Zhan Long Chapter 876

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From falling wild goose original end that piece of plain the water of region, the clear pupil developed black ink to think the big map cannot demonstrate this waters, therefore has thought attacked the idea of Chinese war zone there water slightly, however, the clear pupil developed black ink to investigate the terrain, knew the terrain under day Pingshan slightly to be higher than other regions, NPC and player of Chinese war zone will possibly choose there as disembarking, then sends for laying down the blasting explosive there, gave us one time to hit hard by day Pingshan again extremely painfully!


Day Pingshan in collapses, nobody dares to go to there rescue as before the armed forces, Shuai Zhang who Marshal Xu Yi is at also naturally has become the muddy flesh under day of Pingshan, the player team rushes me and Pearl actually unceasingly was at armed forces, Han Yuan, Xiao severe also led the palace guard cavalry to come, the cavalry soldier was probably drown to death the appearance that 3000 people did not arrive, lost can also accept.

The [Hero's Mound], [Prague], [Judgement] and other guild of the players came, but on the level of the lake the clear pupil develops the fleet that black ink leads also to vanish in the level line, it seems like gave up chasing down to our continuations, moreover in fact after winning this move, the style has used the old, clear pupil to develop black ink silly to thinking attacked our at this time „sorrowful soldier".

Looks at the day Pingshan direction the fireworks, the Lin Wan Er sound somewhat shivers: „Good fierce clear pupil develops black ink...... I have not thought really she so will be ruthless......"

Q-Sword clenches jaws saying: „This woman expects enemy in Xian step by step, is truly fearful!"

The Yan Zhao Warrior bosom long sword, sits on warhorse, knits the brows: „Can't their dragon crystal artillery reach day Pingshan? How to detonate these blasting explosive?"

I breathed a sigh of relief, said: „If as expected, should be makes live person detonate, arrived at the Ching Dynasty pupil to develop black ink in us to send for ambushing there, we in the fire valley the slaughter fire city defeated troops the clear pupil developed black ink to complete all these likely likely, waited for us to enter to wrap."

In the Yan Zhao Warrior eye passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air: „Makes the live person detonate?"

Ye Lai clenches teeth saying: „Good...... The good ruthless woman, resorted to all means!"

I smile: „In order to reach the goal, this was also as if indisputable, instead is her such match really fearful, we attacked fire Yun City south to draft are not easy."

Q-Sword said: „So long as we fortify at every step, believes or has the stratagem which ensures success."

I nod: „Um."

Tang Qi said: „At present is a water, we what to do? Detours, the felling blockhead produced some wooden rafts in the past, or was the direct tour in the past, but they definitely the ambush artillery Battalion He archer on the mountain will intercept our, was not easy."

Lin Wan Er shakes the head: „Does not need to build any wooden raft, most two hours, these water naturally can draw back."

„Why affirmed?" Tang Qi is stunned.

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Fell the plain of wild goose original upstream to store up that many rain water, fell wild goose anything not to have, this explained that fell the wild goose in original to have the flood discharge channel, otherwise also already was a lake water."

Q-Sword said: „Wan Er is really intelligent!"

Lin Wan Er some were not as if comfortable, have shaken my hand, I also smile, deeply for the girlfriend who to have such was with good intention felt that was happy and gratified.


The result does not leave Lin Wan Er to expect, lake water quick abated, the woods appear in again at present, according to the Yue Qing Qian information, the nearby is a canyon, will fall wild goose original in the water to course in the sea, the opening of this canyon is too what a pity small, otherwise we are also insufficient to be lost like this.

In the armed forces, is filled with sufferers, the people were all mourning dying in battle, but the excavation under day Pingshan also had the progress, rode the flying report to come, the messenger said: „General Li, your highness has order, making you go to the armed forces to discuss official business!"

I stand up from failure to start with him hurriedly go, and arranges the [Zhan Long] people recuperation, immediately prepared to start once more attacks.

In the armed forces account, a corpse lay down there, the body was covering the white cloth, soldiers of one group of flame dragon high-ranking military officers knelt there sob, tears inadequate sound appearance.

My knitting the brows head of: „Is this?"

Pearl said sadly: „The corpse of Xu was discovered that he...... He died in battle under day Pingshan......"

Xu Yi, died in battle!

My moral nature sinks, this absolutely is a major attack, we have not arrived under fire Yun City, the marshal had been killed unexpectedly, moreover was developed black ink to kill to the design by the clear pupil, probably the clear pupil develops black ink not to think do one lay down pile of blasting explosive to massacre the expedition marshal in Chinese war zone?

Walks to go forward, I have lifted plain white cloth, cannot bear the brow tight wrinkle, Xu Yi face is also good, but the chin following part was pounded by the giant stone directly, is almost pile of muddy fleshes, is an empire marshal, actually pitches camp under the day Pingshan such important mountain peak, this is about the price.

Stands up, I said: „Your highness please restrain grief, we buried Xu to enter warfare Yun City again, was......?"

Pearl said: „After burying Xu and died in battle officers, attacks again, perhaps, should make the adventurer hit first first?"

I nod: „This is also good."


Soon, died in battle the corpse of soldiers to be transported massively, buries in completely digging the good endocrater, the dense and numerous skeletons make the will of the people have do not endure, but this is the war, cruel war.

The Han deep pool the corpse laying aside of palace guard soldiers to the gulf, then leads one group of palace guards to kneel down personally, the army almost uneven Shua Shua ear of entire Tian Ling Empire knees down, Pearl grasps the long sword to take a step to go forward, stood sang the battle song of Tian Ling Empire empire before the spirit of dead with the trembling sound

The day plume is clear, formidable vast.

Vowed me to be loyal, buries bone another region.

The day plume is clear, formidable vast.

One with armor, the soul defends the country nation.

Han deep pool and the others also together sang, although also made the person change countenance extremely coarse, after burying died in battle the officers, is reality Cooldown around 6 : 00, after my offline accompanied in a hurry two female finished eating the supper, gets online , to continue to draft flames of war Yun City, this country combat general will continue for 7 days, must take fire Yun City in these 7 days, otherwise does not know when I can complete Lin Tiannan to my goal.



When I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue appear behind the array, the front army and player surmounted had fallen the wild goose original end the mountain peak, the summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, drags into Lin Wan Er the bosom, Dong Cheng Yue is whipping the wing, bends down on my shoulder, like her flying speed also almost can follow, a three people of horse speeds away to go, several minutes of speeding away of arrived in the mountain peak, when I step onto the mountain peak cannot bear somewhat sighs with regret, the right lake turned into the flat land, here storage was lost many soldiers by us, and expedites the marshal on Xu Yi this. By day Pingshan running over.

In toward the front, dense and numerous players was setting out to fire Yun City, but behind many Tian Ling Empire transportation battalions are glancing through the hillside, stone car(riage)s, the dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery wanted to transport went to the expense in the past flustered, at this time almost all people approved the might of heavy artillery, we also to underestimate the fire Yun City artillery quantity had suffered a loss, fire Yun City dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, although are less than Tian Ling Empire, but will not be short many, as if they used living off the government when the development, the scale of development, the planter level of city had been inferior to Tian Ling Empire, only. Weapon, instrument and other aspects do not lose to Tian Ling Empire, fire Yun City is a city aimed at war, just likes lies in the southern brave fighter, our time does not raze fire Yun City, perhaps in the future by razing was our Tian Ling Empire.

When I arrive under Dacheng time, Tian Ling Empire numerous Guild have suspended a weaponry to prepare to make war, fire Yun City is an orphaned city, but does not calculate that really lonely, the back is a piece of mountain range, wrapped fire Yun City about over 50%, this also meant that fire Yun City can the concentration of effort defend the attack, but also means their supplies very relaxed shut off, in fact we have shut off their all supplies now, going too far Yun City did not only manage many years, the granary was abundant, the starving to death tactic was useless, even if projected on the country to fight 7 days of limit to finish. Fire Yun City will not be hungry.

Under the city, dense and numerous full are the Chinese players, after connecting the fight, we as before maintain at least 1500 thousand + people are being under the city, but after many people died in battle , to continue to run over to enter the war again, fire Yun City is also same, on the city full is the dense and numerous players, now in this enormous and powerful main city full is the player, compared with being on fire likely city, fire Yun City is called the genuine first-level main city also has the reason, the city wall is firmer thick, and in soldier, in the city wall full is the dense and numerous people, and placed well a dragon crystal artillery of all trades. Hot crag artillery, we, if clashes hardly, will lose is doomed not to be few.



Raised the long sword to take a step to enter the [Zhan Long] position, Li Mu reviewed to have a look at me, said: „Xiao Yao, this hits, direct attack? In their city at least also has 2000 thousand people, our people do not have them to be many."

I said: „How many heavy artilleries counted in their city wall to erect?"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „I have counted to cross, altogether 120, many are on the new clothing, the clear pupil develops black ink to arrange in falling the wild goose original 70 heavy artilleries in fact extracts downward from fire Yun City, moreover according to my lead, the fire Yun Chengjun shell also soon ran out."

I have stretched the arm, said with a smile: „This is our superiority, in five big regiments that Tian Ling Empire comes, is only the palace guard has over 100 dragon crystal artillery and 200 hot crag artillery, five big regiments about in the same place at least 300 dragon crystal artillery and 500 hot crag artillery, the shell reserves have, since the clear pupil develops black ink to fall the wild goose proper energy to use that ruthless method, we also had nothing to say."

Li Mu asked: „Specifically what to do?"

I draw out the long sword, the order said: „Two and three players, the organization good attacking a city scaling ladder to prepare to attack a city, did not strive for capturing, only asked the shell that consumed them only to remain, then I will let NPC army firepower duplicate stove cover Yun City, their players that crowded pressed together, we rumbled his pulp to be good, even if turned into stretch of ruins fire Yun City, this account must reckon up!"

Q-Sword visits me from afar: „Good ruthless Li Xiao Yao......"

Zhan Long Chapter 876

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