Zhan Long Chapter 864

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The [Zhan Long] main force retreats about 1000 meters, in abundance in restoring HP, this process too quickly is not too not slow, but appeared Healer were too at this time few, the fire city entire city high and low has killed one group likely, the Tian Ling Empire dragon crystal artillery and crossbow car(riage) also shipped arrives, the dragon crystal artillery thundered, in the hot cloud empire army internecine strife with city got up.


I stand in the crowd, has cancelled thousand frost wing effects, cannot spend actually one. seconds a gold coin, but this extremely was noticeable, will let the feeling that the person has to plant is not familiar with.

Not far away, rides to graze to come, marshal Xu Yi who south this time drafts, he visits me to stand in the rear crowd of [Zhan Long] and palace guard, cannot bear shouts to clear the way lowly: „Li Xiao Yao commands, what do you mean, the army with great speed have been attacking a city, why does Li Xiao Yao command actually accomplishes nothing behind armed forces?"

Nearby, is wrapping up the wound dragon whetstone unable to bear frown saying: „Xu, you so are why aggressive, you had not noticed that we do command are first rush to the person of city? Killed as punishment person with hot cloud empire commanding has regarded the eye-sore thorn in the side with his palace soldier, the palace guard was also same, the damage was quite serious, didn't Cooldown of rest give us? If you eye not blind, should also be able to see that near the city has the massive palace guards to fight a bloody battle as before? Draws back 10,000 steps saying that we will command the Sir are the plan, will sit is also same in armed forces can map out strategic plans in an army tent, although you will be a marshal, will not actually want with a wish to incriminate."

Xu Yileng snort: „Dragon whetstone, you as if have forgotten you once are the flame Dragon Jun's person!"

Dragon Xingjiang wraps up good shoulder to put down, mentions a handle long spear, shows a faint smile saying: „Not Xu, only what my dragon whetstone remembers is I am an empire serviceman, but whose person is not!"


Xu Yitian has licked the lip, looks to me, said: „General Li, actually this Shuai Dao do not create obstacles for you, but is this time must take over the fire likely city in one vigorous effort, otherwise we will fall into struggle of protracted war, we come from the Tian Ling Empire long journey, the grain and fodder was not abundant, if falls in this fire likely city, the consequence will be dreadful."

I stand up from failure to start, draws out Dragon Reservoir Sword once more, said: „Xu, if you thought really we cannot here the protracted war, is not why more discrete, confirmed the grain and fodder route that Tian Ling Empire comes is safe? If I am the person in fire likely city, I secretly will certainly deploy the army to sneak attack the Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder, so long as the Tian Ling Empire army did not have the grain and fodder, hungry a day had no interest to fight again."

„You felt relieved!"

Xu Yi corners of the mouth raise: „My Xu Yi, although is not resorts to arms such as the star of god, but also resorts to arms for a long time, this truth I understand that relax, our grain and fodder store up are safe, supports 50 thousand armies sufficiently here for half a month, and Tian Ling Empire direction also has the department audiences of General Xiahou Ren to send in the collection grain and fodder."

I nod smile: „That is good!"

The reins of god fierce fine horse, I am looking at one group of palace guard and [Zhan Long] player, said loudly: „Brothers, continued to fight again, have defeated the ammunition and arrow in arrow fire likely city, this group of grandsons almost must dispatch troops to go out of town with our near body prey!"

Li Mu laughs: „I also think that so long as their crossbow arrows and shells have fired off, NPC must certainly go to battle to alleviate the city to be damaged, the NPC army came out, the player will certainly come out, at that time the opportunity came!"

„Um, come on!"


The arm sinks, the sword blade edge hung down is progressing to Going out, leading one crowd of [Zhan Long] new force to kill once again to the city, but the firepower on city was as before intense, the arrow arrow, magic and ammunition player were the use are unceasing, in fact this fight thinks that was not lasting is not good, temporarily on the city only then the first Guild maplewood was drunk in leading the people attacks, but makes the clear pupil that I most dreaded develop black ink not to appear, this was always thought the faint restlessness by the will of the people.

Regarding the situation in Indian war zone, although did not understand very much, but I am also clear, the maplewood is drunk establish „goes on an expedition the world" Guild is first trump card Guild, but the maplewood is drunk is only IBN fights the net second person, the genuine Indian war zone first person is the clear pupil develops black ink, although is a woman, but the clear pupil develops the effective strength and individual wisdom that black ink shows is actually wins the maplewood to be drunk, if the maplewood is drunk is the king of brave general [Assault] breaches enemy lines, that clear pupil develops black ink is the genuine queen who a mind military strategy, civil and military has both.

Also because of this, clear pupil develops black ink and her guild „beautiful life" had not appeared, this makes me feel that very restless, is she doing, what is planning?

Lets is, the clear pupil that only I can think develops the goal of black ink to have three, one is Tian Ling Empire, bypasses the fire likely city from fire Yun City directly circuitously, attacks Tian Ling Empire to attack the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack, another is the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery of five big regiments, sneak attacks these military baggage to be able the crush Tian Ling Empire army, finally is the Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder, has sneak attacked our grain and fodder, basically can end to win.

Kills is rushing to the Indian area player of city, while is thinking as before carefully, if the clear pupil develops the ribbon person to sneak attack Tian Ling Empire, that is the matter of Fang Ge Que and rumor, has nothing to do with me, I am also beyond control, but the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery in the front, have wanted to sneak attack now are also unlikely, that only then the last possibility, sneak attacked our grain and fodder, now in plays the evening, immediately at nightfall, should better while the night sneak attack grain and fodder.


The moral nature sinks, immediately the camp that I raise the sword direct impact palace guard, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Xiao severe, comes out to me!"

In the crowd, Xiao Liti is bringing the long spear of blood to dash about wildly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Sir, what? The war is urgent......"

I clench teeth, said: „Where do our grain and fodder store up?"

„In the coast of Heishui River, how Sir?"

I: „I suspected that the people in fire city will distribute the military strength likely, sneak attacks near the Heishui River Tian Ling Empire granary while us unprepared."

„Is unlikely!" Xiao Lidao: „First, the path of Heishui River to fire city had been blocked by us likely, next granary there of Heishui River at least has our 2 thousand crack troops to guard, again, the fire city had been stopped up by us likely, where will they from come?"

„Perhaps also has other important pass."

„Does that go to the granary from that road? These major roads and tracks everywhere are our people......"

„If they warship attack from the Heishui River?"


Xiao severe suddenly one startled, stares the round eye, in the eye is passing several with amazement: „I...... I have thought unexpectedly little this together, day...... Then our granaries were truly dangerous!"

I nod: „You lead 1 thousand palace guard cavalry soldier full speed to reenforce the granary immediately, had not been sneak attacked should better, but, if were sneak attacked must reduce as far as possible loses, the speed is fast, now goes!"


After several minutes, Xiao severe issues an order, the 10,000 cavalries of palace guard left the city.

Soon, transmitting orders officer came to summon, I went to the armed forces immediately.

Princess Pearl sits in graceful account center, Xu Yi is built on the one side, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Li Xiao Yao, the siege warfare is fierce in fire, why do you branch out 1 thousand of palace guard to ride the armed forces to leave the battlefield suddenly?"

I said lightly: „I suspected that they soon must sneak attack our granaries."


Xu Yi exclaimed in a low voice: „Our granaries were absolutely safe, what does not need you to go to worry about, you branched out so many troops actually at this time, has two hearts?"

I look up to Pearl: „Your highness, spoke words for me!"

Pearl shows a faint smile: „Xu does not need to consider thoroughly, I trust General Li Xiao Yao, he must make anything, I support unconditionally!"


I turned around to go out of Shuai Zhang, worry at heart was stronger, then said in guild channel: „Li Mu and Wang Jian, postpone to attack a city, you lead 1 thousand [Zhan Long] main cavalry soldier to follow me, how we had a look at the NPC granary, I always thought that must have an accident!"

Li Mu: „Good, after five minutes, builds up!"

When my armed forces account arrives in the [Zhan Long] position, our 1 thousand cavalry soldiers really built up, immediately, the setting sun fell, falling of stars shine on the path, scatters light cream likely.

The cavalry soldiers speed away, about after 30 minutes, arrives in the Heishui River, but I also thought that was too slow, these a half hour of variable are too really many, the result does not have the accident, when we near the granary, already saw the flame that the distant place soars to the heavens, the Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder is sneak attacked, burns links up into a single stretch.

Near the river bank is having the fight, the palace guard who Xiao severe leads is killing one crowd from the granary the hot cloud empire soldier who sets on fire to return, but in the river center is warships, on the warship the soldier in uniform hot cloud empire, in addition several warships are carrying the player unexpectedly, burns down the merit that Tian Ling Empire stores grains naturally to have their one.


I raised the sword rush in the past, after reducing several NPC, the warhorse stopped in the river bank, on the warship the crowded arrow arrow kept me from approaching, but on a recent warship, beautiful woman standing of female military garb there, in the hand was raising the bow and arrow, the clear pupil developed black ink, had the Chinese flavor beautiful woman extremely, it is said that she was the China , India hybrid, at this moment is visiting me with a smile, eats to say with a smile: „Palace guard commands Xiao Yao Zi Zai, bye!"

Li Mu clenches jaws: „Guildmaster, do we chase down?"

„Does not use......"

I sighed: „We do not have the ship, overtakes also can only eat others arrows."

Xiao severe rolls off the saddle to discontinue, kneels shivers in the ground whole body: „Commands the Sir, we...... We came late, granary was almost burnt down, only then several far small granaries can escape death by a hair's breadth."

I clench teeth saying: „This does not close your matters, which army is the person of arson fire Yun City?"

Xiao Lichen sound track: „Is the person who commanding Jiang Xiao of hot cloud empire hot dace regiment personally lead, their cavalry soldiers also on the warship, altogether 30 + battlefields, 3000 heavy cavalries horizontally to rush in our granaries, we defend the imperial troops radically are not the matches."

I nod: „Um, knew...... Hurries to order the person to go to Tian Ling Empire to urge grain."



At this time, a news, came from Lin Wan Er: „What kind , was the granary burnt?"

„Um, do you know?"

„Yes, gives me a military authority!"




Zhan Long Chapter 864

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