Zhan Long Chapter 881

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I bow, said: „Fire Yun City has taken, we kept General Xiahou Ren to lead the purple spirit armed forces to guard in fire Yun City . Moreover, the purple flame enlightened emperor had also been cut to kill."


Looks suddenly to me: „Is really? Did the purple flame enlightened emperor die?"


„His head where?" Look looks like somewhat is unexpectedly fierce, even somewhat is perhaps excited.

I hold the head of purple flame enlightened emperor, said: „This is......"

Frowns to look at the head of purple flame enlightened emperor, said: „Really is he! This damn fellow, but is valiant generals in hot cloud empire, unexpectedly crawled the imperial throne of purple flame enlightened emperor to come up, but died eventually unavoidably, ha...... General Li, you do very well, said that what do you cut to kill the purple flame enlightened emperor to need to reward?"

I shake the head: „Purple flame enlightened emperor is not I kills, is she kills."

Saying, me has been holding the hand of Lin Wan Er.

Looks immediately to Lin Wan Er, said: „This...... Do the young girls, really have to massacre the skill of purple flame enlightened emperor? Simply unbelievable......"

Bans the marquis Luo child saying: „Your majesty, this young girl is the Hermit God Alan's disciple, grasped the strength of Holy Domain."

„No wonder." N'dow: „What did you call?"

Lin Wan Er thinks that said: „I called Cang Tong."

Hesitates: „Cang Tong? This actually strange name, but this is also good, Cang Tong, fire Yun City fought you to massacre purple flame enlightened emperor devil, had lasting achievements, read your meritorious military service orphaned, moreover orphaned lost only younger sister Pearl, was inferior...... Orphaned Wang Xiangshou you for the righteousness younger sister, does not know that you can want?"

Lin Wan Er is stunned, looks to me: „Pig head, agreed? System System Notification I whether confirmed......"

I without hesitation: „Agreement, in any case is not the misdemeanor."


The next quarter, Lin Wan Er confirmed that into the righteousness younger sister of Great Emperor, this then nods saying: „Good, you now are emperor's younger sister, orphaned gift of the emperor you ‚hot cloud princess' the title, from now henceforth, you are guarded fire Yun City by the younger sister, the fire Yun City soldier and grain place turns over to you to have jurisdiction, you have in fire Yun City live to kill the power high, confers a title upon from just first-level, with nobility same row, how?"

Lin Wan Er was shocked: „? Gives me to manage fire Yun City?"

My great happiness, shakes her hand: „Good deed! A bit faster complies, fire Yun City NO.1, this may on the general anything and marshal and so on wanting power and prestige were more, and...... After Wan Er you grasp fire Yun City, we will defend the imperial city and attack the edge city to be also more convenient."

Lin Wan Er sip the red lip, said with a smile: „Good, thanks your majesty."

„No, must call the emperor brother." Emphasized one.

Lin Wan Er some do not adapt to this name obviously, wrinkled the delicate eyebrows, several seconds later very much naturally will not say: „That...... Many thanks emperor brother......"

„Um, the good younger sister, not to need to be so polite, Ha Ha!"

Has clapped on the fragrant shoulder of Lin Wan Er, affectionate speech, this makes me wish one could a sword to cut off this goods the arm, does this person also match to have the younger sister?


After a while, hundred also said: „Your majesty, the coffin of Your Highness Pearl will bury into the day plume imperial tomb, the micro feudal official asked for instructions your majesty, when did your highness bury?"

„Tomorrow!" N'dow: „These matters give the civil officials to manage, hundred Ningxia, Li Xiao Yao and Luo children, your military officers have their matter to do as before."

I nod: „Compliant."

N'dow: „The senior emperors in Linhai empire probably were live have been bored, unexpectedly sent for horizontal Wu Shenhe attacking the national territory of our empire, the orphaned king has sent several Empire Armed forces to attack Port City, but...... These armies lost seriously, cannot hit Port City mostly, you instantly, cross Wu Shenhe, attacks Port City!"

Hundred stares, said: „Your majesty...... We...... Our five big regiments lost seriously, Marshal Xu Yi died in battle, Your Highness Pearl also died in battle, the soldiers go on an expedition day after day, good sleep not to have rested, and grain and fodder arrangement is insufficient, attacked Port City definitely to be again one is withstanding the war of hunger and death, asking your majesty to pity the empire officers, gave them the little training Cooldown......"

Knits the brows: „Hundred Ningxia, your shifting responsibility onto others so is it possible that at timid war? Pearl and Marshal Xu Yi are the pride of empire, but we must while winning [Combo], take advantage of opportunity the foul disease on Port City this Chest eradicate, after this war, even if we withstands the big price, can trade at least several years of long-term peace and good government inevitably, not?"

„But......" hundred starts to speak but hesitates.

At this time, behind about 40 -year-old high and low military commander raised the blade edge to walk to go forward emphatically, said: „Your majesty, if hundred General and General Li Xiao Yao are not willing to go to battle again, Rong Di Jun is willing to do for somebody actually, goes on a punitive expedition against for the empire, takes Port City, reduces the head of senior emperor."

I cannot help but look to him: „This is?"

His corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „My truly."

„Truly?" I in consternation, had not heard probably Tian Ling Empire does have this character?

Luo child one startled: „Truly...... Is truly duke, is it possible that guards extremely the truly duke of place of north bitter cold, the younger male cousin of Locker Great Emperor, truly duke?"

Nods to say with a smile: „When truly emperor uncle, empire danger, the emperor uncle he led 25 thousand Rong Di Jun to go over hill and dale from the north, arrived here across the dangerous Hybrid Demon territory, a loyalty, it may be said that was the empire pillar of the state!"

I have gawked staring, said: „Can truly duke lead 25 thousand Rong Di Jun to subjugate Port City?"

Truly nods saying: „Is having this intent, does General Li Xiao Yao have what advice?"

I show a faint smile: „Anything has not advised, but I do not know that day of plume empire also supports soldier 25 thousand Rong Di Jun unexpectedly, but also was really somewhat is daunted."

Said: „Emperor uncle leaves the empire from 17 years old, to the present is 27 years, he walks I and Pearl had not been born, now the emperor uncle returns to the empire, is liberator who deserves!"

Saying, sinking sound track: „Truly listens to seal!"

Truly duke knees down immediately: „Feudal official."

N'dow: „Commanded, conferred you for the Tian Ling empire marshal, directed the three services, took your Rong Di Jun as the main force, after one day, expedited attacks Port City, must capture Port City in half a month inevitably!"

„Feudal official meets the aim!" Kneeling that truly maintains composure there.

Also said: „The subordinates who moreover, the palace guard, the hot axe armed forces and flame Dragon Jun, the strong wind from afar armed forces entirely belong to truly marshal, await the expedition to dispatch, one day later embarks, acts without fail!"

„Yes!" Hundred Ningxia and Luo child Qi Qi complies.

I silent, has not spoken, is grasping the sword hilt, bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go out of the palace, Lin Wan Er ran with me, said: „Hey, is unhappy?"


„Ahem, wrote on face, added that did not have!"

Dong Cheng Yue said with a smile in side: „Actually, truly is far is clear(ly), expedition fire Yun City fights that many empire combat generals, is Brother Xiao Yao meritorious service is obviously highest, finally actually unexpectedly sealed the marshal to one had not heard emperor uncle, conversion was I, I will not be convinced mostly."

I smile: „Does not have, thought that Tian Ling Empire went to war continuously moved radically, this time attacked the Japanese Han main city, our shell has used up, when the time comes can only upward push with the flesh and blood, thinks to think horrible to look, what a pity I must lead the palace guard to make truly duke direct."

Lin Wan Er said: „Or, leading the palace guard to refuse battle?"

I shake the head: „I have thought that ok......"

In this time, the rear chief aide-de-camp sharply is pursuing to come suddenly, said: „General Li, please please do not bother to see me off!"

I halt to look to him, he pulls out a golden reel from the sleeve immediately, said: „Your majesty secret order, General Li does not need to salute, takes the secret order photo to make the conduct and that's the end."


Some of my doubt, received this golden reel slightly, the chief aide-de-camp walked immediately, but I noticed that on the reel has the great seal of emperor . Moreover the handwriting as if truly is writing skill, above writes several lines of characters, brief and to the point

„General Li Xiao Yao, you are the military officer of Pearl trusted subordinate, Pearl are I grow up together most own younger sister, therefore you are also my are at the person who in the empire can rely on, this time expedites Port City, please must preserve the good palace guard main force, the officers of palace guard are the empire pillar of the state, the matter of attacking a city hand over by Rong Di Jun do are, if this expedition triumphs, then truly duke will be sealed as Duke Port City, General Li is the empire marshal, grasps the national soldiers and horses, looks to treasure, swore in the name of Pearl."


Looks at the short several lines of characters, Lin Wan Er opened Zhang Xiaozui: „Oh, in this game NPC AI is not really simple, I think that is only the unenlightened ruler who clings to the authority, has not thought that this fellow is crystal clear to the potential state unexpectedly, is very rare."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Has not trusted this uncle completely, probably after having attacked and captured Port City, he plans to take away the military authority of truly duke, is built on stilts into the puppet of Linhai empire him?"

I nod: „Approximately is this, but...... The later matter who knows...... First offline eats the thing, to the evening, you should also be hungry?"

„That, a bit faster does not eat delicious."


Had confessed palace guard something, then made Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also lead [Zhan Long] person offline, in Full Moon City that side short Cooldown could not break through the destiny bateau-bridge, that did not have what threat.

Fang Ge Que still in leading [Legend] and other Chinese Guild and Port City day Han players socialized, our group of new forces overtook, in addition truly duke that 25 thousand Rong Di Jun, have surpassed the Port City day Han player in the population, believes that the stratagem which ensures success also had, but how did not know variable.


offline, driving brings two female Going out to eat the self-service barbecue, eats is supporting quickly time returns to the dwelling, takes a bath, comfortable sleeping, the country fought third day to finish, handled fire Yun City, the following goal was Port City, the Chinese area this time erupted that big strength suddenly, probably the Indian and Japanese Han, UK , France and other server of the players were shocked.

Zhan Long Chapter 881

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