Zhan Long Chapter 880

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The flame soars to the heavens, the past blood demon forest had been razed, what replaces it is the dense and numerous Full Moon City player and NPC army, the artillery erects in the blood demon forest, to guarding starts bombing in the destiny bateau-bridge west China player, the Full Moon City total number of people are not calculating too, at least is unable to compare with the Indian area, moreover looked like they also has attacked to be somewhat tired here.

Reviews the player in Chinese war zone more miserable, the [Vanguard] several thousand players were killed only remaining are less than 10,000 people, Jian Feng Han raise the long sword to walk randomly in the frontal line, kills to unceasingly the person, but HP Shua Shua under the opposite party concentrated fire falls, most can only support less than 10 seconds to return to withdraw the blood, Chinese player altogether not over 300 thousand here, almost by an enemy three is spelling with the match hardly, was really too miserable, no wonder European graciousness consecutively three made the edict order Pearl to withdraw troops to return to the city, but also on was these three decrees. Let Pearl be buried in fire Yun City.

„They the strategic place came up!"

Don't be Foolish raises the shield to progress emphatically line, under the foot the consecutively many lava abyss erupt, on the shield dozens arrows, that warhorse neighed continuously wiped out all mount toughness, but Don't be Foolish in landing raises the shield to proceed to advance instantaneously as before, the long spear one cold punctures thoroughly a chest of archer, the shield hits hard, is battered to death this archer directly, but the arm also slightly obviously feels weak, on shield whereabouts instantaneous face by a handle carbine direct projection in!


The blood spatters in all directions, the head was projected to spatter in all directions Spark by the carbine unexpectedly, his HP still left over about 30%, clench teeth, exclaimed lowly: „Withstands to me, cannot draw back absolutely!"

Jian Feng Han grazes, a sword chops to turn one group of archers, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Monk and North Pole, force up, the rhyme elder sister, the attention protects itself to output again!"

Goodbye Tears raises Steel Blade to lower roars [Assault] to go forward, the true words cut the skill bang on a shoulder of Knight, Steel Blade is a Mount Tai strikes in a flash, but has not wiped out too many HP, that Full Moon City Knight backhands a sword to divide to cut!


Pitiful 2000 do not arrive at the injury, Knight is stunned: „Day, very strong defense!"

In the Goodbye Tears hand the shield delivers, the whole person hits Knight continually to draw back, rear North Pole raises staff to catch up, two magics attacked the opposite party have killed continually to the second, another side, Simple led one crowd of [Vanguard] person to start anti- [Assault], staff waves, the flame stone and antiquity demon blade edge fell in the crowd suddenly together, was one group of Full Moon City players is being miserably howling dying in battle.

Another direction, [Appearance Alliance] and [House of Prestige] person is also blowing up Yu Yonglai [Assault], but the effort is unsatisfactory, after struggle of long Cooldown is the spent force.

Reviews the Full Moon City player, French war zone first Guild [Dawn] wallops in Guildmaster Hand of Waterloo leadership next, their main forces are about 1 thousand famous stone **, this stone tiger mount we have experienced, every 10 attacks can condense petrochemical to attack, making the match be petrified, and has the effect of greenstone shield, is cruel, [Zhan Long] also has the stone **, but only several hundred, have not formed the true scale, but at present this thousand stone ** , is the Full Moon City main force, after round [Assault], on has at least killed over a thousand [House of Prestige] players.

Bai Li Ruo Feng flees in the crowd, walks the position to be exquisite, stops to release Going out the skill, long-distance strike to kill the stone **, but actually could not prevent the declining tendency, stone ** was walloping the position in Chinese war zone as before, brave cannot work as.


Player distant standing firm of south us drafts, looks at the fight of distant place, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others has been eager to try, but Ye Lai, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others is also ready to make trouble, Ye Lai is raising Axe, said: „We come a fatal blow from one side, how is it? Helps Jian Feng Han that boy resolve the current crisis."

I nod, draws out Dragon Reservoir Sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Penetrates them from the flank!"

I behind, dense and numerous fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode have drawn out the sharp knife blade, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Wolf, Yue Qing Qian , etc. did not ride the war is the player also sped up Movement Speed, prompted forward with the troop, but the soldier who Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers also led the palace guard started [Assault], the road that we went home had been interrupted, did not strike to disperse us present group of Full Moon City players unable to go home.

The hoofbeat shocks the world, fire Dragon Rider and fights Yang Qi first Cooldown to enter the stone incorruptible ** crowd, both sides fiercely attack directly, almost the flash had many fire Dragon Rider and fights Yang Qi to be petrified incorruptible, the player trampled mutually, loses is very big, but I made use on the warhorse rise with a spring, thousand frost wing effects were completed, the sword chaotic dance entered the crowd, simultaneously opened dancing of skill ghosts and gods, immediately the ghosts and gods roaring sound was unceasing, condensed to grasp the soul brave general of sword (spear gun) halberd in my surrounding 20 yards, wielded the sharp knife blade to kill in the surrounding enemy opposite party crowd, an injury figure of trim flew., This may want intrepidly too many to be too more than any sputtering effect, but stone ** the petrified effect is invalid to me, during they are dumbfounded I flushed dozens meters, full is the stone ** skeleton, even Q-Sword also raises the sword blade edge to wallop, looks to my direction, laughs saying: „Li Xiao Yao, does attractively, brothers, to!"

The war cries soar to the heavens, these 300 thousand people in Chinese war zone rush ahead fiercely, moreover in the situation in knowing expediting marshal Xu Yi and Princess Tian Ling Empire Pearl died in battle, was Ai Bing, starting must try simply, a Cooldown Full Moon City 1 thousand stone ** the loss was serious, the after cavalry baptism of player crossed, encountered round [Assault] of palace guard cavalry, was killed then by mistreatment one by the long-distance teams of several thousand players, finally was the 1 thousand dark Moon Elf archer of palace guard suddenly broke through, under fought Hand of Waterloo to be about to cry, 1 thousand stone that he was proud ** was only killed by us remaining is not less than 2000 people. The appearance, was unable to form true powerful [Assault].

The Han deep pool raises the long blade to rush ahead in crowd, every time wields the long blade to carry over the blade glow attack, BOSS of this Demon Harvest step already made the surrounding Full Moon City player not dare near body . Moreover the blade shield camp of palace guard is also quite maneating, the roaring sound of barbarian is unceasing, the blade shield chaotic dance, in the crowd, command hundred of strong wind from afar armed forces loudly shouted to clear the way: „Fast princess's coffin will have transported the destiny bateau-bridge, quick, we withstand here!"

Several thousand strong wind from afar armed forces ship the Pearl coffin to cross river, but I led the palace guard and [Zhan Long] player to resist the period of time, one round was rushed ahead the later Full Moon City rampant arrogance also to subside by us much, destiny bateau-bridge here relied on the touchdown advantage to defend is not the too major problem, many people defended in the destiny bateau-bridge.

, Military god river bank warships appear by far, that is the palace guard anchors the warship in dock, altogether 100 +, boom, the battleship was far away from the shore the Full Moon City player and NPC who army started the bang to kill the shore, Full Moon City was carrying on an expedition, how to think that the military god river bank unexpectedly so many warships of Chinese area, Cooldown suffered a loss much, can only coming under attack in vain not have the means.

„Li Xiao Yao commands!"

Hundred stands on destiny bateau-bridge looks to me, said: „Please together ship princess's coffin to return to Tian Ling Empire to give the command with me?"

I nod, hundred is the Pearl teacher, but he cannot take on the responsibility that Pearl died in battle, actually I could not take on, but the fait accomplice must go to face, no matter how created obstacles for us also to fall this pass/test, and...... In fact the real chief culprit is, the Pearl death is he forces to make it so, I do not need to avoid.

Instigates the god fierce fine horse to cross river, Han Yuanxiao severe four will lead also one group of palace guards to cross river along with me together, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others has the [Zhan Long] main force to remain to defend imperial Wu Shenhe, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue leads few people to return to Tian Ling Empire with me together, as if they will have a premonition in Tian Ling Empire certainly to have something.


Holds the Pearl coffin to return to the city, when our crowd of expeditionary forces arrive in Tian Ling Empire across the strong gale forest, the distant place had one group of soldiers to wear the white mourning garment to wait for us, greets the Pearl coffin, the outcry soars to the heavens, one group of people cry, I am silent, progressing leads the palace guard to enter a city together.

On Tian Ling Empire city main road unexpectedly especially tranquil, this was Tian Ling Empire of wartime, NPC and players has gone out of town, in the city even appeared somewhat lonely, what however let my accident was Great Emperor has not gone out of town to greet the Pearl coffin unexpectedly, we already sent for informing the news that Pearl died in battle, should be insufficient the cold blood to be so right, after all was Pearl his blood younger sister?

The Tian Ling Empire imperial palace front, saw form finally, he wears a white robe, wears the royal crown, in the hand is grasping the sword of King, the eye blood red, throws suddenly, opens the coffin, looks to lie down in the silk silks the beautiful appearance such as Pearl of past, cries suddenly: „Younger sister...... Younger sister, you open the eye to look at my one eyes, how you were, Pearl, my younger sister, why you did not speak......"

Luo child said in side: „Your Highness Pearl was commanded hundred to kill by the fire Yun City three services marshal and pure running water armed forces, these hundred are guilty of the most heinous crime, had been beheaded by our army!"

„His severed head where?!" Turns around suddenly, in the eye full is the hatred.

I took out hundred head, loses directly on the ground.

„Damn thing......"

Is crazed, layer on layer a foot steps on suddenly on the head, immediately the face of hundred head completely has become one covered with blood, draws out the long sword to prick from the face of head, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Comes the person, gives me...... Builds a cauldron to me, puts to boil out for three days hundred head, then fishes to make hundred dogs struggle to eat!"

I hear the whole body to tremble, a bodyguard held hundred head immediately.


Has wiped tears, said: „By ritual of elaborate funeral Pearl royal family, she is the good princess in empire, she will be the pride of our day plume empire, the soul in heaven of father emperor will also take her as arrogantly."

Saying, pair of hawk looks suddenly to me: „Li Xiao Yao, reports back the fire Yun City combat situation!"

Zhan Long Chapter 880

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