Zhan Long Chapter 865

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„What needs me to make?"

The troops go through under the star light, I gave Lin Wan Er to report a news, she wanted the [Zhan Long] command jurisdiction inevitably to have the matter to do, she was impossible to take command jurisdiction above ten thousand people at will.

After result several seconds, Lin Wan Er sends in the news: „Pig head, do not lead the palace guard and Li Mu they return to the city, you pass through the southwest woods directly, goes to Coordinate ‚27373,9483' here, I looked up, the hot dace regiment and clear pupil develop the people in black ink to start from here, here is also the downstream of Heishui River, the important pass, called ‚day water gate', since the clear pupil developed ribbon person Going out to sneak attack our grain and fodder to store up, we before their warship returns smashed their dens to be good!"

In my heart great happiness: „Um, I had the person of past immediately!"

Ten minutes passed by, did the Lin Wan Er speed suffice the quick words also almost close day water gate?


Immediately transfers the wharf, after my order, the palace guard and [Zhan Long] 20,000 cavalries have crashed in one side jungle immediately, via the day water gate, the star light seemed directly more brilliant, sprinkles on each of us's body, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others look is dignified, urging the plan warhorse to skice, but I know that this group of fellows very much enjoy certainly such war.

Approximately after 10 minutes, 20,000 cavalries ran out of the bushveld, the dead ahead impressively is a white fort, but is not too precipitous, but builds the important pass on fire likely city surrounding barrier, a river course access, a ground access, but at this time the ground entrance direction a flame, at least over ten thousand [Zhan Long] players have been fiercely attacking, but the important pass model of domestic virtue only then some NPC armies do not have the player, it seems like that the clear pupil develops black ink densely hundred one sparse, has not actually thought that the Chinese players will find this important pass, and launches the attack rapidly.

I raise the sword to overrun by far, before has not arrived in the iron gate, hears bang a bang, the heavy iron gate drops down loudly, Lin Wan Er proposed dagger several vertical to leap along the hanging bridge iron cable rushed to the city wall, the edges of various god started, „Shua Shua Shua" shot down under several NPC the city, but one group of [Zhan Long] players under city in abundance crashed in the important pass, brandished the pointed weapons to kill in the fire likely city in the infantry battalion of soldier.


I issued an order, bringing one crowd of fire Dragon Rider also to crash in the important pass, palace guard ten thousand people of cavalry regiments' attacks that killing that recklessly one group of people met no resistance, Xiao severe led in addition, the important pass has almost taken instantaneously, in the city about 2000 + garrison troops, were cut to kill all, we have not kept any captive, does not need to remain.

Is raising Dragon Reservoir Sword, the city of my mark time ascending the sky water gate, looks to the Heishui River of distant place, under the star light, the distant place twinkle star, was the team of tribulation granary came back obviously, the warship were also many, crowded became one group.

Lin Wan Er said with a smile animated: „Now what to do?"

My corners of the mouth raise, said: „I want to the fire like the south of city, to give them from behind circuitously, as soon as strikes, perhaps directly attacked a city was simpler, but day water gate now already in our hands, was unnecessary worries, first here punched them one to say again?"


On a Lin Wan Er finger of city, said: „Tianshui closes two dragon crystal artillery, was used to attack and sink the warship to be good, how can the issue deceive them to approach the important pass?"

I knit the brows, said: „In the top of the head of player has Level anything, was discovered easily, NPC words...... Perhaps Level sufficed to take a higher position to deceive the clear pupil to develop the eye of black ink......"

Saying, I looked that was severe to Xiao, said: „Wears the clothes of fire likely city serviceman, trapping them to approach the day water gate, then the dragon crystal artillery and hot arrow entertainment well one this crowd lets the person who we suffered a loss!"

Xiao severe nods joyfully: „Commands to put down, the subordinate will not disappoint you inevitably!"

I smile, immediately hints the [Zhan Long] players to enter in the city of Tianshui area inside the Great Wall in abundance, like this we red dot on map will not demonstrate, but Xiao severe has put on a specially-made battle dress of fire likely city army, raises the long spear to stand on the important pass city, distant looks at the distant place, and fire city war flag that at the same time dropped down also held likely, his Level is high enough, not enough near words player is unable to see his name and camp, but the dragon crystal artillery and firing distance several hundred meters of palace guard flame bow arrow, have used enough.


, Several warships linked to go by far tightly, was distanced about 300 meters time, a military officer of big voice roared to call out by far: „The brothers in city, open the dam, making us pass!"

Xiao Liduo wisdom, said with a smile: „Brother, moved successfully?"

The military officer on warship laughs: „Jiang Xiao commands personally leads us to carry out the task, how can there be principle extremely?"

Xiao severe nods: „Comes the person, opens the dam!"

Several palace guard soldiers moved the wheel disk to sling the dam immediately, the warship of opposite party also in star light next overstepping dams, in an instant had 15 warships to enter in the dam, but, on a warship was standing by far one group of fire Yun City player, the clear pupil developed black ink and the others, her two stars pupil looks at all in city, suddenly the delicate eyebrows wrinkled tightly, shouted to clear the way loudly tenderly: „It is not good, our intermediate total, front warship not to marching cipher?"

The military officer on front warship in great surprise, actually does intentionally to be calm: „The brothers in city, to a cipher for ever and ever sometimes completely!"

Xiao severe stares, the fire city soldiers in city killed off likely, which can also know that many, then smiles: „Has an affair...... The brothers, light a fire, give me to rumble!"


The palace guard soldiers in city have held up the flare, the next quarter, two dragon crystal artillery the packing ammunition in the chest cavity, the flame has ignited, „bang bang" two rumbled Going out, under the city the two fire city warships in Heishui River disintegrated to be exploded the fragment likely immediately directly, the player and NPC on warship were also more unfortunate than fortunate, what awfully was the palace guard in important pass takes out in abundance has fought the bow, wrapped on the thing of ignition above the arrow arrow, on the flare in a flash, the rocket fell in abundance, Cooldown, the warship in Heishui River one after another has burnt.


The main action shipboard, hot dace regiment of distant place commands Jiang Xiaoti a handle extravagant sword, the face whiten, the anger is exclaiming: „Damn, this group of damn Tian Ling Empire has sneak attacked our day water gate unexpectedly, the officers, fiercely attacks with me together, seizes the next day water gate to me!"

This is exactly as one wishes, I Jianfeng raises immediately, the palace guard and [Zhan Long] cavalry rushed to the city in abundance, our at least 3 thousand troops, do not fear them here, Dancing Forest and general Lian Po and other archers rushed to first Cooldown of city directly to inundate the Tien Chien rain skill to flow swiftly to fall in the crowd, on the warship fire city NPC of bathing sea of fire Large expanse of hangs likely immediately, the Dong Cheng Yue Luming stick also slowly wields, on the water surface flees flame beasts, tears the warship thoroughly.


A Yorozuo of hot dace regiment long raised Axe to rush to the city along the wire rope suddenly, the qing gong was good, Axe one cold, will strike the axe to cut to divide fiercely to the [Zhan Long] crowd, Matcha female raised the shield immediately, „clang" defended, Lin Wan Er made use from Matcha passed over gently and swiftly to advance on, the crowded dagger assassination, this Yorozuo's long mail-armor and helmet flaked continuously, on the body has also left behind bloodstains.

In addition Li Mu and attack of Wang Jian and the others, this Yorozuo's long HP Shua Shua falls, Xiao severe distant one time punctures the spearplay suddenly, „tittering" pierced this Yorozuo's long throat, I come a blade again, Zhen Yue Blade is very sharp, this Yorozuo long also only then the Divine Tier accurate BOSS strength, drops down directly, that head draws a parabola to fall in the water, silent.

The Lin Wan Er dagger waves, tried to rush to the fire two city soldier of city to rumble one after another likely, took advantage of opportunity to hold up the back iron umbrella, the spin of graceful tender body in the city wall, the strength gathered full one time sweeps strikes, iron umbrella directly another NPC soldier pounding down city, the pitiful yell sound reverberation was from the sky unceasing.


On the warship of distant place, clear pupil develops a black ink pretty face distant looks at Lin Wan Er, bites the silver tooth saying: „Cang Tong, is you!"

Lin Wan Er jumps to base above a wire rope gently, as if treads the spatial and good female celestial, that light looks that the clear pupil develops black ink, I gain ground to ask: „Wan Er, do you know her?"

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „In conquers the country war, I and she have encountered."

The clear pupil develops black ink to raise long bow, is away from our at least over 150 yards, bites the silver tooth to shout to clear the way lowly: „This account, I forever record, wait and see, is waiting for my revenge!"

Lin Wan Er beautiful eyes like water: „When do you plan to take revenge?"


The cool breeze is swaying the battle dress, clear pupil develops the entire left hand of black ink almost to hide after the battle dress, her right hand one held the bowstring suddenly horizontally, that long bow hides in the battle dress gathered the potential to be successful, above the bowstring flip-flop is beating purple Thunder Guang, lavender supplements the bone-chilling cold arrow arrow to come from out of the blue, simultaneously follows her sneering sound: „Is now!"


Arrow arrow passing over gently and swiftly sky, the goal pointed to Lin Wan Er, Lin Wan Er did not move aside, deeply inspired the iron umbrella suddenly horizontally in the front, arrow arrow of a half second of opposite party bloomed on the iron umbrella!



Defended successfully, actually as before so caused heavy losses, if the injuries of direct hit at least over 4 thousand, this clear pupil did develop the arrow arrow attack of black ink to be strong?

„Thunderous arrow." Li Mu said lightly: „attack power of this woman strives to excel!"

My Jianfeng one keeps off in the Lin Wan Er front horizontally, single-handed, [Great Realm of Desolation] erupts under the city on the warship, immediately several NPC called out pitifully is massacred, but my Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared, trod the water to bring the roaring flame to graze in the warships, the under city gate opened, Xiao severe issued an order, one crowd of scales launched the attack, chases down the fire likely city soldiers who ran away to come ashore.

The day water gate falls into enemy hands, this is the fact, the clear pupil developed black ink not to recognize has also recognized, and hard strength of [Zhan Long] and palace guard also made her unable in short Cooldown the quick victory, but the clear pupil developed black ink to raise the long bow, said lightly: „Retreats, did not want day water gate!"

Zhan Long Chapter 865

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