Zhan Long Chapter 879

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„Pearl...... Pearl......"

Overrunning that I am absentminded, holds Pearl that falls suddenly, actually sees her face whiten, the brow tight wrinkle, the fresh pool of blood of chest anchors to flow, the life fast is dissipating.

Turns around, hundred who looks at the distant place, my Jianfeng is pointing to him, almost insane same is roaring: „Flushed to me, has killed hundred, was cut to pieces him!"

Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers led the palace guard to rush ahead the past rapidly, after Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also tops up HP, continued to lead [Zhan Long] surrounding of cavalry [Assault] enemy, but on my shoulder „puff" the number arrow, was very continuously painful, but does not have the heart pain to come fiercely, bosom Pearl has almost soon remained unconscious, since I have entered in the Tian Ling Empire military appointment, is this delicate girl in protecting me, but I in this mighty current involuntary, actually can only look selflessly her, for empire, but pays with the life, an arrow through, Pearl is. Could not live.


Going all out helps her press wound, I grievedly: „Pearl, do not die, you leave......"

Pearl opens the eye slowly, in eye pupil appears preying of distant place mighty force, she has a look at me, the corners of the mouth are having the gratified smiling face, supple saying: „Li Xiao Yao, do not cry , should not be sad, we are the empire servicemen, cannot burst into tears can only bleed."

My voice somewhat shivers: „Do not die, you died, I...... I what to do......"

Perhaps Pearl because of the ache, body slightly is twitching, the sound also sobbed, said off and on: „I know...... You are an outstanding military officer, you can be...... In the empire annals the god same star of...... Does not want...... Do not give up , to continue, you want...... You must represent my will...... Ended the chaos of this world with the war, only has...... Only has a world series not to have the war......"

Saying, her was twitching fiercely, the corners of the mouth blood has spattered in all directions, complexion pale, actually the arm stretched out, has pulled out clear translucent jade in the bosom, above was buckling the golden silk thread, she placed in together with her hand this jade my hand, said: „Li Xiao Yao, this jade jue is representing Tian Ling Empire...... the Tian Ling Empire supreme royal power, before is the father emperor dies, passes to me...... If you thought that the emperor brother does not match for the emperor, Ok...... Can replace him,...... Also can seek for the new sovereign, you...... You cannot certainly die......"

Saying, Pearl looks to the surrounding audiences, will say off and on: „Li Xiao Yao he...... He will inherit my military authority, you must...... Must take orders in him......"

My whole body shivers: „I...... I......"

When looks again, Pearl has closed the beautiful pupil, stopped the heartbeat.


Nose acid, the tears circled in eye socket, I put down the Pearl corpse, turns around to raise head to look at the day, is this really a game? If yes, will NPC also like this die why?

Has a look around chief aide-de-camp, I shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Looks after the corpse of your highness!"

„Yes, general......"

At this moment, Pearl dies, I became the highest three services have also directed.

Raised the sword blade edge to fire into the distant place, in following Cooldown I have not remembered one have made anything, but mechanical was slaughtering, emptied until my Zhen Yue Blade crack, chopped from the nape of the neck hundred head, I also finally revived from the dreamland, look at the surrounding person, Li Mu, Wang Jian and distress of Dong Cheng Yue and the others whole body, but, this fight truly ended.

The maplewood drink to death in the chaotic armed forces, the clear pupil has developed black ink to be massacred by Lin Wan Er in the palace tangled warfare, this is these two people second time died in battle, then should again not get online?


Is raising hundred head, I took a step to go forward the main hall, the fight stilled, about 30 -year-old high and low male head had been reduced, in the top of the head also had the royal crown of purple flame enlightened emperor, those who were raising his head was Lin Wan Er, [Zhan Long] vice- Guildmaster rushes forward the royal palace to develop black ink and purple flame enlightened emperor the clear pupil finally solves together.

Ye Lai stands above the throne of purple flame enlightened emperor, in the hand Axe falls suddenly, „bang", that colored glaze throne changes into the fragment, Ye Lai looks to me, said: „Xiao Yao, you claim credit to great, you decided that what pattern this fire Yun City chooses, attacks and occupies and entrusts, makes into my Ye Lai personal city it?"

I smile bitterly: „You did not fear that was referred to you making into the private city to be good by the multitude of people."

„Ha Ha, cracks a joke, what pattern said quickly?"

„Attacks and occupies directly!"

„Um, good, understood!"


Next quarter, a ting reverberation above sky


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Ye Lai( the Chinese area) destroys successfully 【 Fire Yun City】( Indian area) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this secondary lord city to the Chinese war zone name, this fire Yun City attacking seized the points list first three players to obtain the reward player separately 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Acquisition 【God will fight knee】( Inferior magical instrument), player 【Cang Yue】 Acquisition 【Time bow】( Inferior magical instrument), player 【Q-Sword】 Acquisition 【God range cloak】( Demon Harvest), rank other rewards of player also one and provide!

The surrounding flake gold light revelation, many people promoted, this time captured the reward of city actually war compared with the fire likely city to want richly much, and I by attacking the flame Yun City points list first player obtained the inferior magical instrument!

Unties the package, flood the shinguard of scarlet red gloss is lying down in the corner, with touches gently, in the palm is dense the heat wave, burns is fierce and vigorous, when looks at the attribute again, truly worthily in Level of inferior magical instrument

【God will fight knee】( Inferior magical instrument)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 3050

Strength: + 320

Stamina: + 315

Agility: + 312

Magic: + 300

Additional: Promotes user 115% magic defense and 40% physical defense

Additional: Promotes the user 24000 HP upper limits

Special effect: The angry promotion, the user fury points upper limit promotes 80 points

Special effect: The gods, will promote user 40% attack power and attack speed

skill: The dance of ghosts and gods, the strength of summon antiquity military god, aided itself around by the soul of military commander, and can form the injury attack of foundation attack power to the goals within surrounding 20 yards, continued for 15 seconds, needs to consume 70 Rage points, non- CD Cooldown

Needs Level: 155

Needs the charm: 400


This equipment was enough force, especially skill of dance of ghosts and gods, the piece killing evil within 20 yards, continued for 15 seconds, so long as my fury points were sufficient, I can probably in 45 seconds enter the invincible boundary.

Immediately on equipment, attribute rapid large scale promotion

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 156

Attack: 19696-23825

Defense: 14225

Life: 138495

Magic: 21470

Charm: 963

CBN Battle Ranking: 6


Appreciates own attribute without enough time, received the head of purple flame enlightened emperor from the hand of Lin Wan Er, has thrown into the package together with hundred head together, then transferred with the [Zhan Long] person was going out of the royal palace main hall, commanding Xiahou Ren of that purple spirit armed forces progressed to go forward, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „General Li, the fire Yun City remnants escaped the city, to the east small town, chased down?"

I shake the head: „A hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far, the purple spirit armed forces remain to guard fire Yun City, other troops all full speed return to Tian Ling Empire, immediately passes on me to order, goal destiny bateau-bridge, full speed advance!"

„Yes, General!"

Yue Qing Qian walks to go forward, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, after the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood are drunk get online, brought east person of reducing heat Yun City that secondary main city, it is estimated that is for fear that we conveniently together tidies up fire Yun City another two secondary lord cities, is thinking preserves a final national territory?"

I: „Um, that is going to by them, does not give a city to them, these 5000 thousand India players will be insane, at present what we are most important hurries Wu Shenhe, how had a look at that side war."



Left behind the little palace guards to bury dying in battle, other person of full speed vanguards, and was shipping Princess Pearl coffin, Pearl teacher hundred, hate deeply have not blocked that fatal arrow for the princess sadly, but I also lamented to occur simultaneously, if that arrow shoots on me at least I will not die, the day plume empire lost Pearl, looked like the day collapsed generally.

The armies plunder to go too far rapidly likely the city, the fire like the city and fire Yun City, above the city started to flutter the Tian Ling Empire flag, and in the city is not equipped with the king throne temporarily, therefore is unable to be recaptured.

The palace guard leading troops enter the fire god fort time, distant saw one crowd of Full Moon City player, has not thought that their strengths seeped were so far.

The armed forces when we arrive in the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces open up wasteland, here is a sea of fire, a rape and rough rice of trim became stretch of ruins, calls the thousand li(500 km) rocket not to be excessive, Han Yuanfu the injury on arm, is clenching jaws, shouted to clear the way lowly: „This flock of damn full moon dogs, unexpectedly...... Unexpectedly burns completely our fertile farmland, is this wants being ruthless the Empire Armed forces?"

I show a faint smile: „Continues to go forward, do not waste Cooldown!"


I marches forward, while asked: „The war of military god river bank how?"

Li Mu said: „The Full Moon City offensive is too fierce, population are also more than our people, [Vanguard], [House of Prestige] and [Appearance Alliance] these Guild were retreating in defeat again and again, Fang Ge Que said that if really cannot resist, that burns down the destiny bateau-bridge, the temporariness gives up the military god Hexi side the land, at least we can make Full Moon City people unable to visit the Tian Ling Empire national territory."

I said hurriedly: „Relates [Vanguard] and [House of Prestige], making them not burn first, we can arrive in the destiny bateau-bridge immediately, fiercely attacks from the flank, should have the stratagem which ensures success."

„Um, good!"


Camp that soon, arrives in the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, here had been burnt down, in the front jungle dense and numerous full are the Full Moon City players, has numerous number, but my behind Chinese player and NPC army total not over 300 thousand people, but as if also sufficiently spelled!

„Dragon whetstone and Xia Ye!" I said in a low voice.

„In, the Sir please tell!"

„Immediately assembles the warship of military god river bank palace guard, the complete warship leaves for nearby the destiny bateau-bridge, shells the Full Moon City army in the coast, uses our superiority Full Moon City share that only then comes under attack."


Zhan Long Chapter 879

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