Zhan Long Chapter 869

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Has a look at Cooldown, is the country fights next day around 10 : 00 pm, we have not eaten food for a long time, this way must drag to go bad the body, therefore I said to the guild core management in the guild channel: „Started to besiege a city, did not have our anything matter, let the small guild and NPC besieges a city, [Zhan Long] all offline has rested, after 10 hours got online, and when it is time to sleep maintained the cell phone starting, tomorrow also the war, can not go to work the schoolmates who and ditch school inevitably as far as possible to come!"

People Qi Qi nods, each one gave to issue to order in the team.

At this time, distant rode to come, was [Zhan Long] third point pledge the elegy of Guildmaster god of death, 151 levels of Knight, rode Steel Blade to ride, wears glistens to fight the armor, Death God's Elegy this person family circumstances were good, the manner upheld justice, therefore equipment reached in first-class, and brothers were many, was of being utterly devoted.

„How, elegy?" I asked.

Death God's Elegy stands up from failure to discontinue, on the face is bringing guilty, said: „Excuse me Guildmaster, I one must discuss compared with the business this afternoon, therefore has not come in the afternoon, the main force of third point pledge has not moved with the main pledge in the afternoon together, but everybody energy is full, can be the garrison troops that tonight [Zhan Long] remains behind, needs me to make anything, said directly, tonight I and my brothers together night."

I smile: „Altogether how many military strength?"

„People that the entire guild can use about 5000 people, has the duty really?" His slightly thinking said.


I layer on layer nod, said: „Surrounding here of fire city did not need the person likely actually, but the place actually must have the strength good person to level, since this also has been I continuously worry."

„, Where?"

„The supply line of Tian Ling Empire NPC army."

„Supply line?" Death God's Elegy is stunned: „Does Guildmaster, how do specifically?"

I put out a hand to summon a map, is pointing at the above several points, said: „Elegy you look, the Tian Ling Empire supply line to the fire likely city, several specially easily ambushed points, exorcize demons forest one, the fire god fort is also one, here, the bateau-bridge of Heishui River is also most likely the ambushed place, Princess Pearl appointed the purple spirit regiment to escort the grain and fodder, but also only then 5 thousand armies, you know that whom I was worried about?"

Death God's Elegy eye one bright: „Clear pupil develops black ink that young woman!"


I nod to say with a smile: „I am load imperturbable pupil develop black ink, after she forces left a day of water gate, to have about 2 thousand beautiful life Guild main forces by me and Wan Er, 30,000-40,000 hot dace armed forces are in the fertile plain You Yi, chased the person who killed us to complete the order form everywhere, the grain and fodder by them is also interrupted one time, commanding Xiahou Ren of this purple spirit armed forces sent under custody the grain and fodder personally, but definitely also will be developed black ink to stare by the clear pupil, the light was 5 thousand purple spirit armed forces I can vouch for definitely is not a match, therefore, your belt your 5000 brothers, were protecting the supply line."


„In sends the assassin to reconnoiter along the way, is in control of the trend of NPC grain motorcade when necessary, your 5000 people do not want on directly, must continuously not far away of You Yi around the motorcade, when the clear pupil develops black ink and hot dace armed forces begins first, so long as they begin, you Chetta's latter team, fight the purple spirit armed forces immediately together, the clear pupil will develop black ink hand eye direct access to the highest authorities also to suffer a loss, what will be most important was must protect the grain and fodder should not be burnt down again, at least must support to the fire city runs out of food likely."

A Death God's Elegy double fist collision, in eye ignited has fought intent, said with a smile: „I see, Guildmaster felt relieved that even if defeats me and all my brothers will not make the clear pupil develop black ink to prevail once more!"

„Um!" I nod, said: „I can officially inform one with [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] several Guild, if necessary you can borrow the soldier from these two Guild, does not use too, several thousand can borrow, once falls into the dogfight, immediately to [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Judgement] Guild request aid, does not lose face."

„Yes, I have arranged, that batch of grain and fodder as if already from Tian Ling Empire!"



Arranges the third point pledge the trend, I open the good friend to list immediately, gives Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song to send the news to officially inform one separately, at this time Lin Wan Er had also sent in the news, said that was the meal prepares, waited for offline to eat, therefore stood up from failure to start hurriedly, speedily has fired into the forest land of palace guard.

Palace guards after five big main forces, the barrack is in Zuojun locates, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers in the armed forces account, when I takes a step to enter, the people together stand up to salute: „Commands!"

Seat tail place is a beautiful dark Moon Elf young girl, is the fine silks, her two stars pupil looks to me, said: „Commands, after we join the palace guard, did not have truely had been used, when will use us?"

I smile: „Immediately uses!"

„Really?" The fine silks said with a smile joyfully: „That was too good, which day otherwise and other goes to Zizhulin to see Queen Fiona the time, she knew that my small achievement has not stood will certainly be angry."

„Um." My hand presses the sword hilt, ordered: „Dragon whetstone and Xia Ye, you lead the star blunderbuss camp and demon flame camp to continue to besiege a city, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, you lead 3 thousand main force ambushes in the fire god fort jungle, waits for the awaiting shipment grain team to come, once transports the grain team direction to have the fight, you reenforce immediately with great speed, the fine silks also lead 1 thousand Moon Elf bowman to accompany, to have the position wartime to use arrow together to call them, sending enough blade shield camp brave warrior to protect good dark Moon Elf, must make their send lossless!"

The Han deep pool strikes one's chest, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Commands to feel relieved, even if were my Han Yuan died, will not make the dark Moon Elf beautiful women be damaged little!"

„Um, that was best."

Xiao severe looks to me, said: „Sir, some of will your people sneak attack to transport the grain team definite?"

„Yes, why otherwise the hot dace armed forces have not been willing to return to the fire likely city, even if the fire city is surrounded likely has not reenforced, the reason only then one, the strategy of hot cloud empire lets our unceasing running out of food, after three days of dry rations that Tian Ling Empire several hundred thousand army daily grain ration that many, accompanying carries finished eating, was in the hungry stage, when the time comes did not fight from the defeat."

Xiao severe bows the head to say in a low voice: „Sir is wise, I and General Han and fine silks team leader will certainly not disappoint the Sir."

„Um, I must rest, you try hard!"



offline eats meal, in the dwelling hall already smelled as sweet a piece, I can guess correctly, certainly was the chef who we hired came back, Sichuan Lu Yuehuai raised proper......

Dong Cheng Yue is coming out one plate of dish ends in the kitchen, Lin Wan Er in distributing the tableware, Tang Qi honest impolite sitting were eating meal there, when I sit down all preparations were ready, Lin Wan Er opened one bottle of red wines, four people drink one bottle, said that is helpful to [Lullaby] like this, probably truly is this, slightly thinks joyful, good [Lullaby].


I hold up half glass of liquor, said: „Wishes us...... Um, takes fire likely city and fire Yun City smoothly, performs good deeds!"

Lin Wan Er smiles: „That is you performs good deeds, I have not mixed the army with East city, we only strove for attaining equipment to suffice!"

„Casual, comes one."


Has drunk liquor, immediately starts to eat the dish, long Cooldown online has really been awfully hungry, I and Tang Qi have eaten have wolfed down, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are two virtuous young women, naturally cannot like us, this also directly cause the delicious dish clears off by me and Tang Qi, two beautiful women can only visit us pitifully, Dong Cheng Yue almost must call the animal.

Tang Qi grabs the chicken leg, is grasping the wine class, drinks one, bites one, is actually very satisfied, somewhat could not tolerate including me, could not bear say: „Tang Qi, you did not say that the successor in what Tang Men enterprise you are? Moreover Tang Men these people asked you little to advocate, what few lord did your this table manners calculate?"

Some Tang Qi grief and indignation: „Very early in the morning was entrained service, asks for with the Q-Sword eastern expedition west, but also was led one group of cavalry soldiers to chase down by maplewood being drunk, do you know? Especially at least 500 cavalry soldiers chase down my cloth armor, the soul frightened to fly, Sword Tears female also made me support a meeting, TNND, I led 500 cavalry soldiers to run three to insist around the fire city likely 3 hours, this was not the matter that the person did, starved to death I......"

Lin Wan Er laughs in spite of trying not to: „In the [Hero's Mound] blending, why that hasn't joined [Zhan Long] like this?"

Tang Qi touches the nose: „My Tang Qi, although is not the hero character, but also knows that faithful until death truth, I do not want to be scolded three surname house slaves......"

Dong Cheng Yue ominous visits him: „Are you are taunting me and Wan Er are three surname house slaves?"

„This...... Tang Qi accompanies to say with a smile actually": „Young lady do not think that you and Lin Wan Er make with Xiao Yao, joins [Zhan Long] to be indisputable, said again you knew Q-Sword time is the master, likely is not I, I must report back the appreciation for being recognized."

I smile in side: „Um, poured does not need to join [Zhan Long], said again the [Zhan Long] present master are also many, Li Mu, Qing Qian, Wang Jian, Old K and small dance, swam, Tang Xue, Matcha, Meng Yao that many, even if were Star Blade, Tang Xin and Lin Xiaoxie, Xing Lie, A Dream of a Thousand Cities these two masters were also many, did not lack Tang Qi such one, moreover Tang Qi joined our words, hatred that the purple demon forest fought still, perhaps Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K they one impulsive Tang Qi soaking pig cage......"

Tang Qi sneezed suddenly, speechless [say / way]: „Do I go, soak pig cage? It is not...... Adulterers ** will soak pig cage? I have violated any matter, really does not have the natural justice......"

Two female hee smile, I said: „Eats quickly eats quickly, eats, finished eating sleeps, does not know how long can rest, our reality 6 hours are one day in game, think that perhaps in played for two days both to pass by, the fire likely city was another picture, we must get online earlier, the earlier the better."


Zhan Long Chapter 869

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