Zhan Long Chapter 874

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Under thousand frost wing effects, I have grazed the upper air, the floating clouds are mobile in the under foot, in the hand Dragon Reservoir Sword flood the fearful gloss, is looking down, entire battlefield terrain already in my field of vision, but not very clear, the fire likely valley front is a piece of broad plain, called „to fall the wild goose original", had some sparse woods on the plain, in the grove is perching goose and other birds, but in falling the wild goose original north, was row of a mountain peak of reaching to the sky, the model karst topography, just liked the hoodoo that type of Kunming, just rocky mountain very high, at least. Over 300 meters, on the map demonstrated that this piece of mountain peak the name, was called „day Pingshan", poured also appropriately, this looked like a connection horizon piece of mountain range is ordinary, was thin and steep.

Above the earth, the NPC army and player from Tian Ling Empire the three services has fired, the warhorse oppression of the people shook the earth, the people are pushing onward in abundance fell the wild goose original, I the field of vision in cloud layer was what a pity most also be only less than 1000 meters, again far outside could not see, can only the indistinct seeing distant place dust fly upwards, fire Yun City altogether had to surpass 4000 thousand famous players, they were impossible easily to give up, and quantities of these people also went far beyond the population that we expedited, but the terse degree was bad much.

The fire Yun City monster resources are inferior to Tian Ling Empire to be rich, the player are many we, everyone can divide the resources that arrives at to tail off, equipment blows out, skill to obtain is also inferior to the Chinese player, but also has like the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk the top player, can build the international first-class player by own strength in the barren main city oneself as before.


Has not fallen to the ground, looked that the fire axe armed forces, palace guard and flame Dragon Jun and others crashed in rapidly fell the wild goose original, Li Mu, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai and the others brings [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound], [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild to enter rapidly falls the wild goose original, sweeps away to fall wild goose original in all the way the monster, Bing front points to fire Yun City, but I know that the fire Yun City person will not let we that proximity easily, and I also faintly feel restlessly, was too peaceful, if I will be the clear pupil develop black ink Chinese war zone to push directly into to arrive under fire Yun City, just, What I am puzzling is what the clear pupil develops black ink to plan that what map she does plan to block us?

Soon, Li Mu of formation front raises head suddenly to my one of the space is bellowing: „Guildmaster, their people appeared!"

I look clearly, falls the wild goose original front, the dense and numerous Indian war zone crowd appeared, unexpectedly has an acquaintance, impressively in the fire likely valley by Thunder Xiong who we massacre, Thunder Xiong a face is angry, is raising Axe, the dense and numerous players are the fire Yun City main player, they have been ready in full battle array to wait for us, but, I have not seen the NPC army of Indian war zone actually, the pure running water regiment and some did acting as look-out regiment also many military strength, which go?

In the ground the war cries were shocking, Li Mu and the others led fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride to Going out, Chinese war zone major Guild did not have to be slow, our population were most, only then the half of opposite party, but morale like rainbow, and elite degree also by far match, such [Assault] but actually not wrong, after all clever stratagem broken enemy, but killed the match truly actually the collision of frontal battlefield.

Thousand frost wings tremble slightly, I bent down to fire into the battlefield on the glide, next quarter Zhen Yue Blade wrapped the strength of bang strong Holy Domain to kill in the crowd, the Dragon Reservoir Sword flying shuttle, [Blade Spin] back and forth put on to kill in the crowd, bringing Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian two female to advance dozens meters rapidly, killed the person in Indian area to be in an extremely difficult situation, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode also make use the rush in the past.

What awfully is the cavalry of palace guard also frontage [Assault] under leadership of Han deep pool, 2 thousand + NPC soldier exceptionally brave, many of them promoted are BOSS, especially Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers, worst was also Divine Tier BOSS, the lethality to the player and NPC was fearful.

The rear area of palace guard, 1 thousand dark Moon Elf archer starts to meet the match directly, the fine silks directs young girl archeries, is conquering by killing the player of opposite party, simultaneously the dark Moon Elf young girls also constantly obtain the experience, continually some people to promote, but they do not have a damage under the protection of barbarian blade shield camp.


Ye Lai raises Axe is leading [Judgement] fights Yang Qi to wallop incorruptible, brave invincible, the [Hero's Mound] person has not been idling, the Q-Sword murder speed does not lose to anybody, a handle long sword as if had the life, is swallowing the surrounding hostile player unceasingly, the [Hero's Mound] elite hot crystal rides also rapidly advances, on the big map, the Five-Starred Red Flag of Chinese player ID front almost red sea, submerged the orange green camp of Indian area continually.

War of close slaughter has continued 1 hour, but I am also more and more restless, our camp unceasing prompting forward, but the player in Indian war zone lures us to be unceasingly thorough at the price of blood, even the distant place can see the fire Yun City outline, I actually restless, always felt that this battlefield [Assault] is somewhat disadvantageous.


Dragon Reservoir Sword has pulled out Going out from a chest cavity of player, is bringing the boiling hot blood, my jumped to fly from the ground, fired into Wang Qi the direction that Princess Pearl was at directly, the dive treads skids dozens meters to stop in the Pearl warhorse front, she has been fighting unexpectedly by oneself, above the sword blade edge was also flowing the blood, pair of bright eyes looked to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, how?"

I said: „Your highness, we are step by step thorough, I always thought that we were the intermediate totals, the enemy was using to count, making us step by step thorough, certainly had any thing to wait for us."

Pearl is stunned: „Cannot...... Can't?"

I said assuredly: „They have not even carried on the defensive war in position with us, but is dogged by defeat at every step, properly speaking the fire Yun City person is insufficient weakly becomes this, that only then a reason, they were complying with order the subconscious backlash."

The hot axe armed forces Luo child commands to sneer: „Does Li Xiao Yao command this is at the timid war? Really laughable, was known as the person who Tian Ling Empire invincible command will fear unexpectedly also at present this crowd of fleeing pell-mell defeated troops?"

I let somebody cool off or calm down has a look at him, said: „Banned Hou Xiangtai to be many, I did not have the timid war, but was afraid the empire to lose too many main forces, Your highness, the person who we pursued has sufficed many, therefore I believe that should order the cavalry soldier to pursue, making the infantry battalion slow fast, made some military strength withdraw the ghost roar slope direction to establish the camp again, only if our people arrived under fire Yun City to pitch camp directly, otherwise do not act rashly."

Pearl hesitates, looks to Xu Yi, asked: „Xu, under your opinion how?"

Xu Yi feels the little several beards, said with a smile: „Li Tongling resorts to arms discretely, this but actually is also a good deed, end will not have anything saying that all obeyed your highness to dispatch then."

Pearl nods: „Good, that depends on Li Tongling saying that five big regiment each reassign the extant 50% military strength to come back, only sent out 50% military strength to pursue then!"

I nod rapidly: „I transmitted orders!"

Jumped to fly to the expansive sky, arrived in the sky of palace guard directly, the sinking sound order said: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe!"

Brave general Zillur who in ground two rushed ahead lives in the warhorse together, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „General what?"

I: „Transmitted orders, the dark Moon Elf 1 thousand troops return to remove to the ghost roar slope immediately . Moreover, the barbarian in step shield camp also completely withdraws the ghost roar slope."

The Han deep pool is stunned: „General, when didn't we follow up a victory with hot pursuit at this time treat?"

Xiao severe manner is calm, resorts to arms calmly, the knitting the brows head, said: „Han Yuan, we obeyed orders conduct is, do not ask that immediately transmitted orders!"


Therefore, I in fact all returned to remove with the majority of military strength of palace guard, only let the cavalry soldier in front [Assault], once encountered any dangerous situation also soon momentarily to rely on the mobile escape, I can believe firmly that certainly what happened, the clear pupil developed the ability and wisdom of black ink to be placed there, the Indian area has eaten that big owing in the whitewood forest and hot shape valley, they had no reason not to suspend us together.


After transmitting orders, continued forward flight rush in the past, Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade flowed swiftly to fall [Vanguard] in the crowd, my murder number was considerable, even could almost aspire to seize, but I poured do not care these many, continued to rush ahead forward, about after one hour, arrived to fall the wild goose original end, there impressively was a long hillside, the altitude of this hillside about 200 meters, but was standing on the hillside the dense and numerous Indian player and NPC army, even developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk, hundred in and the others on the clear pupil , the middle row of mountain range. A dragon crystal artillery of all trades, about 70, have been ready in full battle array.

„Hey, this group of grandsons hid here!" Old K is raising Axe, said: „When we start [Assault], takes these mountain tops at one fell swoop, cuts the maplewood to be drunk that idiot?"

The maplewood is drunk in the fire city fought likely has massacred many Chinese players, therefore the Chinese players to his hatred value were not general high.

I look up the person above mountain peak, clenches teeth saying: „Does not worry, I always thought that has any incorrect place."

Ye Lai is raising Axe, grins to say with a smile: „Also can have any incorrect place, they did not have the danger to defend, these 200 meters mountain peaks are not anything, the gradient is not big, our cavalry soldiers can go easily and freely killed."

I have referred to: „Many dragon crystal artillery?"

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Right, these dragon crystal artillery are the heart big troubles."

In this time, suddenly ting is actually returning to remove the sky, finally, the war of fire city direction has decided likely, the secondary lord city of this Indian war zone was captured by us


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Tang Men great master】( Chinese area) destroys successfully 【Fire likely city】( Indian area) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this secondary lord city to the Chinese war zone name, attacking of this fire city seized the points list first three players to obtain the reward player likely separately 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Acquisition 【Fire likely helmet】( Demon Harvest), player 【Cang Yue】 Acquisition 【Engaging in introspection bangle】( Demon Harvest), player 【Drunken Spear】 Acquisition 【Melt fire fight knee】( Demon Harvest), rank other rewards of player also one and provide!


In a flash, a surrounding player piece of Shua Shua Shua golden ray, many people promoted, I also rose first-level, and also has attained a fire likely helmet, is Demon Harvest, my Hero's Helmet is the magical instrument rank, therefore convenient threw the fire likely helmet to Li Mu, this goods not polite, retaliated to my Divine Tier ring, this ring added many HP and defenses, I handed over to Li Meng Yao, happy.

A Chinese player ebullition, the victory because of fire likely city is elated, combative, prepared getting a light from another light Yun City to begin.

At this moment, suddenly a little bit rain water drops from the clouds.

The clear pupil develops black ink to look up to the sky, whatever the rain water falls on the pure white cheek, the corners of the mouth raise suddenly gently, said: „Was the time!"


I look from afar the clear pupil develops black ink, turned on the map to sweep one, actually suddenly the moral nature trembled, asks: „Wan Er, looked up the fire Yun City range couple days ago weather, I remember...... Originally no......"

Lin Wan Er said: „In the fire Yun City range has linked for 7 days 7 nights of heavy rains."

„Was bad!" I am raising the long sword, a heart pain.


Li Mu, Q-Sword and Ye Lai and the others all looks to me.

Zhan Long Chapter 874

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