Zhan Long Chapter 878

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„Shield wall, hurry up!"

Matcha issues an order, one crowd of Knight are the player starts the northern heavens shield wall effect in abundance, the crossbow arrow of next quarter opposite party also continuously penetrated our [Zhan Long] crowd, many people were killed immediately, the lethality of crossbow arrow was too strong, and has the penetration effect to attack many people, the crossbow car(riage) continuous fire three rounds, have after at least massacred our several hundred people, is round arrow rain, in the inner city bang the hoofbeat transmits, is the NPC cavalry soldier of acting as look-out regiment, the leader unexpectedly is commanding Luo Qing of acting as look-out regiment!

The whole body covers in heavy mail-armor and helmet, under the hard helmet reveals a pair of ice-cold pupil, in Luo Qingshou is raising the carbine, exclaimed lowly: „With me on, massacres our mortal enemies together, with the land of their blood irrigation homeland, is fertile our strong souls!"

My long sword pendulum, thousand frost wing effect in addition hold successfully, looks to behind [Zhan Long] and palace guard, said with a smile: „Brothers, our luck are good, acting as look-out regiment badge is cancelled by us, kills!"

The people send out startled day roaring, I also swing in same Cooldown Zhen Yue Blade, the [War Song of Zhen Yue] effect arrives, the people have promoted 4000 foundation attack power in abundance at the right moment, Matcha also holds successfully shield of effect in addition group lion, all person whole bodies of [Zhan Long] and palace guard wrap in the golden air/Qi shield, attack power and physical defense large scale promotion, brave cannot work as strangles to death with the match in the same place, is not only rides to fight the department, the assassin, archer, Mage, Musketeer and other Class nears, do not divide the difference fights with all might with the match in the same place, the scene unusual confusion, the assassin and Knight collides, the bowman and Swordsman fight a decisive battle, Healer. The complete opening country fights the attacking mode, where needs to treat loses a group to cure the technique, BUFF is unceasing in addition holds.

The rear area of acting as look-out regiment, a troop terse Wind Elf archer appeared, these archers dance in the air in abundance in the midair, not having the long-distance attack skill player unable to reach their, altogether about 5000 bowmen, a round salvo, dozens Steel Blade of our front rode the complete whole body to insert the arrow arrow dead in battle completely.

I look backward, said: „Meng Yao, leads on your person!"

Li Meng Yao nod smiles, shield in the milk-white bosom front, said horizontally loudly: „Moon Elf fire Dragon Rider, with me on together!"

The next quarter, fire Dragon Rider female of several hundred Moon Elf races flushed Going out, on the shield in addition was holding the effect of iron umbrella defense, was welcoming the arrow arrow and magic of opposite party launches the attack, saw only flip-flop the sound to be unceasing, this crowd of strong female killed the acting as look-out regiment unexpectedly directly in encircled, but I also suspended the long sword, soared to the heavens to go, the personal appearance anxious spin strangled to death in the Wind Elf crowd, single-handed, blustery, after 6 hours, [Thundering Heavens] skill again Shua was new!


The thunder is unceasing, Thunder dragon swallows in the Wind Elf crowd, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others passing over gently and swiftly ground, cut, the imperial swordsmanship and sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills to wield the sword wheel to the upper air, immediately Wind Elf archer dense and numerous falling, Old K and Bai Qi led the Berserker team to strangle to death, unceasing killed NPC in the place, the acting as look-out regiment almost in starts the rout instantaneously, the surrounding Indian player has been shocked, no one has thought that they were known as the acting as look-out regiment of third regiment linked our one to put in an appearance unexpectedly cannot resist.

The Han deep pool raises the steel knife, to lead one group of palace guard cavalries to rush ahead in the crowd recklessly, the rear area is the dark Moon Elf archer who the fine silks lead, these dark Moon Elf accurate were really too high, has almost aimed at the weakness of match completely, the eye and nape of the neck have become the goal of fire, the unexpected blow whiz whiz, saw that the acting as look-out armed forces and fire Yun City player unceasing falling of were killed by the second, even linked me to rejoice one were not these dark Moon Elf enemies, otherwise such unexpected blow will be any master extremely frightened object.


Under the city slaughters one piece, on the contact surface the player residual population of both sides is also changing in the unceasing intensity, distant place [Prague], [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild are also preying in the match together, the war cries rise from all directions, the blood stream everywhere, in the ground dense and numerous full are the corpses, in the city is still fluttering the dense and numerous arrow arrows, many fire Yun City player's long-range fire in the city wall of inner wall, kills the Chinese player under city unceasingly, but everybody could not attend to this many, completely in fighting with all might, was being wounded also can only depend upon the Healer treatment, has not treated on has one dead, many time. Life and death pure depending on luck.

Near the ear has frequently fluttered ting, CBN and IBN of players both sides died in battle, Wu Shenhe the direction, FBN and EBN player also had the ting of dying in battle, [Vanguard], [House of Prestige] and [Appearance Alliance] is struggling hard there, Tian Ling Empire NPC should also send many people to pass, wants to preserve the throne the words also only to be able at risk of life.

The war is continuing, in the city wall hits extremely awkwardly, I established three purple thunder car(riage)s on the Indian player by city long-distance to be ruined, did not have the means that can only consume their bang to fall the city wall again.

Cooldown every little bit passing, four hours passes in an instant, in the battlefield between city wall and barbican wall just liked is conquered by killing generally, is loses the sword everywhere, corpse rapid Shua of player newly, the NPC corpse as before lies down on the ground, above the earth is the sword air/Qi trace and path of crossbow car(riage) of glide spreading across, the horse's hoof tramples everywhere in the corpses, the scene is horrible to look.

Looks on the contact surface again, the players of both sides reduced many fiercely

Indian war zone: 3122347

Chinese war zone: 4717321

Under the heroic baptism of [Zhan Long] and palace guard, the Chinese war zone had the superiority in the frontal battlefield completely, in the Indian player outside city wall has been not much left, in many people retreat to enter a city, wants to carry on a street fighting with us approximately.


The armed forces place, Princess Pearl raises fully is being the sharp sword of blood, said: „Bombing city gate, opens it to me, today in any event must break through the city wall!"

Luo child nods: „Yes, Your highness!"

At this time, an outrider distant place came, in the hand was holding at the same time Wang Qi, shouted to clear the way loudly: „The Great Emperor made the edict!"

Pearl and Luo child and Xiahou Ren, hundred and the others kneels down, I held the sword to stand in the one side, the transmitting orders officer launch one to make the edict reel, said: „Your majesty has the command, full moon empire is invading the empire border, the war is urgent, made Princess Pearl attack and capture fire Yun City in 1st, bringing the severed head of purple flame enlightened emperor to return to the imperial capital to protect the empire city!"

The Pearl knitting the brows head, sets out to meet aim, said: „This is emperor brother's third makes the edict, Tian Ling Empire war really so urgent?"

Transmitting orders officer kneeling tunnel: „Reported back your highness, the full moon empire uses at least the 200 000 troops to attack the destiny bateau-bridge, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment died in battle over 5 thousand people in the garrison troops of destiny bateau-bridge, hit really unable to defend again, your majesty worried that the palace wall lost, therefore hopes that your highness can step up to attack, attacked and captured fire Yun City in 1st not at any cost, cut to kill the purple flame enlightened emperor to go back to report after carrying out orders!"

Pearl holds is making the edict, looking pensive said: „Doesn't hesitate at all costs? Even if the empire five big regiments is annihilated must raise the head of purple flame enlightened emperor to go back, is?"

The transmitting orders officer thinks that said: „Your majesty regard, micro feudal official does not dare to estimate, but also looks at your highness to excuse me."

„Um, I knew, you go back to report after carrying out orders, said that I do utmost to take the city inevitably."



The transmitting orders officer progressed to go, Pearl turned around immediately, bites the silver tooth saying: „Attacks a city, must storm into the main hall of purple flame enlightened emperor before the sunset, cannot delay again, does not hesitate at all costs!"

The distant place, hears cheers suddenly, originally was Ye Lai has cut to kill commanding Luo Qing of acting as look-out regiment, head in Luo Qing that as before card in fighting helmet had been held up by Ye Lai high, such one also meant that the fire Yun City strength outside inner wall disintegrated finally.

The crackle of gunfire resounds once more, the city gate of inner city after was bombed continuously short-range collapses loudly, an flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier flushed immediately, that moment of but also entry was killed by the dense and numerous arrow arrows.

Pearl looks to me: „Li Tongling, sends on the palace guard!"

I in consternation: „Mounts the city wall, otherwise...... Many people are bring death......"

„I did not have Cooldown!" The Pearl expression somewhat is suddenly severe.

I nod: „Palace guard cavalry soldier, on!"

The Han deep pool suspends the long blade, leading the people to overrun, distant can see in the inner city is on the city main road, there sparkling innumerable shield defense there, is the dense and numerous archers, this clearly is one pocket, making the person who we go in not want to come out again, Han Yuan led about 2000 + palace guard cavalries to clash, but the moment, died in battle all.

The terse warhorse was neighing crazily, ran away to clash generally, carrying on the back of warhorse, Han Yuan closed one's eyes to lie there, the back 78 arrow arrows, my pain, walked to go forward to try hurriedly to breathe, but also was angry, hurried [say / way]: „Xiao severe, leading Han Yuan therapy!"


Also looks to the dragon whetstone, I said: „Dragon whetstone, leads barbarian soldier [Assault] of 5000 step shield camps, person who I am bringing my follows, this time do not have any hesitated, breaks through their shield at one fell swoop!"

„Yes, General!"

Dragon Xing was also a valiant general of keeping promises, the diving posture starts is leading one group of barbarian blade shield Battalion to rush Going out, I wielded the long sword, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er and the others conference, leading several thousand [Zhan Long] players to crash in the city gate with me together, in the crowd of front blade shield camp some people died in battle unceasingly, three were the archers, the angle that needs to defend was really too many.

Once enters in the city, I thousand frost wings, exclaimed immediately lowly: „Overruns, breaks shield!"

The fire Dragon Rider continual wail, dozens people died in battle instantaneously, but before my whole body inserted completely the arrow direction flushed, the knife point swept has chopped to turn one group of people, the [Zhan Long] people advanced, in the inner city the massive players and NPC flushed one after another, finally resisted our is goes on an expedition the person of world and pure running water regiment, this is fire Yun City final elite.

Near one hour of street fighting, we conquers by killing finally on the city main road, the front door of fire Yun City Imperial palace is shutting tightly by far, I shoot next purple thunder Ji Che immediately, several times shake the later front door to collapse, but in the palace wall the crowded arrow arrow and crossbow arrow project, my behind one group of palace guards fell to the ground dead in battle immediately.

, The fire Yun City first regiment commands in hundred hand to grasp a handle long bow by far, the complexion woods are cold: „Come, chop suey!"



I issue an order, the person of [Zhan Long] and palace guard flushed together, Q-Sword, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds are also bringing own person together [Assault], our people as if likely shear wheat general dropping down.

I review, has been not much left with the [Zhan Long] player who I came, even died on One Second Hero, Moon Feather, Star Blade and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others under the chaotic arrow, the scene was too chaotic, no one could protect anyone, but the Chinese players and NPC in unceasing emerging, and what is more, a white horse raised the sword to clash as before rapidly, the sword air/Qi broke together front shield, Princess Pearl killed the enemy by oneself.

However, at this moment, the distant place actually heard one to sneer, was the bowstring tight sound, long bow Huaguang in hundred hand glittered!


The arrow arrow passed over gently and swiftly near like lightning my cheeks, I turn head, sees the blood to spatter in all directions, Pearl static sitting on the warhorse, lowers the head to have a look on the Chest to submerge until the arrow arrow of plume feather, in the eye is passing desperately.


Pearl falls, the palpitations of almost all people soon stopped beating.

Zhan Long Chapter 878

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