Zhan Long Chapter 893

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In this world, we speak and work some people to direct to us, in this world too likes pointing at others' person much, but that is also what kind , the innermost feelings firm person will not shift the will because of others' question, the lion will not get angry because of the provocation of lamb, therefore a meaning of my point vitality did not have at this time actually, counter- hot Yun City, Port City became under my hand arrangement the spoils of war of Chinese war zone, this on finally is the result, what at least I use method, that was unimportant, moreover my method is frank and upright, science is reasonable, Also indisputable.

Falls in familiar Tian Ling Empire, found Li Meng Yao, proves to give this temple Knight extension duty, then arranged 4 people to accompany her to go transferring the duty duty has done, ordered Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others to lead the [Zhan Long] person to rush toward the Fan Shu City reenforcement, retreated before three hours as for the Full Moon City enemy, temporarily does not know their next plan was anything, Full Moon City attacked the destiny bateau-bridge of military god river bank, hit for four days four nights not to hit fully, thinks that very had the frustration.


„General Li!"

A messenger speeds away to come, said: „Please immediately go to the imperial palace to discuss official business!"


My knitting the brows head, Port City took, but we must face another matter approximately, truly duke is in charge of Tian Ling Empire, Rong Di Jun at least also 100,000 people of his subordinates, pivotal, said again he expedites the Port City marshal, attacks and captures the Port City meritorious service to make him the Tian Ling Empire star, does not know how will seal to enjoy, actually truly is the duke and marshal, is above under ten thousand person, one person, I cannot be finding out him also to want anything.

Summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, speeds away to the imperial palace, stands up from failure to discontinue the stepping main hall with long hurried strides, in both sides the palace, the civil and military whole body of ministers establish separately, even Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other also, this actually will make me somewhat be astonished, but did not feel strange that their four people are Yorozuo are long, and repeatedly Yorozuo who constructs the meritorious military service is long, should have the qualifications to attend a meeting as a non-voting delegate.

Moreover, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Fang Ge Que and other people also , it seems like that this is a very important assembly.

„Palace guard commands!" Small palace gate loud shouting.

I take a step to go forward, has not actually seen Pearl in the palace, discovered one do not know where stands is good, instantaneously some desolate, at this time distant hundred said: „General Li, comes to here!"

Hundred in the military appointment of empire is on the general, but I am only one protect the country general, has missed 2 levels, but has not haggled over that many, walks to stand firm side hundred, the opposite is truly with the Luis two combat generals, the left was Luo child and Qin Ye, again toward left was a young young fellow, was the shallow forest, he showed a faint smile to me: „General Li, you must teach my swordsmanship, don't forget......"

I nod: „Um."

Truly duke looks to us, hints us to be solemnly silent, at this time the Great Emperor on throne grasped the blade edge of King to stand up, a stubbornness of face, said with a smile: „Love, you will fight a bloody battle to seize fire Yun City, Port City, hot shape city and other cities for the empire continuously, has performed the immortal meritorious service, even if the empire ancestors will also feel for our present achievements proud, today here, we, although reward according to merit, have said that the empire that anything will want will found a brand-new time, but you will be the founding father of this time!"

Truly holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the feudal official and others laughed in the face of death only to return a favor to the empire!"

Laughs, said: „Emperor uncle, you lead audiences to catch up to reenforce the Empire Armed forces from the remote area, it may be said that gives opportune help, remembers your good orphaned! Comes the person, confers truly duke for Dingtian male, the generation follows, and bestows the ritual of Dingtian male nine types of gifts given by emperors to high officials scepter, with the king's Venerable with sitting!"

Truly kneels down hurriedly, the complexion somewhat is slightly terrified, said: „Thanked your majesty Long En!"

Continues to look heavily to one crowd, said: „Flame dragon regiment takes the empire first regiment, the battle loss is serious, Xu died in battle heroically, to exempt a group of people without a leader , to promote on general Dragon Zhongwei especially the general, and appoints as the flame dragon regiment new commands, controls the flame Dragon Jun army . Moreover, flame Dragon Jun was long the unit of armed soldiers to control Fang Ge Que to promote is Zhenxi general, is promoted to flame dragon regiment Yorozuo to be long!"

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile, the paper fan wields: „Thanks your majesty."

It seems like that Fang Ge Que also finally had great power, inside the hand at least can have over ten thousand NPC soldiers to dispatch for it?

Continues to look to the audiences, said: „Fall harvest regiment is heroic in fire Yun City, Port City, the hot shape city battle , to promote it to command Zhouning to protect the country general especially, and appoints as the fall harvest regiment officially commands, but the fall harvest regiment is also organic, is separated from the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, becomes the independent armed forces, permits the organic population 5 thousand people, recruits the troops voluntarily."

Drunken Spear holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Thanks the Great Emperor."

Afterward , to continue saying: „Hot axe armed forces fight is fierce , to promote especially bans the marquis Luo child is the first-level military rank, and grants the army 2 million gold coins, the pay and provisions for the military turns time, subordinates Battalion Tuan controls the North Star wind to promote for Yorozuo is long!"

Q-Sword said with a smile: „Thanks your majesty."

Continued to seal to enjoy, making me somewhat unable to tolerate, after succeeded to the throne, looked like the nouveau riche is ordinary, this government position and pay and provisions for the military granted willfully, as if the Tian Ling Empire state treasury resources used unceasingly, but in my opinion, Tian Ling Empire went on an expedition continuously, the money in state treasury also almost must consume up, even if has plundered from fire Yun City, Port City much, but could not withstand the so huge war absolutely.

Finally, the vision of Great Emperor falls on me finally, stands up saying: „Finally, is the biggest hero palace guard of two expedition commands General Li Xiao Yao, the palace guard fight is heroic, the breakthrough fire likely city wall, breaks through fire Yun City Main hall, and also provides the extremely effective shield in Wu Shenhe the warship for other Empire Armed forces, the merit of this palace guard claims credit to great, General Li, said that what reward do you want?"

Saying, his look one gloomily, said: „Pearl walked, you represent the will that she is elapsing, said that orphaned will certainly satisfy you, you will be Tian Ling Empire will vie for supremacy the biggest chip of mainland in the future!"

I am startled slightly, has not thought that will think highly to me unexpectedly, this actually big stems from my accident, I think most to palace guard pay and provisions for the military, as for is kicked upstairs to my this merit tall Gaizhu combat general wait / etc..

Holds the fist in the other hand, I said: „End will not want any Feng Shang, only asked much the soldiers who your majesty can seal to enjoy the palace guard, and can provide many comforting and aiding a bereaved family for the family member of dying in battle."

Nods: „General Li really loves the soldier such as!"

I think secretly that I am only 25 -year-old, if I love the soldier such as, which Han Yuan, a Xiao severe these at least 30 + -year-old fellow toward does put shamelessly?

However I had not said that but held the fist in the other hand saying: „Whatever your majesty Feng Shangbian is."

Showed a faint smile , to continue to the officials of board of personnel: „The orphaned command edict, is promoting the palace guard to command Li Xiao Yao is on the general, the first-level military rank, grants the fine horse 10,000, weapon 30,000, the gift of the emperor town country blade!"


Truly duke stares: „Your majesty? You...... Can you grant General Li really the town country blade?"


Looks to me, said: „Under General Li, town country blade is founding Saint Wuhai University emperor leaves behind the treasure, although the lasted many years initially were not sharp, but are actually the empire supreme authority symbols, you must receive the behest of Pearl, eliminates craftily for the empire, on this handle town country blade may cut the stupid royal palace, gets down to cut the non- feudal official's son, did you understand?"

I have been startled being startled, this time has not thought, is it possible that did feel what? Instantaneous, I understood, powerful to truly duke is in charge of Tian Ling Empire also to feel, will therefore jump the ranks to promote on the position of general me, and grants the town country blade, this means that he must keep in balance with me truly!

Tian Ling Empire first-level commands combat general that many, Luis, Luo child and Qin Ye, dragon loyal and the others were, but has finally chosen me, it seems like he realized the person who can depend upon truly was I? In a flash, I somewhat sympathized with Great Emperor unexpectedly, Pearl died, above this deliberation hall is he is alone and friendless?

At this time, main hall warrior lifted a handle blade to walk together, at this time a handle sword, the recast, above had the clear gap, wants to come initially that Saint Wuhai University emperor slaughters with this handle blade and mortal enemy, I lifted the hand to hold up the town country blade in the hand, then wielded gently, above the knife edge was reappearing clearly Yang Yanjin the effect, looked at not far away Q-Sword to stare slightly, he used the vision of inquiry to have a look at Jian Tan, Jian Tan dept frown: „Is impossible, Li Xiao Yao so is young, how to comprehend Yang Yanhuo?"


The town country blade sheathes, this is with the stage prop that I bind, does not have no attack power, in throws into wraps, I later want to continue to manage the military affairs in Tian Ling Empire, must use this handle town country blade.


Truly duke holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the army of Ze deep pool city arrived in Fan Shu City, and encircles Fan Shu City, Fan Shu City Duke Dean has sent in 7 support requirement letters continuously, will also ask your majesty to select the election campaign to go to battle, has solved encirclement of Fan Shu City, otherwise, will perhaps break a promise in the world?"

Nods, makes a fist saying: „Rash Ze deep pool city thief, dares to go to enter to attack Fan Shu City, the combat generals, go with orphaned Wang together, wants the royal cart to draft orphaned!"

„Does royal cart draft?" I in consternation: „Your majesty, is please prudent, in battleground the sword does not have the eye."

Looked at a truly duke, said: „No, on the old emperor uncles personally battleground, how orphaned can stand by, General Li does not need to talk too much, immediately transmitted orders, performs to have the Tian Ling Empire army, goes to Fan Shu City to meet Ze deep pool empire army!"

One crowd civil and military said: „Yes, your majesty!"

I do not have anything saying that after will disperse with Drunken Spear and Fang Ge Que and the others polite two has led Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others to go to the barrack of palace guard.

Zhan Long Chapter 893

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