Zhan Long Chapter 895

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The sound of conch resounds, that is the bugle of attack, a messenger was also holding up Wang Qichong, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Your majesty has the command, army [Assault], must break through the blockade of Ze deep pool city in first Cooldown, delivers to the grain and fodder and military baggage Fan Shu City, army [Assault], disobeys orders idleness to cut!"

The order has gotten down finally, Drunken Spear has sneezed in the distant place, rubbed the nose saying: „Especially, awfully!"

But not far away, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others led the [Zhan Long] player already in standby [Assault], but expedites two after continuously times, the member who can fight again shrinks in the eye, the entire guild will put together will not surpass thousand person, went to attempt majority, died in battle over 2 times, killed again must fall 4 levels directly, this was the common players is not willing to withstand.

Lin Wan Er grasps the dagger to stroll, asked: „Pig, do we directly clash?"


I nod, said: „The [Zhan Long] brothers to front, the country fought to carry on the last act in any case, did not need to retain anything, making my palace guard little die, otherwise turned head to have no way to confess."

„Um, knows!"

Lin Wan Er issues an order, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K and the others have brandished the pointed weapons to overrun, but on the plain, the Chinese player and team of NPC army also like is the tide turbulently goes, the distant place, Ze deep pool city snow wolf cavalry soldier actually roars is staying in same place not [Assault], when our people rush is away from them about 500 yards time, suddenly boom makes noise, hides in the cavalry soldier rear heavy artillery camp finally starts has attacked, Long Jing artillery, the hot crag artillery erupts in the crowd of Chinese player recklessly, the impact wave bands walk the young colorful life, Cooldown was somewhat horrible to look.


Strikes the heavy artillery to erupt in my not far away, turned into the corpse several [Flying Dragon] players, and many had been exploded the hashed meat, the head and arm fly randomly, immediately behind me one crowd of [Zhan Long] rode the war is the player somewhat could not bear, particularly female player, even if were battle-trained also as before hum called several, I was hurried the [say / way]: „Do not look that proceeds to clash, we were killed are among pains have also extricated, said again Long Jing artillery could not kill full Xue Iron Blade to ride, does not need to fear that proceeds to clash!"

The people advance rapidly, soon after Ze deep pool city NPC snow wolf cavalry soldier waved the pointed weapons to rush ahead, strangled to death with the Tian Ling Empire player in the same place, Iron Blade rides, fire Dragon Rider speedily to advance, the snow wolf cavalry soldier was not BOSS, was only the monster of antique level, 2-3 Iron Blade rode to kill one is not the issue, was the battle loss somewhat is big, these snow wolves were flagitious, go forward to bite to bite the nape of the neck of Iron Blade beast and fire dragon beast, causing our cavalry attack strength to sell at a discount greatly.


Opens the effects of thousand frost wings suddenly, I have established [Azure Dragon Crossbow] rapidly, then raised the sword to crash in the crowd of snow wolf cavalry soldier, dance of [Tempest Sword] and ghosts and gods started, came time [Seven Star Fragment Slash] again, hit the blood to spatter in all directions, but Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others, although has hung one time, but 1 level of Level was not anything, we when captured the main city already Level made up, fiercely competed and successfully competed actually, brings to catch fire Dragon Rider back and forth to rush ahead in the crowd of snow wolf cavalry soldier, meets no resistance.

The crackle of gunfire is unceasing, the Tian Ling Empire player can only go against these heavy artilleries and matches slaughters in the same place, especially our long-distance team buckles are many, many Mage, archer, Musketeer, Healer with enough time have not mobilized the attack submerging by the fire, but the front player cuts the quantity also unceasing sharp increase that kills the snow wolf cavalry soldier, with our Level the life that even if changes the snow wolf cavalry soldier is also worth, NPC will hang not to reactivate, the edition possibly will not renovate the quantity of restoring with place on a par, this business we will make the value very much.

„Crossbow car(riage), pushes!"

In the crowd, Han Yuan orders palace guard to advance the front the crossbow car(riage), immediately launches the attack, crossbow arrows put on to kill the snow wolf cavalry soldier above the ground, is draws a city for Tian Ling Empire, all around war cries move the day, the both sides anything scruples, such have not rushed ahead in together, the Russian war zone fears the Chinese area is increasingly formidable, must suppress us, but the Chinese war zone must protect Fan Shu City this front fortress not to lose, therefore must a war, both sides not have the escape route fully, said again that draws back 10,000 steps, I take series seven big main cities, goal that Ze deep pool city must capture., Does not hit after now, must hit, how that as early as possible tries this match!

Actually is very obvious, the Russian player quantity in Ze deep pool city will not surpass thousand person absolutely, Russian total number of people 140 million people, even if the economy is more developed than India, but the player quantity many to does not go, the popular rate global average standard of destiny is 10% of total population, generally centralized during human in 15-50 -year-old, Indian total population 1.2 billion, about destiny player altogether thousand, but also less than 5% standards, but the base number was placed there, was lucky that our first attacked flame Yun Cheng, otherwise fought after continuously , the strength that was not much left affirmative cannot be the fire Yun Cheng match, especially. In having the maplewood is drunk under the premise that clear pupil develops the black ink such fearful matches.

However, the Chinese players also large scale shrank, the player who this time altogether comes will not surpass thousand person, the Russian players in population might as well Ze deep pool city are many, therefore among the victories and defeats really does not have the conclusion, can only do everything possible.

„Proceeds to clash to the father, hurry up!"

A Yorozuo of legendary Emperor Yu regiment long progresses to dash, at the same time has taken a handle javelin from the bodyguard hand, rudely has thrown, „tittering" penetrated a body of snow wolf cavalry soldier, this strength is really not simple, his quick takes out a handle javelin again, the next quarter was a snow wolf cavalry soldier died in battle.

This Yorozuo long more kills is fiercer, quick the island of resistance penetrated, with a heavy artillery bang, he was exploded very much departs by a Long Jing artillery with horse was far, distressed crawls from the ground, on face burned black, the blood spatters in all directions, the anger exclaimed: „These damn Ze deep pool city evildoers, the father must kill off you!"

Just stood, a round arrow rain baptism got down, his mail-armor and helmet had been exploded the fragment by Long Jing artillery, the arrow arrow pricked the body in abundance, several snow wolf cavalry soldiers grazed, the long sword left behind wounds on his body, multitude of people of distant place snow wolf regiment long raised Axe to clash, roared Axe to pass over gently and swiftly, Yorozuo of this legendary Emperor Yu armed forces long the head flew immediately, was grasped by others in the hand.

„Fights General Bi!"

Great Emperor distant ride on the warhorse, grasps the armored hand sound to shiver: „Fought General Bi such dead in battle?"

Truly duke nods: „Is your majesty, the battlefield slaughters, this is the common matter."

Heart has does not endure: „Continues the army attack, must rescue Fan Shu City, such Duke Dean will not be disappointed to the empire."


, I also lead Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Li Mu and the others to rush ahead in the crowd by far, Li Mu sends in the body of snow wolf cavalry soldier the sword blade edge, while said with a smile: „, Xiao Yao you looked that that side hung a Yorozuo long Egypt!"

I smiled: „Hung has hung, nothing but left one to promote to the player for the Yorozuo long opportunity."

„Actually also not necessarily." Li Mu said: „Xu Yi is flame Long Jun's commanding, after hanging, has to be one's turn Fang Ge Que this meritorious service outstanding control, instead is one leaning general who called Long Zhong promoted, the NND , Fang Ge Que military rank at that time was also a general, didn't compare this dragon loyal qualifications to miss?"

I smile: „Is very simple, Long Zhong is the trusted subordinate military officer of Great Emperor, therefore promoted flame Long Jun to command from the general directly, but flame Long Jun now army only then thousand person, will be less after this fight, already initially did not support soldier thousand flame Long Jun, the gold content of this commanding also reduced much."

Li Mu said: „Said that commanding of your this palace guard, should be now entire Tian Ling Empire most has the military of real power to command?"

„Almost, well does, we are the witness and inventor of this phase of history."


The Chinese players have killed nearly 1 hour of suddenly, probably also at least has thousand to have by the snow wolf cavalry soldier who we did reduce? At this moment, the player in Russian war zone has emerged finally, several large-scale Guild are Ze deep pool city rank before Guild, one of the waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy round wallops, immediately [Hero's Mound], [Judgement] and other Guild lineups washing out, is not we are incompetent, but is the player are too really few, Level of many person also reduced much, the strength is damaged seriously.

Even, the [Legend] team that Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting lead also starts to be flushed retreats in defeat again and again, the Dawn Mills brand rode several times [Assault] shooting by the opposite party crowded arrow arrow, the loss was serious.

„Was not good, cannot block!"

One Second Hero of [Zhan Long] front poked an arrow arrow of shield to draw back completely, the complexion was pale: „Our people were too few, lacks T to lack DPS to lack the treatment, continued to hit possibly to want whole army has been annihilated!"

I clench teeth: „Retrocedes slightly some, coordinating palace guard to kill together!"


Iron Blade rides retrocedes in abundance several hundred meters, leading the dense and numerous Ze deep pool city players to clash, said that the Russian was the fight nationality is not excessive, men and women very brave, even if were the player is also fierce, one round walloped several player squads that we brought up the rear submerging, continued to proceed to clash, but I decided that said loudly: „Fine silks, snap the attack!"

Behind the crowd, the fine silks led the establishment complete thousand dark moon/month spirit archer in awaiting orders, immediately launched the arrow arrow attack, these dark moon/month spirits Level have promoted after the fire city and war of fire Yun Cheng likely much, under the striking power was astonishing, snaps player batches of dropping down of Ze deep pool city, but they did not retrocede, tall and sturdy Berserker raised Axe, shouted loudly: „The Tian Ling Empire NPC army strives to excel, withstands the firepower to me, even if hung 100,000 people also to this group of NPC archers kill off completely walked again!"

My sword blade edge one horizontal, shouted to clear the way loudly: „[Zhan Long] and palace guard, the guard dark moon/month spirit, cannot lose, protects them with our bodies!"

Iron Blade rides, fire Dragon Rider to gather the defense battleline, almost must be unafraid of death.

Zhan Long Chapter 895

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