Zhan Long Chapter 861

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This river name was called „the Heishui River", the river water looked like not the black appearance, river bank connection water surface was the green grass, I skiced in the front line, anchored suddenly, the palace guard and [Zhan Long] cavalry also in abundance stopped leading the way, not far away hot axe armed forces continued to clash actually forward, several hundred cavalry soldiers have crashed in the Heishui River directly, next quarter, on river surface „Shua Shua Shua" reappeared in pairs a eye, that was one hungry very long alligator, the alligator school of fish has only dragged the tail to hover to carry over ripples, looked extremely scary, the hot axe armed forces people with amazement, the pitiful yell sound linked up into a single stretch immediately., With horse on group alligator dismembering, on river surface in an instant blood red.


It looks like not good, making the words possibly buckle that NPC overruns very big, lets the player, the alligator seems only 157 levels of Titan level monsters, is unable the second to kill one to ride the war is the player, but the warhorse will enter in the water to disappear, the attribute fell much, will hit to have the danger.

The Heishui River opposite shore, bring the dragon crystal artillery of roaring flame to erupt, the fire Yun City dragon crystal artillery quantity has exceeded my imagination, but this time as if they also used the majority of heavy artilleries, the dragon crystal artillery exploded to form the vacuum shock-wave, has fired the residual one group of player and flame Dragon Jun, and has left behind gulfs in the ground, flame Dragon Jun many people lost the fighting spirit, was miserably howling to returning to run, but was given to swallow to fall by the alligator school of fish in the Heilongjiang River river bank immediately, horrible to look.

Looks at the pitiful condition in opposite shore, has fought a shiver that Li Mu cannot bear, said: „We look like this is not quite good?"

I nod: „Fire Dragon Rider dresses ranks, after five minutes, impacts the Heishui River!"

Lin Wan Er winked beautiful eyes: „Why can wait for five minutes?"

After I have a look the team, said: „Because in five minutes, the crossbow car(riage) camp of palace guard arrived!"

Lin Wan Er understood anything immediately, sweet smiles: „I understood!"

Finally is less than five minutes, warhorses drag is entraining the crossbow car(riage) finally also long in coming, I raise the arm immediately, the order said: „Invests the junks to the river water, the attraction alligator school of fish comes up!"

Players lose the skill toward the water in immediately, the next quarter, a leader alligator gathered to swim immediately, even there are much flush ashore to start to throw to nip the player in ashore, but this has also exposed their position, alligator appeared on the water surface, I was decisive immediately wave: „Crossbow motorcade, puts the arrow!"

The machine reed sound gets up, the dense and numerous steel arrows have shot Going out, the strength is vigorous, shoots through the head, the big mouth and body alligator directly, even steel arrow strength too Dazu by can shoot through several, this makes the person look somewhat loves dearly, these alligator skins can make many leather shoes handbag leather belt actually, can make much money.

The miserable hissing of alligator links up into a single stretch, Heishui River also blood redder, I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, thousand frost wings started, bringing Steel Blade to ride, fire Dragon Rider, archer and others to fire into the river water, the people brandished the pointed weapons to kill the injured alligator, Healer also follow, added the blood to the front player, the people arrived in the middle of Heishui River rapidly, however at this moment, the river water surged to circle suddenly, has formed eddy currents, brought the tentacle of rugged sharp knife blade to break out, „tittering" the chest that punctured thoroughly Steel Blade to ride, has caused 3 thousand + damage, unexpectedly the direct second killed. Another tentacle horizontal, „clang" a hit on the Matcha shield, shakes Matcha continuously to retrocede, on the pretty face full is astonished: „This...... What is this?"

Yue Qing Qian actually raises the dagger to call out in alarm in water said: „Yes...... Thousand claw water monsters!"

I in consternation: „155 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS, a bit faster direct!"

Lin Wan Er rapid inquiry material, said: „attack power of thousand claw water monsters in water promotes 30%, directs the ashore to kill it, in this Heishui River definitely continues this!"

I nod, another direction in aquatic has also formed the vortex, one group of hot axe armed forces were attracted, the bloody water spattered in all directions instantaneously has filled the water surface, a banding the tentacle of sharp knife blade was whipping on the water surface, was a fearsome head appears, above was the mouth, was scary, let that the person had a bad dream sufficiently.

I lifted the hand to throw Zhen Yue Blade, under the bombardment attracted recent thousand claw water monsters suddenly, then trod the wave to come ashore, turned round is a round [Strength of a Thousand Men] violent strikes, after the [Strength of a Thousand Men] promotion was Holy Ghost third-order combo, attack was invariable, but attack speed and attack power greatly has actually promoted, 5 swords have almost completed in 0.7 seconds, believes that any Pulse Break Style master could not interrupt such combo, even if were Little Demon resurfaces also helplessly.

Gives the [Zhan Long] people this head thousand claw water monsters, I continue thousand frost wings to fire into the water surface, attracts the second thousand claw water monsters to come ashore, in this time Heishui River has become a purgatory existed completely, the dense and numerous alligators and hippopotamuses were swallowing the player and NPC army did not say that the thousand claw water monsters of leader were stirring up trouble, rushing to rescue of Cooldown China player was obstructed, for a short time could not pass, can only make [Judgement] and male Ba of Fengyun opposite shore and other Guild cross the rubicon has fought, was good is not a vegetarian because of this group of people, especially had [Judgement]., For a short time the Indian how us.

Near a half hour of Cooldown, the monster in Heishui River was cleaned up almost finally, large quantities of palace guard and [Zhan Long] player crossed the creek, the people stand up from failure to start, I continue thousand frost wings, treads spatial and line in the formation front line, falls sword air escapes in the crowd, leading [Zhan Long] one group of people to kill a stretch of no war zone rapidly, simultaneously has shut off one group of Indian players' attack to [Judgement] flank, Ye Lai distant laughing: „You came finally, did not come us only to confess completely here!"

I am somewhat speechless, the [Judgement] Guild buckle many people, this fellow has also been able to smile, but the Ye Lai whole body is the blood, Axe in hand also presents fissures, obviously here tactical situation is fully intense, short one hour, the Ye Lai murder number are also many, already entered the country to fight the points list first ten.


The front dust flies upwards, several [Judgement] players were exploded the smashing, „", succeeds in giving up the half the long sword to fall on my shoulder, on the sword hilt is also linking half arm, looks Lin Wan Er cannot bear „hum" called the sound, the war scene in destiny was too real, excessively is really cruel to some, keeping many female players from enduring, the militant male player is crazy for the game of this form, reason that we game, to pursue in the reality will never realize to the matter, but war also we of this cold weapons yearned. Time that the hero pours forth.

Quick, crosses the players in Heishui River to be getting more and more, the heavy artillery of opposite party finally gradually has also ceased, if as expected definitely was the shell has used up, the Chinese players were too many, cannot rumble.


„Marshal Xu! Marshal Xu!"

The star light falls on creek both banks, Princess Pearl rides the white horse to rush ahead in the crowd under the protection of own health/guard, at the same time loud is yelling, she worried very much Xu Yi safety, after all he is armed forces commands, the marshal died in battle, to the morale attack of five big regiments was not little, Pearl also understands the military tactics, must understand this truth.

In the corpse pile, a person is raising the long spear, rides the warhorse to walk, staggers, the leg of warhorse seemed to be lame, this person of face almost could not see clearly, is covering by the cigarette ash of bloody water and fire, he has wiped a face, has revealed the symbolic beard, simple and honest said with a smile: „Your highness, end here......"

This person of Xu Yi, unexpectedly underwent such frigid fight not dead in battle.

Nod that Pearl rejoices: „Marshal Xu was all right is too good!"

Xu Yi complexion one gloomy, saw I lead Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others to walk, then ashamed said: „End will not have believed the player who Li Xiao Yao commands, the cavalry regiment that causes flame Dragon Jun almost loses completely, when the capital crime executes, if your highness wants my Xu Yi this head, my Xu Yi will not have any complaint, only hopes that your highness can forgive me dead, making Xu Yi to wear the crime to continue to rush ahead with the brothers, took revenge for the brothers of dying, after waiting to withdraw troops to return to the city, must kill to hack is not late."

Pearl is cleaning the blood on sword blade edge, said: „Marshal Xu, I had not said that must govern your crime, you do not need to worry, the victory or defeat is the military commander routine matter, you are the three services marshal, but also needs to need further consideration, the director army continues to go on an expedition."



The war of distant place is carrying on as before, but the Indian as if as before does not want to fight to the death with us here, the majority of player and NPC army retreated once more backward, this Chinese player has not pursued once more, has suffered a loss also learns intelligently, knows to fortify at every step, here is not our national territory, everywhere possibly hides the crisis that we cannot be imagining, must carefully handle affairs.

Cleans a piece of corpse in confusion, dying in battle soldiers emergency burial, the people take out prepare the good red cloth to wrap on the arm, this is the Tian Ling Empire military discipline, should be the white cloth holds a memorial service for the dead, but with the red means that the war had not ended, will also have more blood to flow, therefore uses the red, is over on behalf of the dead, the living fights again.

Under the star light, one group of soldiers launch a giant map, is fire Yun City domestic topographic diagram.

Xu Yi puts out a hand in an above gesture, said respectfully: „Your highness, we crossed the Heishui River, proceeded again is first of fire Yun City surrounding defends the imperial city the fire likely city, the secondary city of hot cloud empire, was famous for the military defense, it is said in the fire city stationed troops likely 1 million, the city people were over 300 thousand, was nearby unusual bountiful city, if under we can attack and capture the fire likely city, then can push directly into the soldier to get down near the fire Yun City city, by that time, the so-called purple flame enlightened emperor also can only be without a fight."

On the face of Pearl is not relaxed, is holding the sword hilt of waist saber, said prudently: „Can we attack the flame likely city really? It is well known, the city of fire city is likely firm, is the rare steel and iron barrier?"

Xu Yidao: „Your highness , because of this, we must attack and capture the fire likely city in advance!"

Pearl looks to me and hundred Ningxia and Luo child and the others: „Do you think?"

Hundred said: „Pearl you decided that is."

Luo child said: „End will approve to attack the flame like the city, otherwise the circuitous words, we after the jungle, hill, canyon, dead sea and other terrain regions, will be ambushed easily, with its, would rather directly attacks a fortified position."

The Pearl vision falls on me: „Li Xiao Yao commands, do you think?"

I said assuredly: „That attacked flame city to be likely good!"


„Because has taken over fire likely city, can regard the strategy the fire city likely heavily, took the fire city to come with fire Yun City as the foundation to resist likely for a long time."

„Good, depends on you saying that the order three services prepare, tonight pitches camp to rest, tomorrow will attack the flame likely city!"

Zhan Long Chapter 861

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