Zhan Long Chapter 890

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After I reveal jade jue, these two big priests instantaneously became to my manner incomparably respectful, even the rear priests looked that my look like was looks at the god, even I thought that if I had the need, these female priests undressed immediately are not the issue, but I did not have the need temporarily, continued to chat with two old men

„In temple altogether how many temple Knight?"

„Reply general." Dispatches to say quiet: „Temple Knight chooses from the follower of god, we will choose 100-200 people to train in Port City every year, 1/10 people can enjoy the supernatural power baptism to be trained into temple Knight, year after year, behind in the temple camp altogether has about 2000 temple Knight, this time to reenforce Port City, altogether went to more than 800 temple Knight."

My knitting the brows head, said: „Immediately sends for Port City, recalls these temple Knight, from now henceforth does not have my order, temple Knight not to participate in any war."

„Yes, General!"

„In addition has, I can choose a group of people to undergo your trainings, becomes temple Knight?"


„Even if they do not have any belief, doesn't believe in you Venerable for these gods of god?" I asked.

On the face that dispatches quiet is somewhat helpless: „General, you said that that then can......"

„Good......" I also said: „Temple needs me to make anything for you, if I have enough authority."

Dispatches to say quiet: „All that the cattle and life that sacrificial offering uses need, from the Port City supplies, therefore after receiving Wang Ling our temple Knight will go to Port City to be ready to accept assignment."

I think that said: „Later each month Tian Ling Empire can long-distance send the supplies to you, from now henceforth the temple only obeys dispatching of Tian Ling Empire, moreover I will send 10,000 elite soldiers to come, you look at the office, can train many temple Knight to train many, not having these that the training matures also to strengthen their strengths large scale."

The nimble and resourceful big priest is slightly astonished: „General, we...... We are followers who respects the god, we are not the tool and machine of war, your this...... Will make the bright temple lose belief inevitably......"

I smile: „I am a serviceman, what god I do not believe that I only know, in humanity by the Hybrid Demon slaughter, when the Hybrid Demon army conquers by killing the human empire, the so-called gods are silent, a god has not dropped from the clouds to save humanity, if really bright, that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Frost goddess is only one in the world of mortals for the Spiritual God that humanity fights, she is my teacher, is this belief?"

Dispatches quiet in consternation: „Day...... Is the Frost goddess your teacher? General...... The bright temple illuminated your instruction to act accordingly is, will not have any disobeying!"

I nod: „That is good, if the army attack bright temple of any humanity, you must counter-attack, I want the bright temple only to take orders in me."

„Yes, General!"

Dispatches to have a look at me quiet, said: „I think that the general later certainly each time will not order personally to come, then asked the general to leave behind an imperial decree to us, later we saw clearly the handwriting of general to decide again whether was engaged, how?"


Nearby priest has brought the written records, I was in sole possession of the handwriting that have written one above with oneself in a big way „Li Xiao Yao", then has marked a heart shape in behind, OK! Two big priests look somewhat dumbfoundedly, actually cannot understand that heart shape is any meaning, then the nod said: „The thing that general described, the extraordinary person can understand firmly, we have remembered, later took this handwriting as the letter, or the general kissed, otherwise I and others did not obey orders."

„Um, I walked!"

I look to the Northwest, said with a smile: „The Linhai empire must exchange ownerships, from now henceforth Port City is the Tian Ling Empire subordinate city, did you know? Has person who the Linhai empire comes again, is not necessary to pay attention."

„Yes, General!"

I leisurely strolled to go out of the bright temple, one crowd of temple Knight already kneeling of uneven Shua Shua has become a piece, I violated the whisper, this Saint day did jue have that big might really? Oh, cannot bear a deep sigh, perhaps Pearl don't and Locker big imperial capital know the grade of function of Saint day jue? If real awareness, Pearl comes to the bright temple to dispatch 2000 temple Knight to help in the fighting directly, perhaps she has not used.

Thinks that here cannot bear somewhat sobs, life like flower, Pearl soul in heaven, if saw all that I will make from now on, she should also very gratified? If can make her mind be consoled, all that I make were also worth.

Went out of the bright temple, looked at a clear pupil to develop the soldiers and horses that black ink led from afar, could not bear the heart tremble, Lin Tiannan simple a few words let my series seven big main cities, actually does not know that influence was jig-saw patterned, I to achieve this goal must deal with many fearful enemy, must disappoint many dear person, the matter that must make many being contrary to convictions, ok, the son was born in the world, cannot unsuccessfully, if can found one generation of eternity hegemonies, but actually defeated this did not live.

Hovering highest heaven, reviews to have a look at an behind clear pupil to develop black ink, she as if also looks up me, the clear pupil develops the intention of black ink is is not very not clear, even can say is obvious, she must have a confession to the Indian area player, must therefore revolves between me and Port City, seeks a best resolution format, does the clear pupil develop the ink is a friend? Perhaps is not, but is a very fearful enemy.

This world is always not fairy tale, without that many loves and warming.


Port City, this orphaned city was in the situation of final stand, the temple Knight rapid evacuation was makes Port City lose the final resistance force, above the ground, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian and the others advanced step by step, many people of South Korean war zone KING corps have hung under our firepower networks, tings were reverberating in the ear, even MARY and LEE continuously have hung twice, these people hung again must fall 4 levels, is not willing to withstand such price mostly again.

The Japanese war zone, Frost Forest has killed one time by Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword respectively, has not gotten online again, even, Wang Chengnei the South Korea and Japanese players some mutual internecine strife, no one have thought that the defense war was held to have the internal strife finally unexpectedly, cannot mostly friendly, this also made the Chinese players save many hearts, pushed directly into has killed.

Wang City the front door was rumbled broken, means that official falling into enemy hands of Port City, but in our surrounding, the clear pupil developed several million people that the ribbon came also to stop the attack to Chinese war zone player, as if reached an agreement to be ordinary likely.

The royal palace front, numerous Guild are fiercely attacking the Port City final garrison troops, I progress to arrive at the crowd crowded place, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Ye Lai and the others.

„How, Xiao Yao?" Ye Lai asked.

I look to Fang Ge Que, said: „I have my presumptuous request."

Fang Ge Que said with a smile: „Said that what matter?"

I: „The Port City king throne makes me destroy, how is it?"

Fang Ge Que is stunned: „What destroys the king throne also not to have too many rewards, do you want to fight over this doing?"

The rumor sneers saying: „Found out the crest of wave to be insane?"

I let somebody cool off or calm down visits him: „Rumor, you shut up to me, I hope that everybody can let this king throne, if I want to snatch, who can snatch me?"

Q-Sword, is somewhat awkward, but has also tacitly approved my words, truly presents nobody to be able with me to contend by my current strength, even if he and Fang Ge Que is not good, is second grade in the top player as for Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds and the others, impossible to struggle with me high under.

Fang Ge Que directly asked: „With this jurisdiction, for what?"

I said: „To let Port City can for a long time in grasping in our hands, but is not the next country war immediately fights opening to change hands in the country instantaneously."

Fang Ge Que knits the brows: „Actually this is also the matter that I worry about, we grasped the main city in hand to be too many, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City defended imperial was strenuous, added on Port City again, possibly has exceeded the limit, truly, the country will fight possible opening to lose a main city next time, too attack morale, moreover...... Why the clear pupil developed the ribbon that many people to stop attacking, this reason Xiao Yao did you definitely know?"

I nod: „I want this jurisdiction to have the relations with this."

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile: „That line, this Port City king throne turns over to Xiao Yao, no one want to fight, considers to me a Fang Ge Que face!"

In crowd, only then the rumor and other person some are not convinced, but does not have the means that can only endure.


Outside the city resounds the drumbeat once again, truly duke advanced troops in the urging, the three services enter greatly, entered the imperial palace together, the [Zhan Long] people to the front line, in the palace, palace guards in one crowd of Linhai empires were massacred by the crush directly, Ye Lai raises Axe first Cooldown to enter, has pulled from the throne the senior emperor, an axe the head reducing, before I rushed, raises the sword to chop into pieces the king throne!


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you destroyed 【King throne】( Port City), please choose pattern to seize, or abandons?


I had not confirmed that the surrounding player some are impatient, waited for 60 seconds, another ting resounds suddenly, the system notice, the Port City decision-making power is at the undetermined stage, is made the decision by me in 24 hours, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others did not understand, but I had not explained that said one to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue on offline.

In the dwelling hall, waits to eat meal, but Lin Wan Er asked: „Do not keep guessing, said how quickly Port City does process?"

I have hugged her, said: „Did not need to ask that many, tomorrow morning will dress up nicely, we saw an important personage, then decided how Port City processed."

„Um, is the clear pupil develops black ink?"

„Faint, how do you know?"

„You think that our everybody are stupid with Old K?"

„Ha, do not scold my brother......"

Zhan Long Chapter 890

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