Zhan Long Chapter 872

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On fire city plain several such as the blood dyes likely, the corpses of innumerable player drop down have not brushed out, thinks that was died in battle over 2 times not to be willing to reactivate again, died in battle third time to withstand Level to reduce 4 levels, the knock rating promotes 400% prices, few players have been able to go all out this degree for the country war, the goal that after all everyone played the game was different, some installed the unparalleled in the world for a god, some were to pick up the little girl, had for brothers, but said that played the game is for national dignity, some was too as if false.

Fire city direction, the maplewood is drunk to sweep the long sword likely suddenly, the sword blade edge week shroud the fragment of fiery red rock, like is the great blade edge kills in the surrounding crowd, this is his this hot crag big sword master unique skill , under struck to make 12 Greedy Wolf ride neat hanging, progressed to advance, came a sword wheel to cut again, has almost met no resistance, the maplewood was drunk behind is the elite player who one crowd went on an expedition the world, his sword blade edge and battle dress were similar to are the same, look at the Chinese player of front sea of people in the blood fished to come out, in burst out. The revenge roaring flame, the anger exclaimed: „Brothers, in the armed forces account to their NPC, butcher the Tian Ling Empire princess directly, has a bloody road, tempering Yun Cheng, fights to the death with them again!"

The roaring sound soared to the heavens, several thousand players who went on an expedition the world was insane, this type crazy as if can infect is the same, the innumerable fire Yun Cheng player also fell into this crazy condition, moreover several main regiments were a cavalry soldier who set out only to remain, raised the javelin to penetrate the crowd, in a flash, male Ba Fengyun, [Flying Dragon], epic poem and other Guild the positions were broken through instantaneously.

Drunken Spear is raising the iron (spear gun), bringing one crowd of black crags to ride to go all out the advance, the long spear penetrates the statures of many enemies like Long Ban forward continuously, the murder technique of this boy strove more and more, welcomes the direction that the maplewood was drunk to kill unexpectedly, on the face full was haughty and courage: „Brothers, block off them, kills off, do not let this group of Indian men look down upon our [Flying Dragon] person!"

I smile bitterly, has sent a news to Drunken Spear hurriedly: „Do not spell, resists to put them to kill thoroughly our armed forces slightly, wore the princess already to evacuate, we deployed troops for defense the ambush to continue to fight in the fire valley likely!"

Drunken Spear is also the intelligent person, immediately feels relaxed, did not answer that a spear head revolution brings the black crag to ride to returning to kill, therefore several group teams leader said in consternation: „Vice- doesn't Guildmaster, how kill?"

The short spear trick smiles: „Kills the chicken to use the oxen knife, walks, retreats to two wings with me!"

In short ten minutes, NPC and player of fire likely city „with irresistible force" the breakthrough the armed forces account of Chinese war zone, after having killed several hundred people , to continue to forward, but I lead [Zhan Long] and palace guard back and forth to rush ahead in their retreating lineups, we are one of the Chinese war zone strongest strengths, here conquers by killing them one is necessary.

Above the battlefield full is the sword and spear sword halberd that breaks off, when some innumerable corpses, almost mount walks must be discrete, will otherwise be tripped, my behind one crowd of [Zhan Long] everyone whole bodies are bathed in blood, kills people like the hemp, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Wolf brings the [Zhan Long] assassin team also to walk randomly in the frontal line, as long as learned the unyielding war soul and soul to appear intermittently or is five revolutions of assassins has the ability that the close combat has put together hardly, the speed that this group of assassins killed people was not inferior in riding to fight the department, especially Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and Wolf these four [Zhan Long] top assassins., equipment and skill belong excellent, the country fights points not to lose to rides the war is the long-distance department.

„Bang bang bang"

The earth shivers, people Qi Qi looked to the south, that was the direction of fire likely valley, transmitted was the running sound of Long Jing artillery, the night falls, that side flame soared to the heavens, the ambush warfare started, thinks that maplewood being drunk led the person who was going on an expedition the world to arrive there not to think will come under that fierce fire attack, and damages of fire Yun Cheng several big NPC regiments definitely were a cinch.

The players in fire city too were likely many, near two hours have not walked, in unceasing breaking through, I led the [Zhan Long] people directly to enter the fire likely valley as before, rushed ahead the harvesting India player in a panic in the canyon.

The distant place flame is and out, with shocking the bombing sound of mind, the Indian player taste at this moment will not feel better.

„Is careful there!"

In the darkness, Lin Wan Er raises dagger saying: „Probably is the class said that Guild person, the determination was, the class said that the Guild main force here, that front Berserker called Lei Xiong that was class cloud Guildmaster!"

I fix the eyes on look, under the moonlight, rides Berserker of dragon first battle beast to wave the Axe rush in the player crowd of male tyrant wind and cloud, meets no resistance, a standard high level mail-armor and helmet, in the hand Axe is also fluttering the scarlet gloss, is one crowd of classes said that Guild elite cavalry soldier, in the top of the head is fluttering one line of characters

Thunder bear LV-153 diamond Berserker

Main city: Fire Yun Cheng

Guild: The class said

Position: Guildmaster

IBN rank: 4

So is no wonder fierce, the thunder bear wields Axe each time time is skillful, the strength just right, takes and puts away freely, [Assault] arrived at the male tyrant wind and cloud group team leader love front, the axe glow rose suddenly, occupies a commanding position strikes!

Love „" which calls out in alarm one to think some people will come is so quick, but was the archer of male tyrant wind and cloud actually, entered the Regent condition instantaneously, in 1 second MISS fell Lei Xiong one time to divide fiercely, the bow and arrow raised is a [Rising Dragon Shot] bang of short distance in Lei Xiong the chest!


The striking power is good, but the thunder bear at least thousand HP upper limit, cannot massacre, was he is on the contrary direct the hand is a [Battle Axe Throw] skill falls on the love front!


The love hurried backlash, the thunder bear actually lowly roars, the crossing the rubicon skill started, an axe divided the love has reached as high as thousand HP, the second killed directly!

A troop class said that the Guild player roared [Assault], tore into shreds the attack lineup of male tyrant wind and cloud directly, Liu Ying has raised the sword to progress in the crowd, has not actually thought that the opposite party will also counter-attack in the process of becoming a fugitive, the face whiten, exclaimed lowly: „Withstands, kills to me!"

Lei Xiong is also roaring, Axe surges to sweep the crowd, two six revolutions of swordsmen kill, two sword round dance seconds killed in the male tyrant wind and cloud frontal line several to ride the war are the players, which can also be able to resist, the players who outstanding heroes dominated the wind and cloud were scared, at least 2000 + elite cavalry soldiers who flowed the cloud shortly immediately turned around to retrocede toward the mountain valley one side, there was the ambush camp of hot axe armed forces, above also two Long Jing artillery, it seems like Liu Ying was the plan requests reinforcements to the hot axe armed forces.

Who once thinks that Luo child old fogy is cruel-hearted, raises the long sword to exclaim lowly: „Heavy shield camp, falls to the ground your shields, do not make anybody break through our lines of defense, Long Jing artillery continues to bomb!"

„Bang bang bang"

The person of male tyrant wind and cloud hits one after another in NPC shield, is actually not able to pass, can only continue to withstand behind Lei Xiong has killed, nobody is Lei Xiong the match, even the drunk rain cold maple tree male tyrant wind and cloud first knight cannot resist, was coordinated an archer round collection fire to kill to the second by Lei Xiong.

Liu Ying is raising the long sword red, the complexion sees Luo child, the anger exclaims: „Father is the Tian Ling Empire player, puts us to pass, Luo child your this old dog, put the father quickly in the past!"

Luo child is actually angry, the brow raises: „Ignorant petty people, dare like this with banning Hou speak, come the human, gives me the shield to strike the bang to draw back them!"

Person shield of one group of hot axe armed forces strikes, rumbled to draw back one group of people of male tyrant wind and cloud, the memory transplant of NPC in the memory of honorable person, wants that person who came Luo child to transplant also to be that type of seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, and bullied the weak and feared the strong, if changed into our [Zhan Long] elite player, perhaps Luo child has allowed immediately to pass, this time Luo child intention was too simple, the person who let the male tyrant wind and cloud worked as the cannon fodder in front, oneself lossless hit hard the player in India with the bow and arrow and artillery, in NPC, these should not be the fire Yun Cheng adventurer, Damn.

Li Mu and I could not tolerate, almost does not have any discussing to raise the sword blade edge immediately: „Brothers, kill, teaches lower reaches to say the Guild person!"

Approximately also on 2000 + fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade rides around us, in addition Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and other assassins, in the population almost, I also actually very much want to ask for advice the IBN fourth person of strength, as well as fire Yun Cheng third Guild true strength.

Issues an order, fire Dragon Rider already full speed [Assault] the past, I and Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian, Meng Yao, the Matcha six people in most front row, rapidly cut into, the sword blade edge chaotic dance, the coordination of Li Mu and Wang Jian was good, two sword wheels cut almost simultaneously erupt in the crowd, was the duplicate sword cuts + fights the spin of halberd, but Old K followed [Whirlwind Slash] to pass over gently and swiftly, the 5 skills of three senior generals started together, killed dozens people of complete seconds of that flake, even if were HP surpasses thousand player is very difficult to resist the coordinate attacks of these three people. Specially the first such tacit coordination.

Lei Xiong is not the lamp of province oil, leading one group of people to give up the male tyrant wind and cloud firing into [Zhan Long] immediately, and goal impressively was I, did this goods want the second to kill me?

Really such as I expect, the sword light of 7 imperial carte and tierces have locked me, I instantaneously enter the effects of thousand frost wings, the mobile large scale promotion, the body floating backward avoids three imperial carte and tierces, fights the boots to tread fiercely advances two yards void, was also avoided other four imperial swordsmanship, coming is Lei Xiong the Axe attack, fan-shaped sweeps cuts!

Town Yue Dao one horizontal, „clang" the standard parry his attack, several other directions also came several high Level swordsmen, in hands the long sword brings the sword air/Qi daybreak, the sword wheel to cut and other skills, and above several sword edges flood the strength of Holy Domain, these people will be serious to my injury.

I watch, rises straight from the ground suddenly, body from vanishes suddenly same place, appears in airborne, and MISS falls the attack of this group of people, Dragon Reservoir Sword in a flash, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] rumbled with [Tempest Sword], immediately 4 swordsman neat dying in battle , after falling to the ground, I turned around to fire into Lei Xiong, the skill started ride the wind to cut!



Rides the wind to cut only with enough time twice attacks, Lei Xiong already emptied the blood, actually swayed from side to side has referred to the ring, suddenly has flashed before 10 yards backward, was displacement skill, this goods also had such a maintaining life skill unexpectedly, however, Lei Xiong has not run away with enough time, suddenly in the endless night the cold arrow flew together, „tittering" penetrated his chest.


Unexpectedly was made up the blade by others!

In the darkness, one group of dark moon/month spirit young girls skice to come, on the arm has the symbol of palace guard, in the fine silks hand to raise the long bow that the bowstring is still shivering: „Commands, are you all right?"

„Is all right"

Near the ear ting passed over gently and swiftly, I confirmed that has been all right, this country fights points is my, NPC makes up the blade not to calculate!

System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Lei Xiong】( IBN fights net to place 4 th) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 372 points!

Zhan Long Chapter 872

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