Zhan Long Chapter 888

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„It is not good, the bright temple sent temple Knight to reenforce!"

City gate place, Han Yuanti long blade distressed ran away, on the shoulder mail-armor and helmet dispersing is bringing the blood, has probably been wounded, I do not remember that this was his several time brings soldier [a.s.sault] of palace guard to be repelled, the attack of temple Knight was actually very strong, nearby Xiao severe knit the brows: „Sir, might as well make me lead troops to go to the bright temple, has burnt down any nuisance temple, looked that they also take anything to reenforce the Linhai empire!"

I shake the head: „Do not impulse, our goals are Port City, does not need to antagonize people too, if in the future we occupied Port City, must hit to relate with the bright temple."

„Yes, the subordinate understood!"

„Continues to attack, do not idle."



Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others also leads attacking a city that the [Zhan Long] player hot sharp fire singes, many people crawled in the city wall, but on city King state, war war casualty, crecent moon and non- world dynasty and other Port City main Guild as in defending, wanting in short Cooldown to break through the city wall is almost impossible, but I established a purple thunder car(riage) every time quickly have the person to shatter by LEE and Frost Forest, did not have to waste the [Soul Army] symbol again, waited for that the city gate broke through directly.

„Be careful, the cavalry soldiers of Chiba Regiment came!"

After One Second Hero fell 3 levels, killed under the city once again, led one crowd of [Zhan Long] player, said: „Guildmaster, is that Chiba commands NPC to lead personally, we intercepted them in the past, the leaders of this NPC army killing?"

I turned around to look at the past from afar, saw only a heroic woman to raise the long halberd back and forth to rush ahead in the crowd, truly was Chiba, 158 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS, the Port City third NPC combat general, can ma.s.sacre her as if truly to be able big weakened the Port City strength, after all the Chiba Regiment had 14 thousand people, now also 70,000-80,000 people guard as in the inner city.

„On, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride on together, the person who Chiba leads are not many, seizes the chance to kill them!"

As soon as I raise the long sword, takes advantage of opportunity to shout: „Fine silks, leading one team of archers to come!"

„Yes, Sir!"

In the battlefield of palace guard, the fine silks chose several hundred dark Moon Elf archers to fire into the goal with me rapidly, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and Matcha and the others have acted as the meat s.h.i.+eld to go against in the front, strangled to death with the cavalries of Chiba Regiment in the same place, the fine silks lifts the long bow immediately, said: „Kills the people of these Chiba Regiments, do not stint the arrow arrow, we can be supplemented immediately!"

One group of dark Moon Elf young girl draw the arrow in abundance, the next quarter unexpected blow howls, but Chiba Regiment NPC all Shua Shua of distant place falls the blood, almost every arrow over 10 thousand injury figures, killing between NPC does not follow the attack and defense formula, especially the fight between BOSS, a sword gets down hundreds of thousands and even over a million injuries is the common matter.

Thousand frost wings add the body, my low-alt.i.tude flying goes, both hands held up a Zhen Yue Blade rudely blade to get down!


Chiba is above the warhorse, was divided continually by my blade draws back several steps, the face whiten: „Is your this brat, I must ma.s.sacre you, do not walk!"

Around this time me is the people on one's own side, naturally does not want to walk, bringing Li Mu and the others to gather round Chiba to chop randomly, 158 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS attributes do not go against heaven's will, at least to us can also deal with, let alone has provided many Healer, kills while adds the blood, pours does not have many dangers, short is less than five minutes, a Chiba Voice whins to fall under horse, even if feminine NPC we have not been forgiving, this Chiba ma.s.sacred our people also enough many.


Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others equipment that exploded Chiba has divvied up, two Demon Harvest and Divine Tier, the harvest was also good, afterward the people continued to attack the city gate together, but the city gate opened greatly, the Chinese players actually could not attack, rows of wore temple Knight of Jinjia to grasp the Holy Domain pointed weapons, sword sword handle our attacks compelled to draw back outside the city gate, as if this barrier was unable to break through.

Fang Ge Que grasps the paper fan, the consecutively several magics lose in the crowd, was actually shot by a temple Knight bow arrow falls to fly Going out, by the second, the complexion slightly was been almost pale, said: „This way was not quite wonderful, we Cooldown of city gate waste in Port City were too many, gives them too many recuperation Cooldown, must remove firewood from under the pot!"

„Removes firewood from under the pot?" [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior asked.

Fang Ge Que raises the eyebrow saying: „Goes to a squad person, bypa.s.ses w.a.n.g City, lays an ambush between the bright temple and Port City, constrains the temple Knight reenforcement member in bright temple, all leads away them, otherwise continues the continuous reenforcement, here had no way to hit."

Yan Zhao Warrior asked: „Who completes this task? Not only in the bright temple has temple Knight, it is said also has any temple priest anything, it is estimated that the magic strength is stronger."

„Um, must be a strong soldier, otherwise did not use."

Fang Ge Que has a look at own team, said: „The [Legend] riding war was total not over 5000, lost really seriously, making [Legend] go to me not to agree that other Guild looks at the office!"

Yan Zhao Warrior speechless [say / way]: „Is this words that the war zone commander-in-chief should speak? I do not manage, the [Prague] riding war is the main force remaining is less than 3000 people, looks at the office......"

The rumor is raising the long sword, leading player of one group of Ben Lveru fire to attack temple Knight by far, at the same time said: „Is inferior to this, [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf rides also has at least 8000 people, making them pa.s.s . Moreover, [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride also remaining much, two guilds put together to collect 10,000 cavalry regiments in the past, trampled flat the bright temple to be enough!"

Fang Ge Que distant looks to me: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, under your opinion how?"

I deeply inspire: „Good, [Zhan Long] leaves 3000 people to ride to fight the department, other continuations remain to attack a city!"


I return to turn around, look to w.a.n.g Jian, said: „You fell 3 levels, this time goes to the bright temple do not spell hardly, if meets to hit enemy, can walk walks, does not need to worry are too many."

w.a.n.g Jian laughs, the going forward racket my shoulder instead comforts me: „The Xiao Yao elder brother you felt relieved that our brothers very quick-witted Agility, these G.o.d sticks of bright temple want to kill us to have a dream simply."

„Um, quick returned quickly, diverts the bright temple on the line."


Call Me Master is temporarily the [Thousand Burial] commander-in-chief, does not have two words, raised the long spear to bring [Thousand Burial] 7000 Greedy Wolf to ride to Going out, 10,000 people of cavalries took w.a.n.g Jian and Call Me Master to circle the city to clash Going out as the leader, 20 can about minutes arrive in the bright temple? I have not gone to the bright temple, does not know that there situation, only expected can be smoother!

Is raising Dragon Reservoir Sword, jumps to jump onto city wall, has a look at own HP, simply spun the body to rush to the city, the sword light, blade light flowed swiftly to fall in the crowded player archer crowd, my flying walk position did not stay, they are unable to lock me, the damage of causing was not fatal, but the person face of King state was as before angry: „d.a.m.n Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a bit faster ma.s.sacres him!"

Finally makes me kill to pa.s.s in the crowd, when their troops arrive at time I have risen straight from the ground the hovering highest heaven, the mobilities of thousand frost wings are the ordinary player are unable to imagine, this also makes many Port City players obloquy that this skill is system BUG, must delete and so on, I am actually indifferent, clamoring of overseas player cannot go to manage, can play to play, cannot play not to play, life always so.


The country fights points Shua Shua to rise suddenly, this feeling is good, but in attacking of city gate is at the bottleneck stage as before, one crowd of temple Knight are unable to break through there, but behind the body, truly duke Rong Di Jun had been killed by the Indian players has fled pell-mell, almost on all fronts the rout, this regarding us is not again considered as shortly afterward any good news.

But after several minutes, a worse news comes

[Zhan Long] and [Thousand Burial] 1 thousand cavalry in going to bright temple on the way „Koumyoutani" was ambushed, ambush is not others, the clear pupil develops black ink, and she has used 20 hot crag artillery, lets [Zhan Long] and [Thousand Burial] player is sieged to move not to fear there, what awfully is, Koumyoutani is the same with the Tian Ling Empire purple demon forest, was the death must fall 10 levels of curse maps, the loss that in addition the country fought, perhaps this group of player each people hung to fall 13-17 Level!


Li Mu fights with the fists in the city wall, gets angry: „How clear pupil develops black ink this woman that to pester continuous, Xiao Yao, gives me a person, I have the person to reenforce w.a.n.g Jian to go immediately!"

I clench teeth saying: „Walks, I go with you together!"

Lin Wan Er actually puts out a hand to block me: „No, waits slightly."

„Why?" I am astonished however.

Lin Wan Er said: „Do not impulse, why the clear pupil develops black ink they to encircle w.a.n.g Jian in Koumyoutani, encircles not to kill?"

I was irrigated likely from the head by trough cold water, calm, said: „Two reasons, either the clear pupil develops black ink to plan to besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements, either is the clear pupil develops black ink to want with us to negotiate peace."

„Peace negotiation?" Li Mu is stunned.

I think that said: „Did not use too many people, I went to be OK."

The Lin Wan Er nod smiles: „This was right, you are the Chinese war zone one of the people who NPC or the players are the speech most have the component, went to be most appropriate by you."


Jumps to soar to the heavens to go, directly soars the direction of bright temple, is in the cloud layer, actually „drop", receives an application


System System Notification: Players 【Clear pupil develops black ink】( Indian area) applied to join you for the good friend, agreed?


Immediately confirmed that the next quarter clear pupil developed the voice news of black ink to come: „I finally found this opportunity with you to chat well, immediately comes, Koumyoutani."

I reply: „In three minutes I definitely meet, but the premise does not permit my brother, otherwise anything has not resulted in discusses!"

The clear pupil develops a black ink chuckle: „Relax, I obtain the clear weight."

Zhan Long Chapter 888

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