Zhan Long Chapter 867

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The short less than three minutes, finally, with purple thunder Ji Che another bombing, „bang" a crushed stone spatter in all directions, reach as high as 40 meters city wall break suddenly, the crushed stone shot up to the sky, has formed a small explosion, not only there is a [Zhan Long] player , many fire Yun City players were rumbled soar to the heavens to go.


Li Mu excited laughing.

My thousand frost wings flew suddenly, flew high to hold fire Dragon Rider to deliver him by the supple strength to the ground, then one after another holds will soon plunge to death the [Zhan Long] player who to make them fall to the ground safely, but as the fire Yun City player they run its own course, „bang bang bang" landing, fell ** split open.

Purple thunder Ji Che follows my order in destroying the city wall as before, we have only made about 10 meters gap, although has sufficed, but also slightly dislikes is too small, on the wall full is the crack, this time Li Mu and the others also held up the sword to chop randomly, I gave Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Drunken Spear, Yan Zhao Warrior and Misty Clouds and the others to send the news immediately, quick, confirmed that [Hero's Mound], [Judgement] and [Prague] three big Guild sent 2 thousand people to kill the reenforcement respectively, defended this gap, then took the gap to continue to invade as the starting point, such got angry likely the surrounding defense really complete disintegration of city.

Said that also laughable, attacking a city of main city direction has carried on for several hours, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery wanton bombing that long has not broken through including the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, finally unexpectedly must seeks for the breach by [Zhan Long] and palace guard from here.


Soon, three big Guild cavalry soldiers arrived, I issue the order immediately, the camp of [Zhan Long] and palace guard contract backward, making three big Guild people force up first, we have fought continually were very long, many players need to rest, supplies and waiting skill CD, cannot kill constantly, such really suffered a loss.

In the city wall, the army and fire Yun of City player distant as before many fire likely city kill, I dispatched in one team of barbarian blade shield camps the city to shield the archer and Mage to attack, the barbarian in blade shield camp not only the strength was greatly infinite but also the thick-skinned meat was coarse, the NPC army soldiers in fire likely city generally also on 40 thousand HP, however our blade shield camp basically at least were million HP ranks, gave them to kill does not have the issue, and [Zhan Long] Healer can also treat the palace guard soldier, Cooldown they on becoming natural defense, contended with the army of fire likely city sufficiently. With player.

After several minutes, rides to fly, the transmitting orders officer held up the signal flag saying: „Marshal summoned the palace guard to command General Li!"

I nod, arrange the attack and defense of gap region, then went along with the transmitting orders officer, does not know that the armed forces place had anything to order newly, but we have made a breakthrough, this was the good deed.


Armed forces account, brief incomparable, but the surroundings have raised up Wang Qi, this is the glory that the emperor's clan can have, because Pearl we dare to raise up Wang Qi here, otherwise does not have the qualifications depending on our these ordinary military officers.

Above the battle dress is also bringing the bloodstain of twinkle star, this was a moment ago fighting with all might fire Yun City NPC and player stays behind, I made a fist to tread the red rug to enter the armed forces account, both sides will be placed the adviser and ginseng of this expedition, Pearl and Xu Yi, Luo child, hundred Ningxia and Xiahou Ren and the others, as if five big regiments lacked my this palace guard to command.

„General Li was laborious!"

Pearl stands before the sand table, said with a smile to me: „Heard that you have led the palace guard to sneak attack a day of water gate, encircled from broke the city wall of fire likely city, this simply was great merit one!"

I nod saying: „Um, after breaking through the city wall , the person can push directly into, so long as we shut off the grain and fodder of fire likely city, this city several million population in one week can eat to eat all one's food all grain in storage, lacks opens up wasteland with the supplies of cities, they radically on support how long."

I actually other one haggle over, 24 hours of player in the game are 4 days, such come us, so long as the reality Cooldown 1-2 days can wait till the fire city to run out of food likely, when the time comes attack again definitely with irresistible force, lack the shield of NPC army, the Indian players cannot resist the elite Chinese player, after all are not each Indian player are the clear pupil develop black ink, are not each Guild are the beautiful life, go on an expedition the world.

Pearl said with a smile slightly: „General Li stands to reason, this merit I have taken down for you, but...... Our grain and fodder equally were also burnt almost cut off, what does Li Xiao Yao command to suggest?"

My sip purses the lips: „Dispatches the main force to protect supply line, again being robbed grain."

„Already late!"

Xu Yi knits the brows: „The latest news, the people of hot dace armed forces appeared in the fire god fort wreckage, kill us to transport the 1000 soldiers of grain team, increased the grain and fodder to steal our first batch completely!"

I clench teeth saying: „Xu, I remembers that I have told you, must defend the granary and supply line, you send the trivial 1000 people to transport the grain, doesn't this deliver the grain and fodder to give the fire likely city?"

Xu Yinu: „Li Xiao Yao, you think that I do think? The main force of our army pressing offense city, I am not having too many military strength to protect the supply line, must say words that holds responsible, you have bled off the main force of hot dace armed forces in the day water gate, I think the biggest responsibility but actually in your Li Xiao Yao!"

I could not bear smile: „Responsibility in me? Right Xu, I thinks you , if no to fall blindly, should know that is whose starry night does lead the palace guard ten thousand people of cavalries to reenforce the granary? I think that you should also know is who leads the palace guard to seize the next day water gate? I can also be what kind, my Li Xiao Yao is not a god, I cannot have foresight step by step, I can only achieve me to do, you, your three services command, accomplishes nothing, only knows that here investigated whose responsibility defeats is, is this three services marshal should have the achievement that?"

„You! You!"

Xu Yiqi must the beard fly, does not have to manifest suddenly, because of my in the principle, pokes above his weakness.


Two big commanders win to be red in the face, Pearl has smiled actually in a soft voice, will smile hundred to flatter to live, making one crowd heavy look to stay, she will cover the mouth saying: „Was good, Li Xiao Yao commands you let alone, said again our Xu could be irritated by you."

I said: „Yes, Your highness."

Pearl said: „Has a plan for the present thinks, then what to do? The main force of hot dace armed forces about 4 thousand people in our rear areas, they may attack to harass our rear areas as before anytime, to attack to plunder our grain and fodder, even if we can sphere the fire likely city, starves to death them, but our these several hundred thousand armies will be also same will be hungry cannot hold up the pointed weapons in hand."

Luo child makes a fist saying: „That has to attack a city with great speed, earlier took the fire likely city!"

I knit the brows: „The inner and outer city walls in fire city are likely solid, wanting the fast war to be unlikely . Moreover the fire Yun City reinforcements in the fire likely city, the population are not majority of less than us."

Pearl said: „What brilliant plan do you have?"

I am grasping the sword hilt, said lightly: „Brilliant plan is far, but we first should sphere the fire like the city, interrupts their reenforcement supply lines, then sends a strength full main force regiment to go to the convoy grain and fodder, again, sending a cavalry soldier to sneak attack fire Yun City, the deceptive attack, forcing the hot cloud empire main force regiment of fire in like city to run out of the city reenforcement, we intercept them in the halfway with the main force, destroys completely them, can perhaps get it over and done."

Luo child cannot bear sneer, hugs is breaking the wrist saying: „Li Xiao Yao commands, you quite ruthless heart!"

I look directly to him, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „My cold is to enemy, but you ban the marquis Luo child to let the Tian Ling Empire three services pressing offense fire likely city, making them bring death in vain, more cruel-hearted?"


Luo child clenches jaws, his behind Rotter visits me virulent, said: „Li Xiao Yao, really worthily is the empire pillars of the state, you look at your present rampant stance, which also likely is the young fellow who initially that initially entered the palace guard!"

I implored the tone, said: „Before your this person, I always arrogant, if you are not feeling well, hits me?"

Rotter: „You......"

Must irritate one to command with Yorozuo shortly is long, Princess Pearl cannot bear say with a smile: „Was good, the idea of that dependence Li Xiao Yao commanding! Purple spirit armed forces General Xiahou who Ren is responsible for the rear service personally leads the purple spirit armed forces 5 thousand main forces to return to the city, goes to convoy enough grain to come, other three services rapid breakthrough gaps, destroy east the fire likely city wall, forms of the potential of besieged city . Moreover, is more frugal the shell of hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery, we also need to complete the decisive battle with them."

„Yes!" One group of military officers salute together.


I did not have to say anything, but hopes that purple spirit armed forces commanded Xiahou Ren to be more intelligent, this time must protect the good grain and fodder to come the front inevitably, perhaps otherwise the Tian Ling Empire army must starve to death first, but I cannot place too in a big way expected that after all the genuine advisers of hot dace armed forces were the clear pupil develop black ink, by her wisdom, the ordinary NPC sincerity was not necessarily able to deal with.

One group of combat generals clear, Pearl only left behind me.

In the empty armed forces only remaining both of us, Pearl sip the red lip, said: „You know why I do leave behind you?"

I asked that non- answered, says with a smile: „I want to know that our Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder can also support for several days?"

Pearl said: „An ordinary soldier day can eat 3 jin (0.5 kg) grain approximately, the grain and fodder of carrying we accompany had 500 thousand jin (0.5 kg), perhaps can only support 3 to 4 days."

I said: „Is this place that you worry?"


The Pearl long sigh, said: „If Xiahou Ren cannot transport the front the grain and fodder, perhaps we can only withdraw troops to return to the city."

I have a look at the fire likely city that the rocket of distant place rises from all directions, cannot bear say with a smile: „Actually, if can withdraw troops to return to the city, pours is also a good deed, we stopped over here for a long time are too too long."

The Pearl corners of the mouth tremble: „You said...... Port City and will Full Moon City have an action?"

I nod the head: „If I am they, I will not look on that the day of plume empire annexes the hot cloud empire to accomplish nothing."


Pearl said leisurely: „But that is also what kind , the emperor brother gives my decree to raise the head of purple flame enlightened emperor to go back to see him, if cannot, I only be able to raise own head to go back to see him......"

I smile: „Do not crack a joke, has me, who dares to move you?"

Pearl beams into a smile: „Ehm......"


Today three, second at 12 : 00 pm ~

Zhan Long Chapter 867

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