Zhan Long Chapter 871

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The setting sun in the western sky, the crowded cavalry speeds away to the fire likely city, under the setting sun afterglow, the fire city was caught a blood likely likely, but in fact this city truly had also been surrounded by the blood, to attack and occupy this city, Chinese and players of Indian two big servers have not damaged little player, total buckle number at least already in ten million/countless above.

Looked at the past from afar, in fire city the thick smoke was likely intermittent, that should not be the flame smoke cloud that the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal mass-criticized, looks at my puzzled appearance, Lin Wan Er says with a smile on my arms warhorse: „Q-Sword attacked successfully, was yesterday evening, we have used 1 million player active threats, attracted in the fire likely city the player and attention of NPC army, Q-Sword sends the Going out assassin to have part to steal into the city successfully, then burnt down the seven big granaries in fire city likely, has not dispersed the smog to the present."

My moral nature one happy, said: „Q-Sword has not really disappointed the Chinese area player, so long as burnt down the granary in fire likely city, basically this city was us, calculates according to Cooldown that we rested, game Cooldown already past two days, in the fire city that many NPC armies, surely did not have the grain likely, perhaps has been killing the warhorse to work as food."

Nearby Wang Jian raises the sword to progress the line, the nod says with a smile: „Right, we obtained news, the pure running water regiment, the acting as look-out regiment , the autumn leaf regiment hot cloud empire started to cut to kill the warhorse to act as the military provisions, the population of but in the city moving into was really too many, was the NPC army at least has only surpassed 40 thousand, only depended on the warhorse unable to meet the food needs of 40 thousand armies, moreover such one, the NPC cavalry soldiers in fire likely city large scale will shrink, is unable to place on a par with Tian Ling Empire."

Fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode, the palace guard cavalry to pass over gently and swiftly the city wall region, when we across the city wall later the front are the line of defense of dense and numerous Tian Ling Empire player and army, they have surrounded the fire city likely with huge crowds of people, and stone car(riage) of long-distance instrument was also smashing the city wall at the unceasing bang, caught fire likely in the city on the player and NPC counter-attack.

Arrives at the [Zhan Long] position front, Fox leads the person to guard here, a nod said with a smile: „Li Youngster, you came back finally, ahem, has killed to settle the pupil to develop black ink is not?"

I smile: „Is news very quick?"

„Nonsense, said in Guild that I am not the blind person and deaf person."

„Ha Ha."

„First do not smile, you used the dragon crystal artillery to develop the black ink bang to massacre the clear pupil directly, although great merit, but the annoying wool in the true sense this woman, the clear pupil has also developed black ink to post a post at the forum of Indian war zone, was to declaring war of our [Zhan Long], claimed that lost the fire city also definitely to kill our [Zhan Long] whole army has been annihilated likely!"

The Wolf straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise, say with a smile: „Must come to come, to post any post, our [Zhan Long] waits for her clear pupil to develop black ink to wipe out!"

I show a faint smile, without speech, but the clear pupil develops black ink this time, in dying in battle of whitewood forest put the blame in [Zhan Long] completely, this truly is not considered as that is any good deed, the country war was underway, I also counted on that after the [Zhan Long] people can capture some countries fought points, receive in exchange for the high quota repayment, but is developed black ink this fierce concubine staring now by the clear pupil, this was doomed is not the good deed.

Turned around to progress to move toward the south gate of fire likely city slowly, this was they the channel to fire Yun City, several other city gate Going out must also kill thoroughly a sincerer encirclement ring to break through, if I am they certainly will break through from Nanmen, but Nanmen was responsible for defending imperial was flame Dragon Jun and palace guard, was this expedition strongest two armies.


In the city wall, the army as if tired weak appearance of hot cloud empire, many people are building the iron saucepan in the city wall, is boiling out the good leather boots to appease hunger, this was really hungrily was also insane, even I can hear „, when ding-dong" the blowing bone sound, some soldiers were blowing the shredded meat on warhorse bone to appease hunger, some also grinding to swallow the bone, but thinks that the flavor was not quite certainly good, the archer who on the city was responsible for defending almost squatted to sit on the ground completely, nobody cropped up, only then player also spirit bright defending there.

The god fierce fine horse arrived at the armed forces account place slowly, armed forces account to Nanmen, means that the opposite party wants to break through to kill thoroughly our armed forces account, Princess Pearl sits quietly in armed forces account, saw that I arrive wipe the smiling face to fly the cheek immediately: „Li Xiao Yao commanded comes finally!"

I nod: „Your highness, is the situation how is it?"

Pearl said: „This is the third day that they run out of food, must unable to bear mostly, the armies of over 50 thousand people are impossible supported for a long time without supplies."

Luo child sneers saying: „If guessed that good, perhaps after they finished eating the warhorse, must kill the artisans and servants in city to shear the meat to eat."

I could not bear fight a shiver: „Can't?"

Luo child said: „Also has such precedent, in the empire expedition history more than once, is similar to Locker Great Emperor expedites spirit Yuecheng of full moon empire to be the same 17 years ago, spirit Yuecheng was surrounded on the 11 th, after the sod in city gnaws light, starts to kill people are the food, first is the people husband and artisan, the climate is the groom, finally is the woman, after broken city, spirit Yuecheng of 30 thousand population was only eaten the remaining 7 thousand people by oneself, afterward was ordered the complete slaughter light by Locker Great Emperor one!"

My knitting the brows head, has not spoken.

Xu Yi looks to me: „Won't General Li think extremely in cruel? The war is this, is not you dies is I lives, to win, any method can be used, and is reasonable."

I do not want to be hard to solve with these two, said to Pearl: „Your highness, the fire city will not support likely for a long time, even if the army of hot cloud empire does not kill, their more than ten million adventurers will not continue to get down, immediately ordered, the armed forces account had the broken through danger anytime."

Pearl raises the delicate eyebrows, said with a smile: „It seems like, did you have the idea?"

I nod: „Um, our former armed forces, the armed forces resisted their breaking through offensive, but do not resist is too long, was responsible for losing can aggravate, we let loose a road desirably, making the army of hot cloud empire advance to south, I have looked at the map, here to south was valley lands, called the fire likely valley, the entire canyon taking the form of great shape, we erected the artillery and dragon crystal artillery completely on the two wing mountain ranges of fire likely valley, then the ambush archer and blade shield soldier by the mountain valley, the be continuous ten li (0.5km) was our battlefields, killed this crowd of defeated troops according to the altitude advantage, the fire cloud empire. The hot dace armed forces the army died in battle, we strive in this fights destroys completely the pure running water regiment and day punishment regiment, the acting as look-out regiment and autumn leaf regiment again, kills off several main regiments completely, looked that fire Yun City also depends on anything to resist our following attacks!"

Pearl beams into a smile: „Good, suits me!"

Luo child actually knits the brows: „Since we can be stranded them in the fire city kill off likely, why does put Going out them? Li Xiao Yao, this marquis thought that your idea slightly has not satisfactorily, can force out obviously, actually intentionally indulges, simply stupidly!"

I suddenly felt the heart to be somewhat agitated, look to Luo child, every single word or phrase said: „Although I do not know military tactics, but also knows that ‚bird is poor , then the calligraphy stroke and beast are poor , then gnawed' the truth, the fire currently as before also has the armies at least 40 thousand people like the city, the army attacks, we can kill off them, oneself at least must lose more than half, would rather gave them a way out of hope, in laid an ambush along the way consumes them slowly, can fall to lowly our losses."

Luo child clenches teeth saying: „Your this is only slick......"

Pearl somewhat seems to be disgruntled, said: „Bans the marquis, are you only a cutting edge military officer, the military strategy have not as if been one's turn you to accuse? Even if the accusation is also marshal Xu Yi, General Xu Yi, you thinks that Li Tongling strategy does have the issue?"

Xu Yi holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Is reasonable, end thinks that is not improper."

„Good, according to the idea line, dispatching the military strength to reduce heat by the valley to ambush likely, other military strength centralized in Nanmen, prepares to greet fire likely city wrestling of sleepy beast!"

„Yes, Your highness!"


Finally, the opportunity that the enemy attacks is earlier than us, when the palace guard sends out 2 thousand troops reduce heat like the valley ambush, the fire like the city in unceasingly had the player from the city direct vertical to leap, can promote their dispatching troops speeds, but the city gate also greatly opens, under the big city gate the innumerable troops come out in abundance, first is the cavalry soldier of pure running water regiment, about 20,000 people of appearances, later were the uniform infantry and transportation battalion, difficult for them, at least 10 thousand cavalry soldiers were actually eaten only the remaining 2 thousand people, at least in the impact of cavalry soldier already again non-. Tian Ling Empire rival.

Soon, under the fire city converged large quantities of troops likely, is distanced our positions about 200 meters, I raised the sword to publish the armed forces account, arrived in the [Zhan Long] position, drew out Dragon Reservoir Sword, said in a low voice: „Basic strategy here resists the period of time, kills their morale strongest time we retreat to the fire likely valley, resigns a road to them, then makes use chases down again!"

The people draw out the pointed weapons, troop fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride sword armor to be bright, and morale is just prosperous.

The next quarter, two artillery sounds, the ray of dragon crystal artillery erupts in the flame Dragon Jun's crowd, ripped the smashing one group of flame Dragon Jun's soldier, but fire city, the maplewood was drunk with hundred likely has almost raised the pointed weapons together, greatly has been drinking one to the Tian Ling Empire Chinese player: „Kills!"

Wrestling of sleepy beast came finally!

My Jianfeng pendulum, the belt catches fire Dragon Rider to rush ahead Going out immediately, this is captures the country to fight the points golden opportunity, Movement Speed of [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier is getting quicker and quicker, hits in the player of opposite party together, the fit and unfit quality stand sentence, swept away directly, but under the city in over 10 li (0.5km) front was chaotically has become one piece, the windblown dust obstructed the day, the war truly looked like a steel and iron wheel, did not take anybody's will as the shift crush in the past, the dead were innumerable, nobody can have the strength of reversal universe.

The [Zhan Long] frontal line is maintaining complete establishment, I and Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha direct together, every time advances 100 meters to retrocede, then supplies to continue to advance, throughout maintains the minimum loss is attacking to kill the match, nearly the Indian under the tactic of rascal does not have the means in our, several main Guild helpless goes round us, the direct impact [Thousand Burial] position went, but [Thousand Burial] also has at least 2 thousand Greedy Wolf to ride in the fire likely city, thinks that the Indian cannot gain any small advantage in their hands.

Zhan Long Chapter 871

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