Zhan Long Chapter 892

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In fact, player's promotion in regiment system is not 1-2 days can complete, I passed through for several months works hard laboriously has the palace guard present several thousand people of armies finally, but the clear pupil develops black ink in fire Yun Chengsheng to the status of princess level, obtained many NPC armies is also the day by following Day was laborious comes, but fire Yun City has been taken by the Chinese area now, fire Yun City turned over to hot cloud princess Lin Wan Er to grasp directly, the NPC army also all diverged, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk and the others to move into Port City, on must from the beginning start, all from ordinary adventurer. Does, then corporal, what long, hundred husbands long step by step crawls, this is a long process, I must do again smashes several main cities in this long Cooldown, strength spread Going out of Chinese war zone, strong does not dare to revolt against us till other main cities.


The clear pupil develops the ink is an intelligent woman, naturally understands that my intention, but I am also crystal clear to her thoughts, the clear pupil develops black ink is also honored as the Indian war zone first person, but fire Yun City has fallen into enemy hands, she is duty-bound, must therefore seek a new main city to make several million players depend upon, even if Port City entrusted for her, but had the small space after all, as to the confession of domestic player was enough, naturally, the clear pupil developed a black ink wise woman not to be so impossible forever to submit to under the person, this point will not change.

That full beard vice- Guildmaster has pulled out one pack of papers, said: „Does that sign?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to ask: „Xiao Yao, you thought that also needs to sign?"

I said: „Do you think?"

She shakes the head with a smile: „I think am unnecessary, this request agreement bases on the strength in completely the foundation, this is subtle balance relations, signing appeared somewhat unnecessary. Perhaps when one day, we became the friends, can handle this matter with the trust?"

My micro smile: „We are the friends, plays is impossible to play for a lifetime, but the friend can for a lifetime, leave the game to be the friend, this is the open-minded game manner, not?"

The clear pupil develops black ink by behind sofa, has stretched the arm languidly, somewhat graceful beautiful condition, she said unexpectedly with a smile: „Um, said well, we are the friends, Xiao Yao you felt relieved that although your this fellow is sly likely is a fox, but I can look, you have paid that many for the Chinese war zone, is person who true treats people sincerely, I same will also treat you, even if some day I thought that the strength was enough, will present the challenge ahead of time forward, will not hit your one to be caught off guard."

I smile: „I did not feel relieved that later must defend the several main cities of Chinese war zone cautiously."


In this time, suddenly „drop", the clear pupil developed the cell phone of black ink to make a sound, she looked at one, smiled: „Good news, the main city of Russian server has dispatched troops, after Ze deep pool city troops one hour, arrives in Fan Shu City, I suspected that they are think mostly the tip did fall Fan Shu City to say again? Xiao Yao, I did not ask you to eat meal at noon, your some were busy."

My knitting the brows head, own cell phone has also made a sound, a Wang Jian news, exactly the same, dispatches troops to 900 thousand long jab Fan Shu City matters about Ze deep pool city, this time troubled really somewhat was slightly big, we went on an expedition continuously that many days, the player and NPC already tiredly could not withstand, what was most important was the falling level of player were too many, Ze deep pool city attacks Fan Shu City now is aggravates the situation simply!

The Russian war zone always with Chinese area well water not interfering with river water, perhaps is this time thought the Chinese war zone has three big main cities, finally could not sit still has dispatched troops to keep in balance?

The country war only remained for 3 days, was the person in Russian war zone so self-confident can attack and capture Fan Shu City in three days? Even if Fan Shu City is secondary lord city, but is Fan Shu City behind formidable Tian Ling Empire? Moreover, the clear pupil developed black ink with my reaching an agreement agreement, Tian Ling Empire south all has been able to develop black ink to put down by the clear pupil, such came us to be able the compensation to deal with the Russian server and Full Moon City UK , France server, should not be difficult?

Thinks of here, I make a fist, say with a smile: „For a lifetime is the lives that goes on an expedition to work hard! The clear pupil, we go back to prepare to get online immediately, you?"

The clear pupil developed black ink to stand up, has drawn the skirt tail of short skirt, said: „I look for a hotel to move in immediately, get online later accept your request, how is it?"

„Um, after a half hour, the Port City imperial palace sees."



Immediately goes back, Tian Ling Empire some were busy!

Returns to the dwelling, eats a thing again, immediately gets online!


Appears in the Port City imperial palace as before, here did not have no NPC and player, the city had been captured, at least in this country fought in the circulation number of days unable to recapture, but my hand grasped living of Port City to kill the power as before, in the good friend list the clear pupil developed black ink also to get online, soon after led one crowd of beautiful life Guild player to step into the imperial palace, saying with a smile: „Was good, now I came, Xiao Yao, can do to decide!"

I choose nearby person immediately, locks the clear pupil to develop black ink, then has chosen the delegation pattern of city, next quarter, direct ting reverberation above sky, for a very long time unceasingly, makes the player of entire server first time realize that anything is called the new pattern


System Announcement: Congratulates the Chinese war zone player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Captures Port City successfully, and entrusted the sovereignty of Port City to the player 【Clear pupil develops black ink】( Indian area), the system tacitly approves Port City becomes the Indian war zone main city, and collects 50% tax revenues to give China the war zone, all NPC armies are presided by the Tian Ling Empire royal power directly, this time attacks the Port City final player to place the reward respectively is: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Obtains the reward 【Temple Knight transfers duty to prove】, Player 【Fang Ge Que】 Obtains the reward 【Brave fights helmet】( Demon Harvest), player 【Cang Yue】 Obtains the reward 【The thorn of dragon bone】( Demon Harvest Superior), the rewards of other players all also provide!


„Shua! Shua!"

I rose continuously two-level, is this probably is attacks Port City to contribute the first person of reward?

However, as if obtained an extension duty to prove? Unties the package hurriedly, temple Knight, in the player nobody takes office temple Knight actually? The value that this revolution of duty proves is very good, looks at [Zhan Long] audiences Knight is the player, thinks it over or gives Meng Yao, the blood younger sister must, cultivate the behavior not to need too unselfishly.

Immediately has reported a news to Meng Yao: „Where, does elder brother's extension duty prove to you?"

Meng Yao sends in a news rapidly: „Cultivates equipment in Tian Ling Empire, the elder brother is best, how long wants?"

I think: „Opens thousand frost wings to fly, most not over 20 minutes."

„Good, waits for the elder brother!"


Turns around, actually discovery clear pupil develops black ink behind one crowd to carry the guy of axe to press hard on is looking to me, several I even also knew that personally had been killed by me, this group of people look like to my hatred value is not general high, I have smiled in a flash, let go saying: „Now kills me not to help matters, moreover kills me certainly also to dying many people."

The clear pupil develops black ink to throw smiles, said with deep veneration: „Ok, are you doing? Now Xiao Yao Zi Zai is the friend of our beautiful life, gives me to receive the sword, has any fire preparation to send to Japanese Korean War area, the country fought finished, Japanese Han players will be doomed to stir up trouble the Port City border, our some were busy."

„Yes, Guildmaster!" This group of people develop black ink to always follow to clear pupil actually, this is a good phenomenon, if the clear pupil develops black ink not this prestige, but also does not blow this Port City all Indian players.

I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword single-handed, the instantaneous thousand frost wings complete, shoot up to the sky, makes a crack the roof directly, is in airborne also hears below clear pupil to develop black ink to shout: „Hey, smashes our roofs, next time will meet to remember that loses money!"

I laugh, has not said anything, the direct impact flew to the Chinese war zone.

Departs is less than 10 minutes, suddenly Wu Shenhe the sky hears ting, is player's frontline propaganda


System Announcement( player rumor frontline propaganda): Xiao Yao Zi Zai, your what meaning? Port City that we like mad take, do you such cup one hand in the other across the chest to give to settle the pupil to develop black ink? He he, I understand finally why the clear pupil developed black ink has shown mercy to [Zhan Long] and [Thousand Burial] in Koumyoutani, was really interesting, your this [Zhan Long] Guildmaster was also works as to the end, what had a leg with the Indian women is felt? Your this person also matches, when the country of Chinese war zone does fight the main member? Ben Lve of my rumor such as fire, although the strength is not much, but will at least not serve the interest of outsiders, my brothers are willing to drain away the last drop of blood for the Chinese area, you? We hope that true colors that all people in Chinese area see clearly this villain, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, mediocre, obtained treats as the favour to see somebody off our brothers' blood and sweat, you are waiting, the person is making the day to look, you sooner or later can by the retribution!


The shortly after frontline propaganda of rumor just ended, is ting


System Announcement( player sea Monarch frontline propaganda): The rumor did not say that we have not known, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we need an explanation, do not regard the fool the brothers in our China war zone, you are again strong, even if [Zhan Long] is first Guild, the Chinese area cannot accommodate your this bad apple, either gives an explanation, either tumbles out the Chinese area!

The third ting came, is the rich hosts


System Announcement( player Mt. Liba frontline propaganda): Sees somebody off city that we hit laboriously directly, what does this also need to explain? This person, tumbles out the Chinese area to consider as finished directly, MD, my brothers to attack the Port City inner city fell 135 levels from 150 levels directly, Xiao Yao Zi Zai didn't you have a face facing his such person?


The ting is unceasing, as if has formed a public indignation.

My heart, what can also say? Needs to explain that explained these people will listen? In a flash, I clearly have become aware a truth, in this world has many poor men absolutely not to have the brain, can stir up to be filled with righteous indignation in a few words, this poor man is innumerable, but is that also what kind of?

At this time, in [Zhan Long] Guild a piece has seethed with excitement, but Lin Wan Er also spent 5000 G to send a system to shout propaganda


System Announcement( player Cang Tong frontline propaganda): We hope that everybody can see the truth of matter, the Chinese war zone cannot defend three main cities, Xiao Yao he entrusts Port City to the Indian area, remember, is the request, Port City as before is the subordinate city of Chinese area, hopes that everybody do not interrogate him again aggressively, if so many disaffection, come [Zhan Long] station Dragon's den to look for me really directly, washed the neck cleanly, I will explain to you well!


In the guild channel, Li Mu said: „Xiao Yao, toward do not go at heart, this world other are not many, is SX are many, this person does not need to pay attention."

I laugh, fly high to plunder to the Tian Ling Empire sky, looks at the player in Mancheng pond, said proudly: „, The custom is in deep sorrow good!"

Zhan Long Chapter 892

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