Zhan Long Chapter 866

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Commanding Jiang Xiao of hot dace regiment raise the long sword to walk to go forward suddenly, is angry: „Enlightened emperor gives my duty is to defend the fine day water gate, then looks for the opportunity to attack, how can you such fall the day water gate?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to look to Jiang Xiao, said lightly: „Has fallen into enemy hands, discussed that what falls? If not your person extremely in the general idea, the day water gate will fall into enemy hands? Immediately retreats, all responsibility are taken by me!"

„Yes, good......"


Gazed after the hot dace regiment and beautiful life Guild person to draw back in the curtain of night, I asked: „Who this clear pupil develops black ink is, why that did NPC call her princess?"

Yue Qing Qian replied in side: „That is because in the edition activity of previous Indian area the clear pupil develops the meritorious value of black ink to be highest, therefore the king purple flame enlightened emperor gave her reward to confer a position of princess, basically the status your this palace guard commanded with Brother Xiao Yao almost, but you must deal with the king in Tian Ling Empire to your aiming, but the clear pupil developed black ink in fire Yun City is actually the purple flame enlightened emperor your presence favorite, the purple flame enlightened emperor almost developed the ink to the clear pupil is always follows."

Li Mu shows a faint smile: „This is the disparity, in some sense, the purple flame enlightened emperor truly can be called the enlightened emperor, always compared with looks at high to be better on many throne."

I crack into a smile: „But nobody wants on and purple flame enlightened emperor."

Li Mu touches the nose: „Your younger sister......"

Li Meng Yao stares circle beautiful eyes: „Do you want to do?"

Li Mu: „......"

Xiao severe as if also has actually understood our speech, raises is bringing the long spear of blood to say with a smile: „Commands the Sir, I thought this adventurer few variants said also somewhat the truth, the purple flame enlightened emperor in some sense truly has understood clearly Great Emperor, do we so protect Tian Ling Empire actually for what? For a selfish timid weak lord?"

I put out a hand to touch in city wall the ice-cold crenelation, said: „No matter understands clearly stupidly, Tian Ling Empire is our homelands, is our foundations of foothold, we use temporarily as fight for Tian Ling Empire, and...... Tian Ling Empire also has Princess Pearl, her total can understand clearly many?"

Xiao Lixiao: „Um, that uses temporarily as fights for Tian Ling Empire, fights for Your Highness Pearl!"

„Let alone these, summoned quickly the cavalry soldier, do not chase down, keeps 1000 people to guard the real customs, other people enter the area inside the Great Wall, we sneak attack the fire likely city in encircles!"

„Yes, Sir!"


Since the clear pupil develops black ink to know that we have captured a day of water gate, that definitely will inform the Indian player in inner city to seize the pass/test, on this day the water gate definitely cannot preserve, but since we enter the area inside the Great Wall already that was ready must die, if the Chinese player outside the passes cannot the broken city, we almost catch a turtle in a jar with great speed.


Got there first, rides god fierce fine horse to tread in the important pass to encircle, leading one group of dense and numerous palace guard and [Zhan Long] player to leave the city, altogether 3 thousand people high and low, the majority was a cavalry soldier, was led 1 thousand person by Lin Wan Er long-distance, the supplies team in the rear area, I led 2 thousand cavalries to skice have advanced, fought from the day water gate, extremely bright of Lin Wan Er has surpassed my expectation, she can the clear and bright capture the attack opportunity, this was Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue even is the god directs Matcha not to discover that had such vice- Guildmaster to assume the rear area, our these 2 thousand cavalry soldiers did not use. Rear area the worry was sneak attacked.

As before is the dark night in game, approximately also 1 hour on dawn, East already flood fish-belly white, star light also dim many, 2 thousand cavalries skice, soon after the front presented one to bury the checkpoints of dense and numerous antler, about 2000 + NPC garrison troops were guarding, this reminded me of Drunken Spear this fall harvest regiment to command in the treatment that the legendary Emperor Yu regiment received, the present these garrison troops are the person of fire Yun City third regiment acting as look-out regiment, raised the garrison commander of long blade to walk to go forward, shouted to clear the way loudly: „What person?"

Xiao severe is courageous, raises long spear to progress to go forward, then concealing of behind-the-scenes plotting, said: „I am the Yorozuo long bright shade of hot dace regiment, who you are, why will here set up the checkpoint?"

The garrison commander is stunned: „Does hot dace regiment have to call bright shade Yorozuo to be long?"

„I am Yorozuo who Jiang Xiao commands is transferred to newly am long, who you are, intercepts has what attempt on the road, is the spy in day of plume empire, immediately gives father to reply!"

The garrison commander is only the multitude of people are after all long, was fooled stares: „End is the multitude of people of acting as look-out regiment should do steadily, inferiorly when the general comes, aren't the hot dace armed forces are being responsible for the defense of day water gate?"

Xiao Lidi shouted to clear the way: „Fire city defends likely imperial becomes serious, Tian Ling Empire that crowd too will be very fierce, will therefore command the Sir end to lead 1 thousand cavalry to join, immediately allows to pass!"

„Yes, but, but also asked the Sir to show the number and route plate!"

„Good, you took then."

When that multitude of people long stand up from failure starts to go forward, Xiao severe suddenly grazes to be near, holds up the flare on the anger to pound on the face of opposite party, the waist saber flashes, the direct second kills, the multitude of people long stand up from failure to fall, Xiao severe urges the horse to skice dozens meters, long spear horizontal, roared to open one pile of thorn obstacles stiffly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „To!"

I and Li Mu smile, he said: „Yorozuo of your this palace guard long quite fierce, moreover very quick-witted......"

I Ha Ha smile: „Must, how otherwise can entrust with heavy responsibility, on quick, our Cooldown are very precious, the sound makes in a big way, will immediately chase down our people more!"



One crowd of fire Dragon Rider raise long sword in abundance, to these 2000 people of garrison troops is being harvesting -type killing, when our 2 thousand cavalry soldiers overrun here only remaining corpses, but killed the empirical value and country that NPC obtained fights points to be many, this time did not have the meritorious value, did not leave the accident final country to fight points and meritorious value can be equal.

Ben Hang above the chilly earth, the oppression of the people acoustic shock shakes, the people keep silent, the front will present again the palatial city shortly afterward, the fire city arrived likely, taking advantage of star light that finally only remains, can see the fire likely city indistinctly from afar regarding the giant city wall continuous hundred li (0.5km) of city, the outer wall of city wall was the casting the red copper, every hundred meters observation watchtower, but we encircle when the city wall now, can see that the city wall did not have the casting red copper, thinks fortification thinks that the attack from surrounding, has not actually thought attack that in encircled?


An information, came from Lin Wan Er: „Pig, my intelligence system repayment gives me, the clear pupil developed black ink to announce our Coordinate, now, the maplewood is drunk already from the city of fire likely city, was bringing altogether 7 Guild, at least the 200 000 person encircled us to come, you looked at the direction of fire likely city, was the mist and dust soars to the heavens, if yes, that was right......"

I look into the distance, is really mist and dust shades the day, their cavalry soldier rapidness, most 5 minutes can engage in hand-to-hand combat with us!

Complained constantly, I have replied one: „Wan Er, you pick up the speed, looked at this stance we unable the inner and outer city walls in direct attack fire likely city, I will summon the purple thunder car(riage) to fence from in directly the attacking a city wall, dug on the city wall of fire city likely, takes this hole to break through the surrounding defense of fire likely city as the breach, let the Tian Ling Empire player and army realizes the besieged city, the grain and fodder of interruption fire likely city, making them lose the supplies to wait for death."

Lin Wan Er sends in a smiling face symbol: „Quite intelligent, this, we immediately, you first attack the city wall, come on!"



A Jianfeng revolution, I restrain the reins to shift the direction suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Xiao severe, Li Mu, Wang Jian, we city wall that goes to the direct attack to encircle, breaks through the iron bucket defense of fire likely city from here, brave clean, Old K, you lead 1 thousand person to resist Indian's attack, at least blocks to me for 10 minutes, otherwise the city wall cannot ruin!"

Old K and One Second Hero raise the pointed weapons, Qi Qi are nodding: „Relax, we!"

I have fired into the city wall straightly, but nearby the city wall many NPC garrison troops, several troops have also rushed ahead, more is in the hand grasps the infantry of long halberd, Xiao severe severe Hou is leading the person of palace guard to cover to kill.

Neighed with a warhorse, the god fierce fine horse stopped, I raised hand to summon purple thunder Ji Che, 100 [Soul Army] symbols revolved, purple Thunder Hongluo in the place, the [Soul Army] symbol consumed together rapidly, transforms to summon the purple thunder Ji Che strength, a giant combat tank that summoned has become, immediately the garrison troops anger on city exclaimed: „Some people touched us to encircle, the archer, killed them to me!"

I raised Dragon Reservoir Sword to fire into the city, coordinating purple thunder Ji Che to shell in the city wall, but Li Mu and Wang Jian led the [Zhan Long] cavalry to rush to the city wall to shield purple thunder Ji Che following the stair.

„Bang bang bang......"

Purple thunder Ji Che attack each time likely has blasted out an angry thunder, cracks also in city wall in encircled appeared, this sincere wall, player, if divided to cut with the sword, that looked like flexure is simply itchy, was my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] has the effect of certain destroying construction to chop, if did not have purple thunder Ji Che, I suspected that I chopped one hour also to chop here airtight, this feeling looked like a duty of pangolin is to bore through fully is Huangshan of stone is the same.


After several minutes, suddenly bang resounds, in the city wall encircled collapsed suddenly about 5 meters, can see the wall internal stone material, NND, this fire likely city construction time has not cheated on labor and materials, if were not the stone of fitting together perfectly, but was pile of broken cotton fibers, that is easier to do.

The distant place, the war cries shoot up to the sky, Old K and [Zhan Long] player of One Second Hero belt already and goes on an expedition world and other Indian war zone main force Guild to strangle to death in the same place, the [Zhan Long] following main force that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue lead also follows up to help in the fighting, short Cooldown is hard to decide the victory and defeat, but Cooldown one long suffers a loss inevitably is [Zhan Long], our is fights single-handedly, is unable to be lasting.

On the city, the war cries are also getting more and more stormy, has the fire Yun City player to well up to unceasingly, forces to draw back fire Dragon Rider that Li Mu and Wang Jian lead draws back again, we are the pure cavalry soldier, the opposite party are the archer, Mage, Healer and others had it all.


Looks bang that purple thunder Ji Che pounds, I said loudly: „Insists that insists again for 3 minutes, this city wall can handle!"


A person drops from the clouds, Li Mu was rumbled by one group of people drops the city wall, the face has been well-grounded, „bang" an almost front tooth strikes to fly, feels the inflamed face to sit, fills next health potion to help up the warhorse to fight again, at the same time shouted to clear the way lowly: „Xiao Yao you could rest assured that the brothers with every effort insisted certainly!"

Zhan Long Chapter 866

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