Zhan Long Chapter 877

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Battle drum sound reverberation on the earth, finally getting a light from another light Yun City altogether started, although our population are inferior to the opposite party, but is powerful, is the master of revenge, the fire Yun City person can only defend against a siege in the city, each Guild fires together the order to attack, the next quarter dense and numerous person has fired into fire Yun City, pushes heavy attacking a city scaling ladders, the stone car(riage) is also starting to build in city about 200 meters away, rides the war in large numbers is the player holds up shield protection behind teammate, on the city the nature is the fire attacks crowded, flash fire Yun City high and low a piece has seethed with excitement.


[Zhan Long] Guild nobody participates in the attack, this is my meaning, moreover [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild also hold troops, we must keep the elite waiting later attack.

„Bang bang bang......"

Heavy artilleries explode under the city, bringing piles of hashed meat, above the city the arrow to fall like the rain, the Tian Ling Empire player is almost dropping down in groups, but the people have not retroceded , to continue to fiercely attack, many people started to raise the shield and sharp knife blade to climb up the scaling ladder.

In the city wall, the clear pupil develops the form of black ink to appear, raises the long bow to lead archer of one crowd of beautiful lives, pulls open the long bow to start the point to kill these to climb up the Chinese player in city, almost gets rid inevitably to carry off a life, the archer who she leads is also elite in beautiful life Guild, the lethality is full.

The maplewood is drunk same also leads to go on an expedition the world the riding war is the player back and forth gallops in the city wall the rush, will rush to the player in city wall to eliminate, the short Cooldown Tian Ling Empire person is unable to stand firmly in the city wall but actually, battle loss speed very rapidness, but the fire on city rumble unceasingly, the fire Yun City shell is consuming rapidly.



The Han deep pool progresses to come, to raise the long blade, said: „Haven't we launched attack now? Fire Yun City is near at hand, that damn purple flame enlightened emperor lives in the city, we kill the city to reduce him, even if completes this expedition fire Yun City task!"

I shake the head: „Do not act rashly, Han Yuan, you bring the blade shield camp to dig a trench in the front every other 10 meters, sumps 5 meters, then levels, goes quickly!"

The Han deep pool is stunned: „General, we are attacking a city, dig the trench to be useful, moreover dug also to level?"

I look to him, said with a smile lightly: „The fire Yun City person can in falling the wild goose raw water attacks us, can bury Marshal Xu Yi under day Pingshan with the blasting explosive, with their such strategies, meets does not bury the blasting explosive to suspend us under the city together? Is discrete facing such match, a bit faster digs the trench, determined that they have not buried the blasting explosive to say under our feet again."

„Yes, General!"

Barbarian in one crowd of blade shield camps unearthed the ground, the working efficiency was good, soon after confirmed that under our positions security, this also made me remove settles the pupil to develop black ink to bury the blasting explosive to be cloudy we under the city the possibility, perhaps is the fire Yun City gunpowder resources were not many? To come is also, the fire Yun City domain is inferior to Tian Ling Empire half to be big, the sulfur of in the mine wait / etc. should also be far from Tian Ling Empire being many.


„Military god river bank hit!"

Li Mu raised the long sword to walk, sinking sound track: „The Full Moon City UK , France two big war zone players began to us finally, [Dawn] Guild and [God of Thunder] Guild two big guilds have at least more than ten million people to arrive in military god West Bank, started has attacked, temporarily resists in Wu Shenhe by [Vanguard], [Appearance Alliance] and [House of Prestige] several guilds, protects the destiny bateau-bridge, once the destiny bateau-bridge has fallen into enemy hands, perhaps the Full Moon City NPC army can push directly into."

I nod, the moral nature was serious, said: „We must a bit faster end the fire Yun City war to turn back in order to help friendly forces, otherwise Tian Ling Empire was very difficult to defend, is the war of military god Henanan how is it?"

Li Mu said: „Fortunately, Fang Ge Que multi- stratagems, Enchanted Painting brave, in addition [Legend] Guild Lu Chun Yang, Xuan Yuan Feng and feeling of being drunk fleeting time and purgatory [Dawn] that many stars, can socialize with the Port City person temporarily, how long but could not socialize mostly, it is said the Ba Huang City NPC army also has dispatched military god Henanan to help in the fighting, the war was less optimistic."

Lin Wan Er said leisurely: „Do three make war is slightly obviously reluctantly? The words said why initially can attack flame Yun City? If we take advantage of Wu Shenhe to defend fire Yun City first, then focuses on tidying up Port City, such this country fought is good to hit."

I smile: „Also isn't that idiot brain gives off heat to be determined to attack flame Yun City? Also was increases Canada to fight the difficulty to us, we have not chosen, can only walk one step to look at one step, transmitted orders, after a half hour, making the player in frontal line all remove, all NPC army firepower Qi Kai, rumbled to say the fire Yun City barbican wall directly again!"



The static waiting Cooldown, the Chinese war zone at least over 300 thousand players have lain down under the city, is good are also many because of the person battle loss of Indian war zone, and was slaughtered too many people in the fire valley by us likely, although the Indian war zone registered the player to surpass 6000 thousand, but died in battle is not willing to get online adds on these to have the player who the matter has not gotten online again, person not over 1400 thousand that now their city internal energy fights again, this was also our opportunity.

A half hour quick in the past, the city getting angry Yun City 120 dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery the majority has no longer opened fire, can guess that definitely is the shell almost polishes, was one's turn us.

Not far away, Princess Pearl is raising sharp sword, has lifted up high the top the long sword suddenly, said: „Attack!"

All around fire is intermittent, the 100 + dragon crystal artillery and 200 + hot crag artillery complete arrays of palace guard open fire, the fire sound rumble, on fire Yun City has blasted out the pot immediately, the shock-wave that dragon crystal artillery form sweeps across the crowd, even I can notice that many players had been massacred to the bang by the heavy artillery directly, and wall on city was rumbled tattered and torn, fire Yun City with the fire like the city, the semblance does not have the casting red copper, therefore physical defense was inferior greatly that Tian Ling Empire surpassed 600 heavy artillery wanton bombing 10 minutes, the fire Yun City surrounding completely fell to the enemy in the sea of fire, player rapid personnel losses on city., Many people already hung the second time not to be willing to get online again, the corpse repeatedly, everywhere is the stump residual limb breaks the body horizontally, looks at the country to fight on the contact surface again, fire Yun City domestic both sides players contrast started impartially

Indian war zone: 10287822

Chinese war zone: 9733114


The short ten minutes, flame Dragon Jun, the hot axe armed forces and other shells of big regiments have used up, Han Yuan looks to me: „General, some of our also many dragon crystal and does the hot crag shell, polish?"

I nod: „The quickest speed fires off!"


In the heavy artillery position continues the fire to cover, directly the fire Yun City semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate rumbling a stretch of flat land, the fire Yun City barbican wall also tattered and torn collapsed at the first blow at this moment, was the attack in second city wall!


A bang, the hot crag artillery burst in the bore of palace guard, the continuous emission temperature was too high, has detonated the shell voluntarily, several soldiers were exploded the smashing, my knitting the brows head, estimated the shell also to use similarly, has drawn out Dragon Reservoir Sword, referred to fire Yun City, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Brothers, can attack!"

Rides to work as first, bringing [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride directly clashes Going out, Han Yuan also issues an order, the blade shield camp and squadron of palace guard skice to go together forward, [Zhan Long] and palace guard also played the bugle of attack, the Chinese influence of entire hot cloud north city wall direction started the impact in abundance, [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild has not hesitated, ordered the member advance of line of business meeting rapidly, this country fought , was not only having a bearing on the life and death in Chinese war zone, related the fluctuation that the player and Guild ranked, after a vast country fought, the guild wind and cloud list and CBN fought the net rank to be doomed. Will have the change, the person who at this time can kill are more, the rank will be higher, especially this foreign country war, entrusted with the color of sacred missions, makes the person one's blood bubbles up to the brim sufficiently!

On the city, hears the sparse fire sound, was unable to cause anything to hinder to us, the Tian Ling Empire army almost goes easily and freely has overthrown the barbican wall, the cavalry soldier in the ruins continues to advance, between the outer city and inner city are one piece are similar to the school ground place, had the dense and numerous Indian players to wait for us, be continuous dozens li (0.5km), the lineups at least 500 thousand people, a dense piece, but the maplewood is drunk raises the long sword to stand in our dead ahead, raises long sword one to roar: „Attack, protects the homeland!"

The Indian war zone must counter-attack finally, this is their final struck, blocks us to win, cannot block us to fall short.



I have also raised Dragon Reservoir Sword, brought to catch fire Dragon Rider to kill, above the ground, the Five-Starred Red Flag on Chinese player top of the head red sea have rushed the city continually, looked certainly very magnificently from the upper air angle, looked like a red curtain sweeps across to the orange green defense circle of match is the same, my behind Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others brandished the pointed weapons in abundance, did not attack, strength of armor and Holy Domain [Dou Qi Armour] and Dou Qi and other skill in addition to hold in abundance successfully, the next quarter together hit in the crowd of fire Yun City player along with me.


The sword and dance, my forms of defensive action are the screw advance, almost the front player respectively toward the two sides, many people was directly is killed by the second all the way completely, I drew a sword to hold 70% attack power promotion [Turmoil Sword] on passive in addition, high-quality equipment, Shangyang flame vigor 50% injury additions, this attack power aspired to seize the world sufficiently, was this maplewood is also drunk, the clear pupil to develop black ink regards as the reason of eye-sore me?

The purest strength collision, the fire Yun City scale is very big, in the long and broad inner city has formed at least 10 li (0.5km) long tangled warfare region, in other words, where I cannot even see left and right edge player, only know that there some people in rush and that's the end, where in this case also wants to find the maplewood to be drunk, the clear pupil to develop black ink is the delusion, everyone in massacres the present enemy who in this war can do only, has walked, but was not massacred.


„Be careful, is the crossbow car(riage)!" Lin Wan Er draws out from a high-level Knight corpse the dagger, holds up the tapping umbrella suddenly, front player crowd Qi Qi disperses, crossbow car(riage)s have aimed at our fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade to ride the position.

Zhan Long Chapter 877

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