Zhan Long Chapter 873

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The fine silks led at least over a thousand dark Moon Elf archers, and is led barbarian blade shield guard Battalion by the Han deep pool, this has provided the new force for us actually, the dark Moon Elf archery and hates, and firing distance explodes 40 yards of player, cold night BIUBIUBIU one snaps, the class clouds that the Guild 2000 + cavalry soldiers were led person of hot pursuit one by Li Mu and Wang Jian again, had been killed scattered about has been not much left, but in the mountain valley of distant place is the fire sound is more unceasing, brights illuminate the horizon, this weaponry was doomed is the serious damage of fire likely city.

The fire city was encircled likely, grain and fodder cuts off . Moreover the clear pupil developed black ink to lead the line of business to interrupt the Tian Ling Empire grain and fodder to be also defeated with the hot dace armed forces, directly caused their defeats, probably the people in fire likely city have not thought that we will place the fire likely valley on their escape corridor the genuine battlefield? It is not right, should some people guess to obtain, at least our fires definitely cannot hide the truth from the clear pupil to develop the black ink that intelligent player like the valley interception strategy, but they did not have the means that did not accidentally discharge also to result in like the valley, this was they have only chosen, otherwise really can only keep the fire to starve to death like the city completely while still alive all players, gain does not equal the loss, and has not formed any fragmentation effect to the Chinese players.


In the darkness, the male tyrant wind and cloud 2000 + people were actually killed a moment ago, only then 1200 + people, Liu Ying is raising the long sword, a face disdains looks to ban the marquis Luo child, cannot bear spat a saliva, said: „Old dog, you waits, father sooner or later kills you!"

Luo child sneers: „What thing are you? To kill me?"

His son Rotter is raising long Swordsmanship: „Father, this boy is the Tian Ling Empire adventurer, did I butcher the day so to be also black him should also nothing?"

Luo child shows a faint smile: „dragon crystal artillery!"


Several the artilleries of hot axe armed forces shake the polar axis in abundance, the dragon crystal artillery skipping direction and altitude, points to the player who outstanding heroes are dominating the wind and cloud, a flame crystal stone was filled the barrel, has filled the gunpowder, then prepared to ignite.

Cooldown, the players of all male tyrant winds and clouds were frightened scared, Liu Ying voice became somewhat shivers: „We...... We are the players, you are NPC, does MLGBD , NPC dare to kill the player?"

Under I actually do not doubt Luo child to meet the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator, AI of this game has surpassed Liu Ying's IQ.

God fierce fine horse long hissing, I progressed to arrive between Luo child and Liu Ying, Dragon Reservoir Sword recited the sheath with the sword, was pointing to the dragon crystal artillery, said: „Immediately burns out, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite, south our times drafts attacks fire Yun City to be beset with difficulties, if kills one another again, that forever do not want to capture fire Yun City."

Luo child clenches jaws saying: „Li Tongling, what meaning do you everywhere oppose with me are? This Hou kills a nameless boy, do you want to do? Goes to Your Highness Pearl there to consider my shape?"

I have smiled, is caressing the god fierce fine horse scalding hot long neck hair lightly, said: „I why complained to your this person, I will use your means that ordering the palace guard to butcher you together with your precious son while the night together, tomorrow the dawn to your highness will say that Luo child commanded the fight to be heroic, died in the chaotic armed forces, I think that my words Your Highness Pearl is willing to listen."


Luo child soon courage entirely to crack, his here hot axe armed forces also only then several thousands, but my not only has the palace guard elite, has [Zhan Long] elite, in Luo child's eyes, the [Zhan Long] players is my palace soldier, naturally can dread that had to add, after result several seconds, Luo child beckoned with the hand saying: „, Gives these boy ways out of having eyes but failing to see, we continue the hot cloud empire soldiers who intercepts breaks through, do not bleed off, cuts their numbers of people, in the future will need these whereabouts Great Emperor invitation military exploits."

I look up one, behind the camps of hot axe armed forces has piled the heads of many hot cloud empire NPC soldiers, probably some are they kills, more is other regiment kills, but the hot axe armed forces cling to the military exploit, probably completely shears to consider own merit, the war in this game is that cruel, some of my misconception cannot make Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Li Meng Yao these sides female do not play again, this will cast the trauma.

The young pig runs to raise the flintlock to look to me, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, thanked!"

I nod smile: „All right, minor matter."

Liu Ying this feels the nose to say resentfully: „These NPC simply were insane, unexpectedly dares to begin to the player, this gizmondo Gente the under- suit, NND, irritated me......"

I let somebody cool off or calm down looked at his one eyes, said: „Destiny company already announced that all systems turned over to the control central system to manage voluntarily, they were only responsible for the trimming, when inside your hand did not have enough strength do not speak the last words NPC, do not think one played itself a game to work as God, in this case, you one day were possibly run over and died do not know how dead."

Liu Ying stares, obviously he has not been separated from his Feng water chestnut group president's son's status, regards in the game the reality, what a pity here NPC does not show respect for somebody's ability, does not think Liu Ying status is honored, is the son of which duke and marquis, but just regarded group leader in a adventurer him, the Tian Ling Empire adventurer has registered tens of millions, who will care about your status not much adventurer?

Therefore I also thought that the regiment system really very much has the mixing necessity, the status that for example I this palace guard commands now can go to many troubles for our province, the son is at somebody's beck and call with it for a lifetime, would rather the base and low person stepped on these in the under foot, how the looking disdainfully world, invincible?

Thinks of here, cannot bear the heroic spirit have, then greeted Li Mu and Lin Wan Er and the others, leading the [Zhan Long] person to continue to pursue forward, left behind Liu Ying and other group of people in a daze there, then fast left Luo child's army, Liu Ying as if also finally comprehended, Luo child haggling over every penny the villain in NPC could not offend.


Boom, that night is not doomed ordinary.

Is raising Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade, I brought [Zhan Long] one group of person almost every people to chop the pointed weapons completely curl the mouth, 10 li (0.5km) of fire likely city have become a human purgatory, overnight, the fire Yun City autumn leaf regiment commanded Ye 塰, the day punishment regiment to command to kill as punishment dies during has fought randomly, these two regiment also almost whole army has been annihilated, the five big regiment attack fire likely cities of fire Yun City empire, only remaining pure running water regiment and acting as look-out regiment these two, and these two regiments also only then not less than the appearances of 7 thousand person total . The maplewood is drunk about 100 thousand + under the protection of Indian player killed thoroughly in the fire likely valley directly the Chinese player and ambush of NPC army, directly soared the fire Yun City direction to go.

The ghost roar slope, the map of fire likely valley end, is a high hillside, but causes the strong winds to be unceasing as a result of the surroundings canyon terrain, the wind howl such as the ghost roars, at this moment, on the ghost roar slope is standing many players and NPC, Your Highness Pearl and Xu Yi and the others, but in the player, I and Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Yan Zhao Warrior and the others also all, us chased down the end of fire likely city, in must continue to chase down indecisively, the front was a piece of mountain barrier, we do not know what from the start rear area will have in waiting for us.

Reviews looks at the entire fire likely valley, dawn, in the fire valley the living hell battlefield appeared in the eye likely, everywhere is the corpses, extremely tragic, thinks to think to sigh with regret, this fought us at least to massacre over 1700 thousand players and 40 thousand fire Yun City NPC armies, but the Chinese war zone was the player also remaining 700 thousand + people, the NPC army five big regiment buckles approximately half, generally speaking has gained greatly, especially the NPC aspect, fire Yun City was known as that 1 million armies had been massacred about half by us, but also remaining cannot say that was any elite, attacked the fire cloud to us. The city is greatly beneficial.

Luo child holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, 20 miles away is fire Yun City, is the goal that our fights, at this time did not take advantage when wins the pursuit to treat?"

Xiahou Ren who is responsible for the rear service holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, the grain and fodder has prepared to finish, enough we maintain for one month under fire Yun City, if your highness wants to attack a city do not hesitate, exploits a victory to chase down, flame Yun City is caught off guard , the pure running water armed forces command hundred not dead, this person does not die can be our Tian Ling Empire big future trouble eventually!"

Princess Pearl stands in king, some complexion hesitations are uncertain, finally looks to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao commands, you spoke words actually, do you think this pursuit should not?"

I sighed: „Does not pursue."

„Why?" Pearl was somewhat puzzled, said: „Just like Luo child general said that the remnant armed forces in hot cloud empire to fear insufficient, what were we still worrying about?"

I said: „We annihilated the army of hot cloud empire in the fire valley likely, the war have continued entire two days, they impossible not to have prepared, our present maps were blocked by the mountain, cannot see front have anything, therefore I somewhat was worried that front was very likely a pit that they dug, we now two choices ; first, the direct main advancement killed, this quite take risked, but was also easy to succeed ; second, to dispatch to scout the past, has clarified front under all situations over and over the armed forces, but moved, this comparison was slow, but was also safe."

„Which type do you support?"


Pearl deeply inspires, said: „I just obtained the combat report, the full moon empire have sent the soldiers of whole nation to attack Tian Ling Empire, one day later can arrive in Wu Shenhe, the emperor brother gives my duty is in two days captures fire Yun City, then leads the division of triumphing to return to Tian Ling Empire rapidly, attacks fiercely the army of full moon empire from military god West Bank."

I am somewhat absent-minded: „Such comes us to be equal to that simultaneously was making war with Full Moon City and fire Yun City, the Port City three countries, does Tian Ling Empire have this ability really?"

Pearl hesitant, said: „Does not know, but I have not chosen!"

Saying, Pearl drew out slowly has fought the sword extremely tranquilly, the sound ordered: „Does not use hesitant, the three services fire, attack fire Yun City, clashes to me, the cavalry soldier works as first, first Cooldown arrives under Dacheng, crashes in the city, captures fire Yun City!"


The people on ghost roar slope flushed in abundance, the enormous and powerful Tian Ling Empire army directly soars Tian Ling Empire to go.

Zhan Long Chapter 873

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