Zhan Long Chapter 870

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A dream wakes up, is about 8 : 00 am, immediately got out of bed, after finishing eating the breakfast, immediately gets online.


At present the ray passed over gently and swiftly, appears in game, appears in the armed forces account of palace guard, got online opened the guild chat channel, was really extremely busy

General Wang Jian: „Here also more than 700 people, immediately come, where Old K did you, lead how many people?"

Hero Ran Min: „Only then 400 people do not arrive!"

General Li Mu: „Elegy your boy insists that everybody do not fall the lineup randomly, is centered on the whitewood forest ring-like circles the attack, the person who do not let the beautiful life flees!"

I asked hurriedly: „Is situation how is it?"

Wang Jian said: „Was too miserable!"

My moral nature sinks: „To be how miserable, was whitewood forest that map near the Heishui River, I guessed, did the clear pupil develop the ribbon fire dace armed forces and her Guild sneak attacks the Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder?"

Wang Jian nods: „Um, is the Xiao Yao elder brother, has projected on the present from 4 : 00 am, under the Death God's Elegy that boy hand person almost dies completely, mother's NPC of purple spirit regiment has instigated, fights bursts, was lucky that elegy boy plants, 4000 people are keeping off the clear pupil to develop the attack of black ink in the whitewood forest belt, more than two hours the people almost died, afterward Ye Lai and Q-Sword had the human to pass luckily, Xiao Yao elder brother's your palace guard also went, encircled the hot dace the person of armed forces and beautiful life in the whitewood forest, this time must kill off them!"

I clench teeth saying: „Beautiful beautiful woman since birth how many people?"

„The appearance of thousand + person, has hung half probably."

„Um, I immediately come!"

Summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, stood up from failure to start ran out of the camp, directly soared the direction of whitewood forest to go under attention of one group of palace guard soldiers, the god fierce fine horse speed was fast, less than 5 minutes arrived in the whitewood forest, heard the soaring to the heavens battle drum sound outside the grove, saw from afar Han Yuan, Xiao Lizheng led soldier in one crowd of blade shield camps to resist the impact of hot dace armed forces outside the whitewood forest, the before NPC soldiers of that group of hot dace armed forces are at the point of death has struggled, went all out very much, hits the heavy shield of blade shield camp, actually how. It is not able to break through the defense of palace guard, and blade shield Ying Zhan the crowded dark moon/month spirit young girl, Qi Qi the uphold arm archery, the arrow rain is falling in the crowd rapidly, kills one piece, the blood spatters in all directions everywhere is.

The god fierce fine horse plunders, I sever with one blow conveniently a head of remnant blood NPC, then directly soared the front to see Wang Jian led several hundred people to attack array of one group of beautiful life players in the forest, the opposite party more than 1000 people, must break through shortly, without demur, the sword developed simultaneously overran, [Blade Rush] [Tempest Sword] wreaked havoc, turned round to come time [Seven Star Fragment Slash] again, simultaneously established [Azure Dragon Crossbow] in the, Ancient Heavenly Tiger has also released, roared is entering the crowd, met no resistance.

Beautiful life Guild player Level is extremely high, raised the elder level player of shield to progress to clash, the anger exclaimed: „[Assault], massacres [Zhan Long] Guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai in echelon, this person dies, the pressure of our fire city will weaken likely!"

One group of cavalries neat fires into me, they want to kill me using the [Assault] skill continual dizziness effect approximately, what a pity has not thought that the special effect of heroic helmet, dozens people almost hit actually how me on my god fierce fine horse one after another, my Qing ate delicacies to rise straight from the ground actually, thousand frost wings were successful, the sword sank overran, consecutively several cut to erupt continually in the crowd, sword air/Qi swift and fierce sweeping, immediately several person in abundance falling horses, but that elder level knight HP was very thick, the backlash of clenching jaws, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Temporarily retreats, met with Guildmaster fights again!"

I already confirmed that this knight is a key person, at least is the key person of beautiful life, perhaps the clear pupil develops right-hand of black ink, massacres this person!

The ice wing flies upwards, accelerates to go suddenly, „bang" hits successfully, the knight roared to make the shield to strike + the continuous attack of flame of rapid fire, I watched, a moral nature actually tranquility, the town Yue Dao gently standard kept off, the Dragon Reservoir Sword sword hilt takes advantage of opportunity to cut into „bang" a hit inside his arm, town Yue Daozai came one time to divide to cut, Successful Skill Break, he already fell into the short delay effect, while this opportunity, my riding the wind cut erupts instantaneously!

„Bang bang bang"

Sword speed quickly certainly attacks continually, has cut to pieces instantaneously the breastplate and shield of this knight, chops his body piece by piece, the HP injury spatters in all directions continuously, only listens to one to whin, this HP at least surpassed thousand HP such to ride the wind to cut has killed to the second, even before dying, in his eyes has also filled unbelievable, probably did Indian war zone nobody have such injury output? In fact should also like this, take a broad view at the Chinese area, nobody has me to ride the wind to cut like this swift and fierce output, so long as lets ride the wind to cut hits completely, even if the god same player of must die!


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Quiet cloud】( IBN fights net to place 8 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 174 points!

NND, so many countries fight points unexpectedly, this goods have not killed little player in our China war zone!

The rapid meeting Wang Jian person, this boy the similar whole body has been bathed in blood, an excitement of face, said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, hot dace regiment altogether surpassed thousand person to go out, but these hours almost completely were also given to chop up by us! Hey, the person of beautiful life can resurrect again, but the hot dace regiment these time inevitably was whole army has been annihilated!"

I nod: „Continue, gathering the wreath reduced, found the clear pupil to develop the Coordinate of black ink, do not make her be lost, the clear pupil developed black ink to massacre our people too to be really many!"

„Um, yes!"

The forest land of whitewood forest basically is primarily the scrub forest, but the center is actually the white not well-known tall tree that bunches of insert the cloud, when our one group of people start to draw in the encirclement, palace guard and [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild also take advantage of opportunity to press, finally directly all closed on in the hot dace armed forces remaining thousand + the approximately thousand + person of person and beautiful life of the central whitewood forest, the area is not big.

Is riding the god fierce fine horse, I raise the long sword to look to the surroundings, the people are eager to try, has not been possible to be about to the result to fall the present crowd of enemy remnants urgently.

Yan Zhao Warrior is raising the extravagant sword, is pulling the reins of warhorse, progresses to march forward slowly, said: „Starts to attack? Everybody could not wait"

Q-Sword also nods: „Um, attack?"

I actually shake the head: „No, in this whitewood forest the trees are towering, the terrain does not favor our cavalry soldier [Assault] . Moreover the clear pupil develops the ink is a intelligent woman, certainly will lay down the trap technique of archer around the whitewood forest, once our people will start [Assault] definitely to lose seriously, with its this, would rather wasted some resources to solve them."

„Solves them with the resources?" Q-Sword is stunned: „What meaning?"

I laugh, beckons backward, said: „Han did Yuan, you prepare?"

In the battlefield of palace guard the people disperse in abundance, immediately reaches 40 Long Jing artillery one row to open, shell palate, artillery complexions with deep veneration is waiting for my order.

Yan Zhao Warrior could not bear smile: „, Has own army is really convenient, such one, the clear pupil developed black ink possibly to cry, she does not think that we will entertain them with Long Jing artillery?"

I nod, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Aiming whitewood forest, puts!"

Boom, earth unceasing is shivering, mount of people was also startled by the fierce artillery whining noise neighs unceasingly, but the front whitewood forest degenerated into the sea of fire instantaneously, the shock-wave of Long Jing artillery resounds through in the jungle, the whitewood was rumbled loose, we can also notice that crowded became piece of hot dace armed forces is ripped the fragment under Long Jing artillery, the player was unable to escape by luck, beautiful life Guild shield of player was disintegrated rapidly, Long Jingpao can the bang number meter deep a big hole in the ground, how the player be also possible maintains lives in a shield lineup.?

Cooldown, the war cries are shocking, shortly inescapable fire Yun Cheng NPC and player attack to all around in abundance, however all around is the Chinese players of being ready in full battle array, to the person almost instantaneously bent vector sum magic turned into the corpse, Musketeer also took out the small artillery, artillery shoot down in the crowd, although the momentum was inferior that Long Jing artillery also sufficiently made the person in Indian area be overwhelmed with emotion.

Bombing has continued for nearly 10 minutes, the present whitewood forest completely was already razed, the fireworks soars to the heavens, hot dace armed forces whole army has been annihilated, only then final several NPC are bringing the remnant blood the crowd that attacks the player, but the clear pupil developed black ink dead in the bombardment of Long Jing artillery, saw the news that she died in battle a moment ago, killed her is Long Jing artillery.

In the ruins, a combat general raised the long sword to progress to turn toward us to clash, was not others, commanding Jiang Xiao of hot dace armed forces, was in one great person of general rank, 158 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS, well-known character, what a pity now only then 30% HP, the whole body armor had been mass-criticized torn to pieces by Long Jing, if did not repair to be high, perhaps the body was torn to pieces!

My Jianfeng finger, said forward in a low voice: „Fire Dragon Rider, on, butchers this Jiang Xiao!"

Old K, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others did not need me saying that has walloped, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Lian Po and other long-distance also followed, actually Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior and I stood, has not felt all right to begin, with me together is looking that the [Zhan Long] person killed Jiang Xiao, in fact this fought the loss of [Zhan Long] to be also biggest, Death God's Elegy was having person third point pledge whole army has been annihilated, in addition the palace guard and loss of host pledge, this BOSS must belong to [Zhan Long], perfectly justified.

The needless several minutes, Jiang Xiao less than 5% HP, has raised is fighting the sword back and forth to conflict in the crowd, simultaneously looks to me, on the face full is the scowl, said: „Li Xiao Yao, your this coward, does not dare to fight with me, what skill the huge-crowd strategy massacres me is, has to plant you to come to fight to the death with this general!?"

I lifted the arm suddenly, town Yue Dao cut the air to fly, „bang" an acoustic shock resulted in Jiang Xiaolian to draw back several steps, on the face a startled color, wiped out his many HP actually not to kill him, but this blade made him no longer clamor, after several seconds, Jiang Xiao miserable howling, this hot dace armed forces commanded such are cut by the player, was Xing Lie fatal gunned down him.

Li Mu laughs in the distant place: „Guildmaster, left two ghost, do you want?"

„Does not want, you divide, divided to reduce heat immediately likely the city!"


Zhan Long Chapter 870

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