Zhan Long Chapter 863

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Above the high combat tank Wang Qi flies upwards, the man of being barebacked brandishes striking that the both arms make an effort the battle drum, the battle drum sound reverberation above the plain, the fire city also as if trembles likely, on the city gushed out the dense and numerous player and NPC army, the majority is the archer, Musketeer and Mage, even the crossbow car(riage)s were also pushed on the city, above has filled the crowded arrow arrow, waited for under the invading enemy to city to attack fiercely.

„Did this start?" I in consternation.

Li Mu smiles: „Nature, should be time starts!"

I have then drawn out Dragon Reservoir Sword, said loudly: „Shield cavalry soldier in front, do not advance by rushes, protects the NPC scaling ladder to attack to the city near again, [Zhan Long] all people listen to me to unify to order!"

[Zhan Long] only then Guildmaster, my order naturally was also the highest instruction, like this said that also to avoid Old K, One Second Hero and other quite crude captain group teams leader issued the impulsive order, [Zhan Long] may unable to withstand the too serious damage, after all we had 4 thousand people, moreover many people have hung one time.

Above the earth, takes a life to shoot up to the sky, in 15 li (0.5km) front full is the Chinese player, has rushed the fire likely city tidal, but the mixture among the players, the transportation battalions of Tian Ling Empire five big regiments also in abundance got up, is promoting heavy attacking a city scaling ladder close cities, a -called attacking a city scaling ladder in fact fold alternate long ladder, mutually overlaps the ladder through the torsion machinery, the length of completely launching is about 40 + meters, was just good this fire likely city the city wall highly also on is 40 meters.

In the position of palace guard promoted at least 20 attacking a city scaling ladders, Han Yuan has been raising the long blade, raised emphatically the shield, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Heavy shield camp, gives on me, protects the scaling ladder surrounding artisan, in the city will certainly find the way to kill them!"

Barbaric people roaring, raise the blade shield to overrun, and shield cavalry soldiers in many heavy cavalries also raise the shield to overrun, but I also instigated the god fierce fine horse to fire into the city, was bringing one crowd of terse fire Dragon Rider, Matcha and Yue Yao Yan and the others, even Yue Yao Yan drew Dong Cheng Yue after behind, protected her to approach the city, once pulled closer the distance, Dong Cheng Yue this grasped Mage of Demon Harvest Luming stick greatly to kill, basically two magic overlay can the second kill existence.


On the city, commanding of hot cloud empire punishment day regiment killed as punishment raises the long sword to stand in the city edge, on the face has increased several sword marks, obviously was yesterday is hit, an anger of his face, should feel that for yesterday's being wounded the humiliation, the anger exclaimed very much: „Archer, aims at the artisan of their attacking a city scaling ladder to me, after massacring them , the scaling ladder was useless!"

On the city dense one group of archers have poked head, arrow arrow „Shua Shua" snaps, what exaggerates is behind the city also has the archer in projecting the arrow arrow, immediately the crowded arrow arrow fell to the city, „" the nail hit in the blockhead and player and on NPC scaling ladder shield, naturally, there is an innumerable arrow arrow to shoot directly in the crowd, the miserable howling sound continuously, put in an appearance had many players to be massacred.

Kills as punishment clenches teeth, the arm raises pulls up the long sword, jumps is one time chops to cut, „Shua" the sword air escape falls together, has cut unexpectedly off a scaling ladder directly, really worthily is Demon Harvest step BOSS, this military force absolutely is not a lid.

Above city Xiadade some people died unceasingly, the scaling ladder crush the corpse of dead is continue forward, a covered with blood piece, when the people arrive under the city, the people in city have dropped the giant stone once again, bang the bang pounds in the crowd, several Steel Blade of my front ride was almost moved 3 thousand each time + HP, in an instant in the [Zhan Long] frontal line hangs several people.

Crossbow car(riage) suddenly to launch, the giant steel arrow can simultaneously penetrate many people, under the flash city has conquered by killing likely generally, this is the price of attacking a city, the buckle of attacking a city side often is the several fold idea of defense side, since the ancient times is this, in an instant under city already corpse horizontally repeatedly, but we have almost not bumped into the person in Indian war zone, but Princess Pearl as if not plan to retreat, she assured this is the price that must pay, but I also think am like this, price like this did not pay on do not want to capture the city.

Saw that person was killed unceasingly, I drink one suddenly lowly, thousand frost wings start, a pair of ice wing when behind blooms rises straight from the ground has fired into the city, after sword blade edge standard parry several weak arrow arrows, Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword interlock has swept the crowd, the sword air/Qi able to move unhindered, immediately several NPC archer uneven Shua Shua fall to the ground dead in battle, after comprehending Yang Yanjin, my attack basically uniform 3 thousand +, blew out fatally strikes awfully.

In the city wall, not far away a player of group team leader rank looks to me, the anger shouted to clear the way: „On, does him!"

I did not say a word, raised the sword is [Seven Star Fragment Slash], was single-handed, [Great Realm of Desolation] locking, that group team leader was an archer, miserable snort directly by second, surrounding one group of people, actually in next quarter acting boldly regardless of one's safety threw, because only then I, they did not need to dread that many.

The arrow arrow and magic unceasing bang on the body, HP continuously reduce, my lonely person only supported less than 20 seconds to be shot by an advantage arrow of crossbow car(riage) in the city drops under the city, flew high a time [Cleansing Rain] technique to restore many HP, simultaneously Dragon Reservoir Sword divided to chop furiously in the city wall, tried the thickness of this city wall, only listened to „clang" Spark to spatter in all directions, the red copper of casting on wall was exceptionally hard, unexpectedly under cutting of Dragon Reservoir Sword, only then together about 5 centimeters sword mark, this fire cloud empire first firm city also was really not covers.

„Whish" falls to the ground, not far away Lin Wan Er asked me: „All right?"

„All right!"

I look up, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others climbed up the scaling ladder, does that ladder stay in 40 meters high place, sway, looks to be popular hurriedly, but the players in city arrow magic and arrow throw, many Musketeer are narrowing an eye, aims at Li Mu and Wang Jian these two living targets ping opening fire, 2-3, shoot finally in a violent of [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, Li Mu dropped, Wang Jian also HP weak directly jumped down from the ladder, I lifted a hand [Heal] technique to rescue the Wang Jian life of remnant blood, on scaling ladder many fire Dragon Rider, Steel Blade rides is still climbing up, what what a pity is, when attacks a city they are unable to summon mount, the attribute weakened much, therefore the resistance also missed.

Some people fall from the upper air unceasingly, but in the ground almost completely bathes in the sea of fire, in the city the lava abyss and ice fire of Mage player roared unceasingly, everybody in blood, in addition the attack of crossbow car(riage), simply awfully, naturally awfully still in next, soon , an all trades great artillery was pushed up the city, crowd of next quarter shock-wave common mushroom clouds under the city in erupted, this buckle was more serious.

„Bang bang......"

When two Steel Blade rode to drop from the clouds, fell to the ground turned into the corpse, I looked at creepy feeling, looked at the past from afar, [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild the losses is not infrequent, NND, hits us dead like this really certainly here, moreover city not being able to rush slowly, their firepower were really too fierce.

The vision sweeps the surroundings, I clench teeth, come!


The dense and numerous 100 [Soul Army] symbols are lingering around my arm, the next quarter, [Mohist Five Scrolls] first purple thunder Ji Che summoned, „bang" thunderous, purple thunder and lightning but from out of the blue the falling place, exploded there corpse and scaling ladder fragment flies, a swarthy combat tank appeared, behind the combat tank was empty spirits in promoting Thunder Chui on combat tank!


The purple thunder Ji Che first purple thunder bullet weight heavy bombardment on the lower part of wall of fire city, the entire wall inspires likely immediately, after several seconds, is a bombardment, that wall has produced cracks, the bang that 1 meters in depth red copper cannot resist purple thunder Ji Che pounds, Li Mu accepts the blood at the same time, shows a faint smile saying: „Good, was hopeful!"

At this time, the person on city as if also realized purple thunder Ji Che was fearful, the distant place broadcast the sound that the maplewood has been drunk: „Must ruin that combat tank, comes the person, gives on me!"

The next quarter, the neighing sound of warhorse is unceasing, above the top of the head, heavy cavalries directly flushed from the city, to ride to fight the condition to rush to the city, simultaneously daybreak waited for the skill to flow swiftly to fall the sword air/Qi in the crowd, even, many archers and Mage also flushed, was similar to Lin Wan Er had told me was the same, one group of people who went on an expedition the world were the lunatics, otherwise they impossible, in the clear pupil developed in the hand of black ink to capture to the fire Yun City first Guild throne!

However, the [Zhan Long] person same is very insane!


Wang Jian raised sword one to roar, brings to catch fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride has crashed in the sea of fire, to the wanton bombing of lava abyss, sent in the sword blade edge the body of match, I was also opening thousand frost wings, the dancing in the air heaven, flies high the person heavy losses in landing process, the sword chaotic dance, massacred many people instantaneously, the city high and low has made into one piece!

„Ruins that combat tank!"

The maplewood is drunk on the city is roaring, simultaneously is loud to NPC of distant place shouts to clear the way: „Kills as punishment, making your person aim at this with the crossbow car(riage), hurry up, suppresses them!"

Cannot look, the maplewood is drunk in the status of hot cloud empire is very high, that kills as punishment, although as if refuses to accept, but ordered the crossbow car(riage) to turn around the direction as before, under the next quarter, several crossbow car(riage)s almost simultaneously aimed at the [Zhan Long] position, the violent have shot, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode the loss to be serious, but the purple thunder Ji Che toughness also fell fast, 100 thousand toughness did not arrive at 200 000 in an instant!

„The dragon crystal artillery came!"

Li Mu puts out a hand right finger of us, there has a turret of prominent city, at this time that dragon crystal artillery has aimed at our position!

My pain, said: „All people, evacuate city edge!"

The people retrocede in abundance, but was also late, an artillery sound, the dragon crystal artillery has blasted out a gulf in our crowds, many people had been killed by the second, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others already distressed has become the remnant blood, cannot make these main forces hang here the first time, otherwise lost is too big!

Let me not think greatly that purple thunder Ji Che gave [Zhan Long] to bring in that heavy firepower unexpectedly, purple thunder Ji Che who looks at the smashing, I clenched teeth secretly, take 10 minutes to summon second, the retire and make amends gave to fight successively again!

Zhan Long Chapter 863

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