Zhan Long Chapter 883

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Port City, situated in confusing a solid barrier on butterfly plain, Port City does not have the danger to defend, must say that the natural defenses words are the Port City city rear area have a bright temple, it is said inside is occupied by one crowd of temple Knight as well as the omnipotent gods, but these are also the forum fables of different opinions, which player does not have to see the god in bright temple to the present.


I do not advance by rushes, but is waited for the blade shield camp soldiers who palace guard all arrive to ask Tianfeng, this slowly continues, the [Zhan Long] people do not worry to cut to kill the country to fight points, now the Port City player has been ready in full battle array, the players of Japanese and South Korean two servers are not affable, evades its [Vanguard] to be most sane.

Li Mu hits the horse gently, said: „Information came back, the Port City players at least 700 thousand people in confusing butterfly plain superior we, the Port City three big main NPC armies completely have also gone out of town, looked like they are the plan fights to the death with us outside the city."

I smiled: „How many people do we have?"

„1000 thousand people will not be more."

„This probably is taking advantage of Port City player, they wait at ease for an exhausted enemy, but the war that many of us experience going too far Yun City, Level and equipment fell much, moreover not necessarily dares to go all out."

Li Mu shows a faint smile: „Actually, they have possibly miscalculated, because the Port City intelligence system not necessarily reconnoiters existence of truly duke, these 25 thousand Rong Di Jun's cavalry soldiers could make the Port City player eat a pot."


We are marching the front has heard rumble the crackle of gunfire, made war!

Progressed to lead the way rapidly, when I stepped confused the butterfly plain, sees distant place gunsmoke everywhere the war scene, Rong Di Jun's main cavalry soldier in violent [Assault], but the Port City three big regiments have also set up in an array, the heavy shield camp in the front, the bow and arrow camp , the crackle of gunfire covered, left behind gulfs on the plain, exploded the smashing with horse Rong Di Jun's cavalry soldier.

The earth one is vibrating intermittently, my sycophancy leads the way slowly, discovered the person who the rumor has led Ben Lveru the fire got up, the vice director in this Chinese war zone looks like worries very much, for fear that own Guild could not contribute to the first in merit to be ordinary, with truly duke same worry.

I behind, [Zhan Long] Steel Blade ride, fire Dragon Rider to prompt forward slowly, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others in the front of formation, I asked: „Discovered the people in Port City King state?"

„Temporarily does not have." Wang Jian shakes the head, said: The „first Guild war of Japanese war zone dies young with the second Guild crecent moon has not appeared, Port City first three Guild disappear."

I nod smile: „This was right, if I am they will not choose the plain to fight a decisive battle, defends on the city imperial will have the superiority, probably these 700 thousand people here consumed our."

Li Mu said: „What to do do we, think so?"

„That is definitely impossible, Marshal NPC will not make our doing stand here."

My voice has not fallen, the messenger has held up the war flag to clash, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Palace guard Li Tongling obeys orders, marshal orders, palace guard all war starts [Assault] from the enemy position left wing, must destroy their artillery in a double-hour, otherwise the electrical connector sees!"

My knitting the brows head, this truly marshal also is really the military might, unexpectedly has issued such instruction, changed into others to fear me already to go forward a blade to cut him, grasped 25 thousand Rong Di Jun's military authorities on truly hand at this moment, the palace guard was utterly exhausted is not a match.



I lift the hand to draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „We attack from the left wing, avoid their fires to cover, on!"

Li Mu and the others waited for a long time, after I issue an order flushed Going out, every time captures a city to provide to reward one time, but after the country will fight 7 days ended, will have a final reward in the true sense, that will be the climax, we can capture many points to be better now, but at present this crowd of Port City player majority is two and three players, will be very good will take the points goal.

„Roar roar......"

God fierce fine horse is similar after neighing of roaring I also flushed Going out, was leading one group of cavalry soldiers of [Zhan Long] and palace guard started [Assault], one group of people of our dead ahead were Guild, was the Japanese server ranks 9 th Guild, the strength was also definitely ordinary, under an impact of putting in an appearance really the fit and unfit quality stood sentence, this group of people are almost unable to block the [Zhan Long] oppression of the people, rapid are broken through the defense, the rear player flushed is one kills, does not have the suspense.


The Li Mu duplicate sword cuts to fall in the crowd, the bang a piece of blood spatters in all directions, attack power of this goods was too high, the backhand is a sword, held Knight of shield to break with the shield one, the blood has spattered in all directions a face, he hey said with a smile: „I discovered that the left wing is the person in Japanese war zone, is very good, I like such arrangement!"

Old K roared to clash Going out, [Whirlwind Slash] has surged in the crowd, where one group of Japanese players can endure, immediately the imperial swordsmanship + sword air/Qi daybreak covered, Old K HP fell instantaneously 31%, roared rapidly is barbarically jumps to cut the rebound the position, took advantage of opportunity after cut to fall under Swordsman, Yue Yao Yan, Death God's Elegy and Star Blade and the others also rapidly advanced, meets no resistance, the opposite party really nobody can resist us, even only JBN fought the net rank to enter 50 players + continually to be surrounded and attacked the second to kill by Lin Wan Er [Twin Blade Harmony] directly, disparity disparately too. Big!

Near a half hour of rush, [Zhan Long] and palace guard break through the blockades of 7 Guild continuously, arrived in the position of Port City NPC army directly, here is their main forces, looked at the past from afar, the opposite party position was orderly, altogether 10 shield placed in the front, each held the shield soldiers to provide a long spear soldier, the (spear gun) blade edge flood the cold brightness in the moonlight inferior we, this was the combination of heavy shield soldier and long spear soldier, the war flag of opposite party fluttered by far, above was the symbols of several fallen leaves.

„Chiba Regiment."

Lin Wan Er is grasping the dagger, said calmly: „This is the regiment that Port City battle efficiency total is listed third, belongs to the Japanese war zone, should be the absolute main force, I look up...... The Chiba Regiment altogether does not have 40 dragon crystal artillery and 120 hot crag artillery, total number of people 14 thousand people, many, what to do?"

I have swept one, said: „Basically is Titan level NPC between 140-155 levels, does not have what to be good to dread, you look at my behind palace guard, either is antique level NPC, either is spirit Yu Jie, the day plume step and Divine Tier accurate BOSS, lowest were too more than their average levels, kills, gains points!"


Although I planned very to act as main force, but somewhat was at this moment involuntary, in the frontal battlefield, Rong Di Jun short Cooldown cannot break through the opposite party defense line, if [Zhan Long] and palace guard halt here will drop the words to redicule about of timid war unavoidably, that would rather at risk of life has fought, obtains the country fights points can also for the country be utterly loyal, at least also has contributed a strength for the Chinese war zone.

„Fire Dragon Rider, clashes with me, upward selects their long-barrelled guns with the finding fault technique, hits this group of long spear soldiers using the mount impact, do not try to massacre them, the destruction defense lineup said again!" I sharply flushed Going out, immediately entered thousand frost wing effects, the sword horizontal the chaotic dance, instantaneously and long spear shields in several rice swinging.

But position about one kilometer of Chiba Regiment, I am at least impossible to open completely, the [Zhan Long] people also in abundance started the impact, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other skill high players have wielded the pointed weapons selecting to fly the long spear in abundance, mount battered, hit the shield soldier falls down, the rear player followed up, one group of people entered rapidly, the person of palace guard was not slow, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other people together forward flushed along with me, actually they and [Zhan Long] people were also quite familiar, even was merry, grasps the dark Moon Elf Yorozuo long fine silks of long bow to shoot arrows on one side, one side looks at Li Mu Saying with a smile: „In palace soldier who commands, this general looks like actually powerful and brave, is this equipment is tattered, was too poor?!"

Li Mu had been sexually harassed by the NPC beautiful woman, shameless red.

Wang Jian is indignant: „, This called any words, who said that the Boss was poor, the Boss gained ground, making them have a look, Boss not only poor, but also ugly!"

Dancing Forest eats to smile: „Can you speak, Li Mu ugly, the long clown is can decide? Li Mu stands, making them have a look, Li Mu not only clown, but also short!"

Matcha female hee hee also defends against injustice with a smile: „I said you, the good and evil is Guild, like this, how others Li Mu should not be short, is much longer is not his mistake, whoops hey, Li Mu also jumps to hit me, my knee good pain......"

Li Mu: „......"

Then, solemn [Valiant Bravery] Battalion Boss was sexually harassed was a mass of cuts and bruises, even has provoked laughter depressed Dong Cheng Yue, this actually great merit, but I also admired to them full of admiration, we were slaughtering with the formidable Chiba Regiment, this group of fellows can also such talk and laugh merrily unexpectedly, the sincerity was rare.


Continual advance, after several minutes, broke through the long spear of Chiba Regiment and shield, proceeded again is one crowd grasps the infantry of long halberd to meet head-on impressively, was mixing with one group of archers, cancould dispute, kills!

Both sides entered the tangled warfare rapidly, everywhere in body preying, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others is the murder such as the hemp, but Qing that my hand inside number of people number is unable to count, opened thousand frost wings back and forth to conflict in the crowd, as long as saw that JBN and KBN person immediately [Binding Chains] held to massacre, but once the opposite party saw that I with damn was also same, from the start could not block, runs and runs the flying speeds of thousand frost wings, even several collection fires want to kill me unable to massacre, obviously I became the Port City eye-sore and thorn in the side.

The hand-to-hand fighting has carried on nearly one hour, when we arrive in the artillery brigade position, Rong Di Jun has also rushed ahead, when first one person is one about 18 -year-old high and low young fellow, waves a handle sharp sword to kill on the direct bang on a dragon crystal artillery, the strength is astonishing, the muzzle, has startled nearby Chiba Regiment soldiers to be frightened out of one's wits.

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Zhan Long Chapter 883

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