Zhan Long Chapter 882

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Next morning, out of the window had the intermittent drizzle, although the spring beginning later rain somewhat was cold, but winter rain penetrating like that was not cold, I got up early, went to the kitchen is two female has prepared the simple breakfast, the bread was cuts, milk hot, the high-pressured pan boiling gruel, somewhat stuck.

Waits for two female to get out of bed, pours also eats very fragrant, Tang Qi is breaking off the bread, while said: „Fire Yun City hit finally, was not really easy, what a pity my country fought the points list first 50 could not have gone , was really a tragedy."

I: „You depend vividly fall completely wait for several skills to hit, does not have the group to kill the skill, nature Shua others, this Class single Tiao was very fierce, Shua monster time suffered a loss."

„It is not......"

Tang Qi looked to Lin Wan Er, said with a smile: „Heard that Miss Wan Er was conferred by Emperor NPC for the hot cloud princess yesterday? Congratulations, then is really the emperor's relatives!"

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „This emperor's relatives are useful, but is a game, fires off this country to fight well real, I always thought that we antagonized people too, this country war won said fortunately, if could not win, later matter unusual trouble . Moreover, what I always worried was......"

I put down the bread, said: „Wan Er is worried should be the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk as well as several million Indian players?"


She blinked, said: „Um, fire Yun City was hit by us, but the fire Yun City original player will get online, their many people definitely cannot stay put in two secondary lord cities, develops the ability and wisdom of black ink by the clear pupil, may launch an attack to Tian Ling Empire, the next country fought us really to be difficult to hit."

I nod: „This is also the matter that I am worried about, the city attacks and captures, rules this is an issue, light depends on the NPC army to defend definitely is incorrect."

Tang Qi knits the brows: „This matter as if some non-solutions?"

I sighed: „In brief I do not have what means temporarily, after the player died comes back to life, is unable to kill certainly and suppression thoroughly, later said again, the good means association to think."


Tang Qi smiled, said: „After fire Yun City war, our Guildmaster has a new look to you actually much, thought that your Li Xiao Yao truly is a genuine talented person, the talents worthy!"

I: „......"


Has not said anything, finished eating food respectively to get online, we offline have rested for a long time, in the game should the major regiments break camp to dispatch troops into battle to attack Port City.


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, immediately repaired equipment, Zhen Yue Blade soon has chopped, because the Zhen Yue Blade merit I can press Fang Ge Que one became the points first person in Tian Ling Empire, if continued to develop, perhaps I killed some people, MVP that this entire country fought can also be I, this was a very happy matter, after all I have missed the Wings of Heroes Tournament world final because of the severe wound, if now I can attain MVP that the country fought, global unique MVP, was equal to rectifying names for oneself!

Had supplemented some potion and [Soul Army] symbol, dialed the horse to leave the city, outside the city converged many [Zhan Long] players, but I ordered forcefully, died in battle over 2 times players do not participate to fight again, therefore many people went to Shua to blame, outside city still left over [Zhan Long] player about 2 thousand + person, its medium baking temperature Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode to put together the appearance that about 10000 people did not arrive, also has sufficed, so long as we did not flush in the front line, basically will not lose are too many, this main force made [Legend], [Prague], [Emerald Porcelain] and other on loss few Guild good.

Progresses to arrive at front of [Zhan Long] one group of people, my Jianfeng raises, says with a smile: „Rested ate to the full fully continued to go on an expedition, the country fought fourth day, final three days, the brothers have refueled!"

Li Mu laughs: „Come on!"

The hoofbeat is intermittent, [Zhan Long] one group of people embarked together, but not far away a messenger of palace guard speeds away to come, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, General Han Yuan makes me inform you, the palace guard embarked, embarked before 7 hours, please catching up at high speed, the palace guard also be waiting for your direction!"

As soon as I nod: „Knew, goes!"



Instigates the god fierce fine horse and [Zhan Long] brothers marches forward shoulder to shoulder, one crowd of person passing over gently and swiftly strong gale forests, directly soared the imperial stele forest the direction, crossed the imperial stele forest is the war institute, in this time war institute had the young boy, the grown cadets have served completely, perhaps many people died in battle under fire Yun City.

South the imperial stele forest was imperial imperial tomb, Princess Pearl grave appeared by far, only then few dozens people in protecting, the person were dying such as the lamp to extinguish, even if after were awe-inspiring Pearl died, is bones of the dead one pile, even this grave appeared somewhat brief, seemed does not have the unnecessary strength to construct the grave, but carelessly has buried Pearl, with enough time has not moved on the heap of grave edge.

Near the new grave, is planting several white florets, when the [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier grazes, the floret drags under swaying of fresh breeze fiercely, even several floating fall to the ground.

I look at nose acid, has almost cried.

„Pearl is quite pitiful." Li Mu reviews to look at the Pearl grave, could not bear say one.

I clench teeth saying: „Fired off this country war, so long as my position of this commanding by lu, I certainly will not have relied on the authority in hand is Pearl constructs a milestone, this is she can bear, I thought that although this is a game...... However is very real, the thousand years variables, emerging and demise of empire, the hero characters were submerged by the mighty current, but the Pearl gloss is unable to conceal, she is entire day plume empire most unique one."

The Li Mu nod said: „Um, I have to acknowledge that the destiny is a great game! Hey, Xiao Yao, these NPC said that you is a kernel, now looks like truly is this, after that many murdering and wars, will be only you to maintain the first thought is invariable, if will change into the real world, perhaps by your present status has been able the fertile farmland thousand area units and wife and concubines and big room hundred in groups......"

I cannot bear smile: „That is also because in the game is unable to realize, otherwise perhaps my also meeting wife and concubines in groups."

„You blow, Ha Ha!"

„Ha...... Fight that stricks well, our beforehand performance were remarkable, strive to fire off this country war, making the [Zhan Long] name appear on the first three thrones of Chinese Guild wind and cloud list!"

Li Mu confident nod: „Relax, adds on [Zhan Long] by your prestige in the entire country fights the killing the enemy number, our time cannot think that first three were difficult, moreover Xiao Yao, I suggested after this country fights, chooses several people to enter the [Zhan Long] palace again, how?"

I said joyfully: „Um, Ok, as long as meritorious military service is outstanding, or fights in points to be situated in the country before the person, can choose the [Zhan Long] palace, this country war continues for 7 days, can test a strength of person, this, this time we choose altogether 3 people to enter the [Zhan Long] palace!"

Nearby Wang Jian said with a smile: „Ha, the Xiao Yao elder brother is wise, this time we had the opportunity!"

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands sits on the Yue Yao Yan warhorse, said with a smile: „I thought but actually I and opportunity of small dance came!"

Dancing Forest also smiled: „Um, come on, do not hang early!"

Li Mu smiles, actually thread of conversation one revolution, said: „I said...... Are we to south, this south Wu Shenhe? Do we plan to cross Wu Shenhe?"

The Lin Wan Er volt on my shoulder, said with a smile: „That is because truly duke orders his 25 thousand Rong Di Jun to fell the bamboo of great demon bamboo grove, has built a new bateau-bridge in the military god river bank directly."

I knit the brows: „New bateau-bridge? Should unable to withstand the crossbow car(riage), the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery these heavy instruments with the bateau-bridge that the bamboo constructs?"

„Um." Lin Wan Er nods: „Therefore this time attacks Port City not to count on that the transportation battalion, we can only rush from the attacking a city rope ladder on foot, miserable gloomy...... Does not know that must be killed many people......"

„Does not manage." I smile: „Makes truly duke Rong Di Jun who play the main force, our [Zhan Long] as well as the palace guard assist from side, most also rushes to rescue on the bow and arrow fire, this time does not work as the main force in any case, but if Japanese Han players to going out of town to fight a decisive battle, on us, this does not need to be polite!"

„Um! Ha Ha......" listened to my such saying, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others was excited, regarding hitting the player in day Korean War area, everybody was very warm, after all looked at them not to be pleasing to the eyes.


After a half hour, arrives in the great demon bamboo grove, here was growing a great demon, but killed off, but in the bamboo grove the giant bamboo was almost also felled, truly duke 25 thousand Rong Di Jun have a mighty army imposing manner very much, the bateau-bridge that a giant bamboo raft constructs appears in the military god river bank, but the river water is rapid, has the turbulent current to well up the bateau-bridge unceasingly, is involved in the soldier the river water, swaying of entire bateau-bridge high and low fluctuating, is very scary.

Instigates the god fierce fine horse, I lead the [Zhan Long] person to cross river slowly, when crossed river also finally saw Rong Di Jun in legend, impressively is one group of terse troops, majority is the cavalry soldiers, the warhorse that uses is the northern fine horse, the weapon mostly is the full moon sickle, clever, but the lethality is full, compared with the Empire Armed forces general heavy blade edge and extravagant sword of completely different styles, moreover this group of Rong Di Jun also wears fur lined robe and other clothes, seems like incompatible with the Tian Ling Empire style.

After we cross river, truly ordered to demolish the bateau-bridge immediately, quick, the bateau-bridge that this built newly rapidly became the history, I and Luo child inquired reason time, this marshal said that was being cut off officers turns over to the mood of township with all escape routes, like this they can have the courage to make war at risk of life, why as for actually, me thinks that we will not know.

Does not wait for the palace guard and player team to fit out, truly duke has led Rong Di Jun [Assault] Going out, the goal to point to Port City, this makes me disturbed, god knows will then have anything.

Zhan Long Chapter 882

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