am pulling the god fierce fine horse, smiles: „Loss is also big, the short spear trick, what news does your legendary Emperor Yu regiment spread? Projects on the present, Tian Ling Empire ought a little sound, doesn't want to be this emperor?"

Drunken Spear shakes the head: „Does not know that my trusted subordinate messenger had not looked for me, your?"

„Does not have."

„, Does the solemn palace guard command has not obtained any news unexpectedly? This NM, felt that this country fights the NPC sincerity of our China war zone not to be powerful!"

„Who said is not, was inferior that you go to the palace to remonstrate with the emperor at risk of death one time, compelling the palace to make Great Emperor dispatch troops, um, dispatched troops directly, making flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces add on one group of players to attack Port City to be good, snatched to take this city in front of the Indian, making the players in Japan , South Korea have nothing to eat, if Great Emperor did not comply, you had a specific use to hit the pillar, he will definitely comply."

Drunken Spear was said the face to be green by me: „I go to you to do a bit less, I do not do this foolish matter...... Also, you are protect the country general, the military rank fling my several streets, must remonstrate with the emperor at risk of death is also you goes, which wheel obtains me!"

I he he smile: „Commands on your this also armed forces? Bah!"

Drunken Spear was also happy: „No one has thought that the palace guard commands unexpectedly is a smelly hoodlum, ahem, I was not rare said that the words said that earnest, you thought really this country did fight our China area to win?"

My sip purses the lips: „Was difficult saying that so long as did not display prominently is good."

„What is not quite prominent?"

„(Spear Gun) hits the person who takes the lead, we should not attack on own initiative, has been defending like today's this and that's the end, making Port City and fire Yun City, Full Moon City go to the internecine strife, puts together the similar time we get rid again, otherwise, our dispatching troops early, definitely will become will be the target of public criticism, Port City and fire Yun City, Full Moon City lost the function of mutual balance, will attack the Tian Ling Empire words together, our ends really came."

„Um." Drunken Spear hesitates, in the eye passes the appearance of difference to visit me, said with a smile: „It seems like Ye Lai truly has not spoken incorrectly, takes a broad view at the player in entire Chinese war zone, truly has the person of still world brilliant strategy to have two, one is law god Fang Ge Que, another was your [Zhan Long] Guildmaster Li Xiao Yao."

My two one: „You visited me that ‚Wencheng Wu De, series rivers and lakes', when did you come [Zhan Long] to assist my achievement great undertaking?"

Drunken Spear shows the whites of the eyes: „Reaching an agreement doesn't undermine a wall? Our Guildmaster visits me in behind, you such face to face undermine a wall to be careful that he goes all out with you, said again, I really do not want to leave the meaning of [Flying Dragon] now, thought actually more and more [Flying Dragon] has a sense of belonging, I think that builds true super Guild [Flying Dragon], you also saw, I in little effort, and saw some results."

Not far away, Soaring Dragon visits me wickedly, as if I to Drunken Spear said the appearance that again a few words he must go all out, looks at the strict appearance well, I then smile: „In that together diligently, at least fights in the country we want the common onset and retreat, absolutely do not plan again mutually, otherwise the geographical position of Chinese war zone is not quite really good to fight this country war, once our military strength consumption emptied, the Hybrid Demon army on a large scale will certainly invade, when the time comes was finished completely!"

The Drunken Spear nod said with a smile: „OK, I also think that at least fights in the country we are the genuine friends, is utterly devoted, I can guarantee that my Drunken Spear in [Flying Dragon] one day, [Flying Dragon] will support the country war wholeheartedly, with the [Zhan Long] shoulder to shoulder imperial enemy!"

„Good, I have dispersed, should have the dinner."

„What does your dinner eat?"

„At will, eats delicious, eats the meat, rich!"

„Is very good, I also eat the meat, recently the salary grew perceptibly, yesterday sold equipment also to make 7 thousand block money, I went to the street aunt there to buy 10 tea-flavored boiled eggs to work as the dinner, after all in the eyes of some bay bays, like me local tyrant, only then the tea-flavored boiled egg can be joined to my status!"

„Has prospects, goes!"



[Zhan Long] cleans the battlefield time returned to Dragon's den to supply, potion and equipment of many people lost seriously, did not supply also can only the light the buttocks fight, but after I returned to Dragon's den, recruited a number of Cliff Dragon Cavalry again, then offline ate under the urging of Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue delicious, tonight truly is to eat delicious, in addition Tang Qi, four people formed a team the Shua leopard.

The Hangzhou duckweed Shuijie Yintai city, the Hangzhou only leopard buffet, this time interval everyone price 500, take out money to pay by me, then happy eating, Lin Wan Er eats very happily, but Dong Cheng Yue does not have the too big appetite as before, although she goes out of the haze that Dong Cheng Lei passed away, but fully has not regained as before the original condition.

I think her, is somewhat helpless, I have pledged in front of the Dong Cheng Lei grave, will replace him to become good Dong Cheng Yue the good elder brother, but this works as, how can let her happily?

Is eating, in a chef hand holds one to roast the good mutton leg, the meat overflows fragrant, says with a smile: „Several, does the main point roast mutton leg?"

Lin Wan Er nods: „Comes one piece ~"

The chefs then fence to truncate to come together, looks like the blade labor is also ordinary, I said with a smile: „Master, the knife skill is not quite exquisite, or makes me try?"

The chefs stare: „Young fellow, do you want to try?"

„Um." I nodded saying: „What is true knife skill?"

This middle-aged uncle chef in great surprise, the tiger circle opens the eyes: „With air/Qi imperial blade?"

My sneeze almost spits blood, said: „It is not, true knife skill is the blade along with the regard, you looked the meat that you truncate downward falls, making me try, can I separate truncate the meat spatially?"

The chefs are greatly wonderful: „You try!"

I then stand, the hand is holding the mutton leg, then looks to Dong Cheng Yue, said with a smile: „East city, am I away from your dish far?"

Dong Cheng Yue blinked: „3 meters?"

„Good, I am away from am so far, can cut 5 meat in 1 seconds continuously, each meat can fall to your dish in accurately, do you believe?"

„Does not believe!"

„Good, makes a bet, if there are falls on outside together, I exactly swallowed this entire mutton leg, if I have succeeded, you must finish eating these 5 mutton, how is it?"

Dong Cheng Yue interest abundant, the milk-white bosom sat there, a piece of anticipation said: „Brother Xiao Yao you come!"

The chefs also stare round eye to look in the one side that an expression of face wrote all over „looked how your cow B blew broken".

My left hand holds the good mutton leg, right hand in a flash, Yang Yanjin to surge gently immediately around the knife point, this blade is actually not sharp, the consecutively 5 blades will be definitely loathsome, but after concentrating on Yang Yanjin, was different, the flash my right hand wields continuously 5 times, in the meat fragrance fluttered before to my noses, 5 light mutton „" falling in the Dong Cheng Yue dish, and folded puts together, fitted together perfectly!


Dong Cheng Yue has opened the small mouth, dumbfounded, Tang Qi is also stunned: „Faint, good fierce judgment......"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „It looks like, martial arts of few variant also had to strive......"

I give back to dumbfounded chef the mutton leg, he crossed well long time to leave, has not forgotten to turn head to have a look at me, always thought where had not too normal appearance, actually not the normal matter only then one, that was he is a mortal, but I in the domain of follower, no longer have been considered as a mortal, but was one type existence that approached in the god, was about the inferior god?

This time, Dong Cheng Yue had some appetites finally, after having eaten these barbecued muttons, has eaten the bowl of vegetables soup, on the pretty face brims with the smiling face to come, Tang Qi also specially gratified, casts the grateful vision to me, I looked that has not visited him, I roar Dong Cheng Yue like this just am I and Lin Wan Er very much love this girl, but not for Tang Qi.


Soon, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er two female felt the smooth lower abdomen to shout is eating to support, then added that next Monday will lose weight surely, but I had not noticed that their two have any fat sign, actually I and Tang Qi am stuffing oneself as before, must eat the price 500 dollars, and only eats expensively, does not eat right, has eaten the feeling has soon hung the time decision not to eat finally, holds the wall to walk outward, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue smile the flowering branch to shiver all over, then two female one on the left and other on the right holds me to go out, finally Lin Wan Er drives, because I think my belly. Soon went against to the steering wheel, this was not good, but Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, you are the male gods in Tian Ling Empire that many female player minds, eats to support this, the male god image was nothing left!"

I pat the belly to hit Bao Ge: „Has not related, ate to the full well......"

Finally at this time, on the cell phone ting resounded, was Tian Ling Empire NPC is seeking for the palace guard commander's notice, hurried, got online has a look what's the matter.

Zhan Long Chapter 856

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