Zhan Long Chapter 884

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„Brat, courts death!"

One group of Chiba Armed forces fire of archer uneven Shua Shua, the young fellow in Rong Di Jun immediately stands up from failure to hide into behind the warhorse, the warhorse the arrow died in battle immediately, he is all right actually, stands up from failure, a foot tramples the cavalry soldier who turns Chiba Armed forces, stands up from failure to start to continue to progress to dash about wildly to kill in the crowd, this Wu Yong was really too rare.

I carefully looked, this boy named „shallow forest", 157 levels of accurate Demon Harvest step BOSS, but hundred husbands are long, but this strength is truly highly regarded, should be the system has established the hideaway strength, otherwise general accurate Demon Harvest step BOSS surely does not have this ability, at least I have not seen.


As soon as I wield the long sword, leading Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Li Mu, Lin Wan Er and the others to attack artillery of Chiba Armed forces directly, one group of people sweep away, prestige steady above Rong Di Jun, the cavalry soldiers of Chiba Armed forces to by our easily accomplished tearing into shreds, this is the strength that Rong Di Jun does not have, immediately not far away that was called some young fellow complexions of shallow forest to be ugly, got hold of the long sword, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Rong Di Jun, do not make the Tian Ling Empire army thinking of as worthless, gives me with great speed [Assault], kills hundred people to rise hundred husbands to be long, kills thousand people to rise the multitude of people long!"

Issues an order in him, immediately Rong Di Jun rising spiritedly remaining prestige, roared the rush to go, on the Chiba army horse could not resist, 70,000-80,000 people of routs, had the sign of totaling military defeat together very much.

Another direction, the [Legend] cavalry regiment appeared, Enchanted Painting raises the water deity halberd to lead a troop Dawn Mills brand to ride to batter, unceasing strangles to death with another NPC regiment in the same place, that is the Port City second regiment bird regiment!

In addition [Judgement], [Prague], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild attacking fiercely, instantaneously confused on the butterfly plain a Port City weaponry unable to resist, according to my judgment, they supported cannot over 3 hours of inevitably on all fronts rout, at that time was our direct [Enemies at the Gate] time, killed, while asked Dragon Xing by far: „Did messenger come back?"

Dragon Xing nods: „Sir felt relieved that the messenger has reported after carrying out orders, we keep Wu Shenhe warship to arrive in military god Henanan immediately, altogether 50 dragon crystal artillery and 200 hot crag artillery and certain amount of shells will certainly ship before the darkness arrive here."

I had an assurance: „Um, that too was good!"


Fight there of destiny bateau-bridge has Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan, Simple and Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others to keep off . Moreover the rear area also has the legendary Emperor Yu regiment and flood dragon armed forces to work as the backing, in short Cooldown will not fall into enemy hands, we must do was in short Cooldown the rapid attack takes Port City, if can take Port City , our fought is really the meritorious service unprecedented melts now, looked over to conquer and other country wars of major games, has not captured the combat examples of opposite party two main cities one time!

Cooldown every little bit is passing, near 4 hours of Cooldown, confuse the Port City player rout on butterfly plain to escape in abundance, 700 thousand people were killed over 500 thousand people, Chinese war zone also 800 thousand + players . Moreover the NPC major regiments put together about altogether 50 thousand people, had the overwhelming superiority in the population.

Tidied up has cleaned the battlefield, dressed ranks the troops, the 250 heavy artilleries of palace guard has also unloaded the warship to ship, but truly marshal as if to this heavy artillery too big interest, his Rong Di Jun has not passed through this war not to have the loss to be too many, the spirit still, should want in one vigorous effort to take Port City by prestige.

Official [Enemies at the Gate], behind Port City is the plain, again backward was the boundless sea, they did not have any escape route, can only life-and-death wrestle with us.

In the armed forces account, Luo child, hundred Ningxia, Luis, Qin Ye and the others, basically knew with me, but is not considered as the old friend, Princess Pearl this group of people did not have what good impression to me, was good to my manner on hundred, several other wished one could my blood to sprinkle the battleground, but now, truly has been the marshal, therefore started to stand in line, stood in without a doubt truly that side.


Truly sits on the marshal throne, brow said: „We broke through the Linhai empire in confusing the butterfly plain smoothly to the barrier that we establish, beheads hundreds of thousands, now should also think next, after [Enemies at the Gate], how do we attack a city?"

Luo child holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, end thinks that should build the scaling ladder immediately, then climbs the city attack."

Truly said: „Bans the marquis to say badly, the attacking a city scaling ladder time-consuming long time can ship, but we did not have that many Cooldown, in my opinion, Rong Di cavalry sufficiently broke through Port City that thinly such as the city gate of slip of paper, how did you think?"

Truly is the marshal, the sound is aggressive, frightened Luo child not to dare to speak unexpectedly again.

The red silk handkerchief on Luis arm is fluttering as before, he holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, although we have not carried the military baggage to come, the check claw that attacks a city brought actually much, cancelling the claw ejection holds to dozens meters high city on using the ejection machine, the sword axe chops does not cut off cancels the day silk of claw, we can climb up the city, I had looked, heavy artillery that above the city altogether 200 do not arrive, so long as blew up these heavy artilleries to make our army capture the city with ease."

Truly shows a faint smile: „Luis commands to say is extremely, suits me, that illuminates your meaning to manage, crazy Lei Jun hits first, so long as blows up the heavy artillery of city Chishan more than half, immediately the army attacks a city!"

Luis stares, has not thought that this marshal was attacked by oneself armed forces, immediately is unable to back down, does not have the means that clenches teeth saying: „End will be compliant!"

In Raesmaa assistant platoon leader An will attack a city, but the crazy Lei Jun few several thousand people, think that definitely cannot attack, I walked to go forward, raise the sword saying: „Marshal, the city is so big, crazy Lei Jun hits definitely unable to hit."

„What's wrong, does Li Tongling palace guard also want on together?"

Truly gains ground to have a look at me, on face full is the happy expression: „That transmitted orders, palace guard and crazy Lei Jun attack a city together!"

My a lot of fires, clench jaws, said: „Marshal, is build attacking a city scaling ladder, this can suppress the city bow and arrow and crossbow car(riage) and other firepower on directly, otherwise attacks us also to meet the buckle to be serious the city."

„Shut up!"

Truly pats the table suddenly, said: „Li Tongling, you are an empire serviceman, should understand the command prompt the principle? My intent has decided that the palace guard and crazy Lei Jun attack a city together, as for using any means that Li Tongling look at the office!"

I, the situation was in consternation clear, truly this marshal naturally really does not arrive at Tian Ling Empire for Emperor Qin, his action to lose the Tian Ling Empire army without a doubt, once the palace guard and crazy Lei Jun died in battle completely, that Tian Ling Empire was his Rong Di Jun one said considering as finished, at the appointed time, we overcame fire Yun City, Port City perhaps to hit for truly whole family.

Hundred also realized that this situation, then held the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, the palace guard and crazy Lei Jun are unable to do it alone, end is willing to lead the strong wind from afar armed forces to go to battle together!"

Luo child also kneels finishes a job to lift in the front, said: „Marshal, end is also willing to lead the hot axe armed forces to go to battle!"

An flame Dragon Jun's Yorozuo long also promotes to command temporarily, same knelt down: „End is willing to lead gnathitis Dragon Jun to help in the fighting!"

In a flash, besides Rong Di Jun, the regiment commands of all original Tian Ling Empire requested to go to battle, I had even been moved, critical moment, even if before is us, each other suspected, but is actually willing to toss the blood for Tian Ling Empire now, even if I for the behest of Pearl, but they for royal power, but the result is the same, we do not hope that Rong Di Jun is in charge of Tian Ling Empire, making the imperial authority exchange ownerships, can the non- wise judgment, we actually not.


Truly cold snort, actually does not know that said anything is good, he has not thought that will turn into this situation, the army that if Tian Ling Empire belongs to goes to battle together, can perhaps take Port City smoothly, when the time comes Rong Di Jun does not fight the idle work, he will be greatly affected in the Tian Ling Empire status, considered for nearly a half minute, truly said: „Good, this commander-in-chief also sends 15 thousand Rong Di Jun to help in the fighting, must attack and capture the main city of Linhai empire in three days!"

In this time, outside is hearing a noise suddenly, an own soldier flushed, said: „Marshal, young general he......"

„Shallow forest how?" Truly asked.

Own soldier said: „Young general must rush to the armed forces big account......"

Was saying, the curtain was opened by a sword suddenly, a young young fellow flushed, before me , that sees, the shallow forest, I am suddenly enlighted suddenly, this boy should be son truly!


Shallow Lin Danxi kneels down, said: „I must go to battle!"

Truly knits the brows: „Attacking a city is attacking a fortified position, this does not crack a joke, you give me the honest point to treat, after broken city, naturally can have the opportunity that you rush ahead!"

The shallow forest is not convinced saying: „Father, which present did I compare these general to miss? Why does not let my establishment of merit by killing the enemy, my body is flowing the bloodlines of Tian Ling Empire King, I am willing to protect Tian Ling Empire bleed, father!"

„Do not say!" Truly said: „Does not permit you to go to battle in any case, the shallow forest, I may on your such son, you remember, these generals present have fought many battles, you think was you can compared with resulting in?"

The shallow forest actually clenches teeth saying: „Father, I refuses to accept, why?"

Saying, the shallow forest has drawn out the sharp sword suddenly, said: „I am willing on the scene to compete with generals, who can win me in every gesture and motions, I then did not attack a city!"

Truly is the marshal actually does not blow this precious son, but said: „Good...... Which general is willing to teach for me my this good-for-nothing my son? This commander-in-chief layer on layer has to enjoy settledly......"

„Makes me try the skill of young general!" Commanding Qin Ye of flood dragon armed forces has drawn out the extravagant sword, took a step, said with a smile: „To stops, do not injure the young general is."

The shallow forest also stands up, has drawn out the long sword with a smile.

Leaves that moment of sword in the shallow forest a I slightly startled, superficial thorn strikes actually understands Swordsmanship asking the way, this shallow forest is really not an untalented person.


The general swordsmanship of empire serviceman Qin Ye used, a standard kept off, turned around is a spin body chops to cut, but the speed of shallow forest was faster, jumped to leap, Jianfeng has delimited on Qin Ye's shoulder.


Spark spatters in all directions, gets rid very lightly, but left together the trace on Qin Ye's shoulder armor.



Qin Ye stared in a big way the buphthalmo to stand there, a face was ashamed, said: „Young general highly skilled, I lost!"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Father, you also thinks that now I can't protect itself good?"

Zhan Long Chapter 884

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