Zhan Long Chapter 875

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„They must fire off!" Yan Zhao Warrior draws out the sharp knife blade, said: „Prepares to meet head-on!"

My hurried [say / way]: „Does not want, ordering the following person to retreat immediately, goal ghost roar slope, hurry up, immediately!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is stunned: „Xiao Yao, how?"

Q-Sword also said: „Right, isn't dozens dragon crystal artillery? Also can rumble all of us?"

Tang Qi knits the brows: „Li Xiao Yao, what situation?"

„Retreats and that's the end, I will not harm you!"

I am grasping Dragon Reservoir Sword, almost roared was saying these words.


At this time, was late, the clear pupil developed black ink to lift the arm slowly, the loud order said: „Artillery camp, the shift direction, ignites to me, was the time takes revenge!"

Let the Chinese players not imagine that 70 dragon crystal artillery have not aimed at us, the slanting aiming one side hillside, bombing have actually transmitted, that piece of mountain peak was rumbled torn to pieces, the great crag collapses to fly, and also the occurrence of chain-reaction a series of explosions, in that mountain massif also had been buried the blasting explosive!

„Bang bang bang......"

The explosive sound is lingering on faintly, the entire mountain massif disintegrates instantaneously, a about 200 meters high flood comes, at this time Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword and Ye Lai know that what happened, the clear pupil develops the dragon crystal artillery of black ink not to be used to rumble our, but is used to drive out the mountain peak flood discharge to come to carry on unprecedented water to attack to us!

Falls the wild goose to be situated in low spot, is more like a basin, I consider everything not to calculate that the clear pupil will develop black ink to have such one move, I had looked here map, will not have too many bushvelds, the fire attack will be invalid to us, but the surroundings will not have the lake of what high water mark, therefore the water will attack not possibly, however I have not actually thought that the fire city linked rain water of week likely, therefore has formed on a map from the start on not lake, the flash moral nature regret the gathering place was blue, this time, if lost, I was duty-bound.

The flood comes, has almost swept instantaneously across the front player, my left hand grasps Lin Wan Er, the right hand grasped Yue Qing Qian to tread the earth to fly fiercely, at the same time said loudly: „Wind Elf, flies, cavalry soldier, will grasp the neck of warhorse, the warhorse will swim inborn, can guarantee that you were not drown to death!"

The players enter in the game are inborn will swim, how however do hundred meters high rough sea waves swim at present? Is too long under water Cooldown naturally can be choked to death, I am in airborne, looked that catches fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride with a troop palace guard is submerged by the tide, the heart just likes the blade twists, this is Bai Qingmou develops black ink and maplewood is drunk to bestow!

The situation of war reverses instantaneously, flood enters turbulently falls the wild goose original, unceasing to the distant place, the dense and numerous Chinese war zone player and NPC army will submerge in the tide, in the burst place, the warships of Indian war zones went unexpectedly, the clear pupil developed black ink to raise the long bow to jump to climb up a warship, said with a smile lightly: „Bends the team to embark along with me, is we counter-attacks!"

, Dense and numerous warship travel come by far, at least over a hundred, I looked at the moral nature to send coldly, this time inevitably was the disaster of Chinese war zone, hunting and killing of that many warships, how many people can we escape?


In the tide of galloping being drown to death many people, soul rays have shot up to the sky to fly to the Tian Ling Empire direction, dense and numerous, for several minutes at least over 1 million people were drown to death, when the tide subsided gradually after falling the wild goose original in has formed about 20 meters deep river water, the player and NPC who has not been drown to death floated the water surface in abundance, [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade have ridden to gather in the same place, in the Li Mu leadership downstream to rear area, we suffer this water to attack the later morale to be damaged to hit very not to be unwise again, the entire soldier fought again is the livelihood.

Fierce Yanggao hangs, the warship travel of fire cities come likely, I do not have the means that flies hurriedly to the distant place, placed in safe waters to raise the sword thousand frost wings to fire into the enemy Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, several warship full sails skiced, fire into the place that one group of troops were, was Q-Sword [Hero's Mound], their at least also over ten thousand people were stranded when the water, the player can swim, but swimming the movement was not very naturally flexible, radically was not on the warship the match of player.

Q-Sword raises the long sword to float on water surface, looks at the front warship, clenches jaws saying: „Prepares to go on board, one will swim the past with me together!"

However a warship clear pupil develops the place ship of black ink, does not wait for Q-Sword and the others to begin, the clear pupil developed black ink to raise the long bow, said: „Massacres completely, does not remain!"

On the ship majority is the archers, the flash arrow rain wreaks havoc in the water, the [Hero's Mound] riding war is the player has not ridden the warhorse in the water, the attribute is not high, the instantaneous blood has soaked the river water, immediately on floating corpse one piece, but Q-Sword also really plants, pierced the bow the sword blade edge suddenly, then draws out another sword to prick, step by step upward crawls, Jian Tan, Sword Tears and and the others upward climbs up, their goals are to capture this warship.

However the NPC soldier on ship actually in abundance raises the long halberd to poke kills, Sword Tears HP emptied instantaneously, uneven Shua Shua fell in the water, Q-Sword lowly drank one to rush to the warship, a sword swung shield, roared a group wolf to break through the enemy lines to erupt, added on one time to cast hundred swords again, the second killed piece of NPC, own front also poked completely the arrow arrow, was poked by a BOSS level multitude of people long (spear gun) again, the whole person fell the broad side, fell after the water by an arrow Yaichi round fire, under the remnant blood condition clenched jaws..

I raise Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword to be rapid, but , the body anxious spin, the sword spiral bombardment above the hull, has left sword traces suddenly, but the destructive power is not big, therefore comes time combo directly, [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

The deck was shattered, the forehead of warship gave me to rumble a Dadong, the river water emerged, the pitiful yell sound of crew linked up into a single stretch, the patching necessity did not have, rapid submersion.

At this time, transmitted the clear pupil to develop the voice of black ink: „Aims at Xiao Yao Zi Zai, kills him to me!"

A back cold, innumerable arrow arrow inserted above, I have a look at HP, 7 thousand +, Cooldown could not have died, then treads the water surface speedily to fire into settles the pupil to develop the warship of black ink, has thrown Going out Zhen Yue Blade suddenly, [Blade Spin]!

The clear pupil develops black ink to call out in alarm one, an under foot slippery side moves to several steps, MISS will falls [Blade Spin], but I when she come to a stop sinks on the body suddenly, holds Zhen Yue Blade that the maneuver comes, the sword develops simultaneously, a god of journeys light day falls, the god level skill starts, the whole body wraps in golden brilliance, rode the wind to cut rumbles rapidly Going out!


An ultra-large hole appears, in the clear pupil develops on the warship of black ink, even is not considered as Dadong, but was the bow of this warship is cut rumbling the fragment by my riding the wind, beautiful life Guild player on ship called out in alarm, but I lifted the hand to inspire nine deity thunder, next quarter innumerable Thunder dragon rumbled to kill in the ruins of warship, this ship person was almost killed by the second all, the only clear pupil developed black ink to rely on vertical leaps the skill to jump out the [Thundering Heavens] range, her body light such as the backlash of swallow, steps on rushing to addition a warship, Transfers a hot crag artillery has been bombing!


The flame erupts on the water surface, I was rumbled continually draw back dozens steps, falls to leave on the water surface, HP were not many, in an extremely difficult situation, the words words that attacks again must be developed the startling thunderclap arrow of black ink to kill to the second by the clear pupil.

Immediately raised the sword to fire into another warship, restored HP to launch the attack, after destroying continuously reached 7 warships, wearily cannot withstand, and skill also in CD, but the big dragging has also settled the pupil to develop the footsteps that black ink chased down, my goal has been achieved, the words that went to again, brought death mostly.

Fell the wild goose to turn into a lake, above the lake desolate, the Chinese players had plenty of fight in one rushed to here, was actually drown to death by a flood more than half, the player in Indian war zone also some much launched, raised the sword to chase down the Chinese player, but we did not have the strength to hit back, only then [Zhan Long], [Prague] and other Guild people also organized to contend with the opposite party on the water surface, however on the warship of India had the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, several artillery got down to disperse our person bang, the means that only cannot retreat have fought again.


Falls the wild goose original, shrubberies have half in the lake water, Princess Pearl is pulling the reins of warhorse, on the face an exhausted color, looks to behind a piece of floating corpse on water surface, suddenly the tears gushed out the eye socket, looks to my time, she appears especially delicate, puts my arms suddenly billowingly, the tears under: „Blames me...... Blames me not to listen to your words!"

I held Pearl, the gentle voice was saying: „Your highness, you want to be stronger, we have not lost, dry the tears to draw in the army, don't forget, some of our also many main forces retained in the ghost roar slope . Moreover, we entered fall the wild goose original person most to lose half, we in fact only lost less than one-fourth military strength, was stronger, we will win this war."


Pearl is cleaning the tears, stands up from failure to start, made that empire, the order said: „Rescues the person on water surface, is located in the shore the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag punmetals mounting, once the warship of hot cloud empire came well to entertain them!"


„Marshal Xu Yi where?"

Waits on to defend traditional moral principles: „Your highness, the Xu's rescue flame Dragon Jun's person under day Pingshan, they are pitching camp under day Pingshan."


I look to the direction of day Pingshan, that the mountain peak of reaching to the sky makes my moral nature one cold, immediately holds the collar of that bodyguard, said: „Passes at high speed, making Xu Yi lead gnathitis Dragon Jun to be far away from day Pingshan!"

„?" The bodyguards open the mouth to visit me astonished, seems perplexed.

I shouted to clear the way lowly: „Goes quickly, otherwise has cut you immediately!"

„Yes...... Is the general!"


However, when the bodyguard starts the Going out less than hundred meters, suddenly the day Pingshan direction hears an intermittent explosive sound, the thick smoke is intermittent, I and Pearl looked at the past together, present has almost become a nightmare, the base in day Pingshan was demolished, the thin stone column that reaching to the sky dropped down loudly, dense and numerous pounding fell in the flame Dragon Jun's barrack, pitiful flame Dragon Jun was numerous on the loss, most parts including armed forces was buried in day Pingshan gets down!

The smoke cloud soars to the heavens, the whinning sound links up into a single stretch.

I get hold of the fist, motionless standing there, a moral nature penetrating are cold, the good fearful clear pupil develops black ink, some of do her also how many plan have not shown to us?

After leaving the fire likely valley, our step by step as if in her planning, this is the how fearful match.

Zhan Long Chapter 875

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