Zhan Long Chapter 862

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Night, star-studded sky, the dew silent is moistening all on earth, five big regiments pitch camp to rest on the plain, the player does not have to attack a city immediately, many offline rested, the body was the qualification of fight, not having enough [Lullaby], the battle efficiency greatly to sell at a discount, moreover did not have helping in the fighting of NPC army, perhaps wants to take over that fire city also quite to go through the complications likely, NPC lay in our superiority they have various types of heavy artilleries and attacking a city instruments, but the player actually rarely had this type of stage prop, perhaps purple thunder Ji Chesuan of my [Mohist Five Scrolls] last volume?

In has a look to wrap, piles the [Soul Army] symbol that many decompositions obtained, after the beforehand battle efficiency obtains equipment, does not want directly decomposed, therefore [Soul Army], [Black Tortoise Realm], [Azure Dragon Crossbow] and other skills release unceasingly do not have the issue.

The stars shine, I take a step south the camp of palace guard, the one side is the [Zhan Long] momentary rest place, some players clean up the monster in the surroundings, Li Mu order the person in [Valiant Bravery] camp to keep part to guard the camp, the night assault that to guard the Indian players, other majority of players offline have rested, on the big plain, the Chinese player and camp be continuous ten li (0.5km) of NPC army do not exaggerate, the ray of bonfire soars to the heavens, splendid sight, facing such pitching camp, it is estimated that the Indian war zone did not have including the thoughts of night assault.

„Commands, how to have rested?" The Han deep pool walked from the tent suddenly.

I nod: „Immediately rests, how haven't you rested?"

The Han deep pool laughs, the racket the liquor bottle gourd of waist, said: „Glutton causes trouble, I go to depot to borrow a wine and meat, does not eat a thing somewhat unable to fall asleep."

I said with a smile slightly: „Um, little drinks wine, additionally appoints some manpower to scout in the surroundings, is forearmed."


Looks that Han Yuan recedes, I opened thousand frost wings immediately, ice glow linger under the star light in my body week, suddenly the condensation is a pair of ice wing, next quarter I have risen straight from the ground, has flown several hundred meters upper air directly, all of bird's eye view earth, this time were clearer, the camp in Chinese war zone is big dragon one of the one deep sleep crawls likely on this strange lands, but on is a place is watching for our city fire likely city in the distant place in dark extremely, the Indian war zone most solid barrier!

Confirmed around not to have anything to pose the fatal threat to us the map, the river water of Heishui River were too few, and did not have the altitude advantage, therefore is unable to attack to our water, but the jungle on plain was not too luxuriant, mostly was some low bushes, therefore the fire attack possibly, in addition the camp area is not big, confirmed the security, slept along with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline.

The country fought the 1st day, did not have the too big achievements.

Lies on the bed, I close the eye to be been gradually tranquil by my train of thought that also thinks the situation that the country fights, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk has not led the player main force to spell with us hardly, but draws back draws back again, their intentions were really too obvious, forcing us to attack a city, fought a decisive battle with it, thus it can be seen the firm thick degree of fire city possibly truly has surpassed likely our imagination, but the player in Chinese war zone did not have what means that we can only fight a decisive battle in the fire city with them likely, Great Emperor imperial decree, we have flown back without any results affirmative will not eat the pocket walking . The country fights the system to trigger, players will not be resigned, can only walk one step to look at one.

Immersion slowly in dreamland, even is unable to remember the dream to anything.


Sleep wakes up, the out of the window beautiful sunlight sprinkles on the pure white bed sheet, I stretched the arm to sit to set out, looks at the thing in room, thought incomparable clear, after as if entered Yang Flame the boundary, has promoted including the vision much, and spirit sleep and sensitivity of intent sea also significantly promoted, needs to concentrate these static and rays that the attention can remove not to need, but for me was not the too major problem, actually I also know that my spiritual domain cultivated to already break through Yang Flame, was only the exercise degree of body could not have followed, until and Ouyang Chuan. Fought in the true sense broke the Royal Air level limit, after just stepped into Yang Flame, I had almost cultivation of Yang Flame scala media, if given time, perhaps all over the world also nobody can be my match.


Out of the door broadcasts the Lin Wan Er sweet sound: „Dear, gets out of bed, the finish breakfast must get online fights!"

I smile: „Um, immediately comes!"

Got out of bed, after washing, went out of the room, actually discovered that everybody , about 8 : 00 am, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi sat near the dinner table, Qin Wen also.

„Hasn't the Qin Wen elder sister gone to work?" I sit down, received one bowl of gruel after Lin Wan Er asked.

Qin Wen has worn a female attire uniform, said with a smile: „This was not the clothes puts on, finished eating, nine points went to work also with enough time, again said that even if I were late have not related, who let me is the general manager......"

My corners of the mouth have pulled out, also has not spoken, Tang Qi said with a smile actually: „Li Xiao Yao, you thought today we can hit under the fire city likely?"

„Does not know that......" I to answer truthfully.

Tang Qi touches the nose: „, Solemn [Zhan Long] Guildmaster and palace guard commanded say unexpectedly do not know that really does not know who can control this war was initiative."

I smile: „Tang Qi, you thought that I so am really important?"

Tang Qi was stunned, said: „Yes, Q-Sword said in any case, he had said yesterday that perhaps the Chinese area and war between Indian areas, [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Judgement] can only be the boosts, but can lead this war truly was [Zhan Long] and palace guard."

I said resentfully: „Does Q-Sword bring that high hat to harm me to me? The palace guards altogether also on 10 thousand people, [Zhan Long] 4 thousand people, the trivial 14 thousand people place this several million ranks in the war is a yarn, moreover I also everywhere impede, the hot axe armed forces Luo child and purple spirit armed forces Xiahou Ren even is flame Dragon Jun's Xu Yi is the person of Great Emperor, this emperor dreaded to our place that I cannot use the method."

Tang Qi smiles: „Doesn't have Princess Pearl to support you? We can look, this empire princess is very interesting to you, you may be careful, be not incurred by her worked as the son-in-law emperor's son-in-law in the past, Miss Lin Wan Er may make you unable to eat to capture walking absolutely!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Do not crack a joke, this is in the game, NPC will be will not have this relations with the player absolutely . Moreover the destiny company also will be abhors to this matter, otherwise, by the technical capability of destiny company, you thought that the player cannot do in the game...... Matter?"

Tang Qi touches the nose: „Also......"

Lin Wan Er beautiful eyes one horizontal: „Fool, you said what meaning the matter is, how couldn't I understand?"

Qin Wen takes to say with a smile: „Is disguises unable to understand?"

Lin Wan Er immediately elegant face one red, does not know that said anything, was staring the cousin: „Elder sister, you are not helping me, loved me?!"

Qin Wen eats to smile: „Good good, I get off work in the evening brings a delicious between-meal snack to you, when has compensated, where the elder sister can not love you, you fight the country war well, in our company many young staff members are the crazy bean noodles of destiny game, has been paying attention to this country war, everybody refuels, I went to the pain to force to go to work!"

Qin Wen went to work, we also in abundance finished eating the thing, returning to own room to get online, had Cooldown been so long, attacks the fight of flame city to start likely?



Appears above the hot cloud plain, the surrounding NPC army has broken camp to lead the way, the [Zhan Long] player was already inside and outside ten, I summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse hurriedly, when above Lin Wan Er got online to put out a hand me to draw the bosom, leading the girlfriend to fire into the distant place, but Dong Cheng Yue whipped the wing flight to pursue, exceed overtook far, the Wind Elf flying speed could not compare the god fierce fine horse obviously greatly.

Along the way everywhere is continuous players, and a heavy artillery of all trades also unceasingly leads the way due to the promotion of transportation battalion, after some palace guard soldiers see me, immediately respectful good military salute: „Commands the Sir!"

I nod, continue.

Soon , the fire city appeared above the plain likely, the area of this city is not considered as that too big, square, the length and breadth was about 15 li (0.5km) up and down, but city wall high, above has covered entirely the red thing, that has constructed the effect of red copper, the red copper of these constructions can significantly reduce is bombed injures, therefore this city distant place looked like looks like a rush of blood to the head red war shape bows on the plain, by the city was a tall wall, then spread in the mountain ranges, becomes natural defenses that a place surrounded and protected, one vice- was waiting for stance that the powerful enemy in distant place attacked.

Under the city, the Tian Ling Empire players and NPC in the distance city about 2 miles away array, this can avoid on the city the injury of pierre-perdue car(riage), the people are being ready to fight, but nobody launches the attack immediately, Princess Pearl progresses to be built on king, her intention is obvious, must wait for after hot crag artillery, dragon crystal artillery and other instruments, makes war again, otherwise suffered a loss.

I urged Malaya to arrive in the [Zhan Long] position, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others was waiting for the order, Old K some appearances of being eager to try, hey said with a smile: „When do we attack? It looks like the city wall is not very thick appearance, should be able to attack? If we have overcome fire likely city, should be the first city that in this game attacks to plunder?"

I smile: „That must look that other countries fought the region situation, we do not have a low opinion of the enemy, Matcha, how many people looked up in the fire likely city altogether some, now?"

Matcha blinked, said: „Survey of system tool detection at with Indian war zone forum, now in the fire likely city at least 1500 thousand players and 200 thousand NPC armies, the common people in city, this city at least had above 2000 thousand people in addition."

Wolf somewhat is flabbergasted: „Oh, 2000 thousand people push in such a trivial city, is unable to imagine."

Matcha said with a smile: „In reality is truly impossible, cannot support without that many planters and raising livestock lands, in game...... Actually many NPC are the setting does not eat meal, presses together completely the words, in the 1 × 1 code calculate that a person, this city can think of the next over a billion people, explained that in the city can also move the footsteps......"

Lin Wan Er from my arms jumping down horse, raises the dagger to arrive in the frontal line, said: „It looks like, the person in Indian war zone the mao all strengths, had planned has fought to the death with us fully in the fire city likely, the clear pupil develops black ink also is really intelligent, even if defeats a fire city also to want 2000 thousand person each who the Chinese war zone comes to hang likely one time, this clearly must fight the protracted war!"

I show a faint smile: „Wait and see, visits us not to give to them the opportunity of protracted war!"


At this time, the toot in the distant place resounded, that was Tian Ling Empire launches the attack the toot!

Zhan Long Chapter 862

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