Zhan Long Chapter 891

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Late at night, Ouyang Nuoyan called me, inquired how I process the ownership of Port City, I do not have the direct reaction, but she as if extremely pays attention to this main city, after all a main city means that huge game tax revenue, this with the benefit of this destiny China area chief executive officer is closely linked, finally also lets it go, the official cannot intervene player's all actions in game, this is the stipulation, but Ouyang Nuoyan as if also very believes me, thought that I will not act unreasonably.


Next morning, early woke up, washes, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue has prepared the breakfast, finished eating later two female to go to the room to change the clothes, dressed up the attractive time also already to around 10 : 00 am , my cell phone has made a sound at this moment, a strange number, put through the later opposite party to say with a smile: „Xiao Yao hello, I am the clear pupil develop black ink."

I in consternation, this Indian woman unexpectedly is a fluent standard spoken Chinese, even was standard than my standard spoken Chinese, should in a Chinese many years of result?

„Um, hello, where sees?"

„Near your school has Starbucks Coffee shop, two buildings there, after I about 5 minutes, you?"

„In the past took ten minutes."

„Good, we and others you."



The hurriedness brings Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to rush to this international appointment, but this discussion will also decide that the final ownership of Port City, feels sorry for Japanese Han players also in constant anxiety in the game, actually does not know one will advocate the destiny of city to decide in a small Starbucks unexpectedly.

Lin Wan Er Little tall with clip clop the hit the stair, I was pulling her to walk up to two buildings of Starbucks, Dong Cheng Yue has been taking the pocket, the appearance that has talked takes advantage of opportunity to window-shop.

Two buildings are empty, temporarily nobody, by the long table in only corner sat many people, altogether 5, a woman, other is the men, this woman white small suit, dresses up very capably, the character and style that but on the cheek shows clearly does not belong to China, but is a totally different Eastern beautiful, the stature is also as if good, the long hair ties scattered in disorder slanting to throw over on the shoulder, has added several points of mature flavor, as for that 4 men, two are the full beards, the obvious Indian, one sends the game dwelling male aura, another two people. Then a western-style clothing is very capable, should be the clear pupil develops the subordinates in black ink to be right.

I walk to go forward with long hurried strides, say with a smile: „Hello!"

The clear pupil develops black ink also to stand, looked that said with a smile to me: „Originally Xiao Yao Zi Zai is long this appearance, is hard to imagine, then the pretty person will hit unexpectedly us to be distressed in fire Yun City!"

I a little empty, said with a smile: „This word is bad, our China area wins in the NPC army is quite strong, the heavy artillery quantity are also more than you, otherwise, making you fall the wild goose to flood one time, the landslide of day Pingshan to attack one time, it is estimated that also almost lost, clear pupil Guildmaster was wise we to ask for advice."

The clear pupil develops black ink to throw smiles, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster is very humorous, this...... Is Cang Tong?"

Lin Wan Er takes a step to go forward, puts out a hand to say with a smile: „Clear pupil, long time no see."


The clear pupil develops black ink to look at the Lin Wan Er beautiful cheek, in a Cooldown eye shows completely is the shocking facial expression, will say several seconds later with a smile: „Before was to regard the match, this time saw the honorable person...... Quite beautiful!"

Indian's praise has not concealed slightly, we cannot hear like this praise words in China, most is also is similar to „that beautiful woman Gente on time, can know that a round on was good" and so on words.

Lin Wan Er cheek slightly red, charming smiling: „No, the words said that what matter you do want to discuss today?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to let go, said: „First sits down, some drinking, eats, slowly discussed that this is Dong Cheng Yue, I had crammed ferociously the material of Chinese War zone Guild yesterday, learned that [Zhan Long] Guild has the outstanding in both fields, was known as that moon/month pupil two person group, Cang Tong is so beautiful, has not thought that Cang Yue is not inferior, he he, Xiao Yao Guildmaster, these two are your friend?"

Her facial expression is somewhat ambiguous, I sit down saying: „Discussed the proper business, do not gossip."

The clear pupil develops black ink to crack into a chuckle, said: „Good, could not look that you are very proper."

At this time, the clear pupil developed side a black ink man to cough, said in her ear several Hindi, could not understand, probably was makes the clear pupil develop the reaching an agreement business that black ink solemnly, are too frivolous and must do not enforce and so on words.

The clear pupil developed black ink to be really more solemn, sat is motionless there, told that the service person ordered the coffee to us, time when the coffee carried on settled the throat clear, said: „I think that my this time comes Hangzhou for what, should you be clear?"

I nod: „Um, well what we need to chat is Port City must manage through what kind of pattern."

The clear pupil develops black ink to smile: „Was inferior...... Gave to our India war zone directly was good, then we signed an offensive and defensive alliance agreement, common onset and retreat, how is it?"

„Gives the Indian area?" I smile, is mixing the coffee in cup with ladle, said: „Clear pupil Guildmaster do not crack a joke, but Port City the Chinese war zone consumption innumerable manpower and resources hit, how gives the Indian area to be good, and...... Binding force that which the union agreement in game comes, is not reasonable."

Immediately, the clear pupil developed side a black ink full beard to get angry, was about vice- Guildmaster and so on person, put down the coffee cup to use the clumsy Chinese to get angry: „Our Guildmaster good words good language came to say this matter with you, but also wholeheartedly drove here from Shanghai, you...... You are also too extremely arrogant, spoke?"

Dong Cheng Yue has also gotten angry, pounded on the table saying: „You are that beautiful life vice- Guildmaster that called Thunder Heng? How your does IBN fight the net master group with the grandmaster group speech?"

I also show a faint smile, the flashing eyes said: „...... Also, fire Yun City has fought, the Chinese area has won in the final analysis, if comes one time again, I believe that was the Chinese area wins as before, loses lost, couldn't lose inadequately?"

The clear pupil develops the black ink sip sip red lip, said: „Good do not quarrel, I acknowledged that the Indian war zone at present truly is not the match in Chinese war zone, our resources were too deficient, projected on half heavy artillery not to have the shell, the shells of these dragon crystal artillery must unearth the dragon bone to mold in the remote mountain, moreover in the elite degree of player truly could not compare the Chinese war zone, but Xiao Yao, can't you result in manage do not forgive the person are not?"

I nod to smile: „Yes, therefore I am willing to sit to chat with you to here, the Chinese area online player are in the final analysis most also on 5000 thousand high and low, usually online can have 3000 thousand to be good, this strength and is not enough to defend three Daijouike, the Chinese area is really needs to collaborate with the friends in India in some degree, today we candidly said here that does not need anything to conceal."

The clear pupil develops the black ink satisfactory nod to smile: „Um, you said how you do plan?"

I tasted a coffee, puts down the cup, looks up sees clearly the pupil to develop black ink and her four people, said: „I, when gives up confirming that the city selector mode saw two new patterns ; first, transfer, is free gives the player of other server this city, another pattern entrusted, therefore I have not chosen, can only entrust Port City to you."

„Request?" The clear pupil developed black ink pair of bright eyes to shine, said: „What existence is that?"

I said: „If I adopt the delegation pattern the Port City jurisdiction to you, means that sky over Port City must be hanging the Five-Starred Red Flag, the sovereignty belongs to China, but the Indian players can move into as master, but the NPC royal power in city belonged to the Chinese war zone, after NPC army Shua is new , will directly obey the Warring States war zone's command, the Indian players are only live in a strange or foreign place, but guild territory Shua is new, the study skill, practices the level to strive for hegemony and other authorities as before completely maintains . Moreover, city tax revenue will be the Chinese area and 55 of Indian area will be divided, suffices to understand?"

Cooldown, another full beard has also gotten angry, pounds on the table: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you have also gone too far, since entrusted to us, why the command jurisdiction of all NPC armies completely were the Chinese war zones? Did this regard the pig to raise us?"

My brow raises has a look at him, said: „You are willing to have a main city, is in a rage, what does not have, Indian war zone several million to push in two young secondary lord cities, does the player study six revolutions of skills not to have the place?"

„You!" The full beard was mad is about to explode.

The clear pupil develops black ink actually as before calmly, in a pair of black pupil flood the wisdom gloss, was saying: „Ok, I agree with the way of this request, if I have not guessed wrong, although the NPC army turns over to the Chinese war zone, however the regiment system of player also as before, means that the player also soon voluntarily recruits the NPC army, is right? Then, the Chinese war zone also isn't has the absolute ownership power to Port City?"

My secret heart startled, this woman was too fierce, then the nod said: „Um, this balance strength will definitely exist, I also think of all these, but, at least the Indian war zone in short Cooldown should better not to tear to pieces the facial skin with the Chinese war zone, this absolutely is an advantage does not have to you, moreover......"

The clear pupil develops the black ink eye one brightly, smiled: „I know...... Moreover, you went to behind the Port City bright temple yesterday, received the bright temple for oneself had, as the balance strength, our India war zone dreaded the strength of bright temple, approximately in several months the player has not had the absolute military strength isn't able to revolt?"

I smile: „Intelligent, with your such person speech is really enjoyable."

The clear pupil develops black ink to eat to smile, said: „Actually your thoughts I understand, although Port City takes, but absolutely is together the hot potato, LEE and Frost Forest certainly, when the next country will fight the circulation will arrive will counter-attack, the Chinese area will be when the time comes tired out by dealing with, will therefore make the Indian players move into Port City, will repress Japanese Han player using the strength of Indian area, not?"

I admit frankly: „Yes!"

The clear pupil develops the black ink micro smile: „Good, I agree with this agreement, but...... I did not guarantee that the Indian area will never meet instead the Chinese area, after all, fire Yun Chengcai is our genuine homelands."

I by in the chair, the both arms thoughts smile: „That looked that your wing was when plentiful."

Zhan Long Chapter 891

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