Zhan Long Chapter 857

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Late at night gets online, the character appears in Ba Huang City, not far away had behind a NPC cavalry soldier to set up the signal flag to dash to come, stands up from failure to discontinue to me in front, said respectfully: „Sir, the king is invited, discussion attack fire Yun City matters concerned!"

„Attack fire Yun City?"

I am startled slightly, but debated with this messenger is also as if useless, nods, the summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse went to the imperial palace with him, when I arrived in the imperial palace main hall many people gathered here, in the past the empty main hall actually has been filled with NPC and player now, the civil and military whole body of ministers of day plume empire arrived in full, in the player the military rank high person has also been informed, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Drunken Spear and the others.

Takes a step to walk into the main hall, I arrived at side Princess Pearl to stand firm with long hurried strides, has not said anything, but many people went to me the vision, as if my this palace guard commanded in the empire is a pivotal character, in fact was also this, the palace guard should support soldier 10 thousand now . Moreover the strength was greatly strengthened, flame Dragon Juntuan, the overall strength of legendary Emperor Yu regiment has lost to the palace guard to be many, this was the fact.

Above the main hall, sits quietly in the throne, said lightly: „Regarding having warfare Yun City, the matter that punishes the purple flame enlightened emperor, everybody has any opinion, said directly, we have a frank and sincere talk today, does not need to conceal."

The hot axe armed forces command to ban the marquis Luo child to go forward one step, said respectfully: „Your majesty, the prestige of purple flame enlightened emperor provocation Tian Ling Empire, already should teach repeatedly . Moreover, in falling Dragon Lin war the pure running water regiment caused heavy losses, believes that the day of plume mighty army enters fire Yun Chengnei like the vast stretch of flat land, the fire Yun City thousand li(500 km) fertile soil is also extremely easy to obtain!"

Satisfactory nod: „Luis commands, do you think?"

Luis holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty is wise, end also thinks that must getting a light from another light Yun City give the disciplinary punishment, snort, that young emperor is young, unexpectedly dares saying that the purple flame enlightened emperor, has not placed here your majesty obviously, south when Tian Ling Empire dispatches troops into battle to draft, sweeps away fire Yun City, is your majesty becomes world-famous and overawes within the four seas, by that time, this unprecedented melts now meritorious service sufficiently to make the older generation ashamed!"

Cannot bear somewhat joyfully, actually has not revealed that also asked: „Other audiences, what but also there is to say?"

At this time, commanding Xu Yi of flame dragon regiment held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, south drafts fire Yun City is not a minor matter, I thought that must need further consideration . Moreover, the empire grain and fodder is insufficient, soldiers and horses are tired, but fire Yun City many years did not have the war, they conserved strength that many years, naturally is not we can rout easily."

Bans the marquis Luo child to raise the eyebrow saying: „General Xu Yi, since is the flame dragon regiment commands, must serve one's country, how to covet life and fear death today like this, did the fire Yun City army attack to extinguish our fire god fort is not the fact?"

Xu Yi frowns: „Is the fact, but bans marquis......"

Actually stands up, interrupts Xu Yi speech, said: „It is not no need to say anything, has made up mind to decide orphaned, immediately selects the uneven grain and fodder soldiers and horses, one day later goes to battle, wants the royal cart to draft orphaned!"

I cannot bear show a faint smile.

Luis actually provocation looks to me: „Li Xiao Yao commands, what are you smiling?"

I go forward, said: „If Tian Ling Empire turns out in full strength, but the Going out attack fire Yun City words, who defends south of imperial Wu Shenhe, once the Port City person crosses Wu Shenhe, that may the direct soldier get down near the Tian Ling Empire city, said again wilderness direction also Full Moon City eyes covetously, if Tian Ling Empire turns into an empty city, Full Moon City naturally cannot sit by and do nothing, Tian Ling Empire is vast in territory, the Full Moon City monarch has no reason to look does not want."

Luis sneers: „Li Xiao Yao, do not say things just to frighten people!"

Princess Pearl clear sound track: „Emperor brother, I thought actually Li Xiao Yao said rational, once Tian Ling Empire army killing fire Yun City, lost the balance point among various countries, Full Moon City and Port City will certainly attack us, therefore the southern matter of drafting must think things over carefully before acting!"

Said lightly: „Pearl, can you make the elder brother withdraw an order? Don't forget, I now am a monarch, no longer was the imperial prince."

Pearl astonished, lowers the head said respectfully: „That...... That cannot emperor brother royal cart draft, this matter is not the child's play, I am willing to lead Tian Ling Empire 50% military strength to attack fire Yun City, moreover leaves behind 50% military strength to guard Tian Ling Empire, how does the emperor brother think?"

Shows a faint smile: „Pearl, only with 50% military strength you confirmed that can defeat the hot cloud empire really? If can't, the hundreds of thousands of officers in plume empire probably pay one to burst on that day completely?"

Pearl is nipping the silver tooth: „I am willing to issue the written pledge to fulfill a military order, the emperor brother, if Pearl has not seized fire Yun City, is willing to handle according to military law, what kind of?"

Some do not endure slightly, said: „Written pledge to fulfill a military order, male offspring only remaining I and you of father emperor, I do not want to lose you, you select the soldier voluntarily are!"

Pearl said: „Flame Dragon Jun, the strong wind from afar armed forces, the hot axe armed forces and palace guard go to battle along with me, did the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and other regiments guard the city, how the emperor brother think?"

Nods: „According to your word, wish you soon to triumphal return!"



Pearl visited me, in her eyes I saw some restlessness, in fact should also be restless, the heart of performing good deeds was really too anxious, he already the opportunity that could not wait for these soon to have, but wants in attack fire Yun City who this time staked everything on a single throw of the dice.

At this time, banned the marquis Luo child saying: „Your majesty, since Your Highness Pearl holds the soldier personally, that this eastern expedition should also appoint a marshal? Among your majesty, Xu Yi, Li Xiao Yao, hundred can with end four people, who be competent this to draft the duty of southern marshal?"

Hesitates: „Orphaned king early has conclusion, Xu Yi is on one of the Tian Ling Empire five big generals, is the first regiment flame Dragon Jun's command, the candidate of this marshal naturally was General Xu Yi, came the person, bestowed general axe yue, a Yuan commander's seal and ferghana horse to Xu Yi . Moreover, set up the hot axe armed forces to command Luo four is the cutting edge and palace guard for Zuo Jun, the strong wind from afar armed forces is the right armed forces, after selecting Qi Ziling the armed forces 8 thousand troops acted the armed forces again, the purple spirit regiment commanded General Xiahou Ren to be responsible for the army rear service."

Behind, commanding of whole face full beard leaves ranks, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „End will be compliant!"

This person is Xiahou Ren, the command of purple spirit regiment, this purple spirit armed forces support soldier 8 thousand, is the main army in empire, what a pity did not have the opportunities of too many beaming with joy, and battle efficiency has nothing worthwhile, naturally was not paid attention.

After issues an order, the people do not have anything said that Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Drunken Spear and the others military rank was too low, the opportunity of even not having spoken.

After the chief aide-de-camp announces an imperial decree, immediately ting is not loose in the Tian Ling Empire sky for a very long time, is the domain that one time expedites, moreover as before is a not too optimistic expedition


System Announcement: Tian Ling Empire official getting a light from another light Yun City declares war, all Tian Ling Empire players may attend getting a light from another light Yun City expedition, during the expedition, player all countries fight points to promote 20%, when obtaining rewards the reward quota to promote 40% finally, if has captured fire Yun City finally, in attacking to plunder in the fire Yun City war the points first three players to have the opportunity to obtain the reward of magical instrument and inferior magical instrument, if captures the city failure, player who then the reward of magical instrument and inferior magical instrument belongs to a fire Yun City side, the Tian Ling Empire player is highest may obtain Demon Harvest!


Although the System Announcement content is somewhat ambiguous, but I reluctantly have understood, the country fights the reward final, but the city exchanges ownerships every time, then additionally will also issue a reward, this is actually good, lives off the government, we consume 7 days of Cooldown to come the country war, so long as does not die too multiple, this Level will not be fallen.

One day later, Pearl Military Control these troops must go to battle with fire Yun City, one day in game, is the 6 hours in reality, as if has not left we too many sleeping Cooldown.

The people diverge in abundance, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai and Drunken Spear and the others has not left actually, I also walked, said: „This expedition is not quite optimistic, do you think?"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Um, the present was the true internal disorder and foreign invasion, south decided to draft at this time, was gives us the Chinese server to increase the game difficulty simply......"

Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd, looked that said to me: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are commanding of palace guard, protects the country general, is person who in the player most can speak, why didn't prevent a moment ago?"

I smiled bitterly, Drunken Spear pleaded innocence for me, said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao this fellow wants to prevent actually, but you cannot look, his palace guard now was too strong, Great Emperor dreaded to him very much that the Li Xiao Yao words said also work just the opposite , south even connected blood younger sister Pearl being cruel enough made her brave hardships and dangers drafts, the heart of this emperor already was perhaps hoodwinked by the authority."

I nod: „Short spear trick said right, I protect the country general, that also lives under subjugation, anything did not have besides the military authority in hand, our players must complete the plan actually, cannot with NPC same staking everything on a single throw of the dice, I not approve that all Guild attack fire Yun City together, otherwise Tian Ling Empire nobody has defended, moreover Port City and Full Moon City at present are we biggest threats."

A nod of Fang Ge Que applause, said: „Um."

[Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior raises the sword to walk to go forward, said: „Our [Prague] is willing to go to battle!"

Enchanted Painting said: „[Legend] is also willing to go to battle, [Zhan Long]?"

I said with a smile speechless: „Palace guard must follow expedites together, therefore my this commands definitely will bring [Zhan Long] to go together, moreover I suggested that [Legend] remains, defends the security of imperial good Wu Shenhe both banks."

Fang Ge Que nods the head: „Um, that [Legend], [Vanguard], [Appearance Alliance], [House of Prestige] and other Guild remained behind Tian Ling Empire, other Guild, [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Prague], [Thousand Burial] and male Ba Fengyun, the temple Knight group, every, [Emerald Porcelain] and other Guild turns out in full strength completely, attacks fire Yun City, can such stratagem which ensures success also be bigger, how?"

Ye Lai nods: „You are the country fight the commander-in-chief, you decide, [Judgement] goes to battle and that's the end."

Q-Sword said: „That such decided that everybody rests with a sense of urgency for several hours, then gets online prepares to go to battle!"



I have arranged in the guild, then goes to a palace guard, orders Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others fitting out grain and fodder preparation, NPC is different from the player, they must eat meal, otherwise did not have the strength to go to war, moreover expedited certainly must carry the attacking a city military baggage, the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery need to advance, the shell was heavy, box of , must ship Going out ahead of time.

Afterward offline, forcing oneself to rest a meeting, rested to prepare to greet [Epic] level fighting of expedition slightly!

Zhan Long Chapter 857

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