Zhan Long Chapter 894

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„General, goes on an expedition continuously, palace guard reduced more than 67700 people from 10 thousand establishments."

Dragon Xingti the iron (spear gun), forward is following me, said: „The shell of dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery also basically exhausts, we need massive Cooldown to manufacture the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery ammunition, recruits the recruit who also to need the Cooldown training to be able from the barbarian tribal group to meet head-on, if went to battle at this time again, the loss of palace guard is inevitably more serious."

I turn head to have a look at him, said: „Wants the royal cart to draft, this is not I can about, understood?"

Dragon Xing is stunned: „Understands......"

„That a bit faster selects soldier preparation to break camp to march, takes enough the grain and fodder, do not make everybody has an empty stomach again goes to war."

„Yes, the subordinate will make quartermater issue the written pledge to fulfill a military order, if the grain and fodder cannot transport, makes him hold own head to see to command the Sir."

„Hey, good!"


Half of the day in game passes quickly, when the Tian Ling Empire NPC army completely has the three services to Fan Shu City marches, the Ba Huang City direction also spreads the news, the players in Japanese Han main city has been divided into two, Frost Forest led the player in Japanese war zone to sweep clean the player station near Tian Ling Empire military god Henanan to go, but LEE was inharmonious with the Japanese, leading the main force of South Korean war zone to directly soar Ba Huang City to go, it seems like wants to seize the chance to wipe out Ba Huang City, but Ba Huang City had Angela to guard personally, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den momentarily can reenforce, what this does not need I to worry about.

Day just bright time, battle drum sound Long Dong, the dense and numerous Tian Ling Empire armies through the destiny bateau-bridge, even as before can see the dense and numerous player corpses in the West bank of bateau-bridge, after many people died in battle, has not gotten online, waited for that the country fights the cycle to pass gets online again practices the level, after is not all players is militant, many people purely come to the gold coin and beautiful woman, or to play in charming scenery, leading the young girlfriend to enjoy the beauties of nature everywhere, suddenly bumps into the country wartime the mighty force, frightened to cry.

Expedites twice continuously, the NPC army quantity large scale shrinkage of Tian Ling Empire, directly fell less than 50 thousand people from initially 100 thousand + people, Rong Di Jun remaining 15 thousand, palace guard 7 thousand, as for flame Dragon Jun, the hot axe armed forces and others remaining are less than 3 thousand people high and low, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces preserve quite completely, altogether 4 thousand + people, therefore comparing, the palace guard is in the Tian Ling Empire original army strongest one, but Rong Di Jun's existence actually undermined this balanced, requests the royal cart to kiss to draft, that emperor. The uncle truly duke fart has not put one unexpectedly, this makes people somewhat obscure, can an emperor uncle, want the big nephew to brave hardships and dangers the expedition really?

We to the players and armies in Ze deep pool city knew nothing, are away from us to be too far, explored the players not to have the thorough Ze deep pool city, but the Russian players in Ze deep pool city surmounted at least 15 hours of map traveling schedules to arrive at Tian Ling Empire, simply was a profound friendship, the entertainment they one could not be justified maliciously.

When Xuyang projects that moment of cloud layer, the pointed weapons of three services officers under the sunlight flood the warm gloss, I are riding the god fierce fine horse to march forward slowly in the armed forces place of palace guard, but Luo four, Luis and the others defend about, in the royal cart drafts, making people think somewhat funnily, we are not the officials, why at times defends side the monarchy?

Like me, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Drunken Spear and the others is bringing players in own NPC army and guild leads the way together, with is the fall harvest regiment that the palace guard marches forward together, probably altogether 5000 + people of appearances, I progress, looks at one group of people of fall harvest regiment, said with a smile: „Really well-trained and equipped army!"

Was saying that fell in the veteran plump that on the warhorse falls asleep, startled however stands up from failure: „Made war?"

Another soldier supports by the arm immediately, in the hand the long halberd leans on the tread, but, the handle of long halberd decayed to has broken off unexpectedly automatically, warhorses are spurting the breath, thin, even the war flag of fall harvest regiment leans this way and that only about 1000 people of long spear soldier lineups are neat, these people are Drunken Spear personally bring.

Visits me, the short spear trick cracks into a smile: „You must ridicule especially my......"

Saying, he looked to the cavalry team of palace guard, the eye was red: „...... Your palace guard earnest well-trained and equipped army, which like is my fall harvest regiment, you look this listless, where has what battle efficiency, does not know how long my this fall harvest regiment commands can also work as, dog emperor an opportunity of resting and building up strength did not give directly expedites Fan Shu City, radically Motherfucker, my this dogface bastard insufficiently died had the wood to have?"

I have breathed out one, said with a smile: „Carefully walls have ears, unexpectedly dares to scold the Great Emperor, was careful that I go to dog emperor there ginseng your book, when the time comes made you unable to eat to capture is walking......"

Drunken Spear holds the volume to say with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao your this, even if you are on the general I do not fear you, turns head to fight to the death!"


I clap to smile, said: „First resulted in the well-trained and equipped army to come with me to fight to the death your fall harvest regiment belt again, said, one will arrive at Fan Shu City, we after the people in Ze deep pool city made war, your fall harvest regiment hides behind my palace guard, flushed with my heavy shield camp barbarian, like this lost can reduce many, the fall harvest regiment on these 5000 people of old and weak remnants, you must treasure a point, they were the seeds, so long as you preserved part, later made some regiment duties in Tian Ling Empire many, got so far as 5 thousand troops the fall harvest regiment is not very difficult."

In the Drunken Spear eye passed over gently and swiftly color of the gratitude, smiles: „Makes the fall harvest regiment hide behind palace guard, can I by Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword joke?"

„What laughs at?" I look from afar to that two people, said: „They are Yorozuo are long, under the hand has 10,000 people, is elite NPC, is not you can compare, you should the endured time must endure, I will not laugh at you in any case, said again that the future Tian Ling Empire guild war pattern who will know? Once the country war is in the dormancy stage, line of battles definitely came, at that time the genuine civil war, you can also count on that the [Flying Dragon] person does go all out for you really? Your genuine card in a hand, certainly fall harvest regiment."


A Drunken Spear layer on layer nod, said: „After , has any palace conference time, you help me speak, our two brothers lend a hand much, oh, my individuality is the might as well, but is, every so often the speech did not consider where will play truly, Luis, Luo child these astute NPC, to be honest, visits you with their this crowd of person violent debates time, my sincerity admires you, Xiao Yao you truly are the unrivalled rare talent who civil and military has both, this game builds for your such person."

„No matter."

I beckon with the hand modestly, said: „Everyone is the same, must pass through the unceasing experience to be able truly to become a person of invulnerability, you are also same, studies, observation much diligently and that's the end."

„Um." Drunken Spear looks at the surrounding fall harvest regiment soldier, said with a smile: „This game was getting more and more interesting, more and more was not one played likely, you said that your how long hadn't received the duty and has killed BOSS?"

I think: „Regiment duty meets actually, but BOSS has little killed, I must kill now am also kill the monarchy level BOSS, does not have the means that on the soldier reveals a plot, under the soldier to cut down the war, a higher boundary of this game should be the strategy game, but isn't acts the game that a blade sword fights with all might simply? However speaks the truth, I a little self-confidence full house, thought recently is puts together the operation and equipment, I did not have the match in Tian Ling Empire......"

Drunken Spear stares saying: „Can't your younger sister, modest?"

I also laugh: „Let alone these useless, walked, Fan Shu City soon after arrived, how when the time comes has a look to break through the tight encirclement, it is said Fan Shu City had been encircled, we person in surrounding cannot flush, this time our Tian Ling Empire heavy artillery has basically used up, looked how to use the cavalry soldier flesh and blood to clash to encircle tightly."



The Fan Shu City geographical position is not very actually good, is away from Tian Ling Empire to be far, and is in fire Yun City, Ze deep pool city and Tian Ling Empire intersection point, was attacked easily, if can defend, actually is also a natural defenses barrier, Ze deep pool city wants to bribe Tian Ling Empire, must trample flat Fan Shu City to say again that this is also Ze deep pool city advances troops to the Fan Shu City reason.

About after one hour, after we cross the dense and numerous forests, a palatial city appeared in the front pure white, the Fan Shu City surrounding city wall like the jade, the city wall extends two wings, connected the high fire god mountain range, has formed the natural defenses, but at this time, the Fan Shu City city wall was broken many, the mighty force of Ze deep pool city has encircled watertight the city.

The country fights the later transmission function to expire completely, but Fan Shu City is situated far away, was sneak attacked to break through is also the accordance with expectation.


The battle drum sound reverberation on the plain, the distant place, the NPC army of Ze deep pool city has exhibited a weaponry to wait for us to clash the level on the plain, uniform snow wolf cavalry soldier row on plain, and statures of these snow wolves are huge, not the inferior common warhorse, the impulse will not miss, but attack power actually be more tyrannical than the warhorse, seizes to slaughtering will have the overwhelming superiority.

Looks at the cavalry soldier in distant place, Dragon Xingmeng has fought a shiver, said: „Snow wolf regiment, Ze deep pool empire most tyrannical military strength, is the first regiment of Ze deep pool empire, it is said these men in Ze deep pool city all day and wolf clan is a companion, train the snow wolf become mount, even some love the snow wolf really family member, heard that some Ze deep pool city men massacre the feeding snow wolf their woman when the adverse circumstance, this can combine with the snow wolf, becomes the bravest snow wolf cavalry soldier!"

I hear am also one cold: „I go, this little has heard actually, massacres own woman to feed the wolf? How doesn't he have a child with the snow wolf?"

The dragon whetstone Ha Ha smiled: „What Sir said that I am only want to elaborate that an argument, snow wolf cavalry soldier very savage, surpasses our imagination, it is said the snow wolf regiment of Ze deep pool city altogether has to surpass the snow wolf cavalry soldier of 200 000 person, this is the most fearful place."

The Han deep pool point considers as finished, said: „Our dead ahead really had over 10 thousand snow wolf cavalry soldiers, 200 000 said not necessarily empty, moreover this time we do not have the firepower reenforcement of heavy artillery, doesn't know what to do with this 200 000 snow wolf cavalry soldier?"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Has not related, we have the player!"

„, Player?"

„It is not, is adventurer."

Zhan Long Chapter 894

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