Zhan Long Chapter 896

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„Clang clang clang!"

Scalding hot Spark spatters in all directions continuously on the hilt, Li Mu is holding up the Zhenhai blade stiffly blocks attacking fiercely of several Ze deep pool city players, slightly has not actually drawn back, is the long blade one strikes the duplicate sword to cut to fall in the crowd on the contrary horizontally, the dark Moon Elf young girl picks up the bow nocking, the arrow arrow snaps, one group of Ze deep pool city players drop under the horse immediately become an ice-cold corpse.

I also stand in the frontal line, Zhen Yue Blade keeps off the attack in the front standard horizontally, Dragon Reservoir Sword actually continuously sends to incur, kills my front enemy, in the frontal line, Wang Jian, Old K and Bai Qi and the others also back and forth rushes ahead the guard rear player, this is first [Zhan Long] and palace guard has the so tacit coordination, dark Moon Elf under the protection of [Zhan Long] can the stress-free output.

However, in the frontal line has player unceasing dropping down as before, the player who Ze deep pool city comes were too many, at this time almost traded the life with us by the life, 1 : 3 proportion changes us to suffer a loss, front fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride fewer and fewer, is the people in Ze deep pool city more gathers on the contrary are more, in an instant the loss of [Zhan Long] over 30%, the enormous and powerful 4 thousand armies have killed already not over 7000 people that the present can also meet head-on.

In the entire front of Chinese war zone is not quite optimistic, [Blood Contract], [Enemies at the Gate], [Prague] and other Guild were hit retreats in defeat again and again, even [Legend] and [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and other Guild have also shown the weak sign, such battle of attrition definitely is not the means that the front player is mass-criticized by the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag again is miserable beyond description, is almost crowds of brings death.

The Tian Ling Empire official army does not feel better, dragon loyal rate gnathitis dragon regiment only remaining several thousand cavalry [Assault], finally came back, only then several hundred people, horrible to look , the position of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces again was also mass-criticized torn to pieces, the overall war has been in the collapse edge, but truly duke Rong Di Jun of actually also holds back troops from battle has not moved, set out ten thousand people of cavalry regiments merely.


„Retreats to behind!" After I wield Zhen Yue Blade to reduce a cavalry soldier, said loudly: „Maintains defense lineup, slowly backlash, making them chase down, pulls their battlelines, leaves beyond the long-distance output of Ze deep pool city player instead to kill for several seconds, then continues to draw back again, cannot go against again is hitting!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others nods in abundance, [Zhan Long] overall shield starts to retrocede, but the people in Ze deep pool city kill one's blood bubbles up to the brim, where will let off us, urging the horse to advance by rushes to continue to chase down.


My thousand frost wings do not know that many time opened, waves the sword back and forth to rush ahead in the crowd, shield behind player maximum limit, the distant place, Enchanted Painting also raises the water deity halberd to rush ahead in the crowd, Fang Ge Que retreats fighting, magics throw Going out Ze deep pool city also to dread three points.

In this time, distant place one group of people were flushing, is [Thousand Burial] Call Me Master, leading idly, the moon/month Yao feudal official and Su Yan, to catch cold, overbearing and the others to rush for you horizontally, dense and numerous Greedy Wolf rides, said loudly: „You retreat, [Thousand Burial] brings up the rear, the following small hillside can work as the natural defenses to defend imperial!"

I looked at one, Call Me Master had the appearance that about 2 thousand Greedy Wolf were riding, but Level of many person fell to below 140 levels, body equipment was not neat, the overall strength slid fiercely, but this was indecisively is not again good, then said: „You also a bit faster retreat!"


Call Me Master raised the long sword to brush past with me, was innumerable Greedy Wolf rides to howl to fire into our [Zhan Long] behind Ze deep pool city player, both sides hit to strangle to death in the same place, the flash war cries soar to the heavens, has not thought that [Zhan Long] also one day can need the shield of [Thousand Burial] unexpectedly, this made me cannot help but somewhat sob.

Retreats rapidly about 1000 meters, front is a continuous dozens li (0.5km) small hillside, only then dozens meters high, but is used, when the natural defenses defend truly are actually good, people Qi Qi standing firm, the fine silks lead dark Moon Elf to seek for the commanding point, then the [Zhan Long] riding war was the player turns around to defend in abundance, sees only the distant place tide common Ze deep pool city players to kill, they had much are clash the lineup that thoroughly Greedy Wolf has ridden to kill, looked at the past from afar, 2 thousand Greedy Wolf rode looks like a small boat in difficult situation is ordinary, might be submerged anytime.


Old K grabs Axe, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Unexpectedly makes the [Thousand Burial] young woman shield us, lost face too, the brothers, prepare to counter-attack, the people in deep pool city fiercely has a look to Ze!"

The people seek for the commanding point, after long-distance is the player has the altitude advantage, can promote the firing distance with attacking to kill the ability, Dong Cheng Yue is whipping the wing soaring above the hillside, staff raises, bunch of big fireballs will have thrown Going out suddenly, immediately this fireball as if meteor falls down the common bang to kill in the crowd, superimposes, immediately players in one crowd of Ze deep pool cities had been fired the flying ash, Dancing Forest, Lian Po and other archers killed the skill to kill with the six rotors of archer, one of the six swivel bow archer general skills are the strength of Holy Domain, after bending Yauchi concentrates on the strength of Holy Domain, six revolutions of skills chase. The wind arrow rain starts to carry on the crowd to kill the effect to the front robust stability, the arrow arrow is crowded, the person who in addition the altitude advantage, immediately under the mountain clashes starts Large expanse to drop down.

At this time rode the war is the responsibility of player is to protect the high ground, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others defended in same place, came up a remnant blood to kill one, but own position actually did not move, just liked the impregnable bastion same defends there, compared them, I depended the effects of thousand frost wings back and forth to walk randomly one side of the hill, had treatment also nobody of Healer to kill me in any case, was my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword conquers by killing one in the crowd on the contrary, the country fought points to rise suddenly.

The fight is continuing, has the player to catch up unceasingly from the Tian Ling Empire direction, [Zhan Long] at least came over ten thousand people, after is hangs two people, hangs to fall 4 levels again, but this group of fellows heard that Fan Shu City here tactical situation becomes serious no matter also that many, the disobey orders gathered to speed away blatantly once again the reenforcement, I did not say anything, that hit, killed a happiness!

In inverse proportion, is taking advantage of the situation Tian Ling Empire player and NPC of mountain ridge superiority reveals gradually that near 3 hours of engaging in fierce battle, Ze deep pool city player and NPC corpse overspread the southwest side of mountain ridge, at least over 300 thousand people are buried here, this regarding Ze deep pool city absolutely is a fatal blow, because their Popular Front is conquered must spend for several hours to arrive here again, but the Chinese players died in battle only need 1-2 hours to reenforce once more, this mobility is no comparison between them.


The sword blade edge bevelling enters a shoulder of archer, I make an effort to suppress the sword hilt, „" makes the sword blade edge cut thoroughly his body directly, power to injure suddenly to increase, this archer also had been killed immediately by one sword second, but the rear several Ze deep pool city Guild Guildmaster level players loudly are roaring: „Do not retrocede , to continue maintains to their suppressions, the Tian Ling Empire Chinese player could not support to be too long, killed off them, Fan Shu City and Tian Ling Empire were our, do not retrocede, the entire map most bountiful city was the iron skull city of US, but the military strength most tyrannical city was Tian Ling Empire, grasped Tian Ling Empire, being in an impregnable position and iron of skull city our going forward or retreating depending upon circumstances socialized!"

Originally what they think is this thoughts, but the fight nationality rather also looked down on the explosive force of Chinese player, wanted to take Tian Ling Empire to socialize with the American as the lair, must first ask first we did comply!

In this time, behind has been transmitting suddenly Dragon Howl, several giant shadows passed over gently and swiftly from our top of the heads, the low altitude dives, Dragon Flame and dragon (spear gun) sweeping of Dragon Rider gentleman above the earth, especially Dragon Flame the attack, the flash the players in deep pool city has created at least over a thousand people of battle losses to Ze!

I gain ground suddenly, cannot bear be joyful: „Brothers, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den reinforcements came!"

Li Mu was excited: „In the final analysis, Frost does not have to forget one are the status of Tian Ling Empire border protection......"

I nod, mention Zhen Yue Blade, said: „Was good, rides to fight department to start completely, covers along with the Dragon Rider gentleman forward kills, is we counter-attack, strives for one one time to break through Ze deep pool city encirclement ring, enters the Fan Shu City dependence city to defend a city firmly thick!"


The appearance of Dragon Rider soldier makes the Tian Ling Empire player all again ascend self-confidently, stands up from failure to start to the mountain overran, by far, Call Me Master Greedy Wolf that leads about 1 thousand person not to arrive at rides also in [Assault], their buckle many people, but the spirit does not have the buckle, making everybody not think that Greedy Wolf rides in the civil war aggressive, but attacks the country to fight not to be but actually unambiguous.

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den elite is uneven, 15 Dragon Rider gentlemen arrive in full, but has not seen Frost and form of Queen Zi Shu, should not come, after all the defense of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cannot lose, the Hybrid Demon kings knew that the southern mainland has made into this, has no reason to be able not to seize the chance to sneak attack, has Frost and Queen Zi Shu in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the opportunity that at least the Hybrid Demon army prevails will not be big.


Chinese player tidal welling up to the plain, follows up a victory with hot pursuit, is slaughtering crazily, this round [Assault] that under the shields of 15 Dragon Rider gentlemen meets no resistance almost burst out all our strengths, I grasped [War Song of Zhen Yue] and Matcha that the shield of group lion Zhen Yue Blade started connect in together, have formed invincible BUFF instantaneously, the people potential such as killing of strong gale thoroughly shield of opposite party, added in the sword the heavy artillery camp of in Zeyuan city, grazed, the heavy artillery camp has become stretch of ruins, large quantities of heavy artilleries were captured by NPC of Chinese war zone, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others was leads. The cavalry soldier direct impact of palace guard to the Fan Shu City city under.

In the city, the NPC garrison troops lost seriously, even Duke Dean also has worn golden color to fight the armor to sit on the tower over a city gate, on the forehead is wrapping the white gauze, as if has been injured, moreover on the arm is also inserting an arrow arrow, the plume feather vacillates, is flowing the blood, looks to the Chinese area player under city, Dean cannot bear beam into a smile: „Finally...... Finally came, the empire has not betrayed Fan Shu City!"

Zhan Long Chapter 896

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