Zhan Long Chapter 886

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„Also must kill again, on, flushes out this arrow together!"

As soon as I raise town Yue Dao, gave to hold town Yue Zhange directly well, but Matcha female also intelligent instantaneous started the shield of skill group lion, surroundings all China player in addition held the attack and defense after effect completely, flushed together forward, in the city wall altogether also on several [Zhan Long] riding wars was the player, moreover added on Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang three assassins, this person was far from the crush absolutely, even I can notice that on the distant place KING family archer face taunted the smiling face of meaning.


[Soul Army] Fu Fandong, my direct [Seven Stars Teleportation] falls to the ground, grasps Dragon Reservoir Sword to wallop forward, simultaneously threw town Yue Dao single-handed, the sword is bringing the screw impact bang to an arrow player, but they were also direct the firepower to lock me, [Rising Dragon Shot] roared!

When [Rising Dragon Shot] arrives in my front, I have also stepped into the star aspect in [Seven Stars Teleportation], „brushing" one advances 15 yards forward, flies dense and numerous MISS, at least several [Rising Dragon Shot] fell by my MISS, Dragon Reservoir Sword raises is a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang kills in the crowd, immediately the second has killed 2 archers.

In the crowd of KING family, 153 levels of six swivel bow archers said wickedly: „This is too sly, kills other! The knights come, divert this Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

Not far away one group of knights flushed, but my behind [Zhan Long] rode the war is the player suffered the baptism of crowded arrow arrow, the Moon Feather female continuous bump several meters, exhausted best HP, hot fine horse whinning led our beautiful woman swordsmen to fall to the ground dead in battle, Li Meng Yao and Matcha held the shield to advance forward, above the shield full is the arrow arrow, the match archer at least 70% arrow arrows that the hit probability of this group of archers, we dealt with very in the past can be walked position MISS to fall, but at present the archer almost every person of this crowd of KING corps has well pre-. Sentences, all attacks can fall 30% to be good by MISS.

„Forces up!"

Yue Yao Yan raises the shield to progress to proceed to clash, however when she approaches arrow five meters remote also has exhausted HP, sobs to fall to the ground.

One Second Hero shouted angrily, progressed speedily to advance, the long spear delivered, „tittering" penetrated a chest of archer, however [Rising Dragon Shot] of several other archer ultra short distances also penetrated his body, opened the eye, One Second Hero strikes to pound to fly at the point of death once again a archer before the shield, before hanging, said one: „I resurrect to catch up immediately!"

Thousand frost wing effects have after death been opening the ice wing, I get rid of one crowd of King states to ride the war furiously am the entanglement of player, Dragon Reservoir Sword sweep into arrow once more, but [Zhan Long] after paying Moon Feather, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero and other 2 levels of core main players, finally has torn into shreds arrow directly, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and other assassin skill salvos, almost an archer has not bled off, especially Wang Jian the spin and the Li Mu war halberd duplicate sword cuts, the Old K [Whirlwind Slash] three skills to fire, the instantaneous second kills 20 + people, this made the people face of King state green, No one has thought that [Zhan Long] will have that strong explosive force, almost made the elite bowmen in King state die in battle completely in three minutes.


Void, the blood only passed over gently and swiftly together, general Bai Qi stands in consternation same place, by the dizziness, the skill ray that next quarter [Twin Blade Harmony], surrounded and attacked continually spatters in all directions together, Bai Qi had been killed by the second instantaneously, but in the empty shade, a beautiful form dodged to pass, but ID has actually exposed, KING_MARY, South Korean KBN fought the net second person, the assassin of queen level!

„Mother, who is!?" Li Mu is angry, oneself brothers were killed, must get angry.

But at this time Lin Wan Er opened various gods before flushing, the dagger sweeps away suddenly in the air, „clang" a flame spatters in all directions, her left hand raises the iron umbrella is second time sweeps strikes, after a light sound, the body of MARY was hit, comes out she also seized the acme of Lin Wan Er iron umbrella instantaneously, the whole person rapid near body, dagger „" one has spattered in all directions a 19347 point injury digit in the waist of Lin Wan Er, but the counter-attack of Lin Wan Er was swifter more and violent, the dagger passed over gently and swiftly, direct [Twin Blade Harmony] will deliver to exit!


MARY HP quickly reduced half, dodged on the face astonished passes, the personal appearance sank, one time exploded to trample to kick, the Lin Wan Er snow white longleg raised, positive one time kicked and beat, „bang" MARY slid with the strength but actually, in the eye Li Mang dodged: „Cang Tong?"

Lin Wan Er smiles lightly: „For a long time does not see."

MARY sneers, the personal appearance vanishes in the wind slowly, the sound actually conveys: „Wait and see, you think that you can obtain the Linhai city really with ease? Has a dream!"

Distant place, was one crowd of terse riding wars is the player flushed, one person of lead was a 155 levels of knight, in the top of the head was reappearing the Linhai city Level day list first person of golden color phrase

The KING_LEELV-155 black ink said the knight

Main city: Linhai city

Guild: King state

Position: Guildmaster

Title: The Linhai city Level day list first person

KBN fights the net rank: 1

Almost the vision of [Zhan Long] all people are one cold, this is the first person of Linhai city, our time attacks the Linhai city strongest match, and one group of people who LEE behind leads are also the King state sharpest cavalry soldiers, is similar to our fire Dragon Rider, but the quantity are more, several thousand people gallop in the city wall back and forth rush ahead, has repelled [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] offensive several times, such match it can be imagined fierce.


Li Mu raises the Zhenhai blade to overrun, my hurried thousand frost wings also follow, at the same time shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Lets our archers, Musketeer and Mage quickly comes up!"

The colored glaze fox climbed up the city, immediately places the city wall edge the flintlock, took out a long string from the package rapidly, ties a knot the set on the crenelation, other throws completely, Xing Lie vigorously has also jumped onto the city, is the same with the matter that the colored glaze fox handles, forms the rope more to climb up the city wall rapidly.

The battlefield frontage in city wall, I and Li Mu, Wang Jian formed a broach to fire into the Linhai city that LEE has led elite to ride the war are players, the distant our three people started imperial swordsmanship, [Blade Spin] and other skills, strangled to death in the crowd, opposite party blood strip rapid sections of fell fiercely, but the opposite party was not inferior, the sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills covered, go against fell thousand in my instantaneous HP of front line fiercely +, this attack output really exceeded my imagination, filled under health potion hurriedly, a time [Cleansing Rain] technique, will resisted again lives.

A LEE face proudly, pushes directly into, in the hand the long spear has gesticulated suddenly from the sky, immediately „brushes" 4 black ink from the sky condense, falls above the Wang Jian front and warhorse rapidly, I said hurriedly loudly: „Wang Jian, defends!"

The Wang Jian reaction rate is also fast, the rapid horizontal sword front enters the defense effect, like this many can weaken withstands the injury, however the injury of LEE erupts suddenly, the long spear advances the attack continuously, the accurate burst in Wang Jian black ink, points out frankly the rumor to transmit completely together, the Wang Jian armor was decomposed rapidly little, this is the broken defense attack effect, the consecutively four injury figures fly, SSS level skill black ink punctures suddenly





„?" Wang Jian HP sees the bottom instantaneously, looks at me and Li Mu astonished: „Xiao Yao elder brother, Boss, this"

A warhorse wail, Wang Jian has dropped down with horse, even has exploded including the hard helmet, I and Li Mu look at the anger to launch a psychological attack, wallops one forward, I and LEE wrong body, but was unable to pursue again, the simple sword wields, the dance of ghosts and gods starts, takes advantage of opportunity adds on time [Strength of a Thousand Men] and [Tempest Sword] kills again continually, instantaneous LEE behind is bringing the riding war is the player is killed dozens people by me continuously, he could not bear frown to look my one eyes, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai!?"

However LEE has not turned head , to continue to rush ahead forward, Li Mu, Old K, Lin Wan Er , etc. on several people, where can resist several thousand people of elite cavalry soldiers who LEE leads to clash, saw us the world that with great difficulty on the city hits must fall into enemy hands, suddenly the front has broadcast a familiar sound: „Lowered the head!"

Is that the Fang Ge Que sound?

Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and the others subconscious lowering the head, the next quarter, the clothes sleeve floating Fang Ge Que whole body wraps the roaring flame to appear in the city wall, is nipping the steel tooth, the paper fan wields suddenly, „Hong" roaring flame takes away as many things as possible, the player who instantaneous LEE leads received among thousand thousand completely the different injuries, simultaneously on Fang Ge Que jumped out one „the Holy Ghost third-order" phrase, this is a Holy Ghost third-order skill, in addition the Fang Ge Que Magic striking power, is simply terrorist!

I trembled slightly, see clearly this skill name, the fire god roared, was truly terrorist, the person who flash LEE led was flickered to massacre over hundred people by Fang Ge Que, this power to injure was too terrifying, but as if this skill had any negative impact, Fang Ge Que stood in same place motionless, the complexion was pale: „Scenery, on!"

In Fang Ge Que behind, in the Enchanted Painting hand the water deity halberd wielded, leading dozens [Legend] Dawn Mills brand to ride started [Assault]!

I also open thousand frost wings to kill hurriedly, has formed potential of the encirclement with Enchanted Painting, but under the city also unceasingly has riding of [Zhan Long] to fight the brothers to well up the city, the rapid summon warhorses have joined the attack team, but other long-distance stepped that moment of city in Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest, means that we stood firm on this city.

Moreover, this is the effect that [Zhan Long] and [Legend] coordination attacks, made the first team of South Korean war zone eat one to owe directly greatly, LEE brought the remnant blood to clash, in his body week, one group of South Korean players was dumbfounded, especially Fang Ge Que that shocking struck, has formed flame storm on the city, was simply scary.

An anger of LEE face, progressed to fire into not far away watchtower suddenly, trampled in the watchtower suddenly a muzzle of Long Jing artillery, „" a that muzzle has aimed at our city walls, LEE this was insane, wants to make us perish together with him?


The crackle of gunfire shocks the sky, however in the city wall does not have the sound, is the watchtower explodes on the contrary suddenly, LEE brought the remnant blood to tumble out the flame flaming watchtower distressedly: „How?"

Under the city the distant place palace guard position, Han Yuan feels one to burn the fiery red Long Jing artillery, smiles: „Good was also helps general one be busy, does not know that turned head to me to rise the salary?"

Zhan Long Chapter 886

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