Zhan Long Chapter 889

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Koumyoutani, a map of piece of beautiful scenery, what a pity the edge of map everywhere is the artillery pit, and at least array 5 thousand people, the elite player in uniform Indian war zone, archer complete point of no return and drawing the bow and not discharging the arrow, on the hillside is one row of 20 great artillery, these great artillery make Wang Jian and Call Me Master in and the others mountain valley not dare to act rashly.


The rumor sound, I drop from the clouds, „bang" falls suddenly, in the clear pupil develops in front of black ink, surges the cyclone rotation, the surrounding lawn chaotic dance, one crowd of beautiful life Guild player has a big shock, develops black ink migration to protect Guildmaster to the clear pupil, what a pity I and she were distanced were too near, so long as I want to get rid, such near distance, the clear pupil under my several big diversion skills developed black ink almost to die.

„Does not use anxiously!"

The clear pupil develops black ink to raise the palm, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai is not fights, how our times are to consult a next later road should walk."

Her vice- Guildmaster is raising Axe, tampers to tamper the gas channel: „Who knows that this boy is sincerity, looks is not the good person, has reduced our monarch heads, what good person but can also be?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to show a faint smile: „Xiao Yao, I that called you, ok?"

I nod: „Ok, clear pupil Guildmaster, had any words a bit faster saying that brothers but who do not move my Koumyoutani, otherwise really has not resulted in discussed that I will certainly lead to destroy completely you with large army!"

The clear pupil develops black ink to smile, receives the long bow, depends upon on behind Chinese sweet gum, said with a smile: „I am a woman, you must frighten me then to frighten me, but does not need, some of some of our also matters must come to an arrangement, otherwise...... He he, perhaps to the Chinese area and Indian area two big servers is not the good deed."

„Um, you said!" I look to her.

The clear pupil developed black ink to stretch the arm languidly, the character and style ten thousand appearances fired imagination, many male players of one side beautiful life looked to stay, she said with a smile: „The present is Chinese Cooldown in the evening 8 : 42, right?"

I in consternation: „Are you so how clear?"

„Because of me also in China......"

„Good." I do not have what interest to these, lets go to say with a smile: „Said, what asking me to arrive at the bottom to request?"

„Has a request." Before the clear pupil develops black ink to throw out the chest peaks and ridges proudly, long breathing a sigh of relief, said: „After actually has attacked and captured the city, seizes and abandons beside, a choice is ‚undetermined', in other words, destroys the player of throne to decide in 24 hours willfully frequently the ownership of city, you lead your person to go back to attack a city now, gives to wipe out the throne, as for here, I comes to resist temple Knight of bright temple for you, how?"

My moral nature one startled, said with a smile: „Is this transaction? Gives us with no reason at all that big advantage, thinks that also will request, clear pupil Guildmaster said directly, what you do want to obtain from here?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to show a faint smile: „I, if said that wants to obtain your person, you believe?"

I make a fist: „Spoke well."

„Good......" she eats to smile, said: „In any case this is a transaction, after you wipe out the Port City King throne, do not choose to attack and occupy with do not choose to abandon, that waiting, after 60 seconds, automatically will enter the undetermined system, why as for me knows that you do not need to know, but you should also guess correctly that a point anything, I will go by car tomorrow morning from Shanghai Hangzhou, you and others I, we, when spoke face-to-face."

I have narrowed the eye: „Do you actually want to do?"

„Actually, you have guessed correctly, not?"

„Ha, good......"

My hand is grasping Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „Now can put my brother to go back?"

„Ok, leaves my cell phone number, we will see noon tomorrow."



Player of one crowd of beautiful lives is staring me, appearance that as if not want to allow to pass through, two vice- Guildmaster both are the middle-aged people, powerful and brave that is raising Axe, vision ice-cold visits me: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you may know how many fire Yun City players you have massacred?"

I nod: „Many, how?"

„Do you want such to walk?" In his eyes is passing the anger.

I cannot bear sneer, „clang" draws out Zhen Yue Blade, the body week cyclone chaotic dance, said lightly: „I must walk, can anyone of you be able to block me to be inadequate? Makes way!"

The clear pupil develops the black ink also clear sound track: „Latter is near, you make way!"

A that Guildmaster face is not convinced, hating the sound to turn around to walk, complained low voice: „Clear pupil, how you actually think that makes the transaction with our personal enemies, won't you have a liking for this boy really?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to show a faint smile, pours has not spoken.

In Koumyoutani, Wang Jian and Call Me Master and the others led fire Dragon Rider and Greedy Wolf to ride leaves the canyon in abundance, Wang Jian has raised the sword to impact the position of Indian, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Brothers, the opportunity came, takes revenge for several hundred brothers who we hang!"

In Koumyoutani truly is lying down over a thousand corpses, before is, conflicts to stay behind.

I draw out the arm hurriedly horizontally, said loudly: „Was good, goes back to attack a city, here your matters, Wang Jian, do not impulse!"

Wang Jian is stunned: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, how you develop black ink this seductively attractive girl with the clear pupil...... Put together?"

I: „......"

The clear pupil develops black ink actually unable to bear smiles: „Yo, I how on seductively attractive girl?"

Call Me Master has a look at me, looked that sees clearly the pupil to develop black ink, shook the head saying: „Femme fatale, Xiao Yao Guildmaster please treasure."

I keep mouth shut, said to Wang Jian: „Was good, leading the brothers to go back to attack a city, here did not have other matter, have not gone bad my important matter, I also had other plan."

Wang Jian to my trust is almost unconditionally, a nod: „Um, that Xiao Yao elder brother you, the clear pupil develops black ink this woman to be so sinister carefully, you don't her saying!"

„Knew, goes ~"



Gazes after Wang Jian and the others to recede, clear pupil develops black ink to continue to lead own person to defend in Koumyoutani, she visits me from afar, said: „Xiao Yao, haven't you gone back to attack a city? Most three hours, Port City Wang City definitely broke, haven't you massacred LEE and Frost Forest and Yao Yue these people now gain a country to fight points?"

I turn around to look at the bright temple to distant place, said with a smile: „No, I have other matter to do."

„, Yes?" She in consternation, as if at heart had anything to be completely understood by me, the battle dress light pendulum, the hand was grasping the long bow, said: „What do you go to the bright temple to seek for?"

I smile: „When I am look for the beautiful woman......"


I did not have to say anything again, jumped to fly, directly soared the bright temple, outside the temple dense and numerous one crowd of temple Knight have been fitting out due-out, but Koumyoutani had the clear pupil to develop to adhere stubbornly should unable to pass.


The dive flew, direct impact main hall, several temple Knight Qi Qi have drawn out the sword blade edge immediately: „Be careful, some people rushed to the temple, gave me to block him!"

Which actually can also be able to block, under thousand frost wing effects I flushed, but has not entered the main hall to feel a thick Holy Domain strength aura completely, an invisible net in the front launches, tight tying up I, tied up one to fly into the butterfly in spider web likely, but I naturally was not the ordinary butterfly, butterfly that but was full of the explosive force, the good and evil I also will be Dragon Yu protecting country Dragon Rider, this strength suspended here.

Drinks one lowly, [Tempest Sword] erupts, „whish" made to break the immobilization of network of strength, I stood in the temple proudly, the steps walked forward with long hurried strides, one crowd of temple Knight pursued, but the front actually stood two to wear the person of white robe, a [say / way]: „Stack, did not need to pursue, making him come in......"

Temple Knight respectful lowering the head: „Yes, dispatches big priest and nimble and resourceful big priest quiet!"

Before my body impressively is two NPC priests, but is the BOSS levels, in their also many priests, the positions of these two big priests should be aloof, is during about 70-90 years old gentle old person's appearance, dispatches a pair of pupil to pass the god light to visit me quiet, shows a faint smile saying: „Hears day of plume empire to present the young military officer who a De military had both early, called Li Xiao Yao, won't be you?"

On my shoulder truly has the Tian Ling Empire symbol, and symbol that the palace guard commands also has, was looked is also normal, then the nod smiles, said: „Is I, two big priests, my this time has the matter to want with you to discuss."

The nimble and resourceful big priest lets somebody cool off or calm down visits me: „Li Xiao Yao, the military invasion Linhai empire of your day plume empire, destroys my city, kills my city people, do you come to the bright temple for what?"

My sinking sound track: „Seeks a peace throughout the country."

„Peace throughout the country?" Dispatches the big priest to say quiet: „You launch the war, is this your so-called peace?"

I smile, said: „War temporary, finished the only method of war is a world series, if can realize mainland all state centralizations as one, probably will again not have going on an expedition."

„Really is the boy of having a glib tongue."

Dispatches to show a faint smile quiet, gains ground to have a look at me, said: „I approve of your speech, to fight to stop fights truly a method of opening peaceful world, then, can you achieve?"

I nod, said: „I will achieve with every effort."

„Why do we believe you?" The nimble and resourceful big priest said plausibly: „You is a young palace guard command, the strength of day plume empire is mixed, why you said that you can monopolize, to fight to stop the war?"

I put out a hand to enter the package, has pulled out Pearl before death to my jade jue, said: „This is representing jade jue of day plume Empire Emperor's clan bloodlines, in other words, I have about Tian Ling Empire to the ability of high authority, now are you willing to believe me?"

Dispatches the whole body to tremble quiet, looks at jade jue, the complexion drastic change, afterward the respectful kneeling lower part of the body, said in a low voice: „Yes...... Is Saint day jue! Has not thought that the young general has the person of Saint day jue......"

I do not know that Saint day jue is anything, but as if very fierce appearance, then puts in the package jade jue.

The nimble and resourceful big priest together has also knelt, said respectfully: „Saint day jue on again!"

I was somewhat astonished, said: „Two big priests please get up, does not use line of this big rituals, what Saint day is jue?"

Dispatches to stare quiet slightly, then said with a smile: „Originally the general does not know that Saint day jue the origin, all along with the reason, I cannot give away the secret, what does the general have to request to our bright temple actually?"

I have been startled being startled, then the character character sonorously said: „Does not have other request, gives loyalty to the royal power of day of plume empire, gives loyalty to me!"

„When, the general and day plume royal power are different, how works as?"

„Gives loyalty to me."


Zhan Long Chapter 889

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