Zhan Long Chapter 887

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„This group of scoundrels......"

LEE raises the long spear to retrocede, a pair of hawk pupil visits me, in this vision has been permeated with the challenge, actually I pour am also glad to come single Tiao with LEE, on the arm of this goods is also reappearing under the Wings of Heroes Tournament line the final 5 th symbol, too dazzling, but I do not have, has is also only the Chinese Division position.

Fight in city wall entered turned red-hot, battle of mighty force does not allow me to go to select anyone only, moreover I have experienced attack power of King state group of people, does not need to think that thousand frost wings fly to select LEE only, that is courts death, once hung also to meet the morale of buckle China war zone, after all I have breached enemy lines to present [Assault] in the most scalding hot region, and has not hung, this was a miracle, but also needs to continue maintains, in this type frequently ten million/countless in the virtual war of person rank, the players most need was what? Is a belief of perfection, is one often wins the confidence of war-god as leader.


Was destroyed with an all trades dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, the Port City surrounding line of defense was also disintegrated, and hot the axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and other NPC armies one after another have also mounted the city, after several hours, the attacking a city thunder car(riage) came, does not need me to establish any purple thunder Ji Che again, the NPC army can handle all, but in the frontal battlefield [Assault] in Rong Di Jun actually also battle loss that breaches enemy lines many, after by fire baptism several hours, Rong Di Jun who 15 thousand attack on only remaining is less than 5 thousand people, but total also from fearful 25 thousand Turned into 15 thousand people, was unable to act in a self-serving manner in Tian Ling Empire in the quantity.

I slightly have also put down a dessert , to continue to direct the [Zhan Long] player to attack the barbican wall, after one hour the barbican wall completely degenerates into stretch of ruins, finally in regroups after a defeat, starts to attack the city wall, moreover this time is [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild collaborated to attack together, first ten Guild of Chinese war zone almost arrive in full, Port City could not resist is also expected, even if were that LEE supernaturally brave is impossible to resist, after all Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword this rank not necessarily was also more inferior than him many.

, A white robe young fellow raised the long sword to progress to rush ahead by far, with one group of Rong Di army cavalry, was the shallow forest, this boy could not endure comes lonely.

My hurried transfers the warhorse to rush to him, distant saying: „Young general, did not say you can't enter the war directly?"

Shallow Lin Youxie complained that said: „General Li, I knows that you must obey father's order, but...... However you also saw, barbican wall broke, in the artillery quantity in city wall is few, therefore doesn't need to control me again? I do not attack the city wall am, I led own soldier to chase down these to be killed loose Port City in the surrounding to rebel then."

I nod, distant saying: „Xiao severe, leads 1000 palace guard cavalry guard young generals, cannot make him have any accident, moreover can not make him approach the city wall."

The shallow forest was discontented: „General Li, always do not make this one-eyed person general visit me, he also did not speak, was stuffy, safeguarded is extremely severe."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „I know the Xiao severe manner caution and care, therefore makes him safeguard you, the young general do not give me to put to trouble, this war was very tired."


Shallow forest nod smiles: „General Li must promise me, after firing off Port City, must teach me to entangle the skill of sword."



My continuation stands in the barbican wall waits and sees, frequently kills several people, looks at the country to fight points again, as if Fang Ge Que pursues specially tightly, this time attacks Port City, the person who Fang Ge Que kills are more than me, the overall score pulled closer

1 st, the Xiao Yao Zi Zai country fights points: 112273

2 nd, the Fang Ge Que country fights points: 108232

3 rd, the Enchanted Painting country fights points: 74661

4 th, the Cang Yue country fights points: 73212

5 th, the Cang Tong country fights points: 69270

6 th, the Mu Xuan country fights points: 68210

7 th, the Simple country fights points: 64722

8 th, the Drunken Spear country fights points: 61232

9 th, the Q-Sword country fights points: 60020

10 th, the Ye Lai country fights points: 58732


First second with third disparate very big, but Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and fire Yun City, the Port City three Daijouike interlocks the country that forms to fight on the chain, I and Fang Ge Que points as before is two people of keeping aloof, moreover as if two people both have not hung, hangs one time to lose 10% points, that quite injured.

The diving posture drops the city, has rushed ahead a meeting in the crowd, gains some countries to fight points, at this moment, is built on Lin Wan Er of barbican wall to say suddenly: „Pig, comes to see quickly, probably...... Probably some distant place people came, what situation?"

I rose straight from the ground to fly the city wall hurriedly, stood firm side Lin Wan Er, looks at the direction that she pointed, saw only the distant place dust to fly upwards, the dense and numerous soldiers and horses were rushing to our direction to come, I could not bear ask: „What person?"

„Does not know...... Temporarily does not have what information."

At this time, Yue Qing Qian, Enchanted Painting and Q-Sword and the others also rapidly dashed the city, the main players of majority of attacking a city guild turned around to look to behind enemy, once were really the enemy, we were attacked front and rear, region on unusual is not wonderful.

The bird's eye view earth, the palace guard in surrounding has attacked the inner city majority, remains same place basically completely is Rong Di Jun, truly duke to preserve own military strength has not made Rong Di Jun attack the city wall, but now looks like this is not the great idea, the surrounding has come many people, Rong Di Jun on the contrary has become behind us a shield.

„Damn, is who?"

Truly duke went out of the tent, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Where scouts, but also doesn't have news?"

Scouts not to have, the intelligence system of player is better, after Yue Qing Qian several seconds, blinked said to me: „Brother Xiao Yao, has determined, is the fire Yun City person, the clear pupil develops black ink to lead personally, altogether about 500 thousand people, this was the clear pupil develops black ink to rely on most population that own prestige can gather."

I frown: „Fire Yun City had been taken by us, at least this time is to have no way to counter-attack, the clear pupil develops the ribbon that many people to carry our rear guards, does she want to do?"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Is very obvious, this is to compete for Port City with us, since the Indian players lost fire Yun City, that definitely with every effort will seek a new main city to work as the den."

Fang Ge Que is grasping the paper fan, vision one cold, said: „The struggle of Port City were also perhaps many some variables."

The vice director rumor makes a fist, said: „It is not no need saying that these idle talk, [Legend], [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] go out of town immediately, coordinating the NPC army counter-attack clear pupil to develop these 500 thousand people who black ink leads, even if cannot massacre them, at least can prevent them, most three hours, we can definitely capture the Port City inner city, when the time comes the shelled peanuts cook the cooked rice, the clear pupil develops black ink not to depend on is not good."

Li Mu cannot bear throw smiles: „Yo, the rumor vice director has the demeanor of Capital City old and young actually very much, unexpectedly also understood that the shelled peanuts boil cooked rice axiom."

The words rumor of this obvious taunt naturally cannot bear, sneers saying: „What words [Zhan Long] Li did Elder have to say?"

Li Mu said: „Matter that this bringing up the rear wraps up, might as well make Ben Lveru the fire manage, our [Zhan Long] goes on an expedition again and again, was already tired, at this time must go to pay in full the pupil to develop the elite master in black ink, we could not deal with!"

Li Mu said categorically, but I am also deep to be so, this is the words that I want to speak, the clear pupil developed black ink to lead 500 thousand people to come from far away, the morale was just prosperous, the battle efficiency of this group of people strove to excel compared with Port City LEE and Frost Forest and the others . Moreover, the clear pupil developed the ink is a genuine brave and resourceful player, when her match was quite tired.

The rumor complexion some indignation, did not look to Fang Ge Que, said: „Fang didn't Ge, you plan to say how many? But you commander-in-chief of this war, a little opinion?"

A Fang Ge Que brow wrinkle, said: „That was needless saying that no one needed to go to battle, first made the clear pupil develop black ink to fight 300 rounds to say with truly duke Rong Di Jun of again."

I could not bear smile: „Wonderful!"

Q-Sword said: „So long as we first kill city, reduced the Port City senior emperor does not have the clear pupil to develop the matter of black ink, moreover used the clear pupil to develop black ink to clean up Rong Di Jun, this was one is truly good to plan."

Ye Lai is raising Axe: „That added anything, the concentrated fire power attacks a city!"



Continue, the three services attack a city, outside the city, Rong Di Jun has really dispatched troops, 100,000 cavalry direct impact clear pupils develop the team of black ink, the clear pupil develops the ink is a smart person, the person lineup that will immediately lead, attracts Rong Di Jun to penetrate, the cloth has gotten down one pocket, Rong Di Jun kills easily, wants to kill to be difficult, even if kills also to preserve many military strength also to see clearly the pupil to develop the mood of black ink.

In the city wall, the tactical situation gets stronger and stronger.

Under bombing of palace guard, that city gate collapses loudly, [Hero's Mound] and [Legend] riding war is the player wallops, but also clashes in them my moral nature cannot bear a pain instantaneously, suddenly remembers Pearl in this case to be killed by hundred, what will that this time we impact the Port City imperial palace also to have?

As if to substantiate my this unclear idea, the distant place has resounded the shocking conch, the airborne golden god territory ray arrives, on the main road in inner city ran out rapidly has worn the person of golden armor much, was NPC of BOSS level, if, were behind the Port City bright temple went to battle, the bright temple really and Port City imperial authority unified, one crowd of terse temple Knight arrived at the earth!

„Temple Knight, 156 levels of Divine Tier BOSS."

In Li Mu eye ray one cold: „Altogether about 200, this is delivers equipment, on brothers, attention lineup, holds to massacre, should not be flustered."

Over ten thousand Chinese players and NPC emerge city, strangles to death with temple Knight rapidly in the same place, immediately the god territory skill ray blooms, had the player dead in battle unceasingly, but this was the price, wanted to take Port City, the non- deceased person was impossible.


Outside the city, slaughters sound one piece, some people in miserable howling, entire Port City inside and outside fell into the flames of war everywhere.

However, this city will be anyone, now no one knows that I do not know, I could not control this war, can only high and low fluctuate along with the mighty current, seeks own best standpoint.

Zhan Long Chapter 887

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