Zhan Long Chapter 885

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Truly duke as if prays for rescue general looked to hundred Ningxia, said: „Hundred li (0.5km) general, you are the teacher of Your Highness Pearl, was inferior...... You teach my this good-for-nothing child, I really did not feel relieved that makes him breach enemy lines in front [Assault], may this boy inborn fight the appearance, was really too does not make me be free from worry."

Hundred holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, what obsolete practice is the technique law, is not the skill that the battlefield slaughters, please obsolete should not be able to ask for advice the technique of young general."

Is truly speechless: „This...... Also who? In the empire military officers doesn't have a technique unparalleled person?"

Luo child is holding wrist skill of being cut off, the institute: „Marshal, crazy Lei Jun commands General Luis the technique to be extraordinary, once was the military academy lived bends horse Xianshu, the swordsmanship unparalleled first person, if the marshal wants to frustrate the spirit of young general, might as well let General Luis and young general duel one?"

„Good, General Luis, looked your!"

Truly has a look around Luis, supplemented one: „Do not use Dou Qi, but pure puts together the move, Ok?"

Luis shows a faint smile: „Relax, will not injure to the young general!"

Saying, Luis has drawn out his pointed weapons slowly, that is a handle regarding in the soft sword of waist, wants to come the Tian Ling Empire blacksmiths time, unexpectedly understood that builds the skill of soft sword, but Luis looks like also very outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted, is called the Tian Ling Empire No. 1 sentiment plants, looked the stance that he draws a sword knows the skill was truly uncommon.

The shallow forest shows a faint smile, grasps the long sword to retrocede one step, the both legs sink suddenly slightly, the strength gathered the potential to finish, in the eye does not have slight fear, said with a smile: „Can command duel with Luis, this simply is my being honored, come, does not need to be forgiving, puts out the real skill to come, will otherwise possibly suffer a loss in the young fellow hand!"

A Luis Qing ate delicacies, raised single-handed, fresh breeze bone-chilling cold, some Dou Qi passed the body, this move asked the way very wisely, but the swordsmanship attainments of shallow forest were truly exquisite, did not speak, the iron sword danced horizontally, „bang" has cut to pieces Luis exploringly struck, the taking advantage of opportunity body anxious spin divided three swords continuously!

If Luis's soft sword still poisonous snake, during the backlash the attack of sword standard parry shallow forest consecutively for three times, the under foot sliding wrong body has avoided the match next one strikes, speed soft sword fast sweeps away cutting, the shallow forest hurried holds up the standard to keep off the sword blade edge, actually does not think that the soft sword toughness is greatly strengthened, even if were blocked actually as before the Jianfeng part curving thorn by square to the shallow forest.


Shallow forest boldness because of one's skill, pats Jianfeng by the palm unexpectedly, „" the soft sword patting, simultaneously the left leg gently forward one time lightly kicks, immediately on Luis's war knee has left a clear footprint.


Luis is stunned, retrocedes several steps, immediately the sword blade edge turns over to the sheath, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Marshal, end is not the match of young general!"

Truly in great surprise: „This......"

The shallow forest somewhat is small happily, holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Can father, make me go to battle now?"

Luis stands there ashamed, actually looks up to truly, said: „Although I am not the match of young general, in general but who the marshal, the empire commands the level actually swordsmanship attainments very high of person, may be the match of young general."


„Palace guard commands General Li Xiao Yao, blood giant Kyle from Hybrid Demon territory dies under the sword of General Li, making General Li try, perhaps he."

„Good!" Saying that truly brooks no intervention: „General Li, then do not decline, teaches my son, if you can defeat him, I must layer on layer enjoy!"

I knit the brows, is Luis this wants to make me make a boner? Actually my swordsmanship is what kind, which these NPC know, but is Luis also discovered that son truly is fierce, therefore wants to make me front make a boner in the audiences of Empire Armed forces, since has rubbed I always the spirit, but such being the case, that is impolite!


Dragon Reservoir Sword comes out of the sheath, I have not used Zhen Yue Blade, I had looked at the swordsmanship of shallow forest a moment ago, to be honest my handle sword has sufficed!

„Palace guard commands the general, I am impolite!" The shallow forest smiles, the footsteps slides suddenly overran, the sword blade edge delivers, attractive one time asks the way.

My Dragon Reservoir Sword pendulum, simultaneously the under foot skids gently, rear area tows the long sword of shallow forest to think me to lean ingeniously to puncture, simultaneously the body a numerous elbow struck the bang to approach the chest of shallow forest in a flash.


The shallow forest is startled slightly, speed not slow single Zhangge keeps off, simultaneously withdraws the long sword is a third company cuts, attack speed certainly, the angle is quickly cunning, this boy has practiced with many swordsmanship masters, otherwise is impossible to achieve such cultivation is the degree, is good because of the match is I, Dragon Reservoir Sword Ping Ju, the circling straight thrust, „clang" twisted the long sword of shallow forest suddenly, this was entangling sword in loose wind swordsmanship.

Taking advantage of opportunity area, the shallow forest lost the personal appearance, the urgent under this boy as if also lost calmly, takes advantage of opportunity hurriedly is a palm, Dou Qi is vigorous, he launched the Dou Qi attack to work loose my entangling sword.

Area my also strength, the strength of Holy Domain starts, the numerous fist rumbles!


The cyclone explodes, the strength and Dou Qi of shallow forest Holy Domain surges in the same place, will blow periphery the audiences the cloak to fly upwards, even the tent was also stirred whistling makes noise, the shallow forest will draw back several steps continually, the complexion somewhat will be slightly pale, immediately the sword blade edge will turn over to the sheath, will hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Many thanks General Li advises, I...... I truly am not the match of General Li!"

I commended looked at his one eyes, this boy was actually good, can lose.

Truly duke laughs: „Li Xiao Yao commands really the highly skilled, too, later I can assign the person to reward thank you to deliver to palace guard Shuai Zhang to go, as for the shallow forest, you leads to defend with the father together in armed forces, so long as we look how here the audiences will take this Port City then."

Shallow forest actually kneeling tunnel: „Father, I do not want to keep the armed forces, I think...... I want to lead my own soldier to go to the palace guard, follows General Li some much study carte and tierces . Moreover the feat of arms of General Li has excelled by far the world, has him to protect me, the father does not need to worry that my safety, the father, please must accept my this request."

Truly also takes this precious son not to have the means that then must nod saying: „Good, Li Tongling, hopes that you can take care of good my son, do not allow him to enter the strategic place, this attacking a city, the three services launch the attack together, the palace guard only needed long-distance to hit hard with your heavy artilleries is, does not need to attack a city, at least, General Li cannot lead my son to attack a city together."

My knitting the brows head, said: „Knew, I did not make the young general approach the city as far as possible then."

„Good, that the crackle of gunfire is the command, after three artillery make a sound, starts to attack a city!"

„Yes, Marshal!" Holding the fist in the other hand of one crowd of empire military officer uneven Shua Shua.


I go out start, am leading my several own soldier, then the shallow forest also brought own hundred people of teams to follow, asked kindly: „General Li, how your move entangles sword to be completed, can teach me?"

I am helpless: „Fired off this weaponry to say again, now is also not the time."

„Good, General Li do not go back on word, otherwise I have been entangling you."

„Um, knew......"

It looks like this shallow forest truly is infatuated with the swordsmanship, moreover craves in rushing ahead the battleground, he is duke's son, sooner or later can the hereditary rank of nobility, such aristocrat military officer is actually rare, probably also will be Pearl, Angela, Luo Lin these talented people personally will go forth to battle? Suddenly thinks that Pearl had been killed, Luo Lin is also buried in the awe empire fights, the humans affair change, in the game also so, already the thing was the person non-.

When I return to the palace guard camp, the first artillery sound transmits, was two, the general attack starts!

The distant place, crazy Lei Jun is attacking a city violently, but loses seriously, under the city wall is lying down the dense and numerous crazy Lei Jun's corpses, was good together has also attacked a city because of the player, many reduced some pressures for them.

The Han deep pool sees me to come back, immediately vision scalding hot saying with a smile: „General, were our palace guards can also attack a city immediately?"

I shake the head: „No, the marshal ordered the palace guard to hold troops, after the city gate was opened, we attacked again, now...... On the watchtower with long-distance heavy artillery aiming city, rumbled to say Port City these defense watchtowers first completely again!"

„Results in the command!"


Han deep pool hot sharp fire singes mass-criticized the watchtower to go, but the massive Chinese players have also fired into the city, the quantity of this attacking a city scaling ladder were few, wanted to climb up majority of upwardly, the difficulty could be imagined, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others led Steel Blade to ride, under the fire Dragon Rider direct impact city, then protected our long-distance team upward bang to kill, the Lin Wan Er form also appeared on the city, she depended upon various gods before flying.

Port City high and low has killed one group, an intermittent artillery sound, the heavy artillery on city flows swiftly to fall the firepower in the player and crowd of NPC army unceasingly, probably is less than a half hour, the battle loss of both sides is fearful, I somewhat could not sit still, raised the sword to clash Going out, the shallow forest hurried [say / way]: „General Li, do you want to slaughter? Takes me to be possible good......"

I laugh: „Young general here just wait, I urge to go faster return, Xiao severe, watches the young general to me, do not make him have any accident, our palace guards may unable to take on!"

Xiao severe nods: „General felt relieved!"

Shallow forest helpless standing there, said loudly: „General Li, you are not loyal!"

I smile.


In an instant has killed above the city wall, the surroundings enter a city everywhere killed player corpse, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others have led many people to come up, but completely was massacred, not far away of city wall, one group of archers very crowded in salvo, the person in uniform King state, and symbol on everyone top of the head is the KING opening, I already heard, South Korean strongest destiny team is the composition of KING corps, this corps are similar to the family of China, the appearance about No. 200 + person, the cohesive force is strong, and strength of everyone is first-class, Arrow that this altogether 40 + people of KING corps archers compose really fearful, the [Zhan Long] player died in battle under their arrows much.

„Boss was careful!"

Matcha raises the shield to stand in city wall, said: „The person firepower of KING family is specially fierce!"

Zhan Long Chapter 885

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