Zhan Long Chapter 868

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Also is a section of city wall collapses fiercely, the surrounding city wall wall of fire city broke likely has destroyed 200 meters in length, the Tian Ling Empire player and army push directly into, Xu Yi brandishes the saber, in directly camp that the cavalry who leads one group of flame Dragon Jun enters the fire Yun City player, irresistible, in addition [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and attacks of [Judgement] several guilds, the fire Yun City player instantaneously presents the potential of collapse, from the start could not resist.

Li Mu and Wang Jian are also leading the [Zhan Long] player in [Assault], makes use fights points with a rich country is the kingly way, otherwise [Zhan Long] participated in this country to fight is almost equal to hitting in vain.

The meritorious service that performs many also exists in the lips of people again, but is actually cross good lies in equipment and Level, this truth I was saw clearly thoroughly, is similar to I now holds the post of commanding of this palace guard, I no longer cared actually my military rank was high and low, cared whether was actually the strength buckle of palace guard, equipment whether excellent.


Thousand frost wing in addition hold, has walloped one in the crowd, meets no resistance, on Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword chop fully are the blood, after having thousand frost wings, my murder efficiency has at least promoted 50%, adds the Shangyang flame vigor again 50% injury additions, was simply twice the result with half the effort, which no matter I fly, the fire Yun City player always looks like yes damn avoids me, even is going on an expedition world guild also avoidance [Zhan Long] that desirably the maplewood is drunk to lead, he is a smart person, knows that cannot and [Zhan Long] continues facing spelling, otherwise suffers a loss can only be they, fire cloud. The players in city are many, guild are also many, but the elite degree is actually well below the Chinese area, the Chinese war zone lost [Zhan Long], at least also has [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate] and other main Guild, but if fire Yun City going on an expedition world and beautiful life two big Guild whole army has been annihilated, that remaining 3-10 th guilds almost be only the temple Knight group and every that degree, two dozens one also not necessarily was the [Prague] match, had the disparity by the cohesive force.


Knife edge Ping Guo, chops together with the breastplate a Knight shield together, his face falls to leave in consternation from the warhorse, meanwhile being damaged 50% shields exploding, me has taken advantage of opportunity to pick to look, unexpectedly is 125 levels of Divine Tier shields, is current medium excellent equipment, looks back loses to Meng Yao makes her decide that whom this shield apportioned, and plundered on the ground passed, had found equipment of several Emperor Tier and day of plume rank, decomposed into the [Soul Army] symbol completely is ready to be used, [Soul Army] symbol 100 one group, was not occupies to wrap the space very much., I already in this country fought is killed by weapons equipment to obtain 7 groups of many [Soul Army] symbols, since the purple thunder car(riage) started to show, was also getting bigger and bigger to the demand of [Soul Army] symbol, no matter following attacked the flame likely city, was longer-term attacked flame Yun City, as if the [Soul Army] symbol was the better and better.

On the plain of inner city, cavalry soldier the war of preying has continued 4-hour-long, I was also commanding the cavalry of [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier and palace guard have rushed ahead for 4 hours in the crowd, the people killed the whole body to be bathed in blood, buckle many people, but killed people several more, the maplewood was drunk already issued an order, leading the fire Yun City player to retreat the fire in abundance like the city, such one, the fire was similar to like the city I expected becomes an orphaned city, all around China players encircled, the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery stood in great numbers, momentarily the standby has attacked a city, but nobody attacked a city, Pearl ordered, interruption. Fire city supply line, besieged a city for three days to say likely again.

Around the mound of earth outside city, the [Zhan Long] core management level player makes the rest temporarily, soon after Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Yan Zhao Warrior and six his and the others in abundance came, these people are attacking a city the management players of main Guild, but when does not know, they have tacitly approved [Zhan Long] are this attack fire Yun City leader Guild of expedition.

I depend upon on a low peach tree, is cleaning Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword bloodstain, simultaneously skids on the cutting edge with a brightly burnished hone slowly, this is the hone of Tian Ling Empire special product, after the mill knife, can promote 2% weapon durable approximately, every 1 hour can mill knife one time, Dragon Reservoir Sword have the special effect never to wear is all right actually, the endurance of Zhen Yue Blade only then 44%, every hour of mill knife time restored durable, this is each close combat is the basic fight skill that the masters must master.


Misty Clouds also sits on the lawn, takes out the hone for the sword blade edge polish, [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster Q-Sword progresses to go forward, stands up from failure to discontinue, the racket the nape of the neck of warhorse lets it, in the one side gnaws the green grass in food ground, at the same time looked to our one group of people, said: „Maplewood was drunk to retreat the fire city to work as the turtle likely, were we such then waiting?"

I nod: „Um, the strategy of Tian Ling Empire army is the besieged city, consumes the grain and fodder of fire likely city, when the NPC army in fire city is likely hungrier much the time attacks a city again."

The Q-Sword swarthy pupil trembles slightly, the corners of the mouth rise, say with a smile: „I find the way to pick up their grain and fodder spending rate."

„Speeds up?" I asked.

Yan Zhao Warrior also asked: „Right, you have any good means that making everybody endless is not the means."

Q-Sword nodded the head, hesitates saying: „Actually, I have several friends to study abroad and do business in India, several entered India, therefore their status are the fire Yun City players, although they do not crave at the country war very much, but I can through the relations, confirm that in fire likely city the Coordinate of granary, we send the assassin to submerge, or enters the fire likely city in the tactic of airdrop, is bringing the stage prop of setting on fire, burns down the granary in fire likely city, believes that they on crying to cry not to come out."

Yan Zhao Warrior claps: „Um, the means are good."

I said: „Around in fire city wall every other hundred meters have a lookout tower likely, in each lookout tower the demon eye quartz, under shining of demon eye quartz, [Stealth] of any assassin will be solved, therefore the assassin is very difficult to submerge."

Q-Sword nods: „Um, therefore I plan to create the confusion, making the assassin seize the chance to enter, so long as an opportunity, we can succeed."

I show a faint smile: „What needs us to make?"

Q-Sword said: „Several Guild here, each sends few players to start in four sides city wall attacks a city, I will start one time to attack, at least dispatches over a thousand assassin [Stealth] to enter a city together, can mix to look at the divine intervention."

Yan Zhao Warrior nods to say with a smile: „Um, if this plan can be completed, your Q-Sword is great merit one!"

Q-Sword micro smile: „Only I want to do earlier kills fire Yun City, otherwise this has the main cities of 5000 thousand players to let us simply such as the fishbone in the throat, has fire Yun City, our Tian Ling Empire player rests calmly and steadily on Beng Xiang."



I continue to sit there rest and restore the weapon be durable, swept till country to fight the points list while convenient a at the moment, points of Chinese war zone was really blustery

1 st, the Xiao Yao Zi Zai country fights points: 5246

2 nd, the Fang Ge Que country fights points: 5117

3 rd, the Enchanted Painting country fights points: 4560

4 th, the Cang Yue country fights points: 4412

5 th, the Cang Tong country fights points: 4240

6 th, the Mu Xuan country fights points: 4128

7 th, the Simple country fights points: 3722

8 th, the Drunken Spear country fights points: 3622

9 th, the Q-Sword country fights points: 3514

10 th, the Ye Lai country fights points: 3500


Almost has walked randomly in frontal line me is points list first, second is Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting has the water deity halberd, the output is astonishing, therefore is third, Dong Cheng Yue relies on the advantage of Luming stick to be listed at fourth, Lin Wan Er follows, Mu Xuan and Simple two Mage female are 67, afterward is the short spear trick, Q-Sword and Ye Lai three force close combats is the player, the country fights the points list first three players to have the opportunity to obtain the inferior magical instrument, magical instrument and Country Weapon, this enticement was really too big, killing the enemy that because just such people went all out, naturally. The major part reasons are warm-blooded and make it so frantically.

„Did the Tian Ling Empire direction start?"

I am somewhat puzzled: „Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting points is really high!"

The Lin Wan Er nod smiles: „Um, before 11 hours, made war in Wu Shenhe, Port City has at least used 1000 thousand people, then fire Yun City also had about 500 thousand + people to arrive in military god Henanan, after some small guilds of Chinese war zone has destroyed completely on the attempt submerges to cross river in the Panlong range, finally was drown to death several thousand people, Frost Forest ordered from asking Tianfeng rigidly adheres Tian Ling Empire, but was led 4 thousand + people to sneak attack by Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting, the loss was serious."

„?" I am astonished however: „Wu Shenhe the rivers are rapid, only if Fang Ge Que has the transmission magic, but in the country fights forbids any transmission, how Fang Ge Que does cross Wu Shenhe?"

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth ripple the happy expression: „Fang Ge Que orders [Legend] over ten thousand Dawn Mills brand to ride guarding in the great demon bamboo grove, then felled the bamboo in bamboo grove to produce the large-scale bamboo raft, by starlight shipped 4 thousand elite to cross river, has routed Frost Forest and team of Yao Yue guarding at one fell swoop in star moon/month bog, then took advantage to win the pursuit, killed the several fold to retreat in own enemy North bank of Wu Shenhe."

I deeply inspire, am silent, the Fang Ge Que strategy is not very truly ordinary.

Not far away Q-Sword also hears me and Lin Wan Er dialog, a brow wrinkle that cannot bear, he has probably not thought that Fang Ge Que so will be smooth in the fight of Wu Shenhe direction, Fang Ge Que is smoother, this CBN fought the net first person of King status to be perhaps more difficult to shake, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han had the will of name king player leader, naturally cannot be glad to hear this news.

I have not thought actually that Fang Ge Que the stronger the better, such this country will fight also to hit, but...... Only is Fang Ge Que and [Legend], perhaps is also hard comprehensively to resist Port City and fire Yun City some military strength, the tactical situation also temporary, later will have anything to be unforeseen that moreover what I should care is at present the fight of Tian Ling Empire VS fire likely city.


Zhan Long Chapter 868

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